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Cillian Murphy's masterpiece acting !
leonghiacnn24 March 2020
After the show, you cannot stop thinking about Thomas Shelby. I've never seen any movie characters that stay in your head like that.
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The Peaky Blinders Rises!
ahmetkozan8 January 2019
In Peaky Blinders we follow a family after the First World War that is always looking for power and money. But a policeman arriving at the city is looking to stop this family, but it's not easy. It will also be noticeable the segregated fight of ghettos like Italians, gypsies, local gangsters and Jews. Peaky Blinders is an excellent gangster drama full of rich, interesting and diverse characters. The fact that Peaky Blinders is a crime series can give the impression that characters are macho men. But this is not true. The series also incorporates many powerful female characters. It has an excellent cast and script. Thomas is a character who uses his strategic intelligence and applies violence to his own ends without hesitation. The film music is the highlight of the series along with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. The director does resort to a modern soundtrack that reflects the fiction.

It is estimated that one episode of the series is worth 1 million and 1.5 million euros. This means a rich, detailed and beautiful work of art. Constantly supporting the narrative structure visually, Peaky Blinders often touches upon the working conditions of the working class in Birmingham. Peaky Blinders, with a color scale that chooses to contrast between pale blues and greens, and contrasts with the shades of red, makes the strongest manifestation of emotions in the midst of this unknown, while attributing a distinct obscurity to Birmingham's misty air. Also, the visual effects used from time to time are quite clever. The visual effects used are also quite compatible with the historical theme of the series.

Peaky Blinders makes each episode a separate action and drama. It's a breathtaking series where you can see the rise of Peaky Blinders. 9/10
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All round great show!
brendanmckeanziepadraig30 September 2013
If you like Victorian crime shows like Ripper Street, Whitechapel, Sherlock Holmes etc. then you will love this. There are two differences which make Peaky Blinders stand out. The first is it isn't set in London. Why is this a good thing? It's a nice change of scene, change of accent and culture. Peaky Blinders give you a great sense of what Birmingham was like at the time. The second reason it stands out is it is told from the criminals point of view. You get a feeling of belonging to the Peaky Blinders and despite all the terrible acts they carry out there is a fundamental decency somewhere deep down in Thomas Shelby.

The cinematography is great, the storyline is great the only thing I would challenge is the accents. They sway in and out of the Birmingham accent but its a decent attempt and probably unnoticeable to anyone not from Birmingham. I've heard that they didn't want the accents too strong because it will be airing in the US. Anyhow...I'm loving it!
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Peaky Blinders Is TV History In The Making
StrangerOnTheThirdFloor3 October 2013
Peaky Blinders is one of the most unique British dramas ever made. I would even go as far as to say TV history in the making. Negative critics of the show seem to have overlooked the fact that this is the first time ever that this side of British gangster-lore has been documented. Off hand, the only thing that comes close to this style of gangland depiction is the first half of Once Upon A Time in America, were we see the heroes struggling to escape the deprivation of ghetto life. This is where Peaky Blinders stands out from the typical run-of- the-mill crime show. There is nothing glamorous about being a gangster in this world. As far from LA Confidential glitz as you can get, the viewer is forced to get down and dirty in the horseshite-ridden streets of post WW1, working-class Birmingham.

The attention to detail, the costumes, the sets, particularly the Lee family dwellings, have all been created to the highest standard. As is the quality of acting, which is undeniably as good as you'll find in any prime-time British drama.

Even though people on this particular forum have not had much positive feedback about the series, believe me, the connoisseurs of this genre have been very impressed thus far. Furthermore, the show seems to be building up to climatic ending rather than simply documenting a day in the life of a Peaky Blinder. The more observant viewers will see subtle 'tie-ins' between each situation and be able to follow the flow of events without obvious prediction. This is what the drama audience thrives on to stimulate analytical debate after each episode.

If it doesn't get rave reviews, I will be disappointed but not surprised, as Peaky Blinders has all the makings of an artistic and timeless cult series, possibly appealing more to purists and true fans of the cult/gangster genre. Well done BBC.
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HBO production quality levels
Johnplumpton11 October 2013
I for one am a huge fan of this compelling series. A wonderful dark industrial landscape, great soundtrack, rich characters that have real depth played by quality actors, all to the tune of a great script and an interesting time line. You an clearly see the similarities with the high quality US series and they have gone for this market and there is clearly lots here that could make it a fantastic long running series.

Sadly, I am concerned that the BBC won't be able to retain the quality levels and we won't see it evolve in the way that the sopranos (yes I compare this show to the sopranos and boardwalk empire) evolved. Please push this internationally, let's keep it on our screens and see it develop. This period in UK history is rich with trauma, upheaval and change, the backdrop of industrial Birmingham is new and trumps the well trodden New York, Chicago, and London gangster scenes. For writers and producers this represents very fertile ground and allows innovative story lines to emerge.

Keep peaky blinders on our screens..... The campaign starts here!
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If class was a human being, it would be Thomas Shelby!
cathaldowd10023 April 2020
Cillian Murphy's portrayal of Tommy Shelby is worth watching for alone. Simply phenomenal, a masterpiece!
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Not a tv Show, a masterpiece!
piggy22984 October 2019
I find every episode, far away from others, I think every episode is a masterpiece. Music and angles of camera, my God!!
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It is good.
MsCateArcher18 September 2013
I was not expecting it to be this good,I really enjoyed all 4 episodes. The story is interesting,the acting is brilliant and the cinematography is just beautiful!I am eagerly waiting for the next episodes.When I compare Peaky Blinders to other popular TV shows that use sex,brutality and violence to shock the audiences and get high ratings(which they actually do)this sincere work is like needlework;fine,classy and detailed.The makers of this drama have not chosen the easy way,they have set off to make a first class period drama,that dares to be different.Cillian Murphy is at his best,I will even go as far as to say that this is one of the best performances I have seen of him.Sam Neil and Helen McCrory must be praised,all casting is perfect.Peaky Blinders sets high standards for other television dramas to follow.
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Could have been something special...
rossmckelvie2 September 2019
Amazing to see some calling this a masterpiece?! A blend of the comments are correct; the acting is great but it's essentially a higher than average budget soap. Certainly watchable but could have been brilliant. Would have loved to have seen some back stories and their rise to power over a longer succession of episodes, building the characters like all the modern greats have. I'll always remember it as a series that boasted talent most feature films would envy and were let down by the BBC writers.
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What happened to season 5?!
br30009 November 2019
Listen guys, I appreciate the contrast between the old setting and the modern styling, but come ooooon!

Season 5 just seems to have a complete lack of direction and content. It's like I'm constantly watching one movie trailer after another. All the characters seem to have lost their substance. Everyone is so overdramatic. They're all doing stupid things that make no sense and sometimes look so unbecoming of their character. Almost every scene is so dragged on to a point that they become boring. By the end of an episode I sometimes found if difficult to remember what it was about.

Again, I have nothing against using modern styling and music to contrast the series' grey, gritty, and dirty time period, but it's so overused in season 5 that it's difficult to stay emersed and follow the story. It all feels so diluted now, so cheesy. Too bad.
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Getting a little tired now going into season five
knifemagnet10 October 2019
Early on I loved this show. Prior to watching season five I decided to watch season four again. The slow motion shots should go out the window at this point - it's just getting plain ridiculous. Add to that shots of characters parading into a room, with an air that they are the coolest people alive, like a teen given better clothes and a better hair cut on the first day of school - that is also really trying my patience. If I were asked what character recently portrayed on film annoyed me most I'd have a hard time thinking of anyone else but Arthur; if I was a Peaky Blinder I'd shoot him myself. But this is perhaps due to a good character, played by a good actor, that is irritating. Above all though, the vast majority of the music irritates me; could they not blend music of the time while retaining Nick Cave's intro and randomly chosen outros? Or how about the cliche parts where Tom never meets a woman that isn't ready to drop their panties for him - is this something that was borrowed from that awful show Entourage? And so, my struggle to get through season five goes forward. I've gone from a 9/10 at the end of season three, to a 7/10, and now to a 6/10. Wish me luck.
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Fairly good show especially, if you're a Brit
machngunjoe20 February 2021
I feel like this show is made for people who grew up knowing this history in Birmingham and knew of the Peaky Blinders. A great cast of characters, wonderful acting a fairly good story telling and writing, and directing.

I give this a 6/10 because this is yet another typical gangster type show with all the usual tropes. Love interest that may or may not be the cause that could bring the whole operation down. Guys running around acting like gangsters, being tough guys. Behavior you have seen 100 times in every gangster movie. Very predictable.

The music of the show is incredibly mid-placed excusing the opening credits score. But the music ranges around punk rock for a 1910-1920's show? Misplaced indeed.

The cinematography may be intentional in how dark everything is but this may be the ugliest show I have ever seen. Everything is grey, black, white. Everything is dirty. Makes me think it must have sucked growing up then.

Cillian Murphy really carries the show along with all the part time stars that come in. Sam Neil is very good as well.

I took me until episode 5 season 1 to start liking it. But it did indeed get better. Overall if Cillian Murphy wasn't in this I probably wouldn't be watching it.
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Starts strong, gets a bit wobbly
sean-rae10 May 2020
First few seasons are great fun. a bit silly in places but still has an air of cool about it. Tom Hardy adds a lot. season 5 is cringey, and boring. FYI all the actors who portrayed the billy boys in season 5 are now banned from the whole of Scotland
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Good Enough
pennyelenabooks10 November 2019
The series had a nice first season and they kept the atmosphere and the element of surprise in the final episodes in each season of the series. However, after season two, the story was pretty much some villains wanting to use the family and new women falling for Tommy. The rest was just not that good.
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Charismatic movie with great one liners and some bullocks.
opashabms-907007 May 2021
I really like this series, great one liners and an extremely charismatic main character, arguably too charismatic to be realistic as well.. Whilst Cillian Murphy does a brilliant job to play a spectacular character, his over charismatic ways does lean more on the side of bullocks - I still like it though.
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One of the Best show ever
malikumarsajjad28 May 2021
Love this show. You should watch it by the order of Peaky blinders.
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Entertaining though one dimensional
oliverthorley2 April 2018
Wow! Exciting! A much hyped good looking and edgy new crime drama. Can this pull me away from unsatisfactory emails and muted responses to my spontaneous Facebook posts? I relax and stare at the High Definition screen diligently. Thrown into a dirty, industrial, post WW1 Birmingham; struggling for opportunity, devasted by the horrors of the most critical war in history and acutely aware of the quick riches to be made in vice, we follow the fortunes of the Shelby family. Ruthless, savvy and turned out with surprisingly good suits and haircuts, can their struggle satisfy the demands of my hum-drum, easily bored and passive life?

Not short of intreague; communists, police, government forces, rival gangs, The Church, aristocracy and some mysterious Russians amongst others, all whisper, cahoot, shout, shoot, steal and kill in a violent and complex web of crime, seduction, lies and murder.

Sensorarily and emotionally you will be bombarded. Characters built up to be wholesome are mercilessly butchered and the Brummy tongue transports you away from familiar Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes cockney London into a bustling, urban population gasping for an identity of their own. Powerful performances do keep you gripped, Most notably Paul Anderson as troubled Arthur; destructively battling his demons head on, never quite finding a path to salvation.

The sometimes brutal deaths of innocents, not to mention the often brutal and vicious deaths of the guilty form a dark cloud over developments. Murder, near murder and beatings become common place, often uninspiringly used as a plot mechanism. The main characters, in spite of what we know about their level of involvement in the latest nefarious plan, have no release, outlet or spiritual motivation. Not one character breaks the mould of a tortured individual; paralysed either by duty or fear, reluctant moll facing a moral dilemma or a key decision maker weighing up politics and the bigger picture. And so they whisper, cahoot, shout, shoot, steal and kill into further turmoil before the grand resolution, which Shelby leader Tommy (Cillian Murphy) is burdened with all collective hope to make it good.

What troubles me is that because the lead characters are so torturously greyscale, I find it hard to justify the ultraviolent, scheming and totally immoral lifestyle they choose. For every life Tommy Shelby saves countless die, some he kills with animalistic brutality by his own hands. The palpable relief felt by the audience at the end of each climax isn't that of joy, hope or victory; merely satisfaction that a tumultuous catastrophe has been averted and the characters you've been rooting for are more or less intact.

Peaky Blinders leaves me entertained though morally perplexed. Despite its style and good acting, I feel unrewarded. It certainly distracted me from a life far removed from the Shelby post Great War Birmingham canals, though ultimately I'm no happier or informed and scarred with vivid graphic images of murder and death.
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Finally - The BBC are back in action!
pourluh17 October 2013
Dirty Pretty Things was good - excellent script, cracking acting... but it wasn't Peaky Blinders and this latest effort by Steven Knight is sublime! A couple of the Midland accents left a little to be desired but that is absolutely the only fault - and one to be easily ignored in the face of great writing, casting and direction.

Sam Neil does "villain" with such ease that it's hard to recall all his non-villainous roles, or at least hard to remember them fondly. And his Northern Irish accent is excellent! Muphy proves, beyond doubt (if you had any to begin with), that he's not just a pretty boy - he kills this role in so many ways.

A dark and Macabre, moody, sexy British drama - something for the BBC to be proud of. And it's been a while.
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You Do Not Mess With The Peaky Blinders!
anmoonage29 May 2021
Rich, brutal, complex, dark.

The series live in a muddy, gloomy setting, framed in mahogany and soaked in whiskey, clouded by cigarette smoke and covered in blood. Each character is like an open nerve or a time bomb, waiting to blow up right at the writer's command. The soundtrack is outrageously good and fits the 1920s surprisingly well. Cillian Murphy is brilliant in every way, I think I might be in love now.

Hoping for the season 6 to be the most dramatic one.
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Great acting but
cloudykramer28 October 2020
Directors completely overstretched use of slowmo and distorted guitars. This is like a neverending videoclip of a nick cave track, and after season 3 it just goes on your nerves. Season 5 is unwatchable. Shame, because the acting, costumes, sets and dialogues are great. Take out the slow mo walking and the guitars, fill the space with action, background or character development, and you have a great show instead of a video clip.
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It gets boring and goes nowhere
stalhusseini9 May 2020
Don't get me wrong, the initial appeal is fantastic. A bunch of gangsters post world war causing havoc and standing up against the 'man' - sounds great. Unfortunately for all the acting, accents and booze is a story that has no direction. It feels the show is built on the merits of a good bunch of actors - most notoriously Tom Hardy - but has a failed story or even evolution of the characters. The show becomes monotonous and the incidents and the characters predictable. Each season has a focal point but in essence it's all the same.
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The perfect storm....
ottleyjam10 October 2013
Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill are Amazing. I started watching the series because I saw that Sam Neill was in it, and that other guy who had a bit part in the Batman movies. As I watched the series I found myself extremely impressed with Cillian Murphy's acting. That was one of my first thoughts. As I watched on, I realized that the entire cast was great. The writing, character development, the acting, the soundtrack, the camera work.... the grittiness of it all. Usually a series takes a show or two, or even the entire first season to pull itself together into something great, this show started of spectacularly and rips right through the gate!
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An excellent series going increasingly downhill
matthewellery11 May 2020
I very much enjoyed the first few series of this. An interesting and entertaining plot. Well produced and superbly directed.

Sadly, this is a series which is rapidly going downhill.

Due to its popularity, clearly they are stretching this out for all its worth. The Peaky Blinders are increasingly involved in every significant moment in history - I would not be surprised if the next series involves a flashback of how the Peaky Blinders were, in fact, crucial to the Norman Conquest of 1066.

I'd give the first few series an 8/10. The latest a 4/10.
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Used to be good...
Theo-ZA21 November 2019
This used to be a good series...almost great but now it has fallen victim to be politically correct on the one end and totally liberal on the other. Suddenly nationalism is wrong and it is just a lot of rubbish. Would definitely not have been tolerated in England/UK of old
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Master class in acting, directing, cinematography and everything else.
Whiskey-Jack8 October 2019
Just watched Season 5. This series succeeds on so many levels, it's scary.

My only beef is having to wait for season 6. Outstanding.
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