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Sex & Nudity

  • Strong sexual content throughout, including oral. Any nudity is censored
  • Very graphic sex scenes throughout, the absolute BARE essentials are "censored" but honestly it leaves nothing whatsoever to the imagination. I feel the "censoring" is there more for comedic effect then actual coverage.
  • Throughout the series there are some behinds shown, and the tip of a penis. Dildos, orgies, and oral are all in this show. In the beginning of a show you are able to see a woman's breasts, but only for a few seconds.
  • There is a graphic rape scene in the episode "Destroyer of worlds"
  • An orgy scene of people dressed as animals and weird alien creatures.
  • In season 2 episode 3 there are extremely graphic full on sex scenes with nothing left to the imagination.
  • Two people have sex in a bathroom stall with lots of thrusting and screaming.
  • S1Ep5: in the last scene a young boy is sitting next to Nick Sax on a bench and starts to masturbate in public. You see his hand and some movement, but just no genitals.
  • Man is hung up with no skin. This man is treated in a bdsm kind of vibe. He is then spanked on the naked skinless buttocks. Very disturbing scene in multiple ways.

Violence & Gore

  • Strong stylized violence throughout, which includes bloody shootings, stabbings, faces beaten to a bloody pulp by fire extinguisher, slicing from saw, and much more.
  • The opening scene in the first episode is the main character shooting himself in the head and a large amount of blood spraying out while he is dancing.
  • A bunch of peoples heads are chopped off with a chainsaw in slow motion and a large jet of blood sprays out their necks.
  • Suicide bomber nuns explode into chunks of blood, guts and intestines.
  • Someone is impaled with a forklift and a ridiculously huge amount of blood sprays out and goes everywhere.
  • A person is crushed by a vehicle and explodes into a wave of blood and intestines.
  • A baby explodes in a microwave.
  • A grandma stabs someone repeatedly in the face with knitting needles and blood sprays everywhere.
  • A mans intestines are ripped out with a trophy.
  • A mans face is scraped off against a brick wall.
  • A man is repeatedly curb stomped.
  • Two people are killed with a chainsaw and blood splatters all over the screen.
  • A man shoots someone with eyeballs lasers and he melts.
  • A unicorn impales a 3 headed dog and a huge amount of purple blood sprays out.
  • A pancake is shot with a bang flag gun and it impales through his head and his brain pops out.
  • Someones head is impaled on a giant penis.
  • A man cuts off his own hand, then cuts his genitals off and then gouges out his own eyeball with blood spraying everywhere.
  • A man is hit in the face with an axe and you see the axe sticking out of his face with blood spraying out.
  • A man rips out someones intestines with their bare hands.
  • A person breaks someones arm in several places and then uses the disfigured arm to wave at somebody.
  • The main character is attacked by a purple tentacle monster he pooped out.
  • Someone is impaled with a metal rod and their intestines fall out.
  • An old persons head is stomped on and it explodes and blood and brains go everywhere.
  • A mans face is exploded off and theres a close up shot of the slop of blood and gore of whats left of his face. He is then shot in the face.
  • A person starts ripping out intestines and organs out of a person, this goes on for a while.
  • A man hangs with no skin and is brutally kept alive and treated like a sex slave.


  • Swear words like f*ck, c*nt, s*it, b*tch, ect.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Main character is an alcoholic.
  • Drug use (weed, cocaine, etc.) throughout

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A little girl is kidnapped by a dirty creepy man dressed as Santa.
  • Despite its comedic nature, the show can get really dark and depressing.
  • It is very heavily implied that a man kidnaps children and lobotomises them with with a power drill.
  • The scene where the baby explodes in a microwave is extremely disturbing.
  • A mans skin is cut off his body and then fed to children inside a chocolate easter bunny.

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