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Garrett Hedlund: Jamie McAllan



  • Jamie McAllan : You ever miss it sometimes? Being over there. I don't mean being shot at, but sometimes, I actually miss it.

    Ronsel Jackson : Yeah, me, too. Over there, I was a liberator. People lined up in the streets waiting for us. Throwing flowers and cheering. And here I'm just another nigger pushing a plow.

  • Jamie McAllan : You tanker boys ever piss in your helmets?

    Ronsel Jackson : [coughs]  Plenty of times.

    Jamie McAllan : We had a relief tube up in the cockpit. Sometimes it was easier just to go in our flak helmets. But at 20,000 feet that piss freezes solid in less than a minute. It's that cold up there? Shit. I'm talking 20, 30 below. One time we were on this long haul, I pissed in my helmet, I forgot all about it. We were just over the target. I put the helmet back on. We're doing this bombing run, dodgin' enemy flak, and all of a sudden I started feelin' something runnin' down my face.

    Ronsel Jackson : [laughs] 

    Jamie McAllan : Yeah, I thought I was hit.

    [both laughing] 

  • [first lines] 

    Jamie McAllan : [in a hole digging] 

    Henry McAllan : You better get a hurry along. We ain't gonna make it.

    [mopping his brow] 

    Henry McAllan : Oh, we will. We have to.


    Henry McAllan : Take a break. Come on. My turn.

    Jamie McAllan : "We will. We have to."

    Jamie McAllan : [narrating]  That was my brother, Henry. Absolutely certain whatever he wanted to happen would.

  • Ronsel Jackson : So, what about you? What's the worst thing you ever done?

    Jamie McAllan : Who, me? I'm a saint.

    Ronsel Jackson : [scoffs]  I bet. I bet.

  • Jamie McAllan : Men that died that day... they were husbands, fathers. They were good men. A lot better than me.

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