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Frequently very funny, undeniably aimed at younger audiences, and true to the source material, The Peanuts Movie is too mild-mannered to win over brand new audiences, but it's going to please people who were already fond of the underlying property, and it should be a big nostalgia-driven hit for the studio.
A delightful romp that captures the spirit of the adored 65-year-old comic strip.
If The Peanuts Movie never quite reaches the melancholy of earlier films like “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” and “Snoopy Come Home,” it nonetheless respects the importance of failure and disappointment that Schulz always included in his storytelling.
Lucy (Hadley Belle Miller) is still full of nickel-a-session psychotherapy, Linus still soulful enough to recognize his friend’s heart. And Charlie’s sister Sally (Mariel Sheets) still assumes Linus is her “Sweet Baboo.”
Slant Magazine
Failure hovers over the film as much as it did in Schulz's comic strip, infusing even its most ebullient set pieces and designs with a sense of melancholy.
For those who know the strip well, The Peanuts Movie should feel like the first day of a new school year, reunited with a classroom full of familiar faces.
Village Voice
What's surprising — even wondrous — is how often Schulz's precisely crooked line work informs the big-budget gloss.
Screen Daily
The Peanuts Movie isn’t so much an homage as it is an echo and a call-back, one that certainly has heart but also feels dispiritingly riskless.
It looks shiny enough to keep the kids engaged, but not so new and improved that it'll alienate nostalgic parents. The movie strikes that balance, adding a bell here, a whistle there.
The film disappointingly ditches the cartoonist’s modest visual formula for a photorealistic 3-D playground courtesy of the animation studio behind "Ice Age."

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