Isn't It Romantic (2019) Poster

Adam Devine: Josh



  • Josh : Is that woman choking?

    Natalie : No, she's just being dramatic. I choke all the time.

  • Josh : So, I know you hate it, but it is...


    Josh : Karaoke Night, Tonight.

    Natalie : When?

    Josh : Tonight.

    Natalie : Ah.

    Josh : Would you like to come?

    Natalie : Or we could do something less embarrassing like trampoline nude in public.

  • Josh : You know what's funny?

    Natalie : That all those rich ladies have crabs?

  • Josh : I ran up to her, gave her the Heimlich, and then she gave me her heart.

    [crowd awws] 

    Natalie : That's gross.

  • Natalie : That's our new client?

    Whitney : Why is he so beautiful?

    Natalie : He's, like, CW hot. I just suddenly got the urge to catcall. Like... I don't whistle but I just, like, wanna...


    Natalie , Whitney : [both whistling] 

    Josh : [shielding nipples]  Guys, please don't objectify the men in this office. Okay, I won't stand for it.

  • Josh : Hey, it's okay. You're a lot of things, but you are not crazy. So...

    Natalie : So you see it, too? Aw. Okay, thank god. I think we should get out of here before they bite us or impregnate us, or...

    Josh : Yeah, let's get you some air. No one is gonna impregnate us. Come on.

  • Josh : She loves my neck fat. It's just, I love cake... so...

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