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I liked it but watching it makes me think Goon did not need a sequel.
subxerogravity9 September 2017
So I was a huge fan of the first Goon movie, so when I herd that it was going to have a sequel I could not wait to see it. Sean William Scott returns as Doug Glatt, a Dim witted but has a heat of gold Hockey player, playing in the minors on his last legs when the son of his boss takes him out of hockey for what seems like forever but interesting enough he gets a comeback thanks to old rival and mentor Ross Rena(played by Liev Schreiber, who I'm so happy returned to do this film) It's not a Hockey movie or a sports movie ironically (or at least not the best one I've ever screen.), but it has the essence of true sportsmanship and the underdog gone good, but most of all it's about goons. That's the thing they get right in this. If you love the first movie you'll like this movie for the same reason.
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They forgot to include jokes
dissident32018 August 2017
Out of the gate there's nothing inherently awful about this movie. It shorthand catches you up to where Doug Glatt is now. Pretty much everyone returns from the first movie. But as they start to set up the plot things start to feel a bit tired. The Russian duo on the team are still insulting everyone and making crude jokes about their mothers. But it all feels more like a checklist of showing everyone is back to their same old high jinks rather than creating new jokes. Even Jay Baruchel directing himself just looked to me like he was going through the motions.

Once it got to the 20 minute mark I realized I hadn't so much as cracked a smile. With that in mind I intended to take note when such a moment happened but it never did. When you don't write a different enough story than the first movie you're kind of stuck rehashing old jokes.

And finally, this movie really lacked the heart of the original. The first wasn't a masterpiece by any means but it played around with some of the teammate dynamics in an interesting way. And the whole old guard/new guard with Liev Schreiber worked well then too.

As far as the good stuff in this movie I'd say all the performances are fine. Liev Schreiber is solid again but perhaps a little underutilized. Seann William Scott was decent but thought it was a step back from his first portrayal.

Overall, I'd say don't rush out and watch it but if you love the first you might like this too.
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Goon: Last of the Enforcers is a Really Good Sequel Even if it Can't Quite Measure up to the Original
CANpatbuck366418 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
*Minor Spoilers Ahead* A couple of years have passed since we last saw our hero Doug "The Thug" Glatt (Sean William-Scott) knocked out Ross "The Boss" Rhea (Liev Schrieber) and things have changed. He's now married to his girlfriend Eva (Allison Pill) and he's recently become the captain of the Halifax Highlanders. We find out that a pro lockout has brought more attention to the minor leagues and some of the pro talent has temporarily entered the league. His buddies are still in their old spots including Xavier LaFlamme (Marc-Andre Grondin) the talented scorer with the inconsistent motor. The first game of the season begins and Doug goes out and does what he can to protect his teammates. One of the star players on the other team Anders Cain (Wyatt Russell) takes exception and steps up to fight Doug. Doug is exceptional at what he does but he's a one-dimensional player. He's not there to play hockey, he's there to fight, hence his nickname The Thug. Anders is a legitimately well-rounded player who can fight with the best and still put up points. He's the son of the owner of the Highlanders, Hyrum Caine (Callum Keith Rennie) and he's extremely volatile. To the surprise of everyone, Anders puts down Doug hard and Doug's right shoulder gives out. He's warned that he shouldn't be playing hockey anymore. This makes things more difficult, Eva's having a baby and he's got to make ends meet even if that means giving up hockey.

I'd like to get my bias out of the way, I loved Goon. Its such an underrated sports comedy and I revisit it often. One of the reasons the first Goon worked so well is that they created some really funny characters that were easy to like. Goon 2 made the smart move of bringing most of the old cast back so those same characters bring their charm back to the movie. I liked how The Last of the Enforcers put the effort into making some of the characters grow. Doug's a slightly better hockey player, Gord has become an assistant coach, Park is now the team doctor etc. I didn't like all the changes that came in however. For example Eva's missing a lot of her trademark attitude. I get she's matured a little and they brought in Mary to fill that role (more on her later) but it seemed like her character changed too much to fill the role that the plot had to have her in. The original also had one of the best and most sympathetic adversaries I've seen in Ross Rhea. Even though he was Doug's rival, he was still a decent guy, he mentored Doug and you identified with his struggle of aging out of the game. But Anders is not nearly as effective. I wouldn't blame Wyatt and to be fair they establish that his crappy attitude is a product of his dad's aloofness towards him. But you don't feel sorry for him, he's not likable enough to root for and he's not evil enough to hate. He's just a spoiled jerk and I was disappointed that they couldn't deliver that kind of special character in this one.

The most consistent thing I heard about this movie going into it was that the director Jay Baruchel (who also plays Pat) really tried to do something different filming the hockey scenes. After seeing this I have to agree, the one area where Goon: The Last of the Enforcers completely improved upon the original was the filming of the hockey scenes and the fights. The camera is constantly changing angles and it puts you right in the middle of the action. The hockey is pretty intense at points and I enjoyed it throughout. The fighting is brutal, the hits are hard and blood flies everywhere. They aren't completely realistic but they pack a lot of punch. I was pretty impressed and I think Jay could have a future making action movies.

Sean William-Scott was one of the biggest reasons that the first Goon worked. His performance came across as really heartfelt and it was really easy to get attached to Doug. I think Sean's good again here, he doesn't have the element of surprise in this one so he didn't have the opportunity to blow the audience away. Allison Pill was also really solid, her character isn't as edgy or funny but she does her part well. I was really happy that brought Liev Schrieber back. He gets the most effective character arc and he nails it again. The members of the supporting cast that came back are all good, Marc-Andre gets a lot less time but guys like Kim Coates, David Paetkau, Jonathan Cherry, Richard Clarkin pick up the slack. Of the new cast members Elisha Cuthbert was hilarious. I actually wish she was in the movie more. T.J. Miller was excellent in his supporting part, he's playing a typical T.J. Miller character but he's still really funny. Wyatt Russell was fine, he was undercut by his character.

Goon: The Last of the Enforcers is a really good sports comedy in it's own right and in some ways I feel like I'm being too hard on it. But in the end, in my opinion its just not as funny or has the kind of heart the first Goon had. This movie is far from a failure, however. They honestly could have just phoned this movie in and sent it straight to Netflix or DVD but they didn't. They brought in a great cast and produced a legitimately funny movie that also delivered some inventive hockey action. This movie is also solid enough that you don't have to be a big hockey fan to appreciate this. If you can get a chance to go see this (I think its only available in Canada right now) and you like your comedy a little more on the adult/raunchy side, give it a shot.
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A Brilliant Sequel
skylerisaac30 March 2017
Some will say that a sequel can never live up to the first film.

Goon: Last Of The Enforcers begs to disagree.

I was impressed with the writer's ability to squeeze another story out of Doug Glatt and the Highlanders. The story was very well done, and I enjoyed the fact that it managed to incorporate Liev Schreiber's character once again, in an enjoyable way that you may not be expecting. I enjoyed the inclusion of adult life, Doug having to balance hockey and an incoming child. The dramatic bits are very well done, and make you care for the character that much more.

Jay Baruchel's direction is also top notch, especially from a first time filmmaker. The fight scenes are gripping and bone-crunching, as are the hockey games themselves. Paul Sarossy's cinematography is very versatile and impressive, making the hockey and fight scenes a joy to look at.

Of course, there's the comedy. Seann William Scott is hilarious as lovable but dopey Doug Glatt. Jay Baruchel reprises his character from the first film and is just as hilarious as he was the first time around. The locker room antics of the team are also just as gut-busting as ever.

This film is humorous, touching and moving, and is on par with the first in terms of quality.

If you enjoyed the first Goon, then you'll love this one. I highly recommend this one.

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Goon's Legend Tarnished
toddrobert3819 August 2017
Goon was a cult-classic, and while Goon 2 brought back the majority of the cast, making it sentimental, most of them looked older, and the writing was awful.

Other than a decent villain (Cain) and a strong performance by Schrieber (Ross the Boss Rhea) there was no real story to enjoy, regurgitated jokes and lines from the original lacked any flavor, the lock-out (?), what the hell did that even have to do with anything?

There was no growth from the ending of Goon for anyone, especially LaFlamme, which makes me sad. My imagination had him soaring to the Hall of Fame after Doug resurrected his career, but no. The jokes were way stupider, and overall this film is horrible.

I hate it when this stuff happens. I'll always remember the original as one of the best surprise films I've ever seen.
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Still a decent hockey movie.
carlos-lardizabal20 August 2017
Kinda tough to top Goon 1 but still had some laugh out loud scenes. I didn't set my expectations to high so I still enjoyed the movie. Goon 1, I can watch over and over and still love it, this one maybe will watch it one more time. REALLY with they wouldn't have changed Stevesie's actor, not nearly as funny as Ricky Mabe. Sequel's are rarely as good as the original so I'm not really disappointed.
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Surprisingly fun, although not as good as the original
Sawyer-481516234230 August 2017
With few exceptions sequels tend to not be as good as the originals. That is the case here, sadly.

However, this movie surprised me with how fun it is. I am a fan of the 1st Goon, which charmed me with its heart and crazy gore-filled fights. This movie continues in that tradition, with a little less success than the 1st movie had. Sure there were a few annoying parts, like TJ Miller's cameo as a sports desk host, but the overall chemistry of the cast remains, as does the brutal violence. I wasn't expecting much and I found this movie to be quite enjoyable.
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More love for a great character from an underrated 2011 movie.
Daedsikcaj11 September 2017
The featured review for this movie on IMDb says a lot of negative things but doesn't really give any examples or go into detail on why it's supposedly not a good film, other than using "low-budget" as a slur and an indicator of quality, because all films with small budgets suck and all movies with big budgets are great right? Well I'm gonna go ahead and counterbalance that with a 9/10 having just read that it existed within the last 5 minutes. I absolutely loved the original from 2011 and thought it was genius. I'm a sucker for stories about deeply flawed characters with big hearts and good intentions. And just now I find out there's a sequel. It is currently 4 AM and I'm staying up to watch it having gotten a digital copy online. And then I'll probably go around telling people about it and forcing people to watch it like I did with the first one. And even if I'm disappointed with it at least they tried to keep a really great story going.
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On thin ice
coreyjdenford7 September 2017
This review of Goon: Last of the Enforcers is spoiler free

** (2/5)

YOU CAN'T DISMISS the idea that Michael Dowse's Goon was a success, it was light, accessible and there was an incredible performance from the always likable Seann William Scott as enforcer Doug 'The Thug' Glatt, who's better with fists than sticks and it was undoubtedly funny. Unfortunately there were a couple of problems namely Jay Baruchel, sure he's a cracking voice actor (notably as How To Train Your Dragon's Hiccup). But he was on his lowest form as Glatt's best friend he was unfunny, idiotic and very silly. His weak script didn't help either.

So, in theory for his directorial debut Goon: Last of the Enforcers he should have perhaps learned. And for a while he has, William Scott returns to top form as the titular character still faithful to his team the Halifax Highlanders, keeping his form with his quick witted gags through his gimmicks to his mannerisms. And maybe punching the brains out of whoever stirs him wrong. Until he finds that his status is in danger with the introduction of a newer, younger, tougher player Anders Cain (Russell), after an injury he's forced to retire. He needs to find a new job to look after his pregnant wife (Allison Pill).

This stunning opening is sadly short-lived due to gross-out gags, amateurish direction and awful character study that fail to slide smoothly across the ice. There's an under-written turn in insurance for Doug, an underwhelming training montage with returning player Liev Schreiber's hard-hitting brawler Ross Rhea who tells him to "just hit with the left" that's sadly left empty and gasping for energy. However Goon: Last of the Enforcer's biggest let down is Wyatt Russell's Cain, granted he's brutal in his punches, but his jokes fail to hit the penalty box rubbing away the endearing charm of Doug with his over aggression of expressions and his lumberjack beard.

While this is a mostly generic, horribly written sports-quel as you'd expect there's an incredible performance from William Scott who continues to be the show-stopper by giving much deserved levity. Particularly in the third act's redemption hockey match giving his character a much deserved and an emotional farewell ending the film on a high note. Sadly writer-director Baruchel's debut is a poorly written, misguidedly directed and a boring redemption sequel that bombards its top player with bad ideas, and yet another stinky cameo. The truth this is an unfunny sequel that didn't need to be made.

VERDICT A generally fantastic William Scott is brought down by a weak script, poor direction and unfunny gags in this disjointed and dreadful sequel.
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Hope Scott gets more chances in Hollywood now at least
iamjacksmoviechannel28 August 2017
So if you don't know, there was a 2012 movie called "Goon" which was made on a shoestring budget and starred Sean William Scott, written by the guy who voices Hiccup in those "How to Train Your Dragon" movies.

It had a bit of success, even getting nominated at the Canadian Screen Awards (yes, that's a thing apparently) and so on this weekend, probably the slowest weekend in the history of film, the best new release we got is a movie with Stifler.

He's this minor league hockey player named Doug Glatt and what separates him from a lot of sports movies is that Glatt isn't really there because he's especially skilled. He's just really good at putting a hurt on opposing players.

But here a broken arm and approaching fatherhood forces him to have to reassess everything and whether or not he can keep playing or not.

There's nothing terribly special here but I do really like the character that Scott has created, who feels like an Adam Sandler creation back when you can still say Sandler gave a damn.

Doug is the nicest, most simple-minded roughneck in the game and Scott proves that he has maybe been either underrated or typecast with the whole Stifler thing. There is more he can give us and this role has proved it.

I also liked his relationship with an old rival now turned mentor played by Liev Schreiber.

Doug's teammates are all a mix of Canadian and Russian cartoons but they're still enjoyable "dick joke" loving sidekicks, but it's TJ Miller and Jason Jones who get the material that's going to make people howl with the most laughter.

Of course this wouldn't be a "Goon" movie without one man beating another man to a bloody pulp and you'll get that here, especially in a grand gladiatorial final showdown between Scott and the lead antagonist played by Wyatt Russell.

This isn't as good as the first. The story is all over the place, with characters retiring and coming back, health concerns being discussed and then discarded. Seems like Jay Baruchel wanted to address some real issues here but he never frames them right.

It's also just not as funny. If you've seen the first movie you know what to expect and that's basically what you get here.

What saves it from being a total waste of time though is that Doug and company are, despite the heavier themes which way the movie down, still fun to watch.

So I go 6 out of 10 guys. If you liked this, check out Craig James Review on Youtube for more.
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So clichéd I thought it was a dream sequence...
cfarrell318 November 2017
Honestly, I thought the first 10-15 minutes would resolve back to the gritty, funny "real life" of the original, but it never did. It was boring and overplayed. I love hockey movies, even if they're bad, which I why I bought this one before seeing it, but I wouldn't have if I saw it first. It nearly ranks right up there with the Slapshot sequels.

The first one was kind of original and authentic, and it had good music, but the second one had none of that. But at least people skated better.

It's worth a watch if you're out of good movies to see. The fact that it's only gotten 22 reviews at this point kind of speaks volumes. If you're not into hockey, it really wasn't worth the time to see, or even more so to review.

For me, I guess it was, more or less, worth it to see the Hawn/Russell kid. I always wondered what he'd be like. The lavishness of his silver spoon upbringing was somewhat legendary in the hockey community, so I wondered if it had ruined him or if he rose above it (given that hockey often puts people in their place for their own good). I still don't know. At least his skating looked normal.
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A juvenile, sexually obsessed and overly violent film disguised as a sports comedy
Gordon-113 November 2017
This film tells the story of a hockey player who has just been made the captain of his team.

He almost immediately gets out of action through a violent fight on ice. Despite his health and his wife's objections, he goes back on ice to beat the bullies.

I have not watched ice hockey before, but I am inclined to believe that players don't just break into spontaneous fights. The fights portrayed in the film are pretty serious. There is a scene where a man's teeth flew out like popcorn. The fights are so violent that I cannot believe they are not charged with grievous bodily harm. The story is not funny, and in fact it is disturbing. It is a sexually obsessed and overly violent film disguised as a sports comedy. I noticed the rainbow colour bag at the beginning of the film, when Doug meets the insurance guy in the lobby. That is surely a non-subtle sign. "Goon Last of the Enforcers" may be funny for some, but I find it too juvenile and violent to be enjoyable.
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Doesn't compare to the first movie
Jwgrant10011 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
To be honest I loved the first one so much this didn't compare, this one was good but not as good as the first and I found that some of the jokes were forced into the situation

Almost the same story line as the first With almost the same type of ending

Trust me when I say this the movie is almost exactly like the first If you didn't see the first movie you'd love this
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Great continuation of the Doug Glatt story. Made me very happy.
BeavisMoon5 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked Goon, and had no idea a sequel had been made until today. This movie, like the first, was a very pleasant surprise.

Since the first one just ends with the big fight between Scott & Schreiber, I was really happy to have a continuation of the story, some more character development, and most importantly, a sense of closure for Doug Glatt. I feel like they really delivered in this aspect. That final punch, cementing his new life and dedication to his "team" was a moment of pure joy!

It was great to see the entire gang back, especially Schreiber. I was also happy to see that Wyatt Russell was in this, and wow -- he put on an amazing performance. Awesome villain.

Just like the first one, this movie made me smile a lot, and really care about the characters. I hope Ross "The Boss" Rhea is OK...actually kinda bummed we don't get a satisfying ending to his story, but maybe they're saving that for Goon 3 (fingers crossed).

I had no idea this sequel existed until a few hours ago, and I am very happy and grateful that it was made.
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smilegel17 August 2017
I gave up after 45 minutes. Pointless, boring and acting is bad all around. Felt like I was watching a school play. Surprisingly, there were a lot of somewhat famous actors,but they were not utilized. Anyone giving more than 5 either did not watch it or fake. Presently as of writing it, this movie has 6.5 rating, which is fake. Nobody would rate this low budget flick that high!
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Ruined a good thing
uzithrasha6 September 2017
I didn't go in watching this with high expectations but i did expect it to be good. Boy was I wrong. It seems every character from the first film lost major braincells and all act completely retarded going for cheap laughs. Potty humor at its worst. Every scene seems over the top outrageous and nothing seems genuine. The acting seemed very forced. My lady and I cringed at how horrible some scenes were and plot is incredibly predictable. The only good thing about this movie was the trailer. Even the fight scenes are overly dramatic this time around. Save your time and money. Don't be a victim like me.
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A sequel we didn't need ends up being rather unfunny
eddie_baggins18 September 2017
There wouldn't be many that would call 2011's hockey comedy Goon a great success financially or critically but the film which flopped at box offices around the world built up a steady stream of support on home release, that has seen it become a bit of a cult favourite for sport and comedy fans, so much so that we now have this most unlikely of sequels, Goon: Last of the Enforcers.

Making the most of the fairly one-dimensional talents of Sean William Scott and Jay Baruchel, Goon which was inspired by the real life story of hockey enforcer Douglas Smith, who made a career for himself punching his way through his matches, was a funny and oddly endearing tale, elements that are amiss here in Enforcers.

Feeling far more forced than the original, this sequel as directed by Baruchel, who takes over from original director Michael Dowse and appears only in some brief cameo scenes in this film, suffers from finding a reason to exist with Scott's Doug Glatt feeling the pinch of old age and the impending responsibility of parenthood not really enough to drive this film forward.

The first film benefited greatly from the underdog tale of Glatt's rise from bouncer to hockey thug and his rivalry with Liev Schreiber's fellow hockey enforcer Ross Rhea but all we get in Enforcer is Glatt becoming an office worker for a time and Wyatt Russell's angry Anders Cain coming into the picture to give the film an antagonist on the ice to allow the film to feature some more intense ice-rink beat downs.

You can sense Baruchel's rawness behind camera in a lot of the films scenes and narrative constructions and while the funny-man makes for an often likable big screen presence, he can't embed his film with any of those charms and while there's a simple pleasure in getting to see these characters on screen again and the odd laugh, the whole thing feels rather pointless and more like an excuse for everyone involved to catch up, not develop another memorable return for Glatt on the big screen.

Final Say –

Big fans of the original Goon may find themselves enjoying this sequel more than the average cinemagoer but Baruchel's often tiresome and unfunny film fails to find a decent enough reason to exist, seemingly proving that the surprising success of the 2011 original in the years that followed its initial release didn't warrant Doug Glatt's bloodied return.

2 storage room office spaces out of 5
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Not funny anymore
fluffset4 October 2017
I love the first movie very much, I really want them to make the first one longer because I love every moment of that one. But this one, I don't know what they did for like 6 years and just come up with this poor sequel. I don't know what to say anymore, I don't care about a lot of swearing and whatever in the first one because I think it is fit with the situation, in this one, it looks like they just talk rubbish, they make a lot of lame gag in hope of people can laugh out of it. But it fail man, it fail. Only 1 or two jokes works for me and I just really dislike it. This sequel is totally unnecessary and just disgrace the first one.
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Big letdown.
cg3521 March 2018
The original was enjoyable. This one? Just awful. Poorly paced, filled with characters we can't care about, and nonsensical on-ice action clearly written by someone who doesn't actually know anything about hockey (every big hit would be an interference penalty in a real hockey game.)

Wasted potential, and a waste of a night.
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Goon does it again
scicero112 March 2018
Reviews on this are horrible from other posters. Watching both it ties it up and puts it to a happy ending for all. No names big block buster names share the screen without any issue. No one even notices the change from "the flamer" from movie 1 to 2 nor is it even noticed by reviewers.
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Holy F, this is no where near the original. This is so crappy I hope I can turn back time.
cpplbt10 January 2018
First movie was on the top of my best movies of all time. Why Camera angle is so bad I want to replace the director!!!! No explosive camera angling that makes the first one stand out. Comedy lines are as bad as the camera angle. Everyone's acting is very bad, my balls hurt. Why is the acting degrade when you guys age? Plot is so shitty I want to puke. Why o why did this happen. And finally, I hated to see Elisha Cuthbert so old and fat.
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Should not have been made
Tak0054 August 2018
If you enjoyed the original this will definitely disappoint. Effectively this is about a retired sportsman who wants to make a comeback. Not much more in it than that. Not witty or clever. Some attempts at humour are just obvious over the top crudity. It's a sequel that should not have been made.
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Promising Ideas, Poor Execution
Invincigoth22 January 2018
If you are checking out the sequel to Goon, then odds are you watched and liked the original. I've watched the first Goon about twenty times on Netflix. I'd place it in the top twenty all time of sports movies. I really wanted to get behind this movie but ultimately it falls flat. The script isn't bad - in fact it touches on some great ideas: what becomes of a hockey enforcer after they retire? What happens to players when you get older and maybe aren't quite as fast or strong? What would Hot Ice have been in the YouTube age? What do we give up when we start a family and have to think about other people instead of just ourselves?

All of these are interesting questions to explore in a sports movie, unfortunately none of these ideas are really fleshed out. Most are brought up in conversation then dropped. Jokes, which mostly fall flat, are squeezed around these ideas along with a father/son relationship between the owner of the Halifax Highlanders and the new antagonist to Doug Glatt. Almost all of the original cast returns for this film which is both a good and bad thing. Most of them do exactly the same thing as they did in the first movie. Others, such as Allison Pill's Eva spend most of the movie asleep (both literally and figuratively).

The Hockey elements of the story really aren't very good. The lock out story line makes no sense whatsoever. The PA announcer also tells us the Highlanders only made the playoffs 2 times in the last 10 years. So they team went back to being awful after the original Goon? I never felt as if I were invested in the Highlanders like I was in the first movie. There is a lot less hockey in this one so that might be a reason. Another might be the strange timeline in which the movie zooms through weeks at a time and you really have no sense of what is taking place along with players moves which simply don't make sense. The Highlanders are supposed to be one step below the NHL, at that level you simply don't acquire and release players just because you want them or don't.

Liev Schreiber does stand out in his return as Ross Rhea. His character was my favorite part of the movie. A better version of this movie follows Rhea and Glatt and explores in more detail some of the questions it clearly was trying to raise. I wish they could get a do over and take another try at this.
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Baruchel not quite there yet
SnoopyStyle14 January 2018
Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) is a beloved hockey enforcer. His loving wife Eva (Alison Pill) is newly pregnant. Mary (Elisha Cuthbert) is her foul-mouthed best friend. His career is sidelined when rival enforcer Anders Cain destroys him in a fight. He goes into a quieter career. His old team is losing and the owner Hyrum Cain (Callum Keith Rennie) calls up his son Anders. Pat (Jay Baruchel) is Doug's inappropriate friend. With the help of washed-up enforcer Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber), Doug hopes to regain his former glory.

Seann William Scott has a natural ease to his lead role. Jay Baruchel's writing and directing skills are still not sharp enough. He hits all the right sign posts in a sports movie. It's a little uneven and it also helps to be a Canadian hockey lover. There are moments of outrageous fun and the characters are likable. Baruchel may get there one day but he's not there yet.
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For the non-traditional viewer...
alistairalbrecht17 August 2017
NO SPOILERS! For the people that love cult classics or find that you are not super into conventional films then this may be the film for you. What I mean by this is this isn't the type of film that most like but rather something for maybe 20% of people to love. This film at its core isn't really about hockey but more about the characters in that world much like the original Goon. If you go in thinking your going to watch a traditional hockey movie then you will probably be disappointed but if you love stupid/ridiculous characters with unbelievable heart on a backdrop violence and profanity then your bound to love it. P.S. Everything I said about this film could also be said about the original and if you haven't seen it yet watch Goon (2011).
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