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The perfect torchbearer of Zom-com in Indian celluloid; Go for it..it's quirky,zany laugh riot..
rangdetumpy13 May 2013
Centenary year of Indian cinema started on a positive note with different genres being explored & various subjects being applauded by audience. The scenario is perfect to introduce new genres & the film fraternity did not let the opportunity go waste. With "Rise of the zombie" & "Go Goa Gone" Indian audience was introduced to the concept of Zombie. While the dark zombie-origin film "Rise of the zombie" came without any hype, the Go Goa Gone became an instant rage with its wacky promos.

"Go Goa Gone" is basically a slacker comedy revolving round two friends Luv & Hardik & their frustration with mundane life. Be it girls or respective bosses the need of the hour is a break from the tin & bustle of material existence. When their third room-mate, geeky Bunny, had to go to Goa for an official presentation Luv & Hardik joined in & thus the mad adventure began as the trio attends an under-ground rave party in an isolated island miles away from Goa. Out of the blue, the island became infested with zombies & thus the cat-n-mouse game of survival began.

"Go Goa Gone" follows the typical linear path of any mainstream zom-com film & the writers (Raj, Dk & Sita Menon) did a commendable job in introducing all the basic rules from the zombie-survival rule book. It is a perfect launch pad for the genre to a large Diaspora who're totally alien to the concept. The quirky slacker comedy gelled well with the narrative & sets the mood. The film is a 2 hour laughter marathon. The director duo (Raj & DK) showed their adroitness in making brilliant wacky dark comic films with "99" & "shor in the city". With "Go Goa Gone" they will surely become a known name amongst those who enjoys the tongue-in-cheek kind of humorous films. The film had been given a graphic novel narrative with intelligently divided into three chapters - "go", "Goa" & "Gone". Within the limited budget director duo successfully established the gore & violence involved with a zombie film & took only 2-3 scenes to establish the ugliness of the Living Dead(s) as they pounce on human body eating every ounce of it till the last flesh. A decade ago majority of the audience would have got repulsed by those visuals but with world cinema penetrating every households I don't think anybody would complain (apart from few weak hearted).

The uniformity of film is commendable with sleek editing by Arindam Ghatak. Dan's cinematography is worth mentioning as he translates the whole island into a zombie inflicted territory. Within the comic milieu the fear of unknown lurking somewhere could be felt & the sudden shakiness of camera effortlessly captures the Attack of the Zombies. Along with the pace of the film, the humour has been equally spread throughout the narrative & those are situational thus never looks loud or slapstick. The scenes come alive actuated by hilarious dialogues which bring in a zany flavour to the proceedings (trademark of the director duo). There are many scenes which deserves mention for its execution like the initial scenes revolving around luv & hardik; Luv dumping his two-timing girl friend; their confrontation with Zombies & the confusion as to what those creatures are; Boris explaining the concept of zombies; Hardik being interrogated after having sex with a living dead..etc etc..

The make-up & graphics never looked fake which adds on to the credibility. With heads getting popped-up, bloods flowing like red wine, flesh getting ripped-off the effects are realistic enough to get audience approval.

Sachin-Jigar's music gels with the mood. "Khoon Chus le" has already become anthem for majority of us who hates to wake up on Monday morning & slog our body to the workplace."Babaji ki Booty" is another gem of a song that reflects the mind of a person when one is "high".

The second half might give you a feeling of Dejavu but then majority of zombie survival films moves in this set pattern. Being the first zom-com in Indian cinema the director duo aptly chose the basic concept without making a convoluted plot which might have backfired. There is homage given to iconic zombie film "Night of the Living Dead" to "zombieland" in the second half. The heart of the film reminds you of Edgar Wright's masterpiece "Shaun of the dead".

Coming to the end there is also a social message against usage of drugs.

The actors were in full form & seem to enjoy the madness of the script. Kunal Khemu as the lecherous "Hardik" is spontaneous & spot on. His energy & comic timing is infectious. Vir Das as confused lover boy "Luv" is flawless. Anand Tiwari as geeky mumma's boy "Bunny" is lovable & he has the cute smile which reflects the innocence in his character. The camaraderie within the boys is superb & that helped bringing in the required madness. Saif as the Russian Mafioso "Boris" is in full form & his accented English is a treat to watch. His dialogues "Let's Keel Ded People" & "Main Delhi se hoon bainchod" have already become a rage amongst the youth. Pooja Gupta looked gorgeous & instilled hotness quotient (and never just an eye-candy) in all boys' team.

On the whole GGG is the perfect torchbearer for the zom-com genre in Hindi cinema. Moreover since "Delhi Belly" the audience haven't seen a hilarious smart slacker comedy. GGG seamlessly merged the two concepts (Zombie & Slacker comedy) & made one hell of a mad ride. Go for it - it's a laugh riot.

P.S : There is a hint of a sequel & I am looking forward to some more madness in it.
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Indian Cinema dares to experiment and wins!
vishalsmail3311 May 2013
It's a rarity for Indian movies to step beyond the conventional(and convenient) love stories and venture into the unknown.'Go Goa Gone' tries that and does a commendable job.You have heard of romcoms,now there is a new genre and it's called 'ZomCom!'.The movie stars Saif Ali Khan,Kunal Khemu,Vir Das and many many zombies.

There is good chemistry between the friendly trio of Luv,Hardik and Bunny.There's lot of slapstick humor,plenty of boisterous moments.The trio attend a rave party in Goa where all goes wrong.Thanks to a drug,suddenly zombies are spawning out of the blue and they are hungry for any human they can find.The trio find themselves stranded on an island with zombies all around and no way out.Enter Saif Ali Khan as a Russian mafia Boris.Off late Saif's acting has really transcended to a new level of confidence and this role is an example of that.His character is just so amazing.His dialog delivery with that Russian accent,his intimidating yet adorable looks,his intriguing persona-are all things you will love about him.You get a kick within when he says with that Russian accent- 'I kill dead people'.The rest of the cast has acted pretty good as well and i liked Kunal Khemu's(Hardik) performance.There are plenty of genuinely funny moments.

Don't try applying your mind too much or connecting the dots,this one is just meant for fun.Watch it and enjoy!
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Might just be the Summer Movie of 2013 you're looking for!
sorovpathak9 May 2013
I went in for the opening show expecting just as much as everyone else did from a film which built the hype calling itself the first ZomCom (Zombie Comedy) of Indian cinema, and I felt the movie delivered.

The storyline itself is pretty simple with two stoner guys taking a trip to Goa with their socially inept friend where the effects of a new breakout drug go horribly wrong for the partying vacationers. The rest is just classic zombie-killing fun with guns, knives, whatever-comes-handy and more guns! The fun elements come from the rough language used throughout which doesn't try too hard and admirable visual effects. The ending might be predictable for those who have watched a fair share of Apocalypse movies but the film itself was quite fresh for me since it didn't try to shove another love story down the throats of the viewers.

The acting was decent and the characters themselves were well-designed for this kind of film. Since it's a ZomCom, you might not get the gore scare you might be looking for. But if you enjoy youth-oriented comedies and are in for the Indian "Shawn of the Dead", this is the movie for you! Go watch it, before it's Gone.
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Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K Rock again
kunder-akshay320 May 2013
Coming from the directors of 99 and Shor in the City, both of which have a cult following in different age cinema , Go Goa Gone also does the justice to the tag of Different Cinema.

Zombies concept was never used in Bollywood until the forgettable Luke Kenny's "Rise of Zombies" which released last month and went unnoticed.

What makes GGG work is the plot with a comic element as the center. Kunal Khemu steals the show with his comic timing.(Praying to God and ending with Jai Hind is what will stay with you even after you leave the Cinema Hall) Vir Das is natural as always. Nice to see Anand Tiwary(Remember Mr. Pappu in Udaan) after a little gap.Confident Debut by Pooja.

Saif is full on in his Russian avatar as Borris(Bareessss as he likes to b called in it.)

No dull moments in the movie which makes it more of great watch. You will always be giggled by some or the actor by their comic timing.

But in the end its still the Dierctor's movie. Raj and DK have stuck to what their previous movies had best in it and thats the comic timing(I am using this word the third time in my review because i seriously feel this is what makes us Raj and Dk's all three movies a gem to watch).

Still waiting for my reviews, 10/10
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2 Hour Laughter Marathon!!
ayushman-gaur10 May 2013
The movie is about 3 friends out of those 2 are hardcore junkies, be it booze, weed or anything, they just need an excuse to get high. According to me Kunal Khemu was The Best Among the other actors of the movie, his expressions, comic timing were awesome & maintained a standard, even though the movie does contains some, I guess too many derogatory words, which will be fine with the youth. However don't watch with your parents, you'll be embarrassed.

Well the movie is one of the best comedy movies I've ever seen in the past few months. I laughed like hell in the theater Jumped on my seat, threw pop-corn & I wasn't alone, the whole theater went crazy.

Sooo just go & enjoy this amazing movie & most of the youths of this generation can relate some of the scenes of the movie with themselves.

P.S-- Don't Buy Cold drinks or eatables because the movie is a complete laughter ride & you might choke yourselves while laughing. (just kidding)
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Hilariously scary!!!
rhitwick10 May 2013
Long back (actually 2 years back) there was a rumor that Bollywood was on its way to make movies on Zombies. Two unnamed films were heard to be in making. Two years after one movie is already released "Rise of the Zombie" (released and flopped) another released today "GoGoa Gone". The name is wacky and trailers are not that interesting but the songs...the songs were its USP. Remember "Delhi Belly", how its wacky songs created the curiosity around it and turned it into a smash hit?....I hope the same thing clicks for it. Now the main business, the review.

Theme: Three friends goes Goa for different reason. Two guys to just chill out and one for office presentation. They join a rave party and things turn bad there. People suddenly start turning into zombies. What now? (Well Zombie movies were always about two things either its a horror or its a comedy. Its a comedy and that's the maximum you need to know about it)

Character Development: There is hardly any chance of any character development. And this being a "piece-of-life" movie its unjust to ask any from it too. So, leaving this topic.

Direction: Was going through the filmography of both the directors. A very impressive catalog : "Shor in the city", "99" to be mentionable. In case of "Go Goa Gone" I would say they have nailed it. The big hit that everyone waits for is here, they can enjoy the success. Its not easy to make offbeat movies in India specially if you want to make profits too from ticket sales. But I guess this is gonna be hit among young viewers. The direction is very much to the point, gives very less focus to individual characters so less time to commit mistakes. You would get almost 100% dialogs rather any monologue. This ensures a creative input of comic timing and surprise element to audience. Just imagine you won't be seeing Saif doing overacting! That's an achievement on its own! On second thought, actually Saif actually did over the top acting. And that blends to the tone of the movie. Crazy characters! Every single one was created with utmost care and then was given some intelligent lines. The chemistry between Vir Das and Kunal Khemu to be mentioned here for this. Then the intelligent film-making by including inspired scenes from "Zombieland" and "Shaun of the dead". Well, you know what is intelligent here? They not only copied scenes but took a dig on it! Bollywood making fun of Hollywood movies is a remarkable scene for sure. Another intelligent aspect is how they handled Clichés. They touched every Cliché that is related to such zombie flicks and made fun of those. Then they made fun of themselves too. Too many things in a movie?! Yeah and you would enjoy it for these things. Hats off to the director duo. Hope they bring a sequel too.

Cinematography: Though the movie takes place in Goa they have cautiously escaped showing the scenery of Goa. That was unnecessary for his movie and it was avoided. Rather collage of a rented room of bachelors, office room and a zombie infested island is well crafted. No special mention here. You get to see just what is there, no artsy-fartsy bullsh1t.

Songs and background score: The songs are already popular. Specially "Slowly slowly" and "Khoon choos le". Whacky lyrics along with party themed music. Apt to the mood with movie. Two of the songs are used as title credit scene and end credit scene and others are as background score. The dedicated background score is average though.

Editing: The editing is superb till intermission but the movie slows down its pace in the second half and this happens mostly due to lack of ideas in screenplay. Still a very good job.

Entertainment value: After a long time laughed out loud in theatre. Full entertainment (provided profanity does not bother you!). Kunal Khemu and Vir Das runs havoc and Saif's crazy Russian accent is fun...trust me!

Verdict: Since "Delhi Belly" this is the only movie which can shake the former's stature of intelligent. tongue-in-cheek comedy movie. Beware of profanity though. IF you have problem with profanity, this movie is not for you. Rest all assured you would enjoy for sure.
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A Horror-Comedy Masterpiece - Right up there with "Shaun of the Dead", "Tucker & Dale vs Evil", "Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat", "Cockneys vs Zombies", and 
DareDevilKid12 May 2013
Reviewed by Dare Devil Kid (DDK) Rating: 4.5/5 stars

I must admit that I'm a hardcore fan of the zombie sub-genre in the pantheon horror movies. So it was exhilarating to watch "Go Goa Gone" in which directors Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru have taken major strides in introducing zombies to the mainstream Indian audience. While baptizing this all important and long overdue initiation, they have also succeeded in hemming an impeccable, gut-busting horror comedy a well.

The film crackles with hilarious dialogs, nail-biting sequences, a fluid plot, a coherent yet energizing narrative arc, zany and madcap encounters ranging from the unpredictable to the completely outrageous, brilliant cinematography, and finally spot-on direction from the first frame to the last. The praiseworthy performances, especially from Saif Ali Khan (surprise, surprise) and Kunal Khemmu, only add to the overall viewing pleasure. Puja Gupta's role definition and her enactment are the perhaps the only minor letdowns in this otherwise brilliantly energizing film, but then again, she does provide great eye-candy. So, perhaps that was how her role was meant to be, so who's complaining.

Thank God, that the producers set out to make an adult oriented film and were contended with the 'A' certificate, cause the expletive words, gore, wicked jokes, sexual references, and mild exposure (still nothing compared to those tasteless item numbers), are vital for a film of this ilk to work.

"Go Goa Gone" will go down in the annals of Indian Cinema as a pioneering film that shall hopefully, allow other filmmakers to explore zanier sub-genres that are already popular in other international film circuits. Not only one of the best Indian horror ever, but one of the best horror comedies ever made, even when compared to its western counterparts. Am absolute delight and complete entertainment for a cognizant adult audience. If you want real entertainment, and want a much-needed break from those myriad nonsensical masala films masquerading in the guise of entertainment, then dash to your nearest movie theater and catch the next show of this delectably wicked gore- fest.
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AWESOME introduction of a new genre in India
ucmspw13 May 2013
If Illuminati had any reservations while producing this risky film they should be laid to rest.The movie has the right pace and gels well with the youth.The movie is teeming with witty one-liners and comedy sequences.The songs are quite peppy and keep going on in your mind for a long time after watching the movie.The best role is of Kunal Khemu who just steals the show a bit from Vir Das(loved him in Delhi Belly).Pooja Gupta looks hot all the time.Saif's cameo is awesome as pseudo Russian 'BAREES'(Boris).Their antics keep the audience rolling with laughter in major part of the movie.Some of the dialogues are just awesome"Haan Dilli Se Hun Bhainchod","Jungle Ke Beech Main Dumbcharades Thode Na Khelunga"and "I Keeel Ded People".A bit loose ending but isn't ending movies like this the hardest part?.Hint of a sequel? We'll have to wait and see the fate of this one.
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Go Goa Gone-"Bloody Hilarious"
ladkaniaakash949 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you're one of the many people who enjoyed 2011's hit release, "Delhi belly" then you're in for a ride. With a very simple story line, and no unwanted plot twists GO GOA GONE is a laughter riot. All characters do justice to their role. The addition of Saif Ali Khan as Boris is Awesome as a lot of the plot rests on him. Both halves are equally fun, and the storytelling is pretty neat as well..

A few things that may disturb some viewers, even though the movie is a ZombieComedy, there isn't as much cringing blood as you might expect, the effects are pretty good for a bollywood movie, but the zombies look more dumb than scary & man eaters. The camera views are also a little annoying, as the shaky cam is a bit overused, and is used to get away with a lot of attack scenes. There's also a part in the movie where on of the characters' dies, but *spoiler* is later bought back, with a very unneeded plot twist, it's zombie movie and few deaths wouldn't hurt.

Overall This is the bollywood movie of the year 2013 yet. Don't miss this summer movie! It is "bloody" hilarious.

*spoiler alert* There's a hint that there may be a sequel, I really hope Luv & Hardik come back for some more fun next year.!
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Great Fun
meghasud2112 May 2013
This movie is such a lot of fun. Probably the happiest i have come out from a theater in a long long time.

The jokes are not forced at all and laugh out loud funny because of the great acting by the three friends, specially kunal khemu. The zombies manage to be scary and ridiculous at the same time inducing nervous laughter throughout their screen time. Thankfully the actress is also a good actor, which has become a little rare, since female actors are taken only based on their looks.

The music is great. Khoon choosle and babaji ki booty. What more could you want?

The characters are endearing and you really care about whether they live or die.
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Nice Zombie movie
satyadev11 May 2013
I've been a zombie movie follower for some time (sometimes unwillingly). This movie obviously breaks ground as far as Bollywood goes - it is a respectable (?) zombie movie.

Any respectable camp zombie movie should have the following, IMHO - an unconvincing social message (e.g. Romero's "Dawn of the dead" was a backhanded critique of consumer capitalism and mall crawls, Danny Boyle's "28 days later" against irresponsible experimentation), references to other movies of the same genre (e.g. Shaun of the dead), and some innovative twist or variation.

Go Goa Gone scores on all three - it has a (tacked-on) message against drug culture, references to other zombie movies including Shaun of the dead (whose solutions are quickly discarded, since it should be obvious to the gentle viewer that desi/pardesi zombies in Goa are different from desi/British zombies in England), and an enjoyably terrible "solution". Also, good music, which Danny Boyle would concur with.

All in all, a respectable attempt!! As a camp horror addict, I am satisfied!! Also, a memorable quote that does not quite reach the heights of "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth" - it goes: "What do we know? What have we learned?"
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Bollywood to next level
I was wondering can Indian cinema do justice with zombie movies. And the answer is yes they did. There are so many nail biting moments with a lot of funny dialog. the movie goes with the good pace. Seriously i was not expecting what i have seen in that in a good way. Drugs and zombie what a combination. All the character did justice with their role. The concept was totally zombie, dialog was well written. One thing i can say only a zombie fan can direct this movie. Saif Ali was superb other actors were also good. Action sequence with a little comedy every thing was in perfect combination. I don't want to spoil the movie watcher what i can say is perfect start with a perfect end. i will defiantly recommend this movie to everybody specially if you are zombie fan. Watch this and join the party.
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Go Goa Gone is a refreshing change from your typical Bollywood mediocrity.
umer_uf15 May 2013
Go Goa Gone is a pretty good movie for the first of its kind in Bollywood. Apart from your typical Bollywood annoyances this movie was quite entertaining. Granted my opinion on this is fairly biased given my love for Zombie flicks, however I believe it stands on its own. The movie borrowed ideas from Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead that were easily recognizable and familiar; although nowhere as blatantly as many other Bollywood movie. Also, the setting of the movie felt eerily like the video game: Dead Island. Few scenes felt like they were exactly the same as some missions in the game.

The overall acting was good and the jokes were smart and stuck for most parts, some more than others. The chemistry between the three protagonists, and overall cast was spot on. Saif Ali Khan's pseudo Russian Mafioso was an entertaining gag when originally introduced but it got a little old and drabby after a while. The female lead in the movie was underused and felt like a background character, other than being your prototypical Bollywood 'Damsel in distress'.

The plot is very simple (like any other zombie movie) and can be easily figured out. The movie follows a very typical zombie flick formula: Intro to the main character, putting them in a setting of zombies, explaining the origin of zombies (little lacklustre in this move), figuring out how to fight and kill zombies, the lack of ability to shoot the zombies and mastering the headshot by the end of the movie, and so on. This movie is as original as any zombie movie can get. Every scene of the movie was fairly predictable. Not to say that this is a bad thing, all zombie movies are alike. It's the chemistry between the characters that really separate the greats from the rest. As liner as this movie was, the surprising anecdote about zombies which was cheesier than the cheesiest cheese cake, felt original. I laughed out loud several times during the movie; admittedly the humor was along the lines of 3 Idiots and Delhi Belly i.e. buddy movies with a lot of raunch.

The movie was 1 hour and 48 minutes in length, which is a little long for a movie of this sort. 1 hour and 30 to 40 minutes max would be ideal for a zombie flick. It's hard to keep the audience immersed. The jokes get lazy and pushy and the situations where protagonist has to escape the zombie hoards get nuttier and nuttier to the point of complete disbelief

My biggest complaint against this movie is its anti-smoking campaign.

It's almost ridiculous to see an anti-smoking campaign in a movie about pot-smoking booze hounds itching for parties that feature Mary Jane. There was an abundance of smoking scenes that featured small messages warning against smoking. It's almost like the NRA running ads that featured gun-related killings and having messages popping up simultaneously that say "Don't shoot people in the face. Shooting people in the face is bad." I understand that the movie means well and doesn't want to glamorize smoking, but omitting smoking altogether from the movie would be more effective anti-smoking rhetoric than a miniscule, meaningless and insincere insulting sign at the bottom of the screen.

Overall though, I would recommend this movie to any zombie fans out there. If you're not a fan of Bollywood but enjoy zombies it's still worth the watch. The nod to Bollywood cheesiness near the end of the movie was worth the price all on its own.There were obvious "Are you serious? He would totally get bitten in that situation." type of scenes and the anti-smoking messages were very annoying. However, they are forgivable because it's Bollywood's first attempt at the genre and from the looks of it they have done a good job.
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Go Goa Gone - A mad ride
ahwaan_padhee20 May 2013
Go Goa Gone is Bollywood's first foray into the zombie land.Directed by the duo, Raj-DK of 'Shor in the city' fame, this chronicles the encounters of the trio, Hardik-Luv-Bunny played by Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari respectively with the zombies when they are stranded on an island in Goa.

The film introduces the three main characters with their irreverent banters which is much reminiscent of the hilarious adult comedy "Delhi Belly".While Bunny seems to be an innocent and workaholic chap,Hardik and Luv are good-for-nothing slackers who piggyback on Bunny in an official trip to Goa.Things take a turn at a rave party when the partygoers turn into flesh-eating zombies under the influence of an exclusive Russian drug.Enter the blondie zombie-killer, Boris(played by Saif Ali Khan)who speaks with a funny Russian accent spiced up with desi tadka !

GGG is quirky and boasts of real LOL moments in the first half -Thanks to the natural and well-timed performances from Khemu and Das.Saif gets the notes right and he shines with his punchy dialogues in the extended cameo.It only loses focus in the post interval portions due to incompetent writing.Probably the writers weren't sure about a suitable culmination for this mad-cap comedy.Even though the narrative takes a hit, Saif breathes life into the proceedings.While the guys are in terrific form with their dazzling camaraderie,Luna(played by Puja Gupta) is efficient.

Seemingly influenced by the western concept, Raj/DK strike an amazing balance in putting up the story in an Indian context and avoid meandering into the distasteful or abusive territory.Yes, there is plethora of cuss words but the humor smart and is tackled aesthetically..Sachin-Jigar's music is apt and energetic and syncs well with the narrative.Whats interesting to note here is, the film does send an implicit message for today's young facebook generation who are unconsciously becoming symbols of loosening morals, philandering ways and finding heaven under drugs,dopes and drinks.Sad!

On the whole, Goa Goa Gone is a bravura attempt by Raj and DK.Youngsters will definitely have a ball watching this mad,mad ,mad ride. Watch it for its sheer novelty.
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Babaji Ki Booti...Sure to take you on a high ride...
rashul11 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A Hindi Zom-Com...does that excite you...I don't think so...!!! we have seen quite a few Hollywood movies on the same concept & I would think 'Zombieland' stands out . Nothing was much expected from the movie...till the movie starts.. 3 friends...f****d up life..job..love..from every aspect...most of us can relate to the plot..;p There ain't much storyline, but what made this movie special was Vir Das & Kunal Khemu's performance & their flawless comic timing.. The dialog writing is amazing and you cannot just stop laughing for the most part of the movie...& mind you,most of the lines will leave you awestruck as in, you wont believe that you heard something you just did in a Hindi Movie... This movie has certainly taken the comic level to a different level..(Good or bad, its certainly debatable).. Therefore, the movie is to be watched with your friends and not your family.. Anand Tiwari,the 3rd friend as Bunny, is really hilarious in his own peculiar way..the same goes for Saif Ali Khan..he is funny with his Russian accent though he remains serious throughout concentrating on killing dead people... You may find the last 20 minutes of the movie not so good but its OK i guess...the end may look as if forced upon but it can easily be given a skip considering the joyride provided throughout. All in all...a great movie to watch..not to be missed.. Thumbs up for "Babaji Ki Booti"... :)
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best bollywood horror-comedy movie
dhruvbehl2420 November 2014
The make-up & graphics never looked fake which adds on to the credibility. With heads getting popped-up, bloods flowing like red wine, flesh getting ripped-off the effects are realistic enough to get audience approval.

Sachin-Jigar's music gels with the mood. "Khoon Chus le" has already become anthem for majority of us who hates to wake up on Monday morning & slog our body to the workplace."Babaji ki Booty" is another gem of a song that reflects the mind of a person when one is "high".

The second half might give you a feeling of Dejavu but then majority of zombie survival films moves in this set pattern. Being the first zom-com in Indian cinema the director duo aptly chose the basic concept without making a convoluted plot which might have backfired. There is homage given to iconic zombie film "Night of the Living Dead" to "zombieland" in the second half. The heart of the film reminds you of Edgar Wright's masterpiece "Shaun of the dead".

Coming to the end there is also a social message against usage of drugs.On the whole Ggg is the perfect torchbearer for the zom-com genre in Hindi cinema. GGG seamlessly merged the two concepts (Zombie & Slacker comedy) & made one hell of a mad ride. Go for it – you will laugh throughout & get distresses. There is a hint of a sequel & I am looking forward to some more madness in it.
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Very entertaining!
tijo-1928 December 2013
I gave this movie 10/10 simply because I found everyone's work commendable. This is definitely one of the best comedy movies in Hindi cinema. This movie will unfortunately not appeal to an audience that enjoys the big budget movies of the Khans ( no, not in the same league). Kunal Khemu and Vir Das have excellent comic timing. The dialogs were hilarious. The songs are very catchy!! The girls in the movie are great eye-candy. Refreshing is a word that comes to mind!! The other lesser known actors outshone Saif Ali Khan. It is fair to assume that there could be a sequel based on the way the movie ended. I am going to repeat. Refreshing.Entertaining.Funny.
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Hysterical, rightly gory, and an overall blast!
smg24221 December 2013
Go Goa Gone is truly one of the most hilarious Hindi films since Delhi Belly. It's a zombie comedy, with lots of blood and gore, so it's in no way for the squeamish, and the humor is quite mature, so it's NOT a child-friendly watch, but, hey, it's the subject matter itself which isn't really kid-suitable.

Nevertheless, Go Goa Gone sets out to bring a new genre into Indian cinema with great gusto, and it fails to fail. With rib-tickling lines, great comic acting by Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Anand Tiwari, and even Saif Ali Khan as the quirky, macho Boris (soon to be one of the greatest cult characters of all of Hindi cinema), Go Goa Gone FORCES you to laugh effortlessly.

Yes, the plot gets a little dragging at the second half, and Puja Gupta's acting isn't very novel (although she looks great), but mostly, Go Goa Gone just always makes you laugh at one point or the other. I was chuckling at every other moment. The zombies are well-made, for a first in Bollywood, and nothing looks cheap. The action is pretty nice, and the songs are quirky and trippy.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a good laugh-fest. Except the kids, of course...
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Thumbs-up to the makers for trying out something new.
ketgup8319 May 2013
Go Goa Gone was a complete surprise with engaging theme , hilarious moments and nice songs.

Group of friends get stuck on an island in Goa when they discover that pills consumed by guest at a raunchy party are turning into zombies. They along with so-called Russian mafia must fight with these man- killing creatures to come out alive from the island.

From the director of entertainments like 99 and Shor In The City , Krishna D.K., Raj Nidimoru gives you another wonderful story that is completely different from what you have witnessed on Indian screen. The theme is niche and will be acid test for them if it is accepted by Indian audience. The film starts off very will with Kunal Khemu and Vir Das tickling your funny bone. Directors do not waste much time and gets into crux of the plot and with introduction of Saif Ali Khan , the movie becomes more interesting. Till interval , you will be engaged and entertained but the second half becomes little monotonous and climax scene could have better executed. Krishna D.K. and Raj Nidimoru are getting better with each film and this one is no exception. Screenplay is completely tight. Art direction and cinematography is awesome. Dialogues are funny. Music by Sachin-Jigar is foot-tapping with slowly- slowly being pick-up from the lot. Performance Kunal Khemu , Vir Das and Saif Ali Khan is note worthy. They are amazing and will make sure to entertain you. Anand Tiwari and Pooja Gupta do justice to their part.

Overall , GGG is completely different from what you have observed in Indian Cinema and thumbs-up to the makers for trying out something new. Good 3/5
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Go to Go Goa Gone
culturedogs19 May 2013
Over the past ten years, the description "Bollywood horror film" is becoming less rare, especially as Indian film distributors make more attempts to exploit international markets.

There has been a translation barrier to cross in that regard, however, by which I do not mean just the Hindustani language, but a film language and a cinematic mode so intimately tied in to the popular music culture, that it seemed (to foreign eyes) to turn even genres like action and science fiction into sprawling musicals.

This is my second Bollywood horror watching venture, following 2003's Bhoot (which starred Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar). When I first saw Bhoot, a ghost/ exorcism horror film, I supposed that director Ram Gopal Varna was inspired by American horror films like The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby. I had not yet seen Takashi Shimizu's Ju-On: the Grudge, but once I had, I saw its influence all over the set design as well as other aspects of the film.

Bhoot, while not the first Bollywood horror film, marked a trend of Indian horror filmmakers joining something like a common culture of international cinematic horror creators, finding modes that would find greater international success.

So now, here comes Go Goa Gone, which has been (aptly) described as a zombie (horror) comedy, although, clearly, Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. have seen Shaun of the Dead, which nearly makes this a ZomRomCom.

The movie mostly focuses on a couple of hapless stoner/ cubicle dwellers, Luv (Vir Das) and Hardik (Kunal Khemu), a pairing not unlike that of Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, especially since Luv is the more ambitious of the two, particularly on the romantic front, and he begins the film conflicted about the next step in his ongoing relationship with Priyanka (like Shaun and his commitment problems in SotD. When he makes the decision to "clean up his act" and stop smoking (one presumes tobacco AND pot) and drinking to propose to his girl, it ends badly. When Luv and Hardik's far more responsible and slightly more successful roommate Bunny (Anand Tiwari) gets the opportunity to go to a business seminar at a luxurious resort in the West India state of Goa, Hardik exploits the trip as an opportunity to help his friend Luv get over being rejected and... well, to party.

Once there, Luv encounters Luna (Pooja Gupta), and decides to crash a party (allegedly run by Russian Mafia) on an island off the coast of Goa in an effort to get together with her, dragging his buddies Hardik and Bunny along for the ride (the island party scenario also seems to be a call back to the proto-Bollywood horror, Gumnaan (1966), the movie that the West mainly knows from the song "Jaan Pehechan Ho," which made its' way into 2001's Ghost World, and a beer commercial in 2012).

Of course, this scenario ends up in the film's zombie outbreak, precipitated, in this case, by an experimental combo of drugs disseminated at the party. The guys wake up in different areas of island, eventually finding each other, and hordes of infected/ undead folk with a hunger for the living.

Eventually, they run into a couple of folks they take as Russian Mafia types, one of whom, Boris (Saif Ali Khan) has taken rather nicely to his new role as zombie killer (he first turns up, armed to the teeth, and blowing the hordes away, saying "I kill dead people" (which, somehow, I can only take as a zombie movie take off on M. Night Shyamalan's line from The Sixth Sense).

Poola Gupta's Luna is appealing and modern enough, though more of a throwback to traditional Bollywood heroines (i.e., it's less than clear that she will end up with any of the film's heroes).

It does take a while to get to the zombie killing action (a full 40 minutes out of 111), but the movie is not without the requisite inventiveness needed in the zombie action set pieces (as zombies are dispatched by having flashlights shoved sown their throats, and by shotgun blasts to the head, followed in slow motion), and Das, Khemu and Tiwari have comedic chops that are up to the task; Saif Ali Khan's Boris is something like a Desi/ Russian take on Bruce Campbell's Ash, and fulfills that role very well.

Raj and DK offer characters who, like those in SotD and Zombieland, are very aware of the zombies of (Western) pop culture (though Hardik wonders if his Christian cross would be an effective weapon against the zombs). It may be a bit derivative (i.e., the scene where Luv is convinced that they can get around a zombie horde by blending in), and there are some plot points that seem to go nowhere at all, but the film was a welcome diversion, and a reasonably original entry into the zombie horror genre (and this at a time when we seem overloaded with same on TV and in feature films).

Also welcome were the references to modern office culture (a meme about learning from experience, linked to a poster with Steve Jobs' face on it, gets twisted into a recurring line about survival) and sociopolitical ideas (as when Hardik, less than helpfully, offers that these undead were created by "globalization").

I'm not too sure how this film is playing in the Indian movie-going culture, but horror fans of any nationality, particularly fans of horror comedy, will have plenty to enjoy here.
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A novel subject for Indian viewers, which majorly works because of its raunchy, comic dialogues and Kunal Khemu, more than the theme itself.
bobbysing13 May 2013
A decent project talking about Zombies(for the first time ever) in an enjoyable comic manner clearly represents the appreciable welcome change sprouting in our Hindi film industry at the present. The new, fresh young minds are here to try something novel, defying all those over-used or corroded subjects and its now the turn of the viewers to express their visible consent for this change through their fair acceptance of such innovations at the box office.

Having said that its not that GO GOA GONE is a flawless movie with everything falling in the right places throughout like a perfect entertainer. The film does has its big drawbacks and is sure not a masterpiece in any cinematic terms or otherwise. But at the same time, it is a project which largely manages to entertain you despite of having "a completely foreign plot", with no history or mention of its premise in our country's literature or tradition. In other words, yes we have seen dead people or evil spirits killing many in our horror films, in the form of walking dead bodies in the past. Yet the word ZOMBIE (representing the similar concept) was never used here earlier till date and that's the reason the attempt falls into the category of being an inventive and courageous one, quite evidently.

Further, GO GOA GONE can also be easily placed among all those inspired films which are more or less modeled on a western source such as SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) or ZOMBIELAND (2009), particularly aiming at the multiplex audience. But still I am not willing to criticize the movie on the above grounds because it at least breaks the ice and is daring enough to give us something never tried before in Hindi Films, representing the much desired change and an awaited make-over.

The film begins on an entertaining note as a funny young project and then fairly manages to keep you engaged in its first half mainly through its humorous, raunchy dialogues (mostly) written around sexual references. The concept of zombies (or the comic horror element in it) enters only after a good 40 minutes (in a 110 minutes film), which clearly indicates the apprehensions in the minds of its makers too. Post interval, since the thin plot has nothing else to reveal, the grip is lost and we only have the chase sequences here shot fittingly. The easily predictable climax becomes a spoils sport once again but still the funny expressions & many well written youthful conversations don't let you write it off so easily and the film positively turns out to be an entertaining one time watch in the end.

In exact words, what actually works in GO GOA GONE is not the zombies or the ongoing chase game played with the horrifying faces. On the contrary it's the fabulous dialogues and the amusing comic timing of Kunal Khemu, which becomes the unexpected winner here right from the word 'Go'. Plus it's the intelligence with which director duo Raj & DK,amalgamate the two conflicting emotions of fear and humour together on the screen with a brilliant ease and conviction. Particularly I really loved the way they introduce or educate the Indian viewers with the concept of Zombies in just 2 minutes without any confusion.

Interestingly, only a few weeks back another film on 'the zombie factor' was released titled RISE OF THE ZOMBIE touted as the first ever Indian Zombie movie. But since it was quite a weak film comparatively, so GO GOA GONE is sure going to be remembered as 'the pioneer one' forgetting the former in the coming years. Apart from its terrific dialogues, GGG also has few appealing songs (including the hugely likable 'Khoon Choos Le' & 'Babaji Ki Booty'), an exciting background score and an eye catching cinematography which together take you on to that lonely beach of Goa right away, without getting tensed or distressed.

However since the film is only focused on this one plot only, it does become monotonous and seems to be walking on the same path (sequences) repeatedly towards the end. Also the big name of Saif Ali Khan associated with the project is not there with any worth praising performance as such and his part is more like a lengthy cameo only in his own co-production. Saif is good, but I frankly didn't find him that impressive at all as was being projected in the promos. Out of the three lead performances, Vir Das is great in his underplayed character & Anand Tiwari is a delight to watch as the innocent one. But without any second thoughts, the film entirely belongs to Kunal Khemu and the dialogue writer alone. Especially, Kunal's performance becomes the backbone of the project here and he is sure going to get many more similar offers post GO GOA GONE as it seems. Puja looks beautiful and does fine whereas the rest of the supporting cast has nothing significant to do in the film as they are all mostly playing the walking dead bodies.

In all, along with its visible drawbacks, GO GOA GONE is based on a novel theme, has got performances and many hilarious moments to enjoy in its less than 2 hours of duration. So you should indeed give it a try as such path breaking attempts need to be encouraged & praised in order to get more (& better) quality products in the future.
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Decent experimentation.....but its comedy stealing the show again...
ckaran8014 May 2013
Go Goa Gone is Bollywood's first zombie movie and the experiment has turned out to be a fair one.With that said, there are many loopholes with the zombie concept but is completely overshadowed by comic performances...

This being the first zombie movie, the makers have done a decent one and they do not try to exaggerate the 'zombie' concept.As a viewer, you really enjoy this different trend in bollywood movies.The script is good and nicely executed.The characters are well managed and zombie costumes are decent.But its the comedy nature of the movie which makes an otherwise okayish movie better.

As far as the cast is concerned, Saif Ali Khan does justice to his unique character,Vir Das is awesome ,Puja Gupta and Anand Tiwary are average, on the other hand its is Kunal Khemu who steals the show with his brilliant comic performance.

Negatives - Silly concept of 'drug use and turn into zombie', Building of the climax scene.

Watch out for - Comedy and perfect one liners,Great music, background score.

Standout performer - Kunal Khemu...his best up to date

Verdict - There may be flaws related to zombie concept, but watch it as a comedy movie especially for Kunal Khemu.
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Go gone gone- A classic!!!
arpit_aggarwal18122 June 2013
Once upon a time in Bollywood there were actors running around trees singing songs (which have now become classics), then came the angry young man phase, then the Yash Chopra Karan Johar romance.And now comes Go goa gone..lol..No its not definitely that great.But this is a classic in its own way. After a long time, i laughed a lot after watching a Bollywood comedy. Last was while watching Delhi belly. Attempting to make a movie in completely new genre takes a lot of courage. It was a very risky decision which Illuminati( For all you illuminati fans, This is Saifs home production)films took. And i would not dare say that they did not succeed.Statistically speaking this movie failed to garner the kind of response a 'Saif Ali Khan' movie does. But its NOT a Saif ali khan movie. Though Saif does play an important part in the movie and i must confess that i was in love with his character 'Borris'. But in the end its a story about friends, drugs and Zombies. i don't want to reveal much about the movie but if you still have not seen the movie than grab a DVD or if its still running in nearby theaters then please go for it.
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Finally the Zombie Apocalypse hits India
creedreaper27 May 2013
For those of you who are big fans of Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil Series, The Walking Dead will surely enjoy this. I was really skeptic to how Bollywood will transition into Zombie Apocalypse, although they approached it in Shaun of the Dead style, the transition was good and it worked.

This is not for average audiences, so those of you who like romantic crap, or cheesy sadak chap action, then this is completely not for you. Therefore, just turn it off now before going any further.

The best way to rate a zombie movie is to rate the Zombies itself. I was afraid they'll use some cheesy CGI graphics but instead they used real visual effects, the make-ups on Zombies were done perfectly to give the nice terrifying look. And the storyline was interesting on how the Virus spread on a remote Island.

I say Kudos to the director, producers, and actors. I really hope to see more versions of this or even a sequel now that the virus has spread beyond the Island. Hopefully it will be more darker and gloomier this time. For a actor like Saif Ali Khan to take such a bold step for a movie like this really shows how versatile he really is and how open minded he is towards his audience.

Well Done Bollywood, I am impressed, now time to take this concept further!
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A Surprisingly Brilliant movie, may turn-on a new wave in Indian Cinema
tarunverma91127 May 2013
It is extremely astonishing that Indian film-makers are now making movies with entirely different story-lines, hoping to appeal to the audiences with varying tastes in films. This film is surely gonna be loved by many indians, even those who are aversive to such themes when a Hollywood movie is played. Zombie-theme is not a very favorable one to many, believing it to be just another add-on to the sci-fi cult. There have been plenty of such movies made in west, like Zombieland, Resident Evil series, to name but few. Anyone before watching this movie would have definitely thought that such story-themes can NEVER be made in India, by any Indian film maker. Not only Zombie-film, making any sci-fi film in India comes with great risks as audience is not yet ready for such films. Only a handful of people, mainly younger generations would love to watch a sci-fi film.

Go to any theater playing the latest Star Trek movie and you would find few groups of guys sitting here n there in the theater, few loners, most of them wearing specs, and rarely a couple would be seen, and a whole family is rarest to find. Such has been the taste of Indian audience even in current times when sci-fi cult has grown hugely in west. How can one imagine to have a zombie movie then in an Indian theater? But Go Goa Gone has startled everyone's assumptions and imaginations. Purely a Zombie-based theme, a sci-fi element that a drug would damage most part of the brain making the survivors Zombies, and the rest being the similar masala from any such western counterpart. The movie could be a bit predictable to those who have watched many such movies as various scenes and screenplay seemed to be copied from various sources. Originality was lacking in the movie, the characterizations and the similar scenarios are very commonly seen in any such sci-fi movie; whether a group of young adults is stuck at an island surrounded by zombies, or surviving the attack from a monstrous-mutant animal, or survival from the spread of a virus, or escaping from an alien etc etc. But as with western movies, though scenarios are common and predictable, but what attracts the audience in them is a new story-line different from the previous ones, along with new elements of technology.

Out of few sci-fi's made in India, like Koi Mil Gaya.., Ra.One, (also including few non-Hindi films like Robot etc) this definitely provides a very unique story-line and theme, never seen and expected in Bollywood. Indian audience is definitely going to get a surprise in this movie and complete entertainment included. I am sure people from all classes are going to like this movie, despite its first-time presented theme which would be novel to several Indians.

This movie is definitely going to set a new trend in film-making, and may be we will get to see an Indian version of Species, Aliens, LOTR etc in the near future.

The film has very nice dialogues, with beautiful cinematography, few of them are gonna become classic scenes. Saif's make-up is very apt for a movie like this, and he has shown mature acting. Kunal's dialogues and his role would become favorite of many, there has been the use of abusive language also. There are no sensuous scenes, but in a movie like this at least 1 or 2 could be added. May be the directors were intending to make it suitable for family watching, and also slang seems more acceptable than a sex-scene. And as a result the girl, Puja, was not shown in a glamorous way, though she is hot and cute. This has made the movie content-focused, and more footage has been given to the survival from zombies. All three young male actors have acted brilliantly.

I have given a rating of 8/10 because of some commonalities with Western movies.

A MUST WATCH, even you would love to watch it the second time.
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