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Sex & Nudity

  • A character is seen wearing a towel and doing her hair. She then walks towards the camera and takes the towel off. No nudity is seen as the towel covers the camera when taken off and the scene is immediately changed.

Violence & Gore

  • Most of the first 40 minutes are battle scenes, but are "cutesy" and designed to set up an alarmingly happy setup early in the film to show the viewers that something is not right.
  • A character (in a metaphorical transformation sequence, as in it technically doesn't *actually* happen) stabs her chest and her heart is briefly seen on the end of her sword amidst the blood-spray if one pays attention. This is a very very short shot which is shown as a silhouette, and is very downplayed and not at all intense.


  • There is no English profanity in the film from the currently released subtitles. In the English dub, there is one "damn", and around 3 uses of "hell", and 1 "God" used in exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No alcohol, drugs or smoking. However there is one prolonged scene with very psychedelic-esque visuals. (In fact a lot of the art in this franchise is known to be abstract, but one specific scene in this film is more psychedelic than it is abstract, with varying colours dancing and merging and flickering around the screen in the background of an exposition scene in the last 20 minutes)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire second half of the film is intense and in some aspects frightening. (I encourage other editors to go further into this as my memory is a little bit hazy on those scenes other than the final 20 minutes)


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a fast-paced gun-fight scene almost immediately after the first 40-50 minutes of happy footage between Homura and Mami (as depicted in the trailers). None of the bullets actually hit the characters and there is no blood (until the scene directly post-fight, described below), but the fast-paced nature and the sheer intensity of the fight warrants a mention.
  • A character points a gun to her head mid-fight (shown in the trailers) and shoots herself to trick her rival. Due to the nature and mythos of the story, she does not die, but it is still just as graphic as it would have been had she actually died. The next few appearances of this character on screen show her with blood lightly splattered across her face.
  • A lot of the second half of the film is a large fight scene between all the characters and a monster ('witch' for those who have watched the series). While the scene itself is emotionally... diverse; there is almost no violence. Any action in the scene is downplayed as the characters are using magic and very little to no blood or physical violence is displayed (mentioned as at it's core it is still a fight scene)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a scene directly after the first 40-50 minutes of "happy" footage where the main character tries to get information out of Bebe, a cute mascot-type character. This includes strangulation and Bebe drooling and letting out moans of pain. This scene can be very intense and even a bit emotional for fans of the character because it's very clear that Bebe is almost being tortured.
  • In the final 20 minutes, Madokami (Madoka who has become god as of the end of the previous film) Comes down from "heaven" to "pick up" the main character, who then gives off a menacing "slasher smile" and grabs Madoka, repressing her powers and turning her (seemingly)human again this scene is incredibly intense and one of the most shocking and even frightening moments in the film, with Madoka audibly screaming in fear and/or pain.
  • This scene results in Homura (the main character) essentially becoming the Satan (or rather, Lucifer) to Madoka's god. this could be upsetting to religious audiences and difficult to explain to younger children (as if the previous entries in the franchise weren't hard enough). This also results in a slightly altered character design in Homura who now looks a lot more frightening with more emphasis placed around the eyes, making her look a lot more menacing.

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