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Five executives who worked for Nasty Corporation are turned into animals by Father Time. They have to fix all the environmental disasters they've caused in return for gems so that they may become humans again.

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Series Cast

  Roodee (54 episodes, 2011-2015)
Jeon Sook Kyung ...
  Yoohoo (54 episodes, 2011-2015)
Lee Won Chan ...
  Jin Hongki / ... (54 episodes, 2011-2015)
Sin-Jeong Han ...
  Chewoo (54 episodes, 2011-2015)
Ji-won Yu ...
  Pammee (54 episodes, 2011-2015)
  Roodee / ... (54 episodes, 2011-2019)
  Father Time (53 episodes, 2011-2019)
Mara Kay ...
  Chewoo / ... (53 episodes, 2011-2019)
Cedric Themole ...
  Yoohoo / ... (53 episodes, 2011-2019)
Song Jung Hee ...
  Lemmee (52 episodes, 2011)
  Sasa / ... (52 episodes, 2011-2013)
  Pammee (52 episodes, 2011)
David Feiss ...
  Santa Claus (52 episodes, 2011)
  Kiman Song (52 episodes, 2011)
  Swillery Jung-han Kim (52 episodes, 2011)
Mark Mathieson ...
  Lemmee / ... (52 episodes, 2011)
  M.A.N. (52 episodes, 2011)
  Mother Nature (52 episodes, 2011)
  Father Time (52 episodes, 2011)
Kim Doo-hee ...
  Big Boss / ... (5 episodes, 2011-2015)
Mark Mathison ...
  Lemmee / ... (2 episodes, 2013-2019)
  Yoohoo (1 episode, 2013)
  Big Boss (1 episode, 2013)
  Dona Kang / ... (1 episode, 2019)
  Leon (1 episode, 2019)

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Plot Summary

YooHoo and Friends are back to save the Yootopia suffering from pollution in the environment. In their peaceful village, their new friends are flocking to search for shelter after losing their homes on Earth. YooHoo and Friends get along with their new friends in a town filled with joy and friendship. There is a magical spring in the Yootopia, where people sat that it can make you youthful forever with a couple of sips, it also helps our friends keep pure hearts and the peace in the village. One day, Mr. Big Boss learns about this miraculous spring and plans to make big profits selling this enchanted water. He and his never-helpful-assistants, Oops and Coops, watch for an opportunity to pollute YooHoo and Friends beautiful town and drive them out to build a factory in Yootopia to produce and sell "Live Forever" water bottles. Written by CJ E&M Pictures

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Also Known As
  • Yoohoo - Amigos da Natureza (Brazil)
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Did You Know?

Goofs Pookee the meerkat and his brothers are depicted living in the Sahara Desert. Meerkats are only found in the Kalahari Desert, so the only way there could be meerkats in the Sahara is if they escaped from a zoo. See more »
Movie Connections Spin-off YooHoo to the Rescue (2019). See more »
Soundtracks Yoohoo and Friends Main Title Rap See more »
Quotes Father Time: [Opening lines] Yeah, boy! It's time for YooHoo & Friends!
Father Time: [singing] Once upon a time, there were five executives who destroyed the Earth for money. Mother Nature got mad, said Father Time, hey daddy, you better stop them, or you're sleeping on the couch, honey! So Father Time zapped those five into fluffy cuddly sweetie pies, to places they plundered, gemstones they must recover, Oh-oh!
Father Time: Find all the gems that I can plant, a wish to all of you I'll grant, what would you wish for? Boy! So around the globe they go, Otherwise we have no show, YooHoo and Friends
Lemmee: I'm Lemmee.
Roodee: I'm Roodee.
Pammee: I'm Pammee.
Chewoo: I'm Chewoo.
Father Time: Who'd we forget?
Yoohoo: Me Yoohoo. And Friends!
Father Time: Boy it's time for the show!
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