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  • Boatswain's Mate of the Watch Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes is now in production on a new apocalyptic drama series for TNT called "The Last Ship", about a Navy destroyer whose captain and crew become some of the few remaining survivors on the planet after a global catastrophe. The series is based on the 1988 novel of the same name by William Brinkley. Casting calls are underway for new recurring and guest starring roles, and extras are also being cast throughout the season. Shooting is taking place in San Diego and Los Angeles through March 3, 2014.

    Details Here:

    TNT Series "The Last Ship" Casting Calls

    2013 Actors Resource Guide eBooks Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Nathan James!

    There are over 200 personnel aboard that ship, minus the people who were killed serving on that ship.

    Every once in a while, new members will board that ship. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • 80% of the world population perished. The crew of the Nathan James survived because they were radio silenced and in the Arctic, away from civilization. There were other survivors, some who were immune to the virus, and others who resided outside city limits. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Niels Sorenson, a Norwegian scientist, injected himself with the virus to make his body immune, thus, making him patient zero. He attempted to mix his human gene with the virus, but instead, the virus replicated and he became contagious as he made contact with others around him. Every person he came in contact with, including his wife, became infected an eventually died, but others were immune like him. Instead of just building an immunity to the virus, he became the carrier who brought a devastating plague to the world. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Billions of people died. Countries worldwide lost control of their borders. There is food shortage and power failure. Dangerous factions were formed by people who saw this crisis as an opportunity. There is no stable government in any country left. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Chief Engineer! Edit (Coming Soon)

  • From what we understand, it is a newer version of the Red Virus called the Red Rust. Since the cure for the original red virus was already discovered, an unknown entity engineered a new plague, which caused food to spoil and starvation worldwide. However, there are seeds called Elaeis Virilis that are immune to the virus but they are very rare and are being hoarded by hostile forces. The virus spread quickly because of insects that acted as carriers for the plague. Corn, sugar cane, and a vast majority of grassland were contaminated. Anyone who digested food contaminated by the Red Rust grew ill and died. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Season One: The RFS Vyerni(Commanded by Admiral Konstatin Nikolajewitsch Ruskov), Dr. Niels Sorenson, and Avocet led by Amy Granderson

    Season Two: Avocet led by Amy Granderson, Dr. Niels Sorenson and the Immunes led by the Ramsays

    Season Three: The Asian pirates led by Tayahaya (partially), the Chinese MSS led by President Peng Wu, and Allison Shaw alongside the Territorial Senators

    Season Four: Omar Bin Dalik, The Greek Hellenic Navy(Commanded by Stavros Diomedes), and the Vellek Family

    Season Five: The Grand Colombian Empire (Ruled by Gustavo Barros) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The people in Asia breathed in a green mist, which mutated the red virus, making the cure unaffected. We soon learn that President Peng of China weaponized a nerve agent to counter the cure as part of his conquest to take Asia. He hoarded missiles loaded with the nerve agent. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is in order from the first death to the most recent.

    Before the Series

    Christos Vellek died long before the series. A Season 4 flashback revealed he was beaten to death and mugged on the streets.

    Lucas Slattery died from the red virus before the show started.

    Season One

    Frankie Benz shoots himself in the head after being exposed to the contaminated blood on board the cruise ship.

    Amir and his men are gunned down by Chandler and his crew.

    Berchim and Smith are gunned down by Ruskov's gunboat while attempting to disarm his mines.

    Karina is sent down river to die after insulting El Toro in his presence.

    El Toro is stabbed in the back by Ervin Delgado.

    Lt. Nikolai Zybulski is shot in the arm, then in the head by Dr. Rachel Scott.

    Admiral Konstatin Nikolajewitsch Ruskov, Dimitri, Asmik and their entire crew are blown away on the Vyerni by Tom Chandler and his team.

    Cossetti is wounded in the firefight with Ruskov's men, and dies during the extraction.

    Maya Gibson dies from the virus during the test trial of Scott's vaccine.

    Madame President Kelly Geller died off-screen from the red flu along with her cabinet. This was confirmed later on in the show.

    Darian Chandler died from the virus while traveling with Jed and her children.

    TAO Barker is killed off-screen by Avocet personnel during the plot to take control of the Nathan James.

    Season Two

    Quincy Tophet is mortally wounded with a gunshot by Lt. Pete Norris is Season One. The following season, he rips open his wound and bleeds out to avoid giving Avocet what they want.

    Dr. Hamada takes a syringe of his own sedative to the chest by Lt. Kara Foster.

    Malone and his team are gunned down in the mess hall by Cruz, O'Connor, and Miller shortly after Slattery cut the power.

    Andrew Thorwald is shot by Crawford shortly after subduing Granderson.

    Lt. Pete Norris takes an axe to the chest during a struggle with Mike Slattery.

    Amy Granderson takes a syringe to her neck and injects herself with a poison to avoid being taken alive.

    Michael Neustadter disappears after Baltimore is liberated. His death is never confirmed.

    Chief Gonzales is shot by Ned Ramsay while helping his crew evacuate the Solace.

    Juan Carlos is wounded during the firefight with Chandler's team. He dies of his wound on the Nathan James.

    Dr. Julius Hunter and his lab team are murdered by Kevin McDowell and his team of Immunes.

    Willy and Jimmy are shot dead in the trailer park by Lt. Danny Green.

    Henrik is shot dead in the kitchen by Tom Chandler.

    Giovanni is stabbed repeatedly with a dinner fork by Lt. Ravit Bivas.

    Cody is discovered dead by Tom Chandler during the firefight between the Navy and the Immunes.

    Billy is shot with a speargun by Ray Diaz.

    Niels Sorenson is drugged with the cure by Dr. Rachel Scott. The cure breaks down his body and causes him to bleed out everywhere.

    Lynn and Walker are hit with RPG fire shot on the oilrig by civilians brainwashed by the Ramsays.

    Lt. Andy Chung and Lt. Ravit Bivas are mortally injured during the explosion on the oilrig and later die in the infirmary.

    Ian is stabbed in the ribs during a struggle with Mike Slattery.

    Sean Ramsay, Ned Ramsay, Oliver, Max, Declan, and the entire crew on board the Achilles are sank to the bottom of the ocean after Mike Slattery fired a rocket battery on them. Sean was still alive when the ship was sinking though.

    Dr. Rachel Scott is shot outside her hotel room by Curtis.

    Season Three

    Lincoln and Tran Ha Binh are gunned down in the club by Toshiro's men during a plot to abduct Slattery and his team.

    Valerie Raymonde and the flight crew are blown away in an explosion on the plane. We learn President Peng Wu and Allison Shaw were behind it in an attempt to take out Tom Chandler.

    LTJG Will Mason is shot during the club raid by Toshiro's men. He is later drained of his blood completely.

    Kenji is gunned down by MSS in a suicidal act.

    Kudelski sets off one of Takehaya's water mines and is blown away while attempting to defuse them.

    Javier Cruz takes a bullet to the neck during a firefight with Takehaya's men while rescuing Slattery and his people.

    Toshiro is stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors by Doc Rios.

    President Jeff Michener is discovered by Kara Foster with a tie tied around his neck and a bedpost, looking like a suicide. We learn Allison Shaw had Costas assassinate him.

    Lau Hu gets his neck broken in a fight with Wolf Taylor.

    Kanoa is gunned down outside the factory by Chinese Commandos.

    Alex Rivera and Senator William Beatty are gunned down in a drive-by by Allison Shaw's enforcers.

    Raife is blasted with a shotgun by Kara Foster while attempting to kill her and Jacob Barnes.

    President Peng Wu gets a katana driven through his stomach by Takehaya. Peng pushes the katana further in to avoid giving Chandler the information he wants.

    Takehaya and Kyoko died off-screen from the virus shortly after the fight against Peng.

    Jacob Barnes is captured, beaten to a pulp, and shot in the head by Costas.

    Jed Chandler is killed off-screen by Allison Shaw's men while kidnapping Tom's kids.

    Roberta Pryce is shot in the head by Costas as a double-cross by Allison Shaw.

    Agent Costas is gunned down on the plane by Tex.

    Agent Powell is shot with his own weapon by Tom Chandler.

    Tex Nolan is shot in the gunfight with Allison Shaw's security personnel and bleeds out.

    Allison Shaw is shot dead by Tom Chandler as an act of retribution.

    Season Four

    Capt. Michelle Boylan is gunned down in a firefight with Omar and his men.

    Mahmoud Zeddam is brutally sliced up by Omar Bin Dalik during an attack on Rota Naval Base.

    Alex was discovered dead in his burning fishing boat by Tom Chandler. Moose was present during the event.

    Moose is tossed from a balcony on Giorgio Velleks orders as penance for losing a fight to Ares.

    Djamila Zeddam gets her throat sliced open by Omar Bin Dalik after putting a knife in his back.

    HM1 Heggen is stabbed with a scalpel by Harry Sinclair.

    Chief Technician O'Connor is stabbed in the neck with a scalpel during a struggle with Harry Sinclair.

    Captain Harry Sinclair is shot in the back by Tom Chandler while fleeing with the seeds. He dies shortly after giving Fletcher the seeds.

    Omar bin Dalak and his men are killed in an explosion in Giorgio's house set by Carlton Burke.

    Demetrius has a poison pill forced down his throat by James Fletcher.

    Ares is shot by the Greek guards, allowing time for the Greene, Wolf, and Miller to escape.

    Commander James Fletcher is shot in the head by Giorgio Vellek, but not before telling the Nathan James where the Triton was going.

    Captain Maria Petrou and the Demeteris vessel are blown away with explosives caused by Greene, Wolf, and Kandie.

    Captain George Varvis and the Nereus Vessel are sank with torpedoes by the Nathan James.

    Chief Warrant Officer Rodney Poynter and Razor are shot with AA fire from the HS Triton. The bird goes down but not before Kathleen jumped out.

    Giorgio Vellek suffered from a missile strike on board Stavros's ship by the Nathan James.

    Maroudiss is hit with 50 cal fire from Kara Greene while covering Lucia Vellek.

    Commander Stavros Diomedes is hit with 50 cal fire from Kara Greene while manning a machinegun.

    Lucia Vellek is gunned down by Sasha Cooper before she could have the chance to kill Chandler.

    Dr. Paul Vellek leaps from the HS Triton into the water to avoid capture.

    Season Five

    President Howard Oliver died long before Season 5, his death was confirmed however the cause is unknown.

    Felix is shot dead by Octavio.

    President Fernando Asturius is assassinated off-screen by the GCE. His death is pinned on by the Americans.

    Captain Andrea Garnett and Doc Rios are gunned down by the GCE airforce during Fleet Week.

    Marco is killed along with several guerrilla members by the GCE.

    Pablo is executed by Colonel Perez.

    Ambassador Juan Ortega is garroted by Hector Martinez on Tavo's orders.

    Colonel Perez is shot by his own men after being mistaken for a guerrilla fighter and blown up from a fuel truck rigged with semtex.

    Vasquez is blown up after setting off a land mine.

    Lt. Commander Alisha Granderson is stabbed in the ribs by Kelsi Baker.

    Dr. Manuel Montano was mortally wounded by the GCE. He succumbed to his wound, but not before handing Chandler to key to defeating Tavo.

    Lance Corporal Weeks and several other marines are killed by GCE AA during the covert air drop.

    Yeonis Estrada and other GCE soldiers are executed under orders of Hector Martinez.

    Guillermo Robles and Candida Robles are crushed with the debris of their own home cause by the GCE.

    General Don Kinkaid is shot in the head by Octavio's saboteurs during the assault on the USSC building.

    Maria Plasencia is murdered off-screen by Octavio's men.

    Michael Plasencia is shot in the head by Octavio.

    Amara Olanta is stabbed in the throat with a model ship by Anita DuFine.

    Kelsi Baker is gunned down by Anita DuFine.

    Carmen Zuniga is shot by Clayton Swain.

    Pena is beaten to death by Joseph Meylan.

    Octavio de la Paz is shot by Mike Slattery before he could blow up the USSC.

    Admiral Joseph Meylan is shot by Octavio de la Paz who intended to kill President Reiss and succumbed to his wound.

    Commander Carlton Burke is shot with a harpoon gun by a young Colombian boy on board a GCE patrol boat.

    Generals Aguila, Bianchi, and Chacon are tortured and killed off-screen on orders of Tavo.

    General Hector Martinez is stabbed in the back by Felipe on Tavo's orders.

    GSgt. Barco is hit with GCE machinegun fire.

    Kitty 'Stinger' Wallace is hit with GCE machinegun fire during the invasion.

    Corporal Toone is hit with GCE mortar fire.

    Corporal Tattersall is shot and crushed by a malfunctioning Marine APC.

    Felipe is shot by Danny Green and Captain Utt.

    Gustavo 'Tavo' Barros is shot by Danny Green and Sasha Alexander. Edit (Coming Soon)

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