Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Poster

Don Cheadle: James Rhodes, War Machine



  • [Rhodey and Stark use their armored hands to TRY to budge Thor's hammer] 

    James Rhodes : Are we even pulling?

    Tony Stark : Are you on my team?

    James Rhodes : Just represent! PULL!

  • James Rhodes : [to Stark]  So, no Pepper? She's not coming?

    Tony Stark : No.

    Maria Hill : [to Thor]  What about Jane? Where are the ladies. gentlemen?

    Tony Stark : Oh, Ms. Potts has a company to run.

    Thor : Yes, I'm not even sure what country Jane's in. Her work on the Convergence has made her the world's most foremost astronomer.

    Tony Stark : And the company that Pepper runs is the largest tech conglomerate on Earth. It's pretty exciting.

    Thor : There's even talk of Jane getting a, um,


    Thor : Nobel Prize.

    Maria Hill : Yeah, they must be pretty busy, because they'd hate missing you guys get together.


    Maria Hill : Testosterone!

    James Rhodes : Oh, my goodness.

    Maria Hill : Excuse me.

    Thor : Want a lozenge?

    Maria Hill : Mm-hmm.

    [Hill and Rhodey walk away, Stark and Thor both grin] 

    Thor : [to Tony]  Jane's better.

  • James Rhodes : But, you know, the suit can take the weight, right? So I take the tank, drop it right off at the general's palace, drop it at his feet. I'm, like, "Boom. Are you looking for this?"

    [Tony and Thor don't laugh] 

    James Rhodes : "Boom. Are you looking for..." Why do I even talk to you guys? Everyone else, that story kills.

    Thor : That's the whole story?

    James Rhodes : Yeah, it's a War Machine story.

    Thor : Oh, it's very good, then. It's impressive.

  • James Rhodes : Oh no, I didn't say you could leave. War Machine, comin' at you, right a-...

    James Rhodes : [Vision destroys some Ultron Sentries and flies past]  Okay, what?

  • Tony Stark : Anybody remember when I carried a nuke through a wormhole?

    James Rhodes : No, it's never come up.

    Tony Stark : Saved New York?

    James Rhodes : Never heard that.

    Tony Stark : Recall that? A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. We're standing three hundred feet below it. We're the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the live long day, but, that up there? That's... that's the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?

    Steve Rogers : Together.

    Tony Stark : We'll lose.

    Steve Rogers : Then we'll do that together, too.

    [Tony looks at him for a moment before turning away] 

    Steve Rogers : Thor's right. Ultron's calling us out. And I'd like to find him before he's ready for us. The world's a big place. Let's start making it smaller.

  • James Rhodes : Well, you guys are definitely off the Pentagon's Christmas list.

  • James Rhodes : [destroying bogeys]  Yes! Now this is going to be a good story.

    Tony Stark : [coming in and also destroying bogeys]  Yep. If you live to tell it.

    James Rhodes : You think I can't hold my own?

    Tony Stark : We get through this, I'll hold your own.

    James Rhodes : You had to go and make it weird.

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