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Picture Perfect Picture
boblipton17 November 2012
Lacey Chabert is getting serious with Thad Luckinbill -- he's just invited her to his hometown for Christmas to meet his mother -- but it soon becomes clear to the audience that she should be with Adam Mayfield. Good thing that Santa Claus is on hand in the person of Donovan Scott -- he's played the role almost every year on TV since 2000. The result is a low-key and very pleasant Christmas fantasy movie.

As with the best of the Hallmark TV movies, the real pleasure for me is not the pretty people and the inevitable working of their romcom plots (although Ms. Chabert is particularly winsome in her role) but the presence of some fine players in key but minor roles. John Ratzenberger is on hand to play an almost incoherent auto mechanic and Florence Henderson is a mildly ditzy hotel clerk. The entire production is shot handsomely with lots of earth colors to produce a nostalgic sepia tint to the proceedings. The movie won't win any awards, but it should certainly please anyone who decides to tune in.
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I loved this!
estabansmythe15 December 2012
The Hallmark Channel produced a dozen new made-for-TV Christmas movies for the 2012 holiday season. I've seen a few. They're alright.

However, when it comes to this one, "Matchmaker Santa," I am not the least bit shy about confessing that I loved it! Yes, it's not deep & it really has no antagonists nor any real conflict that's essential to most plots - but so what!

And yes, we all know very well who Lacey Chabert is going to end up with, but with all the rotten things facing us out there in real life, this is exactly what the doctor ordered!

This Christmas romance fits like a glove! It is quite wonderful! The Christmas atmosphere of the fictitious small town of Buford Falls (a possible nod to "It's a Wonderful Life's" Bedford Falls), courtesy of Art Director Vahn Armstrong & Set Decorator Linda Louise Sheets is so rich, so warm - so charming & wonderful.

And the supporting cast of veterans Florence Henderson & Lin Shaye as active local businesswomen; and John Ratzenberger as Budford Height's easy-going mechanic & town mayor; and Donovan Scott, who has made a fine career out of playing Santa, are all so friendly that before long it hits you that you'd love to have these folks for neighbors. In fact, you'd love to live in Bedford!

"Matchmaker Santa" is a marvelous, indeed, magical new Christmas movie, and this comes from a guy who loves the old classic holiday films and TV specials, but who has never been overly impressed with the new ones.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I always do whenever I see it.
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Great movie until the last 5 minutes
pumpkinmom-9172314 December 2017
This is a fun, sweet holiday movie that checks all the boxes. Of COURSE you see the end coming, I mean, Hallmark isn't going to pull a 6th Sense surprise on us, but the last 5 minutes are ridiculously concise... it's like they were suddenly told the theater was about to close and they had to wrap up a 30 min conclusion into 4 minutes like a cancelled tv series.

All of the characters were believable, the townspeople were charming and the heroine FINALLY wasn't acting like a spoiled victim. Lacy is a perfectly suited Christmas movie actress and I'm glad to see her in a role that doesn't demean her into being helpless.

A worth-while watch.
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Romance, Sweetness, Santa
juneterry-9307529 October 2017
I suppose I should confess I am a true hopeless romantic. I love most all Hallmark Christmas movies, but even with that said I still have my favorites. I will also add that I don't always feel the chemistry is there between the actors. When it is, when that magic is there, it makes them so much more enjoyable. I loved this one for that reason. I thought the actors all interacted well. This movie has my favorite Santa (he's played Santa in a few Hallmark movies)so I am sure that helped. Lacey Chabert does tend to be one of my favorites. She is such a believable character and everything I see her in. This is my current favorite Hallmark movie, and quite honestly in a world where things are a bit chaotic and full of bad news, movies like this are exactly what I need to restore my faith. I love the old fashioned traditions of making cookies, going to a tree lighting, and just overall feeling like love still exist. The world just needs more of it.
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Cute and sweet
Jackbv12329 October 2017
There are no huge surprises in this film. Santa performs actual magic. Many of the situations are silly.

Yet this movie is surprisingly entertaining. The humor is light and sprinkled around while the romance is sweet. The story flows together well.

Lacey Chabert and Adam Mayfield fit well together as the leads. Meanwhile so do Thad Luckinbil and Elizabeth Ann Bennett as Melanie's original boyfriend and his high school sweetheart. Florence Henderson is a crazy hotel owner. John Ratzenberger has the same characteristics as the part he played on Cheers.
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SanteeFats5 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It is obvious from the title what this movie is going to be about. Some how I don't really think Santa would have the time to match make so close to Christmas, do you? Lacy Chabert plays (Melanie) the female lead and if not for her I would have not finished the movie. She is dating an uptight, job oriented butt head. Santa shows up around her all the time trying to hook her up with another guy, Dean, instead of her boyfriend. So Santa keeps interfering in events, causing a business exec to get in to some poison ivy. This results him sending his VP, Blair, who is an old acquaintance, to the house where boyfriend has called a meeting of the companies board. They talk till to late and Blair spends the night, upstairs, alone. His mom shows up and assumes Blair is the girlfriend. Not true at this time. I just couldn't buy the lack of chemistry between Lacy and Dean. There was just no really believable connection, even for actors. Turns out Dean is really a woodworker and not a paper pusher. Melanie has her own bakery and pitches in to help make the cookies that are sold to help the poor get presents and stuff. So anyway the inevitable happens and Melanie and Dean end up together and so do the boyfriend and Blair. As a side light Florence Henderson is a hoot in her roll.
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Great movie
mrsbethlewis18 December 2019
I love this movie but it's so hard to find. Wish I could find this movie in other places so I can watch it.
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Had potential to be much better.
adoptshelterpetstoday19 December 2014
Good points:

It stayed nicely focused on Christmas...with Christmas décor and scenes, and with Santa, Christmas cookies and all. The plot flowed nicely. The lines were good. The acting...*except for mentioned below... was OK at best. (I've seen worst.)

Bad points:

1. Even though it had "snow"...and was supposed to be cold...somehow it gave the impression that it really was filmed in the Spring or Summer. The deciduous trees where they picked up Santa, were green and lush. The deciduous trees in the forest still had their leaves...there was even an outdoor tropical plant in front of the porch at the home.

The male star had his coat open, wearing it over a t-shirt. He looked as if the coat made him too warm to bundle up. All the players looked too warm when they were outside.

There was just too much conflict between the time of year and the profound abundance of over-looked details that suggested it really was NOT that COLD time of year. And I think that really, really distracted from the movie.

2. *Florence Henderson and her *friend were constantly over-the-top obnoxious!........ Florence with her over-bearing, nasal cheerfulness, was too silly....and the friend was just plain, over-bearing in every way. I've seen this movie a few times, and I hate to sit through it when they are featured.
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Disappointed because of loud music in background while the actors spoke
bookandcandle18 November 2012
I was eagerly looking forward to an evening with Hallmark. The movie "Matchmaker Santa" started out magical. The actors were well chosen and the storyline imaginative and fun.

As I continued to watch the movie, I noticed that the music in the background was louder than the speaking voices. After one-half hour into the movie the music did not stop. It was like listening to a movie and a concert at the same time. You could not hear every word clearly and you had to strain to hear each word, and I have excellent hearing. I call it the ping-pong Hallmark music. It is as if a record is playing the same music for two hours over and over with high and low notes. There should be no music when the actors speak, unless it is for an endearing apex moment. The music in the background was continuous throughout the entire movie, ruining the movie for me.

So, disappointed as I was, I turned the channel and did not view the entire movie. I rated it "awful" because it was awful to watch.
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give this one a miss
lisachristenebishop28 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am an avid Christmas movie watcher and like just about every Christmas movie that I have ever seen, but unfortunately this was not one of them. The acting was terrible and the plot was weak. The Santa character was very creepy and most of the other characters made it difficult to feel any sympathy or empathy for them. The ending was too pat, with people changing partners with no real lead up to one of the couples ending up together, (except for some shared memories of dating in high school), and no reaction from the boyfriend of his employee and girlfriend ending up together. All in all, I say save your time and spend it on much better Christmas movies like '12 Dates of Christmas', 'A Christmas Kiss', 'Desperately Seeking Santa', 'Eve's Christmas', 'Holiday In Handcuffs' and 'Very Merry Daughter of the Bride'.
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There is Much Better Christmas Films but not much worse
Christmas-Reviewer19 August 2016
This 2012 Lacey Chabert annual Christmas movie is a gift you might not want to open. In this film she plays Melanie who at 9 years old wrote a letter to Santa asking for "true love". Santa however did grant her wish the year of the letter.

15-16 years later around Christmas time she boards a plane to spend Christmas time with her boyfriend "Justin" who she thinks he is about "Pop the Question". On the plane with her is her boyfriends assistant Dean who has been keeping Melanie and "Deans" relationship afloat.

ON the plane Melanie meets Nick who in reality is of course is "Santa Claus". He remembers the letter Melanie wrote him and now has working very hard on granting her "Christmas Wish".

The film is not very entertaining. I always love Lin Shaye in anything however she is not in the film long enough.

The film could of been much better. The final 5 minutes however feel too rushed and very "unrealistic".

IF you never seen this film you are lucky!
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Same ol', same ol'
Zoooma2 June 2014
Meh. Another run-of-the-mill Made-for-TV Christmas movie that has no special charm yet isn't pure trash either. Lacey Chabert (Party of Five and the original Meg on Family Guy) is nice enough to watch. Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady) adds a nice touch. But overall this does nothing for me. It's a romance, a chick flick, a Christmas movie chick flick and the Hallmark Channel is quite adept at making these. Plus they have a disease of adding too much musical score that's too loud -- they don't rely on strength of dialogue, they cheese it up which is most unfortunate. Not that this is all that strong but they oughta give movies a shot instead of masking them with unnecessary background music.

5.6 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener
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Did Not Care For!
Luvhallmark18 November 2012
I must agree with the poster who spoke about the background music...I have pretty good hearing and I was straining as well. At one point I had the volume all the way up and my husband came in and said....what are you-hard of hearing?? It's so frustrating. I liked the actors chosen for this movie but I found myself getting easily distracted, it did not hold my attention. I normally like Lacey but I thought in this particular movie she seemed moody and just not very upbeat. Of course I will continue to watch Christmas Hallmark movies but they are getting more and more silly. What happened to the movies like The Christmas Card- what a great story and beautiful Christmas scenery and Silver Bells also a great storyline and then there's Fallen Angel. Come on can do much better than this.

Sorry- did not enjoy this movie at all!
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Pleasant Movie but one I would not rewatch
gehewe3 January 2017
This was the 1st Lacey Chabert Christmas Movie (she has made 6 now). I was hoping she would be really great in it- but she was not. She always plays a very nice character- but they all seem to be alike and the emotion falls short. I have seen Tree that Saved Christmas- Yuck, Royal Christmas- good but a bit dull, Family for Christmas- so so.

I was surprised by the Fantasy aspect of this one that was not apparent in the description. The leading actor playing Dean did a great job and the supporting actor playing Chris was good. That nose thing that was supposed to be "Santa magic" was a bit weird. I loved the little girl at the beginning making her wish to Santa. Florence Henderson's character, the mayor and the mother added little to the movie. We all stayed awake. It was pleasant. We would not watch it again.
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Just sort of silly
diane-wiley28 December 2013
Unfortunately, I have to agree with most of the other reviewers about this movie. Whoever edited and handled the sound for this movie, forgot to turn down the music when the actors were speaking. And the stalker Santa popping up all over the place was maniacal instead of magical. I guess that the producers and directors also thought that the plot/script were lacking, so they decided to throw in Florence Henderson and Lin Shaye as two "ditzy" cookie makers for comic relief who, instead, just come across with cringe-worthy silly performances. And the very capable John Ratzenberger could have been much better used in this film. There's too much plodding sub-plot going on with a focus on character quirks that didn't add to the overall story. Consequently, the whole thing felt fragmented and sort of lame. I kept checking the time to see when it would end.
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Music is too loud
toucandream9 December 2012
Background music drowned out the entire plot and dialogue, TERRIBLE, the music is so loud we had to try to mute until any dialoque. WHAT is it about music is so loud we could not hear the words from the actors. Is the movie so LAME all you have is the gross music??? why not reverse the effect where the dialogue is louder than the background music so we can actually hear what the story is about.............Rethink your sound mixing please....VERY ANNOYING, we turned it off. It is a shame because we enjoy these TV movies during the Holiday season, but it is too distracting with nothing but music. Also,I have been unable to post this for all different reasons...length,and content? I believe it is reasonable to be able to post my thoughts when asked to, don't like it because it may be critical, then turn the music down.
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Not the best
LtlHippo10 November 2019
So tired of Lacey, Candace and Danica. Wondered why Santa was hitch hiking saying he missed his bus because his plane was late. The pilot said to all the passengers that he would make up the time in the air. If this wasn't a Hallmark movie, I'd think Santa was a serial killer. He creeped me out. Also, Lacey's giggling was so over the top. It got old. Not my favorite Hallmark movie.
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Matchmaker Santa Makes a Match
cammietime13 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Matchmaker Santa is a Hallmark movie gem. It works as a movie, has an interesting supporting cast, and delivers the right amount of holiday magic. I was expecting yet another Lacey Chabert Hallmark movie cheese bomb and was pleasantly surprised this movie went in a new direction with an actual plot and motivation for the characters.

Lacey plays Melanie, the mousy not too exciting midwesternish girl she plays in every Hallmark movie, but this time she is surrounded by a cast of fun characters. Santa Claus is around this entire movie and steals every scene he is in. He is a hoot and is involved from the get go instead of the last five minutes like most Hallmark movies.

Then we have Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson as the hotel owner, who is actually overshadowed by her boisterous biker 60-something friend Debbie who has the hots for main love interest Dean. Then throw in John Ratzenberger (Ham from Toy Story) as a bumbling small town car mechanic and there is some actual entertainment here.

The boyfriend Justin is "CEO of his small company" or some ridiculous thing like that and is quite disinteresting, as is his one dimensional mom. But whoa, enter his subtly sexy high school fling Blaire and she becomes another scene stealer. She runs circles around Justin, just like Dean does around Melanie. Dean is OK as a love interest, has a tendency to let his southern accent slip into his speech, and is a wood carver of all things. Personally a movie about Dean and Blaire getting together would be much more interesting than what we got here, but overall Matchmaker Santa delivers the presents. And a bear.
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rebekahrox23 November 2020
Reliable Lacey just didn't do it for me in this one. This movie was made 8 years ago and Lacey Chabert hasn't changed a bit. And I'm not sure that's a good thing. Same hairdo, same lipstick, same signature eyeliner. honestly, couldn't she even wash her face before going to bed? If she ever wiped that eyeliner off, I don't think I'd recognize her. Same affected giggle. Would make a good drinking game. I didn't think she much chemistry with her co-star, and the plot was tired and dull. I did like her love interest on his own though. I'd like to see him pared up with someone else.
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Police cars.... Police cars!
dennis-1224615 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Probably 40% or more of the street scenes had police cars appear in them. That included the final closing scene. This was supposed to be a small quiet little town. It was a real distraction at the tree lighting ceremony. Police cars at each end of the little divided one way street with their lights blazing away. Some one had a real thing going for them! Said what I had to say..... now just trying to fill the 10 line requirement. Said what I had to say..... now just trying to fill the 10 line requirement. Said what I had to say..... now just trying to fill the 10 line requirement. Said what I had to say..... now just trying to fill the 10 line requirement.
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Decent, No Soul but Watchable
Dark_Lord_Mark25 November 2016
Movie was okay.

If you have a girlfriend, you can get through it.

If you are a guy, boy it is a tough one.

Usual plot, girl and guy but this time the girl has another man. Then we have a fat white man, I mean Santa, changing the universe for just these 2 couples, so they realize who the real true love is.

I must say, IMDb requiring 10 lines for this movie is sad.

Very sad Indeed I give it a 5.5 out of 10. Lacey Chabert needs to work on her acting. Well most of the cast does. I think I reached 10 lines by now now now period.
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