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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman says she enjoys a "tumble with another stranger" when she's nervous.
  • Two men kiss passionately and it is implied that they have sex
  • there is a painting of a nude woman in a character's office
  • Some scenes happened in an adult establishments. Nothing graphic is shown.
  • Alina is taken for a bath in the palace and is show fully nude from behind for 2-3 seconds. Buttocks are visible. E3
  • Both male and female buttocks are shown no other genitals or private areas are seen which is what keeps the show from receiving a TV-MA rating and helps it stick with a TV-14 rating.
  • Season 1: No sex scene. Mild non-sexual nudity. Characters refer to sex. One implied gay sex. More kissing scenes. Some romantic tension between several characters.
  • A girl can be seen naked for 3 seconds as she is getting out of the bathtub before she wraps a towel around her naked body to cover up

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot quite suddenly in the head. There is a brief explosion of blood before he falls to the ground. Very brief, but quite sudden and could be upsetting to younger viewers.
  • Overall, most of the violence is pretty tame and very little blood is seen. There are multiple moments that are surprisingly violent with some intense deaths, but still don't have much blood for the most part.
  • A man is seen dismembered by magical spell. Quite graphic and the camera points to the dismembered mess for a few seconds afterward.
  • Many instances of animal violence, both real and imaginary. One specifically graphic scene involving the death of a large animal who is then split in half, for those sensitive to hunting, this will be disturbing.
  • Very violent including direct headshot with blood spatter, multiple graphic beheadings, repeated gun battles and deaths, graphic knife fights (lots of stabbings), slashed throat (not graphic but quite a bit of blood).
  • A man is completely sliced in half in battle, intestines visible.
  • A man is graphically stabbed in the back of the head with a thrown knife, killing him.
  • One person rips another's heart out of their body.
  • Lots of scenes with people being sliced and chopped up.
  • The final episode is intensely bloody.


  • Fantasy slurs relevant to the show's world are used from time to time.
  • Infrequent cursing limited to bast*rd and sh*t but more frequent cursing in season 2 with stronger language being used.
  • Shit, ass, and bitch are said very infrequently.
  • A man says "Fucking" in Season 2 Episode 5
  • More frequent cursing in season 2.
  • Season 1 has only a little cussing but season 2 gets more explicit.
  • Shit, ass, bitch, dick, pussy, and one use of fuck.
  • Moderate amount of strong language used

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At one point, a couple of characters are seen drinking and taking shots in a stressful situation.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Multiple times people are attacked by frightening winged creatures in a dark landscape
  • Multiple episodes characters are attacked by winged creatures in the fold, (giant black mist) short battle scenes could be scary for younger people.
  • Lots of jumpscares.
  • Scary shadow demons can be seen throughout each episode.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Alina and General Kirigan have a rather intense kissing scene in the fifth episode which lasts for perhaps a minute or so. During this she is lifted onto a table and he asks her 'Are you sure?', implying sex, but they are interrupted before it goes any further.
  • Jesper and a stable boy make out for a while and then it cuts before anything happens (implied sex) afterwards they discus how 'good it was'. Heavy male/male kissing during scene.
  • A main character *Zoya* makes occasional comments to Alina about Mal, misleading Alina to believe Zoya had "tumbled with Mal"
  • Mal goes to steal some fruit for Alina from a Grisha tent when he comes across Zoya, who flirts with him and says she "enjoys a good tumble with a stranger to calm her nerves"- but he leaves before anything can happen.
  • After Alina leaves the Darkling and the Little palace, Zoya makes her way to General Kirigan and finds him sitting on his bed, where she attempts to seduce him using somewhat suggestive language and implying that she has done this before with him. He denies her and she is outwardly annoyed by it.

Violence & Gore

  • The Darkling severs a Fjerdan man in half. Intestines are seen. A little bit of blood splatters. Brief but intense.
  • A ship traveling through a dark realm known as the Fold is beset upon by large, flying monsters. These monsters grab several people and we can see them being yanked around, thrown in the air, one is ripped apart, and a couple more are stabbed/clawed. One creature is also shot in the head and it dies.
  • Alina applies a salve to Mal's open (yet healing) wounds.
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Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are subtle implications that Genya has been continually raped by the king. May be triggering to some.
  • Season 2 contains flashbacks to traumatic events that can be intense, violent, and bloody. May be upsetting to some viewers. The Darkling asks Genya to try and heal him, which brings out his shadow monsters. They traumatize her throughout the season, causing her to have breakdowns, and eventually attack her.

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