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1 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.15
Upon encouragement by her friend Afsheen, she reluctantly goes to Karachi to visit her estranged husband. She goes to Asher's office and tells him about her problem. At first he refuses to help, but later relents, secretly moving the two into his house.
11 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.16
Farida is in New York for a business trip, so Asher is able to move them in. When Asher asks Khirad what he should do when his mother finds out about her in his house, Khirad hatefully tells him that it is not her problem and that she is only there for her daughter's treatment.
14 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.17
Sara spots Asher with his wife and daughter. After making comments that anger Asher, she leaves and calls Farida.
21 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.18
Sara updates Farida. Farida quickly returns and threatens to throw Khirad back on the streets again. Khirad tells her, "I don't want anything to do with your son or your mansion...I don't even see your son as being worth talking to. Your son is weak. He couldn't protect me. He no longer has any place in my heart."
28 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.19
As Hareem demands to see old pictures from their wedding,Asher brings out an old box, which contains the note Khirad had left as she was first leaving.
11 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.20
Khizar returns from abroad and demands Farida fulfill her promise. Sara refuses, but Farida insists her, since Khizar threatens to admit the truth to Asher. Hareem's heart surgery takes place and is successful. Khirad decides to leave Hareem with Asher. Asher finds himself redeveloping feelings for Khirad again and decides to forgive her.
18 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.21
Khizar visits Farida and threatens "destroy" her with his knowledge. Asher meets Khizar leaving Farida. He confronts her and she responds, "He wants you and Khirad to take divorce..." Sara's depression intensifies. Zareena, Sara's mother, is remorseful and wishes she had nothing to do with Farida's plot. She tells Sara that her acts caused her depression. Asher takes Khirad to the seaside of Karachi and pours out his feelings saying he cannot remove her from his heart. In addition, he wants her back in his life forever. He begs her to stay for Hareem. Khirad, again ...
25 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.22
Khirad tearfully says goodbye to her sleeping daughter, leaving another note for Asher. She surrenders her rights over Hareem. Khizar later comes by Asher's office to tell him the truth, but Asher, in his anger, slaps him and forces him out without listening. Asher is very depressed and misses Khirad to no end. He remembers the romantic moments he shared with her four years ago. He finally discovers Khirad's original note. Asher overhears his mother's revealing phone call with Khizar. He has broken down and leaves the house. Farida stumbles upon Khirad's letter and is...
3 Mar. 2012
Episode #1.23
Asher heads for Hyderabad to bring Khirad back, telling her that Hareem won't eat and Khirad relently goes with him. Farida hears them return and claims the letter was false and that there is no proof that Hareem is Asher's daughter. Asher says, "You gave me life. And at the same time, you took it away from me. You murdered your own son, mother. You took his life away..." Khirad, witnessing the entire conversation, is shocked and emotional. Farida returns to her room where she is met by imaginary incarnations of Sara, Baseerat and Khirad. Sara blames Farida for her ...

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