Isn't It Romantic (2019) Poster

Rebel Wilson: Natalie



  • Whitney : Tough, but fair.

    Natalie : Just like my leg hair.

  • Blake : You are beguiling.

    Natalie : Did you just learn that word, cause you tend to say it a lot.

    Blake : If you want me to stop saying it, I will. But you're gonna have to stop being so damn beguiling!

  • [writing numbers on individual flower pedals] 

    Blake : If you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to give me a call on my cellular telephone device. Here ya go. That's my number!

    Natalie : That's very charming. But you do realize there's like... 3.6 million permutations of how this can go together?

    Blake : But there's only one you, so...

    Natalie : Right... that doesn't really make sense.

    Blake : Neither does the way I'm feeling about you right now.

    Natalie : Uh right, that still doesn't change the math though. Just to be clear, I cannot call you.

    Blake : Are you feeling what I'm feeling?

    Natalie : NO!

  • Natalie : Someone's really cleaned up the street. Wedding dresses... those weren't there before. And who put these flowers everywhere?


    Blake : Ooh! Bless you!

    Natalie : [sneezes] 

    Blake : Oh! Doubles! Double blessings.

    Natalie : [sneezes] 

    Blake : Ooh! Three times! That's lucky!

    Natalie : Ugh. I'm allergic.

  • Natalie : There's always some main chick, and she's super clumsy. And she's always like

    [pretends to trip] 

    Natalie : Whoops! And everyone goes, 'She's so charming!' No! In real life, people would think she had muscular dystrophy.

  • Blake : You wanna maybe take a stroll?

    Natalie : That's funny. My Fit Bit sometimes vibrates and says, "Wanna stroll?" But when you say it, I don't wanna smash you.

  • Josh : Is that woman choking?

    Natalie : No, she's just being dramatic. I choke all the time.

  • Josh : So, I know you hate it, but it is...


    Josh : Karaoke Night, Tonight.

    Natalie : When?

    Josh : Tonight.

    Natalie : Ah.

    Josh : Would you like to come?

    Natalie : Or we could do something less embarrassing like trampoline nude in public.

  • [repeated line] 

    Natalie : So dumb!

  • Josh : You know what's funny?

    Natalie : That all those rich ladies have crabs?

  • Whitney : Have you seen that movie? It's literally a masterpiece.

    Natalie : Masterpiece of shit!

  • Natalie : Okay, what's your favorite ice cream flavor of all time?

    Blake : Hm.

    Natalie : It's a big one.

    Blake : Ah, I'll tell you...

    Natalie : Mmm?

    Blake : But you have to promise you won't make fun of me.

    Natalie : Okay.

    Blake : Butter pecan.

    Natalie : What? Who likes butter pecan? What's wrong with you?

    Blake : That's what I thought would happen.

    Natalie : You're like an eighty-year-old grandpa. Okay, what's your second favorite ice cream flavor?

    Blake : Rum raisin.

    Natalie : No! That's even worse!

  • Josh : I ran up to her, gave her the Heimlich, and then she gave me her heart.

    [crowd awws] 

    Natalie : That's gross.

  • Natalie : That's our new client?

    Whitney : Why is he so beautiful?

    Natalie : He's, like, CW hot. I just suddenly got the urge to catcall. Like... I don't whistle but I just, like, wanna...


    Natalie , Whitney : [both whistling] 

    Josh : [shielding nipples]  Guys, please don't objectify the men in this office. Okay, I won't stand for it.

  • Whitney : You know, she's just, uh, she hates happy endings.

    Natalie : Because it's not the end. They stop it there because what happens next is, like, really shit, and nobody will wanna see that.

  • Josh : Hey, it's okay. You're a lot of things, but you are not crazy. So...

    Natalie : So you see it, too? Aw. Okay, thank god. I think we should get out of here before they bite us or impregnate us, or...

    Josh : Yeah, let's get you some air. No one is gonna impregnate us. Come on.

  • Natalie : Is this how you normally get to work?

    Donny : Um, if I had a job, yeah.

    Natalie : ...Are you gonna get a job?

  • Natalie : You must think I'm...

    Cute Guy : Adorable.

    [Natalie yelps and runs away] 

  • Natalie : Where am I?

    Hot Doctor (Todd) : You're in the emergency room.

    Natalie : This isn't an emergency room. This is a Williams-Sonoma.

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