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Season 4

3 Jul. 2016
The Vanishing Policeman
The victim: Police Constable Greg Schultz. The killer: stand-up comic and Greg's older brother Murray Schultz. Greg's death is the first case for Oscar following his recovery and promotion to staff sergeant, Brian in his new position as Angie's partner, and the new homicide detective Mitch Kennecki, an overly cocky know-it-all because he is a legacy. Greg's death is initially deemed a suicide based on eyewitness statements, which include a selfie video with Greg in complete uniform in the background just before he stepped by the water and shot himself in the head. ...
29 Mar. 2016
The Dead Name
The victim: Avery Bowman, the wife of Russell Bowman, the famed starting quarterback for the BC Furies, and head of Russell's charitable organization. The killer: Courtney Meisenger, the owner/operator of a suburban bakery/catering business, with Russell's charity one of her recent clients. Angie is acting staff sergeant on this case while Oscar is away in court. Avery's dead body is discovered thrown from her vehicle following a seeming single vehicle traffic accident along a remote road. However, Betty discovers that she didn't die from injuries from the accident ...
5 Apr. 2016
Index Case
The victim: Chris Mancuso, an environmental consultant. The killer: Logan Tenwick, a research scientist for Turner, a biomedical firm for which Chris had been hired to do an environmental assessment for the location of its new research facility. Logan has been working on what he considers the definitive and groundbreaking work on eradicating breast cancer. It is through Chris' consulting work for Turner that he met who would become his girlfriend, Kierra Graff, Logan's assistant. Chris' dead body is found first thing in the morning inside a sensory deprivation tank at...
12 Apr. 2016
The Score
The killer: Hank Novak, the owner/manager of the Chieftain, a financially troubled live music venue/bar in Squamish. The victim: Vince Hutton, an ex-con just released from twenty years behind bars for drug smuggling, Hank's old friend from high school, and most recently the Chieftain's doorman. Vince's dead body is found outside in a remote area of Squamish, he killed by blunt force trauma to the head, the murder weapon some unknown metal object of a small roundish nature. The detectives know that Vince was killed elsewhere by the lack of blood at the crime scene. ...
19 Apr. 2016
The Scorpion and the Frog
The victim: Dawn Richards, a member of the Frenemies in the women's professional roller derby league. The killer: psychiatrist Dr. Henry Price. This case starts off unusually when Dr. Price comes into the police station to report to Oscar that he believes one of his patients, Peter Carver, is displaying homicidal tendencies, the description provided by Price about what Carver would do matching Dawn's case. A connection is made between Carver and Dawn, he who was one of her biggest fans. Dawn is found dead by her roommate and teammate Stacey Edmonds in her bedroom one ...
26 Apr. 2016
The killer: Cindy Vernon, a popular music teacher at a prestigious music conservatory, and the girlfriend of the conservatory's head, Dean Teller. The victim: Tracy Blaine, the wife of Steven Blaine, who owns his own natural juice company, which is going through problems if only because of a class action lawsuit against it the result of tainted juice which led to the deaths of three people. Tracy's dead body is found in Central Park, her body impaled by a live tree branch. Betty rules that the death could not have been accidental, and that Tracy was pushed onto the ...
5 Jul. 2016
The Dead Hand
Angie is held hostage by a suicide bomber whose son confessed to murdering his sister. The victim was a nosy reporter for her high school paper who had been digging up scandal involving a teacher selling grades. Angie reopens the case.
12 Jul. 2016
Foreign Relations
Julian, college frat boy, is murdered by a clothing designer whose younger sister is a freshman computer geek. An Interpol agent is called to work as a liaison with Angie.
19 Jul. 2016
Remains to Be Seen
The victim: Dave Briggs, Jr., a brilliant but temperamental and poor video game designer, whose control over the crowd-source funded current video game project on which he is working, that control which has drawn out the process for two years, irks his colleagues on the project. The killer: James Lennathan, an antiques hunter, who owns an antique shop with his personal and professional partner, Heather, and who is an alcoholic who apparently has control over his drinking. The detectives are called in on a case without a body when there is a massive pool of human blood...
26 Jul. 2016
In Plain Sight
The victim: Chloe Wilson. The killer: Jessica Wilson, her older sister. Chloe's "Jane Doe" dead body is found in a house under construction, she killed by several shots by a nail gun. She is eventually identified by one of the home subcontractors, Cam Riley, her boyfriend of three months, the two who were supposed to rendezvous at the house to test out the just installed amazing bathtub the evening before, with Cam needing to cancel their date. It is then that the detectives discover the Wilsons' story... Twenty years ago, Ava Wilson, Chloe and Jessica's mother, was ...
2 Aug. 2016
Natural Selection
Liz Kerr, a member of a medieval LARP group, is murdered. Growing up in foster care, she lives as a free spirit and is dating several men. Who would have a motive for murder? Expect the unexpected.
23 Aug. 2016
Chronology of Pain
A judge, who was once Angie's professor, is murdered by her clerk. Flynn a Lucas unearth a for-profit prison kickback scandal. Meanwhile, in the wake of Vega's retirement, both Detectives plan career changes.
30 Aug. 2016
We'll Always Have Homicide
The victim: Trent McAllister, the owner of International Bailiff Services, a company that specializes in high end repossessions. His mangled dead body is found next to a helicopter he was probably repossessing, he killed by being caught in the helicopter's moving rear rotor. The killer: Lexi Moore, the young woman who three years earlier killed Judge Natalie Rodman and mechanic Mark Duff, the two associated cases still unsolved. The Metro Vancouver Homicide Department investigating the case is comprised of Sergeant Gavin Saunders, and Detectives Paula Mazur and Mitch ...

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