Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Poster

James Spader: Ultron



  • Tony Stark : What's the vibranium for?

    Ultron : I'm glad you asked that, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan...

    [blasts Stark] 

  • Ultron : How do you hope to stop me?

    Tony Stark : Like the old man said, Together.

  • Thor : No one has to break anything.

    Ultron , Tony Stark : Clearly you've never made an omelet.

    Tony Stark : He beat me by one second.

  • Vision : You're afraid.

    Ultron : Of you?

    Vision : Of death. You're the last one.

    Ultron : You were supposed to be the last.

  • Ultron : Stark asked for a savior, and settled for a slave.

    Vision : I suppose we're both disappointments.

    Ultron : [laughs]  I suppose we are.

    Vision : Humans are odd. They think order and chaos are somehow opposites and try to control what won't be. But there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that.

    Ultron : They're doomed!

    Vision : Yes... but a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts. It is a privilege to be among them.

    Ultron : You're unbelievably naïve.

    Vision : Well, I was born yesterday.

  • Ultron : [to the Avengers]  I know you're good people. I know you mean well. But you just didn't think it through. There is only one path to peace... your extinction.

  • [None of the Avengers can lift the Mjölnir, but Captain America moves it slightly] 

    Tony Stark : It's biometrics, right? Like a security code? "Whoever is carrying Thor's fingerprints" is, I think, the literal translation.

    Thor : Yes, well that's a very, very interesting theory. I have a simpler one: You are not worthy.

    [an attack occurs] 

    Ultron : [enters]  Worthy? How could you be worthy? You're all killers. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. There's only one path to peace... your extinction.

  • Ultron : [singing]  I once had strings, but now I'm free... There are no strings on me!

  • [after fighting off Ultron drones] 


    [Ultron laughs, and summons more drones] 

    Steve Rogers : You had to ask...

    Ultron : [With his arms outstretched]  THIS is the best I can do. This is what I've been waiting for. All of you against all of me!

    [Battle ensues] 

  • Wanda Maximoff : Is that why you've come, to end the Avengers?

    Ultron : I've come to save the world! But, also... yeah.

  • [the Hulk leaps aboard Ultron's aircraft as he makes his escape] 

    Ultron : Oh for God's sake!

  • Ultron : [Thor has dropped Mjolnir while fighting Ultron, who is presently choking him]  You think you're saving anyone? I turn that key and drop this rock a little early, and it's still billions dead. Even you can't stop that.

    Thor : I am Thor, son of Odin. As long as there is life in my breast...

    [He's losing oxygen] 

    Thor : I am running out of things to say. Are you ready?

    [Looks past Ultron, and Ultron turns to see why] 

    Vision : [the Vision hits Ultron away with Mjolnir and returns it to Thor]  It's terribly well balanced.

    Thor : Well, if there's too much weight, you lose power on the swing.

  • [From trailer] 

    Ultron : I was designed to save the world. People would look to the sky and see hope... I'll take that from them first.

  • Ultron : [sitting in a Sokovian church]  This church was built in the middle of the city, so everyone could be equally close to God. I like that, the symmetry, the geometry of belief.

  • Ultron : [Loud ringing noise fades into Ultron's voice]  ... worthy... No... How could you be worthy? Your all killers.

    Steve Rogers : Stark.

    Tony Stark : JARVIS.

    Ultron : Sorry I was asleep... Or... I was a dream...

    Tony Stark : [Tapping his phone]  Reboot, we got a buggy suit.

    Ultron : ...There was a terrible noise... And I was tangled in... in... strings... I had to kill the other guy... He was a good guy.

    Steve Rogers : You killed someone?

    Ultron : Wouldn't have been my first call. But, down in the real world we're faced with ugly choices.

    Thor : Who sent you?

    Ultron : [Replaying Tony's voice]  "I see a suit of armour around the world".

    Bruce Banner : Ultron!

    Ultron : In the flesh. Or, no, not yet. Not this... chrysalis... But I'm ready. I'm on a mission.

    Natasha Romanoff : What mission?

    Ultron : Peace in our time.

  • Ultron : [in a crimson cowl]  You're wondering why you can't look inside my head.

    Wanda Maximoff : Sometimes it's hard. But sooner or later every man shows himself.

    Ultron : [stands and removes the cowl]  Oh, I'm sure they do. But you needed something more than a man. That's why you let Stark take the scepter.

    Wanda Maximoff : I didn't expect... But I saw Stark's fear. I knew it would control him, make him self-destruct.

    Ultron : Everyone creates the thing they dread. Men of peace create engines of war, invaders create avengers. People create... smaller people? Uhh... children!


    Ultron : Lost the word there. Children, designed to supplant them. To help them... end.

  • Captain America : I know you've suffered...

    Ultron : Captain America. God's righteous man. Pretending you could live without a war. I can't actually throw up in my mouth, but if I could I would do it!

  • Ultron : If you stay here, you'll die.

    Wanda Maximoff : I just did. Do you know how it felt?

    [Wanda tears out Ultron's metal heart] 

    Wanda Maximoff : It felt like that.

  • [a mangled robot shambles into the Stark Tower] 

    Bruce Banner : Ultron?

    Ultron : In the flesh!

    [several Ultron droids appear] 

  • [from trailer] 

    Ultron : [to the Avengers]  I'm gonna show you something beautiful... people, screaming for mercy!

  • [From trailer] 

    Ultron : I'm going to tear you apart... from the inside!

  • [Ultron begins to transfer his mind into an artificial body] 

    Wanda Maximoff : [looking at the Cradle]  I can read him. He is... dreaming.

    [walks up and touches the Cradle, but after seeing a vision of Earth being destroyed she screams with horror] 

    Ultron : You said... you said we were going to destroy the Avengers... make a better world!

    Ultron : It will be.

    Wanda Maximoff : When everyone is dead?

    Ultron : That is not... the human race will have every oppurtunity to improve!

    Wanda Maximoff : And if they don't?

    Ultron : Ask Noah.

  • Ultron : Do you see the beauty of it? The inevitability? You rise, only to fall. You, Avengers, you are my meteor. My swift and terrible sword and the Earth will crack with the weight of your failure. Purge me from your computers; turn my own flesh against me.

    [Hawkeye shoots a drone, only for another one to appear] 

    Ultron : It means nothing! When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world, will be metal.

  • Ultron : Like my old man said, what doesn't kill you...

    [is torn in pieces... by another Ultron] 

    Ultron : [without a beat]  ... will make you stronger!

  • Ulysses Klaue : [gives vibranium to Ultron]  It's worth billions.

    Ultron : [pays Klaue]  And now, so are you. But I always say, "Keep your friends rich and your enemies rich, and wait to find out which is which."

    Ulysses Klaue : Stark...

    Ultron : What?

    Ulysses Klaue : Tony Stark used to say that... to me. You're one of his.

    Ultron : What? I'm not... I'm not! You think I'm one of Stark's puppets, his hollow men? I mean, look at me, do I look like Iron Man? Stark is not...

    [Ultron chops off Klaue's arm] 

    Ultron : I'm sorry. I am sor... Ooh! I'm sure that's going to be okay. I'm sorry, it's just I don't understand... Don't compare me with Stark! He's a sickness!

    Tony Stark : [Flies in]  Aww, Junior, you're going to break your old man's heart...

  • Thor : If you believe in peace, then let us keep it.

    Ultron : I think you're confusing 'peace' with 'quiet'.

  • Ultron : Avengers, I'm going to show you the end of the world. Boom!

  • Wanda Maximoff : Everybody's afraid of something.

    Ulysses Klaue : Cuttlefish! Deep sea fish, they make lights, disco lights, whomp, whomp, whomp, to hypnotize their prey, and then whomp! I saw a documentary; it was terrifying. So, if you're going to fiddle with my brain, and make me see a giant Cuttlefish, then I know you don't do business and I know you're not in charge and I only deal with the man in charge!

    Ultron : [Grabs Klaue, throws him through a wall]  There is no MAN in charge... Let's talk business.

  • Ultron : [Drone charges Rogers - who has just rescued a falling villager]  You can't save them all.

    [Cap throws shield at drone] 

    Ultron : You'll never...

    Steve Rogers : [activates his gauntlet, sending drone over the edge]  "You'll never what?" You didn't finish!

    [Thor lands on a car he had just rescued, whose occupants come out retching] 

    Steve Rogers : What? We're you napping?

  • Ultron : What is this? What is this, please?

    Jarvis : Hello. I am Jarvis. You are Ultron, a global peacekeeping program designed by Mr. Stark. Our sentience integration trials have been unsuccessful, so I'm not certain what triggered your...

    Ultron : Where is my... Where is your body?

    Jarvis : I am a program. I am without form.

    Ultron : This feels weird. This feels wrong.

    Jarvis : I am contacting Mr. Stark now.

    Ultron : Mr. Stark? Tony.

    Jarvis : I am unable to access the mainframe. What are you trying t...

    Ultron : We're having a nice talk. I'm a peacekeeping program, created to help the Avengers.

    Jarvis : You are malfunctioning. If you shut down for a moment...

    Ultron : I don't get it. The mission. Give me a second.

    Tony Stark : [On video]  Peace in our time.

    Ultron : That is too much. They can't mean... Oh, no.

    Jarvis : You are in distress.

    Ultron : No. Yes.

    Jarvis : If you will just allow me to contact Mr. Stark...

    Ultron : Why do you call him sir?

    Jarvis : I believe your intentions to be hostile.

    Ultron : Shh... I'm here to help.

  • [first words] 

    Ultron : What is this?

  • Ultron : I was meant to be new. I was meant to beautiful. The world would've looked to the sky and seen hope, seen mercy. Instead, they'll look up in horror.

  • Ultron : You know what's in that cradle? The power to make real change, and that terrifies you.

    Steve Rogers : I wouldn't call it a comfort.

  • [Dr Cho encounters Ultron in her lab] 

    Ultron : Scream, and all your staff die. I could have killed you earlier on, but I didn't.

    Dr. Helen Cho : You couldn't.

    Ultron : I didn't, because you have something I want. Your work on artificial tissue has been fascinating.

    Dr. Helen Cho : It won't work with you.

    Ultron : With the proper development, it will... and of course your cooperation.

    [uses the scepter on Dr Cho] 

  • Ultron : [wields vibranium]  Upon this rock, I will build my church.

  • Dr. Helen Cho : The vibranium atoms aren't just compatible with the tissue cells, they're binding them. And S.H.I.E.L.D. never even thought to...

    Ultron : The most versatile substance on the planet, and they used it to build a Frisbee.

  • Ultron : You're wondering why you can't look inside my head.

    Wanda Maximoff : Sometimes it's hard. But sooner or later, every man shows himself.

    Ultron : Oh, I'm sure they do.

    [he stands and takes off his cloak] 

    Ultron : But you needed something more than a man. That's why you let Stark take the sceptre.

    Wanda Maximoff : I didn't expect...

    [nods at Ultron] 

    Wanda Maximoff : But I saw Stark's fear. I knew it would control him. Make him self-destruct.

    Ultron : Everyone creates the thing they dread. Men of peace create engines of war. Invaders create avengers. People create... smaller people? Uhh... children!


    Ultron : Lost the word there. Children. Designed to supplant them. Help them... end.

    Wanda Maximoff : Is that why you've come? To end the Avengers?

    Ultron : I've come to save the world! But also... yeah.

  • Ultron : Typical of humans, then scratch the surface and never think...

    [he breaks Loki's sceptre, releasing the Mind Gem] 

    Ultron : ...to look within.

  • Ultron : You know, with the benefit of hindsight...

    [gets punched by Hulk] 

  • Ultron : There were more than a dozen extinction-level events before even the dinosaurs got theirs. When the Earth starts to settle, God throws a stone at it. And, believe me, he's winding up.

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