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Made by people who dont understand James Bond
harineem-209-5254883 October 2021
I am a hardcore Daniel Craig bond fan. For me "Casino Royale" is the best Bond movie ever made and I have seen multiple times. The only good part in this entire movie is the 10-15 mins Ana de Armas appears, completely lights up the screen, rest of the actresses are nothing to write about.

They force a god awful love story in a franchise which is about a secret agent and his missions. Unfortunately there is zero chemistry between the lead pair unlike the sheer magic between Vesper and Bond in Casino Royale. You cried when he cries for her in Venice but here you can't understand why is Bond indulging in stupidity for this lady. I felt more for Felix.

And the lesser said about the token black 007, the better. If you have no intention of building a wholesome character stop adding characters just for the sake of diversity.

And the dialogues, cringeworthy sermons running for minutes which make no sense or connection. Rami Malek could have been replaced by a marble statue and that would have acted better. We needed a better finale to the best Bond ever and what we got a bad memory of a great actor.
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Who's the audience for this movie?
pmtelefon16 October 2021
Producers will blame the poor box office of "No Time to Die" on COVID but that's not why it's bombing. The movie is failing because there is no audience for it. It certainly wasn't made for fans of the Bond films (like me). The movie looks great with terrific location photography, the title is cool and Bond girls Lea Seydoux and Ana de Armas are wildly dreamy. Other than that, this movie has little to offer. The story isn't that interesting and the villain is weak. If there wasn't a lady in the theater (AMC Westbury, NY) laughing once in a while, I wouldn't have even noticed the jokes. It's also about twenty minutes too long. "No Time to Die" bites the hand that feeds it. It is, hands down, the worst movie of Daniel Craig's not-so-hot tenure as James Bond.
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No time to fix this mess?
Charland-Reviews3 October 2021
This is a very odd film, which feels far too melodramatic and miserable to be a James Bond story. It's more reminiscent of a serialised romantic drama or tragedy than that of a spy thriller. There are contradicting styles in the script that leaves the viewer totally confused as to why certain events or decisions are made and no real depth to any of characters that make the story plausible or, well, worth emotionally investing in.

If you think back to one of the classic Bond films you'll remember a much more optimistic, simple and pleasurable experience. Every story was unique and the next adventure was a whole new mission. This suave and somewhat-blithe secret agent was solely invested in protecting national security and saving the world from unhinged megalomaniacs. Along the way there were interesting characters, exotic locations, beautiful women, stylish outfits, new gadgets and the most modern of cars (also fitted with the gadgets).

The five Craig-era films have spent 15 years moping about the same event which happened back in the first, without really moving on. His Bond seems more like a 'prima donna' that leaves, sulks and refuses to help more times than a French trade union. I refuse to believe than anyone with his psychological and unstable emotional profile would ever be drafted in as a 00 Agent. What is also forgotten is than Bond is a secret agent, not a frontline commando - aka John Rambo. He should be stealth, intelligence and subterfuge, with only action and violence where necessary.

Still, having actually enjoyed Skyfall (which subsequently seems like the odd one out in series) and having waited years since the last (thank you Covid-19), I accepted an invite to a pre-screening.

The positives:
  • The 'alternative' 007 was actually a good character. She was physically imposing enough to be believable as another 00 Agent and is a good actress. Nothing worse than being told that a size-0 model can boot a 'pro-wrestler' sized henchman across the room and forced to accept it.

  • The filmography was impressive. Maybe the large screen helps amplify how good the camera-work quality really is. Some lovely shooting involved.

The negatives:
  • Rami Malek's character made no sense and was effectively 'cardboard'. To have an Oscar-winning actor and effectively make him a dull two-dimensional side character is a total under use of talent.

  • The plot and script writing. One of the things that is known about this film is how the script was rewritten mid/post production, and it shows. It's all over the place. What appears evident is how the first cut must have felt too gloomy in editing, so the producers brought in Waller-Bridge to lighten it up. Unfortunately, adding in random comedy lines or moments does not take away how miserable this film is.

  • The odd logic and lack of people. The reshoots have clearly affected how scenes play out. For example, instead of controlling missions from a control centre (think Goldeneye), Ralph Fiennes (M) was just in his office with Rory Kinnear, seeming almost low budget. The final scene was just six people in an office with a drink - where on Earth is the rest of the intelligence service in this who film? Clearly 'social distancing' themselves from this mess.

  • The romance. The chemistry between Bond and leading love interest is about as reactive as a nobel gas. Flat and painful. So, to have two films of the same thing is beyond the pale.

  • The music. I can't even remember the theme tune, so not even worth my time commenting on. Clearly it was so bad that Hans Zimmer instead decided to base the soundtrack using 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' all the way. Why plagiarise a film from the 60s and use arguably one of the worse films in the franchise? Clearly, Louis Armstrong was not available to decline.

  • Treatment of classic characters. It's clear that the producers want to draw a line under the franchise and start afresh - pandering to the 'woke mob' and hoping that future tokenistic nonsense will prove as successful as the original premise was. Spoiler: It won't and never will.

The producers are clearly inept at creating anything that remotely feels as good or as likeable as it once was. This is an institution and it deserves respect, not total destruction. Classic Bond films will continue to be on TV and still fondly remembered for years to come. I don't think this film will ever want to be watched again. That is what speaks the loudest.
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more of the same, but longer and slower
FeastMode20 October 2021
I'm not a big fan of the daniel craig james bond series (ratings in order, 5, 5, 7, 5). But i love action movies. This is more of the same, but longer and slower. It tested my patience. It's generally well made with some good action but not a single scene i will remember in a week. And by the end, during the climax, i just wanted it to be over so i could leave.

Also, i was excited to see what rami malek could do with the villain role. He was the first name in the credits (other than daniel craig). "starring rami malek." yet he was in the movie for about 11 minutes. The movie is 2 hours and 43 minutes long. How does he have zero character development and unclear motivations? The villain character (not the actor) added nothing to this movie

Caveat: i didn't revisit the previous movies so i wasn't able to follow some of the references to previous movies. (1 viewing, 10/19/2021)
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A nail in the coffin of Fleming's Bond
colinjbs7 October 2021
Undoubtedly intended as a homage to the Bond franchise. Entertaining overall, but agree with other reviewers that it felt more like a typical and cliched action movie, particularly in the second half - more of a parody than a homage. Above all, while it's reasonable to modernise the Bond character, we may have now reached a point of no return for the spirit of Fleming's real Bond. The next movie will be make - or I fear break - to the substance of what has made Bond movies distinctive and great.
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BEWARE: the jokes are gone! No actor's chemistry either. No great villain either. Lasts too long. And worst of all it is kinda boring to watch.
imseeg1 October 2021
BEWARE: this director only has made 2 lovey dovey, sentimental arthouse movies beforehand. Those movies were quite good actually, but somehow this director destroyed all the classic Bond vibes:

1 The jokes are gone. What is a Bond film without some funny oneliners? NOTHING.

2 There is NO villain to speak of. What is a Bond film without a great, mean villain? NOTHING.

3 The Bond girl is pathetic. No actor's chemistry whatsoever. And the few great supporting actors have too little screentime to make an impression. What is a Bond film without a smashing Bond girl? NOTHING.

4 It lasts too long. Bond movies tend to be about 2 hours, but this edition is stretching the length to 2 hours and 45 minutes! It becomes tedious to watch in the middle. What is a Bond film without excitement and a fast paced story? NOTHING.

5 James Bond has become a girly picture. Everybody is complaining about that. James Bond used to be butch and mischievous and a womanizer. Now James Bond has become a girl...

This latest Bond edition started out as a disaster. The first director (Danny Boyles) got fired and they had to start all over again, without any script to speak of. When the new director (who had ZERO action movie experience) was hired, he had to create a new script WHILE making the movie. That's asking for problems. When the producers previewed the end result they found it to be too gloomy and lacking in humor. Then Daniel Craig started demanding that the female screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge was to be hired, in order to polish up the script and reshoot several scenes to make the movie a bit less gloomy.

No time to Die is the first Bond movie since the sixties, that was co-written by a female screenwriter. Yes, only the very first two Bond movies were co-written by a woman as well. And those were terrific classics. And now Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hired in (at the command of Daniel Craig) to polish up the script, in order to make the characters more likeable and relatable and a bit more funny as well. And what did we get? Dialogues like the following: "I love you. I love you too". That's cringeworthy. Expect a lot of that...

"James Bond WILL RETURN". That is mentioned at the very end of the credits. Will the next Bond be a woman? Daniel Craig says NOT. But what does he know...?
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Time to say Goodbye to Mr. Craig (Bond).
GeneralHail11 October 2021
"Closing time, James! Last call!"

Ah... Where should I start. First of all, I loved all of the movies with Daniel Craig, some more, some less, but I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy them. I saw all of them in the cinema, only for Casino Royale, I didn't have the opportunity.

For those saying the movie was too long, I would not say that at all. It was long, but while watching it, it didn't feel long. Watching a LotR extended edition would be described or felt long for me.

So back to the movie. I loved it. Those rating it with 1 star or saying it wasn't good - probably didn't understand it or try too hard to compare it with other movies or the other actors. Daniel Craig's display of James Bond was different. ("Do I look like I give a damn?") It was different from the very first movie in which he played the character James Bond. He didn't want to copy or replay some other actors, or combine somthing, he just made his own appearance and manifestation of James Bond. And that is (at least for me) a good thing.

(I wouldn't go so far as calling him the Best Bond ever, because you can't compare actors of different eras playing a fictional character, but he is definetely one of the best)

The movie was action packed, very well implented and not so stressful, and shaky-cam filmed with a frantic editing cut as for example QoS. There were some good jokes in it and also the "crew" or the actors from its predecessors stayed the same. (M, Moneypenny, Q, Felix Leiter etc.) The used locations in the film were great, from Italy, to Jamaica, to Norway, Denmark and London. Billie Eilish's intro song was also great and felt good. I also liked that they showed Vesper's grave, as the movies with Daniel Craig all had a continuing storyline and have like a red thread through it and every movie did not feel like a closed story/film.

Ana de Armas as Paloma was great, but unfortunately her appearance was too short. Hopefully she can return in other, future movies.

I think they did a great job with Daniel Craig's last Bond movie. Only the ending was surprising and sentimental. Maybe the movie was too emotional for some, but I have to say I still enjoyed it very much.

If I had to rate the movies with Daniel Craig I'd put them in this order, but please do not take my subjective rating too personal: 1. Casino Royale (10/10) 2. Skyfall (9/10) 3. No Time to Die (8/10) 4. Quantum of Solace (7/10) 5. Spectre (6.5/10)

Farewell Daniel Craig, well deserved, but you will be greatly missed. I think you did a fantastic job as James Bond and your upcoming successor has quite some shoes to fill.

"For England James? No, for me."
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woke 007
iamjamalwhite8 October 2021
Too bad. Could have been a great movie but they pushed some race/gender swaps and made an old character gay. This was a depressing bond film. They had an extra year to tweak it since COVID kept it on the back burner. It starts strong but then spins into a merge of 3 bond movies. Has a few amazing chase scenes. Has some beautiful girls. Has two cool cars. Has some cool gadgets. The woke stuff is just distracting.
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No Time for brain cells
PhilipChh29 November 2021
What can I say, James Bond was never a very realistic franchise to begin with but that was okay because it made up for it in other ways: it's wit, sense of humor, its avoidance of political correctness and wokeness, the non apologetic machismo on tap and the display of strong masculine figures that would do whatever is necessary despite the odds against them; inspiring us all to be better versions of ourselves in the process.

Well, fast forward to 2021 and I'm sad to say there's none of that left. They took the original recipe of the James Bond franchise and stripped it of all the ingredients that made it great; the result: an incredibly unrealistic, ridiculous mess that forgot its own identity. Empty characters, weak story telling and way too predictable. Feels more like a Marvel superhero movie with enough wokeness sprinkled in to satisfy and appease the masses than a true James Bond. Felt more like I was watching a parody than anything else.
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This is Hollywood now. : (
royaltalentcompany25 November 2021
I would really love to meet the Hollywood studio executives that keep pumping out these absolutely horrible big budget movies! Like who is the man or woman or whatever else they call themselves in CA that gives final approval to movies like this??? Based on the garbage I keep seeing I imagine it's probably not even a human. The top offices are probably inhabited by robots programmed by some non binary lgbtqrstuvwxyz liberal democrap teenager who got the job because George Soros owed his daddy a favor for helping him rig an election somewhere. I mean come on!!! I'd be less surprised by that than if the actual person in charge was an educated intelligent human being. How could anyone possibly think that these woke trash movies could ever attract large audiences? What they clearly don't understand or what they refuse to accept is that all people are not THE SAME. All characters and actors are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Who could possibly ever actually think that killing James Bond and replacing him with a black woman was A GOOD IDEA?!?!?!!! Who the hell is in charge of the major studios these days?! I mean okay, I love Morgan Freeman. I think he's an incredible actor. He's one of my favorites. That doesn't mean I'd go see him if they cast him as the next Black Widow. Not that I'd be surprised if they did and not that I enjoyed the first. Seriously! It's insane that for the past couple of years they take famous celebrated films, cast 70% of the characters or more as POC and expect that people are stupid enough to just say okay that looks great. Nothing wrong here. We'll just cast Achilles as a black man, 007 as a black woman, we'll have Queen Latifa play Marilyn Monroe, we'll cast Denzel Washington to play Joe in the President Biden story cause they're both just so sexy. But cast a white guy to play Obama WHO IS ACTUALLY HALF WHITE and every dumbocrat's head would explode! I think that's the WMD the world really needs right now. A film with a white man playing Barrack Hussein. Every moron would instantly stroke out and all would be well with the world once again. Oh and also with the film industry. ; )
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jongotham-379593 October 2021
You know that feeling coming out of watching a bond movie, perhaps driving your car fast going home, buzzing off life, thinking whatever horrible stuff life throws at you you can succeed and triumph and save the day ! Well don't expect any of that with this. Perhaps go straight to some suicide prevention website for help then just give up and go back to your miserable post-pandemic existence knowing that hopes and dreams are foolish and pathetic.
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We Have All The Time To Get Bond Wrong!
tonypeacock-130 September 2021
As a Bond aficionado since 1992 I was so disappointed with this film.

I have waited six years since the last James Bond film (Spectre (2015)) which in itself was a bit of a let down but was out of the film makers hands in some respects.

This film has high production values don't get me wrong but it does get Bond wrong in a few ways that left me quite angry from watching a film for the first time since 2001: A Space Odyssey!

Gone are the days of a feel good 126 minute Bond with great action sequences, girls etc. Now we have an overly long film weighing in at 163 minutes. Even the curtain raiser, the pre-credits sequence is overly long. I miss the four minutes or so complete with a breathtaking stunt sequence.

Daniel Craig as Bond makes his fifth and final appearance in the role. Whilst his performance is good I cannot resist the thought that he has been let down by a succession of poor scripts that tend to be overly complicated in terms of timelines, family ties and lack of humour.

Why can't the filmmakers produce a standalone story every two years that doesn't follow on with storyline strands like a television soap-opera.

Hans Zimmer provides the music and he does an admirable job evoking memories of John Barry from On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) the pinnacle of the series thus far?

The Daniel Craig Bond films are an arc not seperate entities. They break so many traditions of the 'old films. I still can't get my head around that.

It's a dud from me.
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The worse Daniel Craig outing as Bond
namstonk12 October 2021
Directing is ok, the script is woefully bad and add in some awful acting and that sums it up. The few action scenes are washed from the memory thanks to the woke rubbish. Cubby Broccoli once said to his daughter "never let the real world change the character" sorry Cubby, this isn't Bond and they lied to you. Oh and the title track is blood awful also. 3/10 for old time sake, RIP Commander Bond.
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James Boring
gabriel-8030 September 2021
No Time To Die is a movie of its time. Usually movies of their time are identified years or even decades later. Not this one.

The movie stems with every hot topic of later years, forcing it onto characters in what seems like a defensive move to avoid sh1tstorms from the ever growing population of easily offended. It feels clumsy and too eager to stay current where it should have felt subtle and contemporary.

Bond movies used to be pure escapism, but we are now faced with a sensible Bond. No longer a secret agent facing larger than life, memorable villains, but a simple action hero running around with a machine gun like Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis or any other action hero. Nothing in the movie separates it from all the other generic action films of recent.

The opening 10 minutes are beautiful and evocative, with a great action sequence, and a nostalgic nod to the sweeping scores of John Barry, but from there on it is down hill except for a fun action scene in Cuba - with a very charming assistant.

The villian is diffuse, underdeveloped and forgettable, the plot is an unstructured mess and the one liners truly embarrasing. Worst of all, it doesn't feel one bit like a Bond movie.
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James Bond he ain't
fjmetro7 October 2021
Should have never been made - so sad to see 007 go down in flames 🔥
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I wasn't expecting that, very entertaining, if long.
Sleepin_Dragon1 October 2021
It felt as though we were never going to get to see this, but finally it's here, the question is, was it worth the wait?

The answer, yes, really not what I was expecting, of course it's action packed, dramatic and high octane, but it actually boasts a good story, and perhaps shows us a slightly different side to the character.

Plenty of action, plenty of style, and a real twist.

I thought Daniel Craig was awesome, and here he shows what a great Bond he has been, it's fascinating now to know who'll take over.

On the downside, it was a bit long, and it did lull a little in parts, but the action was enough to halt any dozing.

Overall, very watchable, 8/10.
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Thank goodness it's over
joachimokeefe2 October 2021
The action scenes are very good, you can't take that away, especially as the new female agents (literally) kick a*s. That's all.

It's as if you got every previous Bond film and put them into an electric mixer. You'd end up with something that was recognisable as 'a Bond film', but any sense of an individual narrative would be lost. And there's too much stuff about the past.

Bond comes out of retirement to prevent the release of a deadly 'nanobot' DNA-targeting virus by the most boring - by a long way - villain of the series. It takes them nearly three hours to regurgitate one of the less interesting Bond plots. And nanobots? That's what pensioners call nanites, it's terribly dated terminology.

'M' and everybody back at base follow Bond on remote link, like Obama watching the live Bin Laden feed. That was new several years ago, too.

Daniel Craig, looking like the love child of Tommy Lee Jones and Norman Wisdom, stiffens his upper lip, stiffly, which is why he can't deliver any of the supposedly funny lines, and his voice is not the voice of a Royal Navy Commander, it's the voice of a particularly miserable bookie.
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I enjoyed every second of it
Gordon-111 October 2021
The story is really engaging. It didn't feel like 2.5 hours! I enjoyed every second of it. I like the bond between Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux. The ending got me tearful. Who would have thought James Bond would make someone cry?
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Whole movie quality fell off a cliff after 1 hour!
faizaansix30 September 2021
Great cinematography and acting...First hour or so of the movie was smooth sailing and was set to be a a great climax. Then you're just hit with plots from left right and centre and you feel lost with what's happening and who's what.

AWFUL WRITING all in all!
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Worst Bond
dpaunica4 October 2021
After they ruined Terminator, now comes the time for Bond.

You endure for 3 hours all the woke that you can get, and then it ends in the lamest possible way - not only an insult to all the Bond films and Bond fans ever - and Ian Fleming, but just a plain lame resolution to whatever the conflict was - which btw is not clear at any time... not that we care.

It was certainly NOT worth the wait.

This is not what you buy a ticket to Bond for.

We should forget that this movie exists... it is inherently bad even if you choose to ignore this isn't a real Bond movie. Even the action sequences are lame: here is a mean Land Rover Defender, oops it crashed at the first pothole. Here's another one, oops, it crashed too...Don't go - it will undoubtedly ruin your day, and probably the whole decade.

Now that CANCEL culture is so fashionable, we should cancel this movie. Should have stopped at Spectre, or even better - at Skyfall.
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I love Daniel Craig as James Bond
danielakorneck2 October 2021
Great ending, but would have liked a different ending. I always thought Daniel Craig was great as James Bond, and don't understand the haters at all. I liked the way Casino Royal was done. (The last film with Pierce Brosnan was just ridiculous, and more of a comedy). The five films with Daniel Craig fit completely into today's time, and his realization of James Bond was special. Harder, but also more human and emotional. It's a pity that it's over now.
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We desperately need to get back to old-school Bond
BobGoran30 September 2021
This film is made by people that have zero confidence in the style of the Bond movies. They just dont think that a traditional movie with James Bond on a mission can work anymore. This film is entirely focused on the poetry and the drama, rather than the adventure itself. A shocking thing happens every 10'th minute just to make sure that no one falls to sleep.
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I dont understand.
nency30 September 2021
What happening to movie making 2021? Are they out to destroy every classic there is? What's wrong with write new material instead of hijacking the old.
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No time to be sexist! Not even if the world depends on it!
robthesnob3 October 2021
Garbage far left rubbish ruins yet another great , beloved franchise.

Disregard the positive reviews, just the Twitter weurdos trying to stay relevant.
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The death of the Bond franchise
mulcahy-stephen25 November 2021
Political correctness has claimed another victim, James Bond.

This film is completely divorced from the character we all came to know and love, James Bond.
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