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Sex & Nudity

  • A large male bear moves toward a female bear and seductive music plays as the narrator explains that her walking away is bear for "No."

Violence & Gore

  • A bear cub falls asleep on a beach as the tide moves in and is awakened by the frigid water; his mother and sister are on the shore and he struggles to reach them as the narrator explains that the tide is very strong, and the mother bear wades into the water to help the cub to shore and he is unharmed.
  • A huge male bear approaches a female bear and her two cubs and the female decides to run; the cubs follow and they seem to be getting away until another male chases them and the female must fight with him; the cubs run and hide as the male fights with the female and the male chooses to chase the cubs (they are shown later unharmed but there is a moment when we fear that one of the cubs might have been caught).
  • A huge male bear circles a female bear and her two cubs and the mother stands her ground; the narrator explains that if she shows any sign of weakness the male will attack (there is no attack).
  • A wolf creeps up on two sleeping bear cubs while their mother has gone fishing; the cubs wake up and charge the wolf trying to scare it away but it does not leave until the mother returns and charges it.
  • Two male bears fight over a fish that one of them caught and we see the other bear leaving with the fish in his mouth (blood and tissue are seen) and the other limps away.
  • Two male bears stand on their hind legs and fight with bites and batting and eventually one bear backs down (no blood appears to have been drawn).
  • Two male bears fight for the best fishing spot and one bear smacks the other hard in the head before the other backs down.
  • A bear lifts a rock the that reveals rock eels that the bears eat and one rock falls and knocks a cub in the head (the bear is OK).
  • A raven snatches a small morsel of fish as a bear eats his catch and a wolf grabs a larger hunk and sneaks away undetected.
  • An avalanche barrels down a nearby mountain face very near where a mother bear and her two cubs are walking (they are unharmed).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The narrator says that if a mother bear does not eat, her milk will dry up and her cubs will starve.
  • The narrator describes a large male bear as being very hungry and that he would eat anything, even bear cubs.
  • The narrator explains that almost half of newborn cubs do not survive their first year.
  • A wolf stalks a female bear with two cubs and the narrator explains that the wolf will hope that one of the cubs lags behind so that he can grab it.

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