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  • Paul, Jacob and Emma now have to figure out what to do with Meghan, the woman Paul kidnapped. As far as Emma is concerned there's only one thing they can do. Peter reveals something to Emma about Jacob. The FBI pursue Maggie Kester but Joe isn't too forthcoming when Ryan questions him about her. It doesn't take long to get in touch with her though - she's kidnapped Ryan's sister Jenny. Agent Mike Weston accompanies him to New York where Ryan is to meet them. Joey begins to suspect not all is as it should be. Flashbacks reveal more of Ryan's earlier life.


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  • At the country house, Paul torments his captive Megan. Emma is angry at Paul, thinking he's going to get them caught.

    Emma tells Paul to kill Megan so that Joey won't see her. Emma leaves to deal with Joey and Paul asks Jacob how long he thinks he can get away with lying.

    The FBI analyzes the video of Joey they sent. Claire barely keeps it together.

    At FBI HQ, Ryan gets a call from Jenny.

    2009 Jenny brings a very drunk Ryan home, where he collapses in bed.

    Present He ignores her call and goes to talk to Joe about Maggie. Joe is delighted to hear that Ryan killed her husband Rick. He considers Maggie a "very special girl" who first visited him eight years ago. She'd been on a killing spree in Arkansas and got away with it.

    Mike finds six murders from 2002-05 in Arkansas attributed to a woman who was never caught.

    At the country house, Emma calls Maggie and leaves her a message. Joey spies from upstairs and sees where they hide the cell phone.

    Emma tells Paul she knows about him and Jacob "getting their gay on." But that's not the lie Paul was talking about. He tells Emma that Jacob's never killed anyone.

    The FBI watches surveillance of Maggie carjacking someone outside a hardware store after buying, among other things, magnets.

    Ryan gets another call from Jenny.

    2009 Ryan wakes up after a bender and gets a gentle lecture from Jenny about missing his doctor's appointment. She leaves, saying it hurts too much to be around him.

    Ryan takes Jenny's call. She's not OK. Maggie has her. "I just have one question: How do you want me to kill your sister?" Maggie asks.

    Maggie offers to trade him for his sister's life if he comes alone. She says she's gone "off book" and Joe doesn't know what she's doing.

    At the country house, Emma tells Jacob to kill the girl in the basement, since he never has.

    2009 Jacob tells the cult about killing a woman by standing on her underwater.

    Present Jacob tells Emma he lied because he was ashamed, and he wants to be a part of things.

    Ryan leaves, saying he has a personal matter to attend to. Debra Parker doesn't believe him and sends Mike after him.

    Mike knows who Jenny is, but doesn't tell Parker, instead he convinces Ryan to let him tag along.

    They drive to Brooklyn.

    2005 Ryan and Claire go out on a date at Jenny's restaurant.

    Parker calls Mike, but he ignores the call.

    They arrive in Brooklyn. Ryan asks if Mike's a good shot and tells him to worry solely about Jenny.

    Ryan goes into Jenny's closed restaurant, unlocking the back door for Mike.

    Ryan finds a note telling him to put on a blindfold. He does, then sits and waits. Maggie taunts him. He rips off the blindfold when he hears Jenny scream. Maggie knocks him out.

    Jacob brings Megan in the basement water. She suggests he cut her and then tell his friends he killed her. She begs him.

    2009 Jacob visits Joe in prison. He says he has tried, but can't kill. Joe says it can be their secret and Jacob can do it when he's ready.

    Back in the basement, Jacob picks up the knife and holds it to Megan's throat.

    In Brooklyn, Ryan wakes up strapped to a table. Jenny is taped to a chair, but OK. Maggie doesn't plan to kill Jenny, but instead make her watch Ryan die. Maggie would rather it be Claire.

    2005 Back at home in bed, Claire asks Ryan about his childhood. His mom died of leukemia when he was 14, his dad was a police officer and was killed in a hold-up. He had an older brother who was a fire fighter who died in 9/11. "You and death go way back, a lot further than Joe," she says.

    Back in the basement, Jacob tries to decide what to do. He cuts Megan lose and tells her to run. She goes upstairs and makes it out the back door. Emma grabs a knife and follows with Paul right behind her.

    Megan hides in the barn. Paul comes close to her, but runs off when Emma calls him. Thinking she's safe, she makes a run for it, but Emma stabs her, calling it only a flesh wound.

    Back in Brooklyn, Maggie unbuttons Ryan's shirt. She knows about his pacemaker. She puts magnets on his chest as Jenny screams and cries.

    Ryan gets woozy from the disruption to his pacemaker. Maggie cuts his hands free and he falls off the table.

    Mike sneaks in the back door.

    Maggie drags Jenny closer to Ryan, but Mike comes up behind her and knocks her away. He warns her to stop, but she comes at him with a knife so Mike shoots her.

    Back in the country house, Paul and Emma are covered in mud after dealing with Megan. "We both love him Paul, I know that's hard for you," she says. She takes him to the shower, but says they're not going to get it on. Then she kisses him.

    Meanwhile, Jacob finds Megan alive -- and tied up again in the basement.

    Paramedics check out Ryan and say he's OK.

    Mike has Maggie's cell phone. He expects to get suspended.

    Ryan talks to his sister and suggests she disappear for awhile. She asks about Claire.

    2005 Ryan explains to Jenny that he told Claire he needed time. He thinks Claire needs a new start from Joe Carroll.

    Jenny tells Ryan he doesn't have to go through life alone.

    At the country house, Jacob comes upstairs to apologize to Emma and is welcomed into the shower by his girlfriend and his boyfriend.

    Ryan tells Claire they were able to trace a call from Maggie's cell phone to upstate New York. He makes excuses to leave, but she asks him to stay.

    2005 Ryan tells Jenny he's not ready and neither is Claire. Ryan says he wants to give Claire a chance to start over because he loves her.

    In the present, Claire asks him again to stay. He leaves.

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