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Who's the audience for this movie?
pmtelefon16 October 2021
Producers will blame the poor box office of "No Time to Die" on COVID but that's not why it's bombing. The movie is failing because there is no audience for it. It certainly wasn't made for fans of the Bond films (like me). The movie looks great with terrific location photography, the title is cool and Bond girls Lea Seydoux and Ana de Armas are wildly dreamy. Other than that, this movie has little to offer. The story isn't that interesting and the villain is weak. If there wasn't a lady in the theater (AMC Westbury, NY) laughing once in a while, I wouldn't have even noticed the jokes. It's also about twenty minutes too long. "No Time to Die" bites the hand that feeds it. It is, hands down, the worst movie of Daniel Craig's not-so-hot tenure as James Bond.
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Quite a mess
bobetjo30 May 2022
This Bond movie was a confusing and rather tedious mess. The were a couple of complaints about "wokeness" in the reviews, but I didn't think that was a big issue. The majority of gripes seem to agree with me in that this was not entertaining. The characters of Bond, M, Lieter, Q just didn't feel like they knew what they were doing.

I had no problem with a retired Bond encountering the new 007 who was a black woman. But she added nothing to the plot and had no charisma. Best character was Paloma, a twenty minute ally who kicked ass with humour in Havana.

I found the movie overlong and heavy going. Craig's dialogue was often ponderous.

So glad I didn't pay to see it.
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Over-extended, mopey chad
Red-Barracuda21 January 2022
When I go to see a Bond movie I'm looking for lush music, exotic locations, evil geniuses, fast cars and/or boats and a few gadgets that aren't invisible cars. I want Bond to be swedging with villains and interacting with hot babes on a regular basis. What I don't want is Bond rabbiting on about his feelings for nearly three hours. Now, you may think I am a philistine who can't appreciate believable drama with my thrills. But the thing is that all this naval gazing which is supposed to make the character so 'real' is still co-existing with totally unrealistic action and sci-fi super-weapons. It's a case of wanting your cake and eating it too. Over-the-top action and plots don't combine at all well with constant whining. The counter argument would be if when Ken Loach made his kitchen sink drama 'Up the Junction' he had decided to include exploding helicopters and robots. If that had happened, the critics would be up in arms, saying that, while they admired the gritty presentation of working class people's lives, they were disappointed with Loach's decision to include a robot laser battle at the conclusion. Well, those self-same critics are the ones who are applauding the idea that Bond can infiltrate an evil genius's secret base, while taking time out to mope around and feel a bit sad while doing it. I'm not having it. If you can't have cyborgs in a Ken Loach drama then you sure as hell can't have a Bond with mental health issues.

Despite reservations in the kitchen sink Bond angle, I have been more-or-less on board with the Daniel Craig era films up to this point, at least to a certain extent. While I do seriously doubt I would ever re-watch any of them again before Octopussy, I did nevertheless appreciate Craig playing the part like a cold killer with a personality disorder. But the attempts to humanize him by making him fall in love always seemed very forced and with this final film, they have definitely jumped the shark. This probably has to go down as the worst Bond in the entire franchise. At a near 3 hours, it is ludicrously over-long, with barely a memorable character. The early stages are admittedly fairly promising, with a good pre-credits section but as the movie progresses it loses steam rapidly. The reason that the Bond films have lasted so long is that they are essentially formula films and there is nothing wrong with that. But the Craig era has essentially thrown the formula book out the window and while it was an interesting experiment in some ways, you do have to wonder if there is anywhere the franchise can go after this.
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Made by people who dont understand James Bond
harineem-209-5254883 October 2021
I am a hardcore Daniel Craig bond fan. For me "Casino Royale" is the best Bond movie ever made and I have seen multiple times. The only good part in this entire movie is the 10-15 mins Ana de Armas appears, completely lights up the screen, rest of the actresses are nothing to write about.

They force a god awful love story in a franchise which is about a secret agent and his missions. Unfortunately there is zero chemistry between the lead pair unlike the sheer magic between Vesper and Bond in Casino Royale. You cried when he cries for her in Venice but here you can't understand why is Bond indulging in stupidity for this lady. I felt more for Felix.

And the lesser said about the token black 007, the better. If you have no intention of building a wholesome character stop adding characters just for the sake of diversity.

And the dialogues, cringeworthy sermons running for minutes which make no sense or connection. Rami Malek could have been replaced by a marble statue and that would have acted better. We needed a better finale to the best Bond ever and what we got a bad memory of a great actor.
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This Movie Sucked
qormi19 June 2022
Incomprehensible plot involving DNA poison targeting intended victims or millions of victims. Intended references to the other "sad" Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, including the line, " We have all the time in the world", and the theme song to OHMSS played in the background of one scene. Both movies had similar plots... pandemic unleashed upon the world. Just so dumb.. Bond's love interest was a woman constantly on the verge of tears, who naturally is 20 years younger than him. Everything about this film was ridiculous and it made no sense whatsoever. Nobody in the film was likable and it was way too long. I struggled to stay awake. The action scenes were very phony. It was directed very weirdly; nothing seemed real.
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I wasn't expecting that, very entertaining, if long.
Sleepin_Dragon1 October 2021
It felt as though we were never going to get to see this, but finally it's here, the question is, was it worth the wait?

The answer, yes, really not what I was expecting, of course it's action packed, dramatic and high octane, but it actually boasts a good story, and perhaps shows us a slightly different side to the character.

Plenty of action, plenty of style, and a real twist.

I thought Daniel Craig was awesome, and here he shows what a great Bond he has been, it's fascinating now to know who'll take over.

On the downside, it was a bit long, and it did lull a little in parts, but the action was enough to halt any dozing.

Overall, very watchable, 8/10.
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The worse Daniel Craig outing as Bond
namstonk12 October 2021
Directing is ok, the script is woefully bad and add in some awful acting and that sums it up. The few action scenes are washed from the memory thanks to the woke rubbish. Cubby Broccoli once said to his daughter "never let the real world change the character" sorry Cubby, this isn't Bond and they lied to you. Oh and the title track is blood awful also. 3/10 for old time sake, RIP Commander Bond.
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I enjoyed every second of it
Gordon-111 October 2021
The story is really engaging. It didn't feel like 2.5 hours! I enjoyed every second of it. I like the bond between Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux. The ending got me tearful. Who would have thought James Bond would make someone cry?
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The worst. Just...the...worst!
skay_baltimore18 June 2022
I don't even know where to begin. So I'll just repeat the title: This is the worst. Just...the...worst! The plot is pretty straightforward, but the implementation of said plot is incoherent, inconceivable, and impossible. (As far as the impossible's not the usual James Bond impossible. No. It's impossible in a way that's insulting and infuriating.) Watching this is like dying from 1,000 paper cuts. It's pure torture. Avoid at all cost!!
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Not Ian Fleming's Bond, nor mine.
a.lampert20 April 2022
Having read all of Fleming's novels of James Bond and seen all of the movies, starting with Dr No in the early 60's, I'm old enough to claim that No Time To Die, which I have just watched, should not be called a James Bond film. He really is not the character created, either by Fleming or the actors who played him previously to Daniel Craig. Sean Connery will always be the definitive screen Bond and Daniel Craig the most miscast actor for me. No Time To Die is a dreary, over long action romp, but is the worst Bond film in the franchise due to the lead being totally out of character from the one that Fleming created. The best thing about this movie is a very short, but scintillating performance by Anna De Armas who comes and goes far too quickly. Completely out of character for James Bond, this is a dreary failure in the franchise.
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We Have All The Time To Get Bond Wrong!
tonypeacock-130 September 2021
As a Bond aficionado since 1992 I was so disappointed with this film.

I have waited six years since the last James Bond film (Spectre (2015)) which in itself was a bit of a let down but was out of the film makers hands in some respects.

This film has high production values don't get me wrong but it does get Bond wrong in a few ways that left me quite angry from watching a film for the first time since 2001: A Space Odyssey!

Gone are the days of a feel good 126 minute Bond with great action sequences, girls etc. Now we have an overly long film weighing in at 163 minutes. Even the curtain raiser, the pre-credits sequence is overly long. I miss the four minutes or so complete with a breathtaking stunt sequence.

Daniel Craig as Bond makes his fifth and final appearance in the role. Whilst his performance is good I cannot resist the thought that he has been let down by a succession of poor scripts that tend to be overly complicated in terms of timelines, family ties and lack of humour.

Why can't the filmmakers produce a standalone story every two years that doesn't follow on with storyline strands like a television soap-opera.

Hans Zimmer provides the music and he does an admirable job evoking memories of John Barry from On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) the pinnacle of the series thus far?

The Daniel Craig Bond films are an arc not seperate entities. They break so many traditions of the 'old films. I still can't get my head around that.

It's a dud from me.
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Poor storyline
chasbarter5 December 2021
Loved the scenery in Italy at the start of the movie but then the credits came up & somehow or other it seemed like another Daniel Craig let down. Lacks the humour & sexiness of early Bond movies and in the end I didn't care if the baddies won or lost! Very forgettable.
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Thank goodness it's over
joachimokeefe2 October 2021
The action scenes are very good, you can't take that away, especially as the new female agents (literally) kick a*s. That's all.

It's as if you got every previous Bond film and put them into an electric mixer. You'd end up with something that was recognisable as 'a Bond film', but any sense of an individual narrative would be lost. And there's too much stuff about the past.

Bond comes out of retirement to prevent the release of a deadly 'nanobot' DNA-targeting virus by the most boring - by a long way - villain of the series. It takes them nearly three hours to regurgitate one of the less interesting Bond plots. And nanobots? That's what pensioners call nanites, it's terribly dated terminology.

'M' and everybody back at base follow Bond on remote link, like Obama watching the live Bin Laden feed. That was new several years ago, too.

Daniel Craig, looking like the love child of Tommy Lee Jones and Norman Wisdom, stiffens his upper lip, stiffly, which is why he can't deliver any of the supposedly funny lines, and his voice is not the voice of a Royal Navy Commander, it's the voice of a particularly miserable bookie.
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Tiresome, Tedious & Boring, Such A Disappointment
martimusross1 October 2021
No Time To Die

I would love to say this movie was another Skyfall or Spectre but it just was not, it really was a great disappointment.

Overly long at 2 hours and 23 mins, it needed a serious edit, it was saggy and baggy and really quite tedious, it lacked style, panache and humour, I will now detail the problems as I see it:

There was a 17 year age gap between James Bond and Madeleine Swann, his love interest, this didn't work.

The touchy-feely script was miserable and tedious. I have pinpointed the moment a reasonable movie thus far sunk into turkeyville, it was the moment Mathilde was introduced in Norway, look out for this and you will see what I mean.

The scene with the "evil genetic scientist" was repeated no less than three times.

The plot was simplistic and yet it was never explained why Safin wanted to eradicate sections of populace.

Vast swathes of the movie were shot in a grey blue murky tinge it was awful!

I counted three jokes and a few sarcastic asides, when humour is a key element of our hero.

James Bond and children does not go and we all know why.

Styling and gizmos were present but dumbed down when this is a key element of Bond!

The replacement 007 couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, hammy and stiff as a stick!

At best this is a weak 6 outta 10, but nearly everyone I spoke to was putting on a brave face without highlighting a single good bit, but I thought the American agent in the black dressed, "trained for 3 weeks" was really great.
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Palpable Nonsense.
crumpytv29 December 2021
A ridiculous storyline and highly flawed action.

Just how many times does somebody have to get shot before they die?

And, how many times did the opposition open fire on Bond first ... and missed?
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The Worst Bond film EVER.
tomasctinoco28 February 2022
Dull, slow, pretentious, boring, brings nothing exciting or new to the storyline. The storyline. As many writers as it has listed, you would think It would be the best script ever. It's not. This is the only bond film that I have ever fallen asleep while watching. I washed it in the theaters, and fell asleep. I rented it on VOD, and fell asleep. To watch it a third time, and I fell asleep. , Terrible dialogue, terrible story, terrible cinematography, terrible editing, everything is terrible about this movie. By far the absolute worst bond film ever.
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Sorry but Daniel Craig IS NOT 007, James Bond has lost its LUSTER, its sarcasm, its BRILLIANCE!!
joiningjt9 October 2021
Daniel Craig has NEVER been James bond NEVER!! James was created as a womanizer, a smooth operator in EVERY thing he did. The Kingsman movies are more like these new bond films than the actual bond films!! Should be dressed in Armani in custom tailored suits that inky a man like Roger motor Sean Connery or ever Pierce Brosnan, NOT DANIEL CRAIG!! He has no charisma I like him as an actor he was great in knives out , invasion, and more but he isnt James bond. This film is 3 fricking hours of talking and with NO viscous villian, no phenomenal bond girl, not enough awesome action ESPECIALLY at almost 3 hours!! I'm glad its dine I HOPE they get it right, I VOTE FOR DAN STEVENS AS THE NEXT BOND!!!!!
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James Boring
gabriel-8030 September 2021
No Time To Die is a movie of its time. Usually movies of their time are identified years or even decades later. Not this one.

The movie stems with every woke topic of later years, forcing it onto characters in what seems like a defensive move to avoid sh1tstorms from the ever growing population of easily offended, who would eagerly wage war against the conservative look on men and woman portrayed in Bond movies of the past. It feels clumsy and too eager to stay current where it could have felt subtle and contemporary.

Bond movies used to be pure escapism, but we are now faced with a sensible Bond. No longer a secret agent facing larger than life, memorable villains, but a simple action hero running around with a machine gun like any other action movie star. Nothing in the movie separates it from all the other generic action films of recent.

The opening 10 minutes are beautiful and evocative, with a great action sequence, and a nostalgic nod to the sweeping scores of John Barry, but from there on it is down hill except for a fun action scene in Cuba - with a very charming assistant.

The villian is diffuse, underdeveloped and forgettable, the plot is an unstructured mess and the one liners truly embarrasing - especially in concoction with the overly serious tone of the Craig era Bond movies.

This doesn't feel one bit like a Bond movie.
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martinrobertson3004823 October 2021
I really wanted this to feel as good as "Skyfall" which is the best Bond movie Daniel Craigs been in. Unfortunately I didn't like "Spectre" much, and really thought of this as "Spectre" part 2.

There's some half decent action and a sprinkling of good gags. But I just didn't like the story. It feels like the writers wrote themselves into a corner with the last movie, and had to force their way out of it with this one. Not to mention the added pressure of making this a finale of sorts.

Everytime I thought it was going to start getting good in its very long running time. It just started to drag. Until it got to the part everyone's complaining about. It's questionable ending.

Craig has been a decent Bond. But who knows where the series will go after this. The ending of this really writes them into another corner.
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Not the real Bond
arabnikita8 October 2021
No Time to Die (2021)

After all the delays, we finally get to see Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond and it surely feels like a farewell. He still looks in shape and skillfully performs the stunts but the fatigue can be seen on his face and it also transcends the film itself whether you take the dramatic narrative or the overall grim atmosphere. There are some cool gadgets and action sequences but it doesn't feel like it should. The thing that's missing, is the overall sexiness, elegance and thrill as the events are happening without passion and while it all looks on point, it doesn't create the "Wow" feeling that a James Bond movie should.

In this part, a retired Bond is pulled into his last mission which carries a lot more weight than any of his previous ventures. Unfortunately, the whole "Bond on a mission" aspect is replaced in favor of a melodramatic plot that often feels like a drag using jokes to prevent you from getting bored. It's not a fun spy thriller anymore and that can be seen in the excessive talking and numb characters. It is a crime to have an actor like Rami Malek as a villain and simply waste him due to poor writing.

A lot of people were excited about Ana De Armas being in the film. Well she is there, she is exceptional, she actually has chemistry with Craig but she is limited to 6 minutes!?!? Madeline, on the other hand resembles a rock and has absolutely zero chemistry with Bond and I could not buy into a single scene with them together. This movie also introduces a new 007 who sadly feels like a bland filler character acting full of herself and looking like Wesley Snipes the entire time. As a Russian, I spent a lot of time laughing at the ridiculousness of the narrative but it didn't impact the experience.

What's mind boggling to me is how they let a director unskilled in the genre to helm a pivotal Bond movie? The guy literally put all the action in the trailer leaving nothing as a surprise. In some way, he did more damage to the franchise and it's legacy by making a convoluted drama instead of a heart pumping thrill ride like Casino Royale or Skyfall. Big thanks to Craig who left it all on the set as 007 time and time again.

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Least favourite Bond movie
mjsharples21 June 2022
Unfortunately it was aimed at the modern myth that everybody wants woke. Feels like the director and production company have gone out of their way to do this. Simply put its far from the historic fanbase's wishes for the franchise. Story is predictable and in parts franky boring. Honestly it is a poor farewell to a an actor who played the role well.
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Rami doesn't even need to be here
scaryfilm229 November 2021
You could remove Rami Malek's character entirely and it would have very little impact on the story. The villian is SO b grade it's actually funny (and they have been for years), And a female 007!! It just dont work. Honestly I thought the movie was boring, but it did feel weird in how it felt like they were trying to really knock down bond and then compare him to the new 007 Female, making her look so much more amazing instead of on par with him. Very weak Bond movie, and horrible ending, shooting scene with Bond and this two girls was one of the most ridicoulus scene I saw, like it was a pastiche of an action movies only it weren't. I hated it. The opening was amazing, afterwards the plot became a bit of a mess. But the point where I got really upset was when they killed Bond. It was not the end of a character arc but just cheap shock value and going against the very character of Bond. It 's a disappointment on the level of Indiana Jones and the crystal skull or Game of Thrones final season. Shame, Shame, Shame!

Now I'm going to watch Timothy's bond films to recover from this fiasco! This is the worst kind of movie ever made in the history of so called "entertainment".
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Terrible even by Bond movie standards.
objviewer16 June 2022
Don't expect great writing or depth of characters in a Bond film, but this was really bad. Makek's ridiculous mannerisms and overacting didn't even give us a decent villain. All seemed like a forced mishmash of dumb ideas whose only purpose was to lead up to the last scene.
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Not what I expected! An epic conclusion!
zeki-428 September 2021
In 2006 the first Bond movie with Daniel Craig - the wonderful reboot 'Casino Royale' - was supposed to show us how Bond became who he is. But they didn't stop there. Three Bond movies followed that exploited the character, showing him as vulnerable, dealing with his past, quitting the service several times and having a hard time figuring women or life out: 'Quantum of Solace' (2008) - a fast-paced hard-to-follow shakycam thrillride, 'Skyfall' (2012) with its ludicrous plot and a villain's scheme that made no sense and the heavily graded 'Spectre' (2015) with its clumsy script.

Now, in 2021, No Time to Die, the longest Bond movie ever, is finally here after being delayed three times and oh man...this was actually great!

No Time to Die is really a real treat. It is beautifully shot (IMAX cameras were used in many scenes) and wonderful to look at. The three big setpieces work fine. But they are much, much too short. The Hans Zimmer score is the best James Bond score, since David Arnold composed 'Casino Royale', meaning bombastic and melodic, with a couple of unexpected nods to earlier Bond movies.

No Time to Die is well acted, and I have to say that Ana de Armas steals the show away from all other than Craig. Sadly her part was very small. Great chemistry between her and Bond. I hope to see her back as the half-drunk agent!

The pacing is also mostly fine, there's a fair amount of thrilling edge-of-your seat moments and the locations are varied and put to good use as they should be (especially the Italy and Norway scenes). It is also the most emotional and bold Bond movie ever attempted.

As a die-hard Bond fan, I have been pretty much disappointed with the last three, and after Terminator and Star Wars going woke I was a bit afraid that the Bond franchise would suffer the same fate. And yes...wokeness is certainly here to some extent, because in these times you can't have a suave unethical gambling self-assure single masculine womanizer roaming the silver screen. So they turned James Bond into a feminist family man who can't figure women or life out. This "alternative" take on the James Bond character may put some people off. It's not a huge issue for me though. The glamourous larger-than-life character WILL return one day. And I do miss THAT guy!

The massive team behind this last Bond movie should be very proud! Much to my surprise, and against many odds, they actually nailed it!
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I dont understand.
nency30 September 2021
What happening to movie making 2021? Are they out to destroy every classic there is? What's wrong with write new material instead of hijacking the old.
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