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Rude, Crude and Hilarious
filgray8410 August 2013
What are all you moaners bitching about? Seriously what did you expect? Yes it's foul mouthed! It made that perfectly clear on the trailer! I am not dumb, nor am I a junior high student as stated from another negative review. But I got exactly what I wanted! Rude, crude and hilarious laughs a plenty! Yes it's cheap, yes it's not particularly intelligent but it is very funny! And the screening I went to was sold out and the entire auditorium were laughing their asses off just like me! And that's why it's been a hit at the box office! So all you haters go crawl back under your rocks and get a sense of humour and stop rating this movie a 1 when it does exactly what it set out to do! Make you laugh!
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Well Worth Watching
kmichaelpm3 October 2013
I cannot understand all the very negative reviews for this movie. They almost convinced me not to watch it. Fortunately, the decent reviews convinced me to take an chance, and I am glad I did. This movie is as good a comedy as any of the decent comedies to come out in the last two years, of which there were not many. The acting was top class. The script was very funny and the direction was just right. The leads complimented each other perfectly. The pace was very good and kept you interested. Even the slower part which was only a very small portion of the overall movie, but was one of the things which made it more human and easier to relate to. Well worth a look.
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Very very funny
seapixy-809-7182175 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Heat is hilarious! I watched this film twice while on some recent flights and laughed out loud both times. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are well cast as the misfit FBI and Boston cop team tasked with finding a local drug lord. Yes its a female cop "buddy" movie and yes it works, thanks to Bullock's and McCarthy's funny lines and well timed physical comedy.

The Heat is refreshing to watch. Unique in today's all too male focused cinema, The Heat's two main characters are women and NOT typical stereotyped females - no big breasts, skin tight unrealistic clothing and high heals, no bleach blonde airheadedness, and no, they don't get frightened and wait for some guy to to come along and save the day. Neither of these women pine away for men to come sweep them off their feet and get married. Neither possess any stereotyped domestic skills (McCarthy's character calls curtains "window blankets" and keeps her refrigerator stocked with high powered weapons). Both are very career focused and the best at what they do, and both are very very funny.

Yes this movie contains lots of profanity, as many reviewers have noted, but what recent male buddy comedy hasn't? Hot Tub Time Machine, The Hangover I, II, and III, Grown Ups, This is the End, etc. ....all very funny buddy movies starring men and all contained lots of profanity that isn't really noted in reviews. So why is The Heat's profanity even noted? Because its women mouthing the words? I think it was even funnier with Bullock and McCarthy (especially McCarthy "tattletits") then if done by male characters - unexpected and well timed.

I was pleasantly surprised that in this movie era where only men are allowed to have fun, and women only get bit parts, that this movie got the green light. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era in Hollywood where female stereotypes get replaced by movies that give women more lead roles and opportunities to act in comedies, dramas, you name it, outside of stupid outdated stereotypes.

If you're in need of a good laugh watch The Heat- seriously fun comedy for adults!
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Great Fun!
burties526 July 2013
This movie is just a fun, laugh a minute ride and should not be taken seriously.

Witty, hilarious dialogue, silly scenes and a lot of fun.

There was so much laughter at certain scenes it was hard to hear the dialogue, so you know people are having a fun & happy night out! There were continual laughs throughout due to the witty lines and expert delivery, with some real high points of absolute hilarity.

All those people who gave this movie 1,2 & 3's really need to relax, allow themselves to enjoy a simple silly movie that's not trying to win Oscars, but is simply made to entertain and make people happy. And if they're so concerned with a bit of swearing and mild violence then stick to those serious arty dramas.
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Okay, just need to take a step back and think about what you are saying.
oldman00720 October 2013
I remember when I saw reviews when "The Heat" first came out, everybody, and I mean everybody was bashing this movie. Saying it was worthless, stupid, vulgar, pointless etc. It even got to the stage where people were getting so offensive and making death threats to the film makers. Seriously, all of you, i'm here to tell you, BACK THE HELL OFF! And, for those people out there, who are really smart, do not believe what you have been told. This movie is truly great in so many different ways.

It is, indeed, the stereotypical buddy-cop type movie. But, if you can exclude that cliché, it is actually, extremely well thought out and well put together.

We start off with a professional, smart agent named Detective Ashburn (Sandra Bullock). She has everything you could have. She's smart, intelligent, polite, so committed to her job that it makes other officers look bad. Yet, somehow, has relationship troubles, does not have any friends, and just works, works, works until she can sleep.

Now, we have Officer Mullins (Melissa McCarthy . She is the complete opposite of Ashburn. Mullins is vulgar, crude, rough, tough, mean and says the f word almost in every sentence, and is not afraid to shoot your dick off or throw watermelons at you! Both of them are fighting over a serious case over a serial killer named Larkin. Larkin means business, this man kills families, and is not afraid to kill anyone who gets in his way of either drugs or murder.

The humor is a combination of everything. There is a lot of witty humor, and at the same time, loads of vulgar humor. I loved the chemistry between Mullins and Ashburn as well. I like how we watch them slowly have a connection with each other and start talking about each others lives and how they start forming a friendship they have never had before.

In my opinion, hilarious, lots of action, lots chemistry and loads of fun. Don't know where everyone else went wrong! 10/10
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Please Do A Heat 2
noonieblount29 April 2020
Sandra and Melissa have such an amazing chemistry! It's like they are just natural when it comes to working together. Of course this movie had some of the wall scenes and over the top moments but what do you expect from Melissa McCarthy. I enjoyed the movie and it was extremely funny and family-oriented and what is definitely needed during this Covid-19 pandemic time......many laughs.
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so much fun
backnblack-0612310 December 2019
What a enjoyable movie great contrast between the two girls McCarthy is the funniest person in the business
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Bullock and McCarthy Bring "The Heat"
jon.h.ochiai4 July 2013
"The Heat" is hysterical. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are awesome! "The Heat" is the funniest movie of the year. I laughed out loud a lot. Yes, Sandra and Melissa reliably play in position. Bullock is Sarah Ashburn, the rigid; know it all, FBI agent booking for an Agency promotion. But as current boss Hale (patient and dashing Demian Bichir) explains her downside, "Nobody likes you." Melissa McCarthy is abrasive, no nonsense Boston Cop Mullins, who can beat the crap out of any man. She torments her Captain Woods (prematurely aged funny Tom Wilson), looking for his "lady balls" in his office.

While wallowing in their sorrows at Mullin's favorite bar, Ashburn (Bullock) confesses to Mullins (McCarthy) that not a lot of people know that she was married. With Scotch in hand, Mullins asks, "Was he a hearing man?" Director Paul Feig ("Bridesmaids") is genius with niche R-rated comedy starring women, and is blessed with Bullock and McCarthy's A-Games. Writer Katie Dippold (of "Parks and Recreation") is brilliant given a very predictable movie scenario. Will Ashburn and Mullins become BFFs? Of course. Dippold's comic Zen lies in the journey. "The Heat" is more than just "Lethal Weapon" meets "The Hangover". There is a signature moment in diner where Bullock attempts to save a choking man. Feig is comically ruthless. Bullock and McCarthy never waver out of character as their partnership naturally evolves—they are amazing.

I don't know if Feig and Dippold transform the cop buddy genera, regardless it is hilarious. The coarse language works. Seeing Bullock's Ashburn struggle to say the f-word is anal retentive priceless. Smartly "The Heat" is more comedy and relationship focused, than action. Although, the knife scene with Ashburn and Mullins held hostage is absolutely hysterical. The rangy odd couple joins forces in Boston to uncover the identity of mysterious Drug Lord, Lassen. For the first hour of the movie, Bullock may be trying too hard to be unlikable as Ashburn. She did it better in "The Proposal". On the other hand, McCarthy is like a comfortable catcher's mitt as Mullins. It turns out that Mullins is estranged from her family, because she put her brother Jason (hilarious Michael Rapaport) in jail. Jane Curtain is classic funny as disapproving Mom. Jason may have ties to the mysterious Lassen.

Sandra Bullock looks stunning, lean and strong. Granted she does her frumpy best as Ashburn, "straight man" to McCarthy's Mullins. Pants suits can do only so much. The one thing that is odd about the story is that Bullock comes off so stiff, that we forget that she is extremely competent at what she does. Like McCarthy's Mullins, she is smart, but the story finally circles back and reminds that both can kick some ass as well. McCarthy is brilliant balancing authentic compassion in the midst of what could have been a broad strokes caricature. She is hysterical and whimsically grounded. Together Bullock and McCarthy are on fire chemistry. Too bad Marlon Wayans is not leveraged more as Levy, Ashburn's "awkward" and endearing love interest. He is very cool. Perhaps, next time. Let's see Bullock and McCarthy together again. Bring on "The Heat 2". In the meantime, see "The Heat". You'll laugh a whole lot.
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The Heat (2013)
dpolwatte28 April 2020
Superb duo for the "Buddy movie + Detective / Partner" formula Bullock and Mccarthy pulls off one of the best comedies in years to come.

Overall - 3.5/5
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Appallingly bad
kingbad30 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have no problem with remakes. Considering how much it costs to make a movie these days, selling something that people enjoyed the first time makes sense; it's a predictable return on the studio's investment, and it's easy to market a movie that's just like "so-and-so meets such-and- such". So, when a studio wants to remake an 80s buddy-cop comedy, with women in the lead roles, I say why not? There are enough Murphy-Nolte, Gibson-Glover, and Willis-everybody role models out there, how could you go wrong?

Here's how. Instead of ripping off a successful buddy-cop franchise, The Heat has Running Scared meeting The Odd Couple. Instead of a completely unconvincing pairing of a Borscht Belt ham and a tap dancer, they've got Sandra Bullock playing, yet again, a neurotic tight-ass and Melissa McCarty playing, yet again, a foul-mouthed slob. These two completely unlikable, and unbelievable, characters, one an FBI agent who somehow manages to confound detection dogs with her ability to find hidden drugs and weapons despite a complete lack of detection skills, and the other a Boston cop who (somehow) manages to successfully work undercover, in her own neighborhood, despite being morbidly obese, obnoxiously loud, and wearing the same clothes for days at a time. Both are (deservedly) pariahs within their respective departments, who somehow succeed despite their own individual and collective incompetence, and grow to adopt each other's most annoying bad habits. This movie plays to an audience's lowest, dumbest instincts- sadly, it will probably be a hit. Avoid at all costs.
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Terrible terrible
aharbell-730-9717485 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Warning - Spoilers ahead: Who is writing all the rave reviews here? This is one of the worst movies ever. Cringe-making scenes of drunken writhing and vomiting. Non-stop F-bombs from an obese slovenly woman police officer. Why does her boss tolerate an interminable scene where she comments on how small smaller and smallest his testicles are? Affirmative action? Several scenes of binge drinking, random shooting between the eyes or between the legs of good guys and/or bad guys. Who cared anymore? Then Sandra Bullock gets stabbed in the leg three times with a 2-inch knife blade and says Ow! Ow! a few times. Har! Har! Funny - huh? We saw this at an early matinée on 7-1-13 with only one other older man in the audience. He left halfway thru - didn't even finish his popcorn. Yet the movie finished #2 at the box-office this week. I guess that's where the rave reviews are coming from. Man - am I out of step.
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I Enjoyed It
slightlymad2217 December 2014
I'm not sure about these bad reviews, I really found a lot to enjoy here.

Plot In A Paragraph: FBI Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a very skilled investigator in New York City, but is despised by her fellow agents for her arrogant attitude. On a brief assignment in Boston, she meets Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) a foulmouthed and rebellious police officer with the Boston Police Department. Ashburn's by-the-book philosophy clashes with Mullins' rugged and violent style of police work. Under pressure from her FBI boss Hale, Ashburn reluctantly agrees to team up with Mullins.

Whilst the plot is nothing special, and certain amounts of the humour revolve around police brutality and bad language, Bullock is an effective straight to the foul mouthed McCarthy and I found some serious lough out loud moments.

Enjoyable and I'll definitely watch it again.
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WOW...this film is bad. Really, really bad.
DarkDefender_817 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've never come so close of walking out of a movie theater in my life. The film was really that bad. And the script was even worse. This must have been written by someone with just one brain cell or two, at the most. It wasn't funny or entertaining at any point. So how can a studio spend even one dollar on a crappy script like this, a script that shouldn't have seen the light of day in the first place? It' a complete mystery to me.

The actresses unfortunately aren't much better either I'm afraid. Since they have no chemistry at all, both are doing their own thing. McCarthy is cursing and foul-mouthing 24/7, probably to make her look hip, cool & tough. Well the contrary was the case. She was just annoying from start to finish.

And Sandra Bullock? What the hell is she doing in this picture? How could she have sold herself out to this garbage? I can't remember another film where she was this bad (I haven't seen 'All about Steve'). There are only two films this year so far that were worse. 'Movie 43' and 'Scary Movie 5'. And now there is 'The Heat'... Yes it's really that bad.
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I feel very sad after watching this
apeman456 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe this was outside my demographic. There were several women in the theater laughing hysterically the whole movie. I think I chuckled once or twice or maybe I threw up a little in my mouth - I'm not sure. I LOVED Bridesmaids so I was expecting a funny movie. This movie was depressing and I would have walked out but my girlfriend was enjoying herself so we stayed.

Decent cast and some good comedians which had nothing to work with. I was saying the lines before the characters were, they were so obvious. The plot is terrible with no surprises and the script seemed to be an ad lib for Mellissa McCarthy. Don't get me wrong she is funny but it got to the point the movie seemed like a 2 hour Saturday Night Live skit. The executions and deaths were puzzling in a comedy. Our heroines waving guns in the faces of innocent civilians for laughs wasn't funny. The message that Sandra Bullock couldn't get a man because she was threatening to men was ridiculous.

The Heat is more like a summer blizzard. I can't recommend it.
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This movie was painful to watch...
karl-liljedahl5 November 2013
Yes, this movie was painful to watch. Mostly because I laughed so hard, I snorted an alcoholic beverage through my nose. Do you know how much that burns? I was in tears for ten minutes after that. Had to go back and rewind the movie. I can't remember laughing so hard, mostly at Melissa McCarthy who gets the best lines. Sandra Bullock is a perfect partner for Melissa in a semi-miss-congeniality-FBI-agent roll. It's not a perfect movie- there a few predictable plot lines and Jane Curtain is WAY underutilized. But the chemistry between McCathy and Bullock is great. With a team of good writers they could easily pump out another three or four of these and I would gladly fork over my hard earned cash to see them.

8 out of 10
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McCarthy and Bullock are perfect
garthlotel25 February 2018
Refreshing take on the mismatched buddy cop genre, the two leads are brilliant and their pairing works perfectly. Looks like they had a great time filming this and it was infectious. Laugh out loud hilarious.
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Shamefully awful
cellarfame19 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure if it counts as a 'spoiler' to emphasise how bad this movie is. Its only redeeming feature was the depressing thought I had when a quarter of the way through that it might have been a blessing to humanity if the whole invention of cinema had never been invented, just so that civilisation could have been spared of such trash. I suppose I might be being a tad harsh, since there was one or two reasonably funny moments from a couple of minor characters - but the overwhelming sense was that the only chance this film had of being watchable was if the two main characters had been wiped out within the first 5 minutes and the end credits started rolling there and then. I would not have minded so much in paying good money and might even have thought this was an art-house short film with a worthwhile message.

However, as it was, please, please spend 100 minutes in your dentist chair instead.
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One of the best buddy cop films!
DigForU5 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sad to see people are criticizing this amazingly funny film. Believe me i've seen a lot of films in this genre and like to state that this stands out in top 10. Melissa McCarthi is in the top form and well supported by Sandra Bullock. Though story lacks in any new concept it was accommodated by the performances by leads. If we leave aside our notion of great script and universal nobility of subject - this is best fun film to come out in years. The plot is developed well to flourish two leading characters and dialogs though some will find it obnoxious are beautifully woven to develop the characters. Film subtly comments on the misogynisty and on the mindset of working class in 21st century. I will be not surprised if Melissa McCarthi's performance gets considered for Academy Awards. The scene where Detective Mullins place knife back into Ashburn's leg was hilarious and also the scene where Ashburn cuts throat of customer in restaurant was awfully hilarious. No harm guys in watching it for one time. It's a good comedy.
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gabip-6142811 March 2019
I just love this movie so much and I can laugh with Melissa again and again with the same jokes. She is just hilarious and I have nothing to declare about Sandra Bullock..she is awesome! Well, perfect combo!
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Easy watching watch!
Majikat766 April 2018
Comical capers when Top fbi agent meets maverick cop and are forced to work together. Whilst Melissa McCarthy adds the same kind of humour And character to most of her roles, it's still a fun watch and raises a few smiles
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New-Age Humor... Great movie!
marie-lachney7 May 2014
Obviously most of the people on here don't like this movie because they have a problem with fowl language... Melissa McCarthy's weight... slap-stick style humor... yadda yadda. If you don't like those things, don't watch it! That's why they have trailers. Not sure? Go watch one, depicts all that stuff right off the bat. I personally loved it. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy were hilarious and a fun team to watch. I love them both. It was a fun and up-lifting move on Bullock's side (I love seeing her put her character into these different roles--it brought back what you loved from Ms. Congeniality and put a little The Proposal in it) and a perfect genre for McCarthy's type of humor. Everyone's gonna have a different opinion on it, but don't spoil actual ratings and helpful reviews on bogus critiques like calling McCarthy names (I'm sure there's a few that fit you!) or saying its too profane. OBVIOUSLY this movie wasn't meant for tight-wads! Go watch Nebraska, you'll love it. My family, friends and I all love this movie. Great go-to humor for a chill night. McCarthy is such a fun and lively character. If you like... The Hangover, Identity Theft, Due Date, Pineapple Express, etc. you'll probably enjoy this one! Hope that helps!
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The best comedy I have seen in years!
Gordon-111 August 2013
This film is about two female officers with strong personalities, who have to work together against a drug gang.

The trailer of "The Heat" made me laugh hard, and wow the actual film made me laugh even harder! It's amazing how two strong personalities, one foul mouthed and the other egocentric, could be portrayed to be so likable. That's not an easy job, but they managed it. The film is filled with sharp witted insults and even more profane words, but the jokes does not rely on these at all. In fact there are so many clean jokes that are hilarious, such as three drinks are in fact one, or the interrogation scene that involves a phone book. It's really been many years since a comedy has made me laugh so hard. I laughed so hard that a curled up a few times, and by the end of the film I had a sore throat from laughing! I loved "The Heat", it is a sure fire must watch!
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Heat not so hot!
doorsscorpywag13 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood has a new genre of films comedies that don't have any laughs in them. Actually this genre has been around for a while and this simply the latest in a long line. Sandra Bullock used to be a good actress but nowadays she is just another journeyman/woman making movies for a paycheck.

The Heat was basically just a series of scenes from other (better) movies. We had the at odds with the boss scene,the scene that identified our two heroines as being misunderstood by all their colleagues. The getting drunk together bonding scene, the silly dance scene, the stepping on the toes of another law enforcement agency scene, the turning from a shrew into a mean mother scene,the captured by the bad guy scene, the escape from the bad guy scene, the capturing the bad guy in the nick of time and saving someone scene and finally the former screw up getting a medal scene.

A collection of movie clichés without any empathy at all with the audience. Did we care about any of the heroines? I know I didn't. One a cop who swore all the time and treated her boss like dirt and the other the polar opposite.

Oh how we laughed as these two found common ground and began to work together for the good of the community. No wait a minute. We didn't laugh as there was not one remotely funny scene in the whole movie.

What a rubbish film.
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How is this rated so low?
motek_6916 February 2017
I honestly don't get why this movie is so low rated. I personally found the acting to be amazing and the story line was great! People who said it wasn't funny must not have a good sense of humour because I found it hilarious!! Do NOT listen to the reviews! Check it out yourself before you make a decision about whether you like it or not! Melissa Mcartney is starting to become very popular because c'mon she's hilarious! And Sandra bullock has had our hearts since miss congeniality came out! So definitely check it out if you want a good laugh!
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zetes30 June 2013
A fairly typical buddy cop comedy, but it's enjoyable and has plenty of laughs. Sandra Bullock plays a straight-laced, unlikable FBI agent who comes to Boston for a major drug investigation and pairs up with antagonistic tough gal police detective Melissa McCarthy. The value of a film like this lies entirely with the leads, and Bullock and McCarthy both deliver. Bullock is a talented comedian who almost never gets to show it in a watchable film. McCarthy, fresh off her hit Identity Thief, proves once again to be a talented physical comedienne (as does Bullock, actually), but what should never go unmentioned when talking about her is that she's a wonderful ad-libber. Almost everything she says is hilarious. The rest of the cast is fine, and the film in particular shines whenever they go to the well of McCarthy's loud-mouth Irish family (which includes Jane Curtin), who have a black velvet painting of Jesus hitting a home run at Fenway Park on their kitchen wall. The plot is, of course, rote, and it's probably not a film I'll be thinking about an hour after I've seen it, but it provided a pretty good time at the movies.
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