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Season 2

11 Jun. 2014
The Line
Mike is forced to put his new position on hold and return to Graceland when Briggs tells him that the Caza cartel has ordered a hit on him.
18 Jun. 2014
Briggs meets with the Caza cartel behind Charlie's back to get answers, Mike helps Paige close an operation, and Jakes moves out of Graceland to get a second chance with his son.
25 Jun. 2014
Tinker Bell
Mike puts his roommates in danger as he tries to get closer to the Solano cartel. Jakes returns to Graceland a defeated man.
9 Jul. 2014
Magic Number
Briggs and Charlie engage in risky behavior to atone for past misdeeds. Meanwhile, a night of clubbing with Carlito forces Tuturro to examine how far he'll go for a case.
16 Jul. 2014
Mike must step up his operation when Jessica Foster arrives at Graceland to shut it down early, Johnny makes a bold move to get back in Solano's good graces, and Jakes' son arrives at his house.
23 Jul. 2014
The Unlucky One
Paige gives herself up to the Solano cartel's sex slave operation, and Mike and Briggs are willing to sacrifice their ethics to question a detainee and get Paige back.
30 Jul. 2014
Los Malos
Mike and Briggs set up separate operations to get closer to the police officer on Solano's payroll. Meanwhile, Paige keeps an eye on the sex slave operation, and Johnny rescues Solano's sister from danger.
6 Aug. 2014
The Ends
Charlie searches for help with the bank robbery, Briggs' cover could be compromised when Badillo's widow needs help, Johnny needs a way to keep Solano's daughter out of trouble, and Mike launches a plan to buy the sex slaves.
13 Aug. 2014
Johnny meets the head of the Solano cartel after returning his daughter to safety, Mike's plan to rescue Lina is more difficult than expected, and Charlie needs Briggs' help to remove a hurdle for the bank robbery.
20 Aug. 2014
The Head of the Pig
Paige plots with Briggs to bring the end to Mike's operation.
27 Aug. 2014
Someone calls Briggs and plays him the tape of him killing Badillo. He wonders who could it be. The team goes to hit the bank where Markham keeps his money.
3 Sep. 2014
Even as the agents bait their final hooks against the Solano Cartel, it dawns that Sid may still have a few tricks of his own.
10 Sep. 2014
Faith 7
As the arrests of Sid and the Solanos near, even the best laid plans begin to crumble.

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