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No Time To Die
Prismark1021 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Bond is back at last. Daniel Craig is the longest serving Bond with the fewest films.

Once again Bond is out of the service, bumming around the Caribbean.

It's Felix Leiter who coaxes him back to action. Only to find that M has replaced him with a new 007.

The target is a biological weapon that targets DNA. The British were developing it but lost it to Spectre, or so they thought.

For Bond it's a reunion with Blofeld and a woman he thought he loved but let go, mistakenly.

However there is a new foe and he is bearing a grudge.

The movie is long and lacks a spectacular action sequence. It also feels a lot like a Christopher Nolan film. Just check out all those black Range Rovers, the booming bass and car action scenes.

The stirrings of a Louis Armstrong song at the beginning gives the impression that the movie contains several farewells.

For Bond there are also a few new character developments. He crosses swords with M. He has regrets and might need to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The ending is rather faithful to You Only Live Twice.
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It's just a number
nogodnomasters10 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It takes 30 minutes to get to the opening credits. We discover Bond has a love in Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) and we discover she is the daughter of Spectre. After a near death experience Bond places her on a train and goes and lives on an island somewhere. He is drawn back into service with the re-emergence of the Heracles project which targets DNA and uses nanobots. Oh yeah. There is a remote island with a sinister lab on it.

I am weary of the whole Spectre fight. The new personal aspects of Bond bored me. Daniel Craig is classless compared to Sean Connery and gets his hands way too dirty. The opening theme was lousy. It was certainly no "Diamonds are Forever." And the ending? Geesh. You thought fans were upset when Judi Dench was axed. I did like Ana de Armas as Paloma for the short time she was on the screen. Why didn't they write her a larger role? She would have been great during the end scenes.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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No time to say goodbye
kosmasp13 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
When I first watched Daniel Craig 15 years ago, I was not ready for the direction they were taking the character. It felt like a good movie, but it felt quite divorced from the Bond I grew up with ... the Bond I knew. But apart from that effort being a Bond begins sort of thing (and this being the other end of that ... line), the franchise bit by bit gave us certain things ... we as viewers yearned for. While keeping it fresh.

Bond ... James Bond! That line - one of many that are (in)famous in the long list of Bond movies - gets a new spin here. As is the iconic Bond shooting towards the camera. Now I could name many more things that this film revisits and I probably still would miss some. There are many references here, either visually or via audio.

The beginning is quite the introduction ... it is almost funny because it takes its time. And it is funny because the rest sometimes feels rushed. There are many loose ends the movie wants to (neatly?) tie up. Another day, another Bond song, another Bond intro - although quite late in the game.

Bond has grown - grown not just over the course of the movie Craig played him, but generally speaking. Society changes and Bond has no issue sitting on on the backseat of a motorbike, while a woman is driving. That is not enough for you to go on a rampage and scream "wokeness".

Many known faces return, but many new ones too. Be it the ever excellent if only shortly used Ana de Armas (no pun intended) or our uber villain Rami Malek. Now while I really liked what I saw and while the running time is 2,5 hours ... there are things that can be seen and called flaws. You can question Bonds love to Eva Greens character ... or him still holding onto her, you can question methods used and how convenient certain things happen - or how some stunts would put the Fast and Furious franchise to shame ... but if you did that, you would derive yourself of a lot of fun.

Not being aware of the previous entries may not be necessary, but you'll have a lot of things to discover and smile at, if you have seen at least some of them. Of course if it is only a few of them, make it the Craig Bonds, so you have the whole ... story. Generally speaking I can't wait to revisit all the movies.

No time to watch (them)? Well make time ;) Also to conclude with a fun "fact": the title No time to Die has been used before ... by another movie in 2006. The year Daniel Craig became Bond! Coincidence? Or full circle? All kidding aside, I have not seen that movie (yet), so don't hate on me if it isn't any good. Otherwise, out with the old ... in with the new - whoever that may be and however the franchise is going to reinvent itself ... I'll be there - I hope you will be there too.
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I wasn't expecting that, very entertaining, if long.
Sleepin_Dragon1 October 2021
It felt as though we were never going to get to see this, but finally it's here, the question is, was it worth the wait?

The answer, yes, really not what I was expecting, of course it's action packed, dramatic and high octane, but it actually boasts a good story, and perhaps shows us a slightly different side to the character.

I thought Daniel Craig was awesome, and I'm sad that he's leaving, it's fascinating now to know who'll take over.

On the downside, it was long, it was way too long, it did lull a little in parts, but the action was enough to halt any dozing.

Overall, very watchable, 8/10.
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I enjoyed every second of it
Gordon-111 October 2021
The story is really engaging. It didn't feel like 2.5 hours! I enjoyed every second of it. I like the bond between Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux. The ending got me tearful. Who would have thought James Bond would make someone cry?
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That remains a James Bond movie for me, more than Skyfall
searchanddestroy-111 October 2021
Of course the James Bond spirit is not exactly the same as the other films over decades. It is more gloomy, darker, with a total different face of our hero. You have in this movie many unexpected things, but the overall scheme remains à James Bond movie, maybe more than SKYFALL, which was far far more a crime thriller than an OO7 feature. Watch it again and compare. In a way, SKYFALL announced this one, with SPECTRE in the middle. Not the best Bond ever, but not the worst either.
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A fittingly mediocre conclusion of Craig's custodianship.
CinemaSerf5 October 2021
I saw this with a friend who watched the original "Dr. No" (1962) at the time, and who proclaimed at the end of this 2¾ hour marathon that this just isn't "James Bond". My first "Bond" film was some fifteen years later but i was forced to agree with him. This isn't. I have never been the biggest fan of Daniel Craig - he completely lacks charisma on screen. There is no glint in his eye! Add to that the grim determination of the producers to rob the character of his flaws and foibles; to politically correct every aspect of the storylines and to generally sterilise what was always, essentially, a charming tale of light weight male chauvinism with espionage, shameless patriotism, gadgets, double entendre and a damn good theme tune. Here, Craig has precious little chemistry with either of his female co-stars and the baddie features so sparingly (though that maybe because he was double-jobbing for Lord Lloyd Webber at the Opera) that even by the end there just wasn't a sense of accumulated tension, peril or danger - indeed I just felt really quite underwhelmed. Of course, it is a fabulous looking film: the old Aston Martin makes a welcome return - as does the divine Louis Armstrong's "All the Time in the World" but I wonder how many of us will recall this film once the dust has settled. It has a role right now; it may well single-handedly rescue cinema from the horrible effects of lockdown, and for that is must be congratulated, but speaking as a lifelong Bond fan, I'd implore those at the helm of the next one: can we please get back to what Bond is entertaining at, what Ian Fleming designed him to be and stop imposing wafer-thin stories on equally thin, undercooked, characterisations and hope that nostalgia and John Barry et al will dupe us into thinking it is great? I don't care if the next 007 is gay/girl/coloured/one legged - but please can we get back to a story laced with humour and personality with a script that allows for nuance, sarcasm and charm. Otherwise, perhaps Bond has just served his purpose, it's time to move on? Sorry - I was really disappointed.
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A fitting swan song for Craig as 007 delivers all the goods.
george.schmidt8 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
NO TIME TO DIE (2021) ***1/2 Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, Jeffrey Wright, Billy Magnussen, Christsoph Waltz, David Dencik, Ana de Armas, Dali Benssalah. Craig's swan song as 007 delivers all the goods with his brute force tactics and surprising vulnerability are on tap when his services are requested after 5 years retirement to stop baddie Lyutsifer Safin (silky Malek) from infiltrating a deadly nanobot virus via DNA into the world populace while also nursing his love for Seydoux who is in the mix in oh so many ways. Filmmaker Cary Joji Fukunaga (who collaborated on the screenplay with Nal Purvis, Robert Wade and Phoebe Waller-Bridge) infuses death-defying set pieces with visual flair to spare (best viewed in Imax) as well as some much needed dry wit and humor.
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Craig's last Bond film is also his weakest
gridoon20211 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The first 20-25 minutes are superb (from the music to the location to the acting to the action), but then the titles fall (cool titles, bland song), and the movie never quite reaches those heights again. For such a long, bloated running time it's too talky and surprisingly short on action; in fact, there are only two other notable set-pieces, the car chase in the woods and Ana de Armas brightening up the screen as an overeager, bubbly yet skilled and deadly agent. Most of the rest of the action is uninspired, and in the climactic sequence (just a regular attack-on-the-enemy-fortress we've seen hundreds of times) often dim and murky (Tomorrow Never Dies did this sort of thing much better, and so did some of the Roger Moore Bonds). The plot is formulaic (biological weapon....again), and its treatment of several key players from previous installments disappointing. The ending is pretty silly - it leaves a mess behind that the (inevitable) next chapter will either have to work a whale of a story to get around or (more likely) will ignore altogether. Craig does succeed at embodying a very human Bond, yet I can't help but think that he never really got the chance to do a FUN James Bond living the high life: in Casino he is earning his stripes, in Quantum he is seeking vengeance, in Skyfall he is already tired and resigned, in No Time his circle comes to an end. I guess he came closest to having a good time in Spectre, which is why that film is still my favorite of the five he made. **1/2 out of 4.
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Welcome back and Adieu
ferguson-66 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. Bond 25 is here, and it's quite a curtain call for actor Daniel Craig. The film's release has been postponed numerous times since September 2019, which has caused expectations and anxiety to build amongst Bond fans. It's been almost six years since SPECTRE (2015), and this is Daniel Craig's fifth and final turn as 007. This production faced challenges even before the pandemic hit. Cary Joji Fukunaga (best known for "True Detective" and BEASTS OF NO NATION, 2015) was hired to direct after Danny Boyle stepped down (or whatever happened), and Phoebe Waller-Bridge was brought in to spice up the dialogue on the script from Fukunaga, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade (the latter two having been involved in writing all five Bond movies for Craig). Of course, it's Ian Fleming to whom we stand eternally grateful for the original characters.

For those accustomed to the James Bond cinematic formula, you'll notice quite a few differences - beginning with the opening scenes. Traditionally, breathtaking action kicks off the film; but this time a shift in tone and style serves up a tension-filled opening that occurs five years prior to the rest of the story. It takes a few minutes before we get the first true action sequence. Of course, we must keep in mind that we are dealing with a "retired" James Bond (don't worry, it's not like "fat Thor") ... in fact, there's already a replacement 007 and she (Lashana Lynch, CAPTAIN MARVEL, 2019) packs quite an attitude and skill set.

It's his old CIA buddy, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), who draws Bond back into the espionage game, and of course, the reason is to save the world (what else could it be?). This year's world-domination-seeking villain is the cleverly named Lyutsifer Safin, and he's played by Oscar winner Rami Malek (BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, 2018). Safin is a low-key baddie whose weapon is a DNA-altering chemical that's probably a bit overly complex for a Bond movie, and it's also a bit strange that Safin/Malek only has a few substantive scenes. For those who saw SPECTRE, you'll recognize many of the faces, including Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann, Ralph Fiennes as M, Ben Whishaw as Q, Rory Kinnear as Tanner, and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny. Also back for a terrific scene is Oscar winner Christoph Waltz as Blofield. The new faces include the aforementioned Lashana Lynch as Nomi, Billy Magnusson as Logan Ash, and Craig's KNIVES OUT co-star Ana de Armas as Paloma. Ms. De Armas brings a jolt of energy and some smiles to the proceedings, and it's a shame her appearance is so short.

It's unusual for a Bond song to win its Grammy before the movie is ever released, but that's exactly what happened for Billie Eilish's achingly somber title song. Oscar winner Hans Zimmer (THE LION KIING) delivers a wonderful score in his first Bond outing (you'll hear how he incorporates the Eilish song), and the cinematography from Oscar winner Linus Sandgren (LA LA LAND) is everything we could hope for in the action sequences (there is no shortage of bombs), as well as the quiet moments.

Speaking of the quiet moments, this is undoubtedly the most sentimental and emotional of all Bond films. Sure, we get the amazing set pieces, the crazy stunts, the awesome Aston Martin (until it isn't), the cool gadgets, the wisecracks, and the shootouts - but we also get Bond at his most reflective and personal. There is a line in the film, "Letting go is hard." And it is ... both for Bond and for us. So welcome back and adieu, Mr. Bond. Craig. Daniel Craig.

The film opens in U. S. theaters on October 8, 2021.
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Better than average!
mm-3914 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
No time to die well is a must watch for Bond fans. I believe No Time to die may put to rest a much tired movie series. The first third starts out with a mystery. Why is the guy there and who is that young gal? Bond has a life of leisure with a true love, but in true Bond fashion Bond is who Bond can not live in peace. There is a memorable bad guy with one eye etc and a conflict with a mysterious girlfriend. 10 out of ten . The middle gets bogged down with the usual government loses something story line. Bond which is a non p c series has some woke characters, the over tough gal, and whippy guy flat characters which drags the story but thankfully the characters become more believable later on. The cool gadgets are back in the middle. The bad guy is interesting, but the story has predictable video game style action. Middle is 5 stars. The bottom third has the usual, eye roll, Bond count down, and Bond saves the world. Bond has a family, which does not mix with Bond's living on the edge lifestyle. Some of the Bond action is video game ish, which is bit much. The story all folds together with an interesting sub plots and a surprise ending. I give the ending a 7. Not the best ending, but a must see for Bond fans. Well directed and acted. 7 stars.
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A Lot For All Bond Fans To Enjoy
DKosty1239 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Because of a World Wide Pandemic which in some quarters has motives like the ruin the world, James Bond is back again trying to save the world. In order to do so he must deal with the old criminal organization Spectre and Blowfeld who has been the bad guys for many years it seems. The difference here is that they are really red herrings being used by a mad man who wants to kill a majority of the world's population using a high technology bug that is programmed to kill people by their DNA.

For the long time Bond fan, the biggest hint about the movie is before the opening credits. There is a long sequence where Bond tells the lovely woman he is with they have "all the time in the world". The theme from his Majesty's Secret Service runs through the film. It's closing credits even feature a great stereo remastering of Louis Armstrong doing the original theme from the George L (Bond) only film of the late 1960's.

One strange thing in the world of Bond. Years ago Blowfeld was totally bald. This many years later he has hair. Perhaps he saw those Bosley ads for getting rid of baldness in the years after. Lea Seydoux the second French actress to be a Bond Woman in the series and Madeline for the second straight film after Spectre is indeed a tough Bond woman with a gun. Ralph Fiennes continues his role from Spectre (2015) as M. Naomi Harris is in her second straight as Moneypenny though. She played Eve in Skyfall so this is her third straight Bond and along with Maude Adams has played 2 women characters in the series. This generations regulars are all here along with a portrait of one tough special Judi Dench portrait that appears in a hallway late in the film.

While the film keeps all the Fleming characters and the usual save the world plot, it is done freshly enough for even viewers not born yet when the series began to enjoy the action and the acting. Since Daniel Craig has been Bond the acting has gained more importance and balance with the action. It has been a welcome change. Each man who played Bond had different ways to do it and there were times that action and special effects took priority over acting. That has changed and is one of the strengths of this one.

While the film feels like nonstop action, there is some acting here too. The ending might come as a shock to long time Bond fans, but considering this series it is something which was done in more than 1 of the Bond Films in the beginning, only this time it appears to be done for good. Spoiler- the film also discloses that Bond and Madeline have a daughter now. This is the first actual recorded sibling of Bond though there were enough scenes over the years in Bond films to suggest an episode of Maury Povich doing DNA tests on some of the other ladies he had recreation with. Finally though, yes James, you are the father.

Scenery is still a big part of this and many filming locations were used in this one. This tradition has always been a part of the series. At the end it does say "Bond will return", but the feeling here is that the form of his return will be as a her. The set up very much looks that way. The Bond women are getting nicer curves, but that is nothing unusual. It is a concession to the times, and is welcome too. Women built thin like guys are not in style as much as years ago after so many young ladies starved themselves. Not enough of them tried to have the nice figure of Ursala Andress and we are finally making up for it.

Having lived long enough to remember the late Connery, Lazenby, late Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, late Niven, late Nelson, and Craig is a feat unto itself. Nelson's Climax TV episode live performance of 007 in 1954 led to all the others. It has been an amazing road. While the plots have changed and remained the same, Director Cary Joji Fukunaga does an amazing job making this film feel like it is supposed too. Armstrong at the end is a reminder of how much has changed since all this began. Louis, we've had all the time in the world to follow Bond every step of the way.
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Cinema Omnivore - No Time to Die (2021) 6.5/10
lasttimeisaw5 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
"NO TIME TO DIE, with a record-breaking 163-minute length, runs out of steam halfway through, after the Cuban part to be specific, where a bombshell Paloma (de Armas, lissom, light-hearted and lethal) knocks us dead with boffolas and her pliability. After that the situation gets glummer, the story goes more formulaic, take the example of the scene where Blofeld (Waltz), the head of SPECTRE, pops his clogs. It is designed to give audience a God's view (we know what is going to happen but Bond doesn't) with Bond suddenly losing his sangfroid and getting steamed up, all just to let him unknowingly pass the nanobots to Blofeld, it is too obvious a plot twist, wielded without much tact though."

read my full review on my blog: Cinema Omnivore, thanks.
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Bland Bond
thesar-216 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
For how long and boring this is, you'll actually have plenty of time to die.

Wow. This isn't just the most plain looking James Bond movie, it's one of the most ick looking and feeling movies I've seen in a long time. So lifeless, meaningless and despite the significance of this movie - Daniel Craig's last time as Bond, so get ready for a reboot next time, I seriously cannot recommend this film to anyone.

Once again, Bond has retired (I think this is his 12th retirement) and found the love of his life (also, 12th "true love,") but an old foe is bringing him back in for Queen and Country.

I simply cannot get over how dull this movie looks and how uninterested the actors were for being here. We even had two incredible actors as Bond Villains: Christoph Waltz and Rami Malek and both svcked HARD. In fact, Rami seemingly got acting lessons from Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending. Makes sense since they're both Oscar winners and both whisper their way as sleepy villains.

Admittedly there are mere moments of delightful cinematography on screen and some of the jokes landed, but there is absolutely nothing here that would/should justify the nearly 3-hour, slowly paced movie. I appreciate them adding in so many of the normal Bond tropes, and yet, even those felt like they just had to be there.

I'm sure Craig got paid a lot and good for him. I didn't hate this movie like I did with Spectre, but it did make me want this Craig era to be over. Sad. When he started it all in Casino Royale, 15 years ago, he quickly became my favorite Bond (and with that movie, my favorite Bond song and overall chapter) and now I'm shooing him away and praying the next one will take its time to perfect it with someone who actually cares about playing this historic role.


Final Thoughts: At least we finally found out what "Q" stands for.
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more of the same, but longer and slower
FeastMode20 October 2021
I'm not a big fan of the daniel craig james bond series (ratings in order, 5, 5, 7, 5). But i love action movies. This is more of the same, but longer and slower. It tested my patience. It's generally well made with some good action but not a single scene i will remember in a week. And by the end, during the climax, i just wanted it to be over so i could leave.

Also, i was excited to see what rami malek could do with the villain role. He was the first name in the credits (other than daniel craig). "starring rami malek." yet he was in the movie for about 11 minutes. The movie is 2 hours and 43 minutes long. How does he have zero character development and unclear motivations? The villain character (not the actor) added nothing to this movie

Caveat: i didn't revisit the previous movies so i wasn't able to follow some of the references to previous movies. (1 viewing, 10/19/2021)
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A more than satisfying swansong for Daniel Craig as Bond
wellthatswhatithinkanyway14 October 2021
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

James Bond (Daniel Craig) has retired from active service, and is now living in Jamaica, with Madeleine (Lea Seydoux), the girl from his last encounter with SPECTRE. All seems well, until a series of attempts on his life leads him to think she might be behind it. Meanwhile, in London, an armed break in at a chemical laboratory results in the apparent kidnapping of Dr. Obruchev (David Denicik.) It all leads to the path of incarcerated criminal Lyetsifer Safin (Rami Malek), setting a course for Bond and Madeleine's paths to intersect once again.

It has felt like a lifetime ago now that the massive hype and eager anticipation for Daniel Craig's final Bond film was first about, before the unthinkable global pandemic struck, and the release date got set all the way back to the present day, where it has absolutely smashed global box office records. At five films, Craig has lasted the course as long as the original greats Connery and Moore, his image now as personified in the character as those whose shoes he had to fill.

With that in mind, it's ironic that director Cary Joui Fukanaga pays such an homage to the Bond film starring George Lazenby, who played him only once, in the shape of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, with Louis Armstrong's melodic theme song We Have All the Time in the World playing over the soundtrack at various points, as well as the downbeat fatalism that defined that Bond outing from all the others. Craig's Bond has been a grittier, more hard edged Bond in general, and in its bowing out here, Fukanaga goes Hell for leather, cranking the brutal intensity of Craig's last four Bond entries all together, and giving it everything with a film running over two and a half hours, with some light humour awkwardly inserted in.

It's the final part of what defines Craig's Bond, and in that it's everything you expect it to be, ur it's also a love song to the Bond franchise in general, from the more modern, unflinching stuff, right through to the 'secret organisation' stuff when it began in the 60's nearly sixty years ago, that everyone won't be able to help loving. ****
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Going out with a bang!
MOscarbradley15 October 2021
They tried to tell us it's too long and at 163 minutes "No Time to Die" is indeed the longest of the Bond movies but don't let that colour your judgement; this is still one hell of a rollercoaster ride and if Daniel Craig, in his final appearance as Commander Bond, is looking his age, remember he's now 'retired' and probably closer in demeanour to a middle-aged spy than at any time in the franchise. You must also remember that the Craig Bond's, unlike those of his predecessors, have followed a trajectory from "Casino Royale", (the first of the Ian Fleming novels), right through to the present, each one a kind of sequel to the one before and while Craig may not be everyone's favourite Bond he is, at least, unique in that respect. You might even say the entire Bond saga belongs to him.

The next point to consider, of course, is is it any good or rather is it as good as the others and the answers to both questions is a resounding yes. This is an action flic of the first order, exciting, funny and, for the most part, intelligent. It's also surprisingly old-fashioned. Here is a Bond movie that goes back to the roots of the franchise, all the way to "Dr. No" in fact. The gadgets are still there and used to good effect but this is a much more character driven piece and in Rami Malek it has one of the great Bond villains, (could Malek become the first Bond villain to pick up an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor?).

Admittedly the plot is quite far-fetched. We may not be in "Moonraker" territory but you may still have to see the film twice just to figure out what's going on. Also in keeping with previous Craig Bond's it's not afraid to introduce plot twists that should have a lasting impact on the series, presuming, of course, that the producers wish audiences to take any forthcoming films seriously. In what we now know will be his last appearance in the role it would be nice to say that this is Craig's film and while he certainly brings gravitas to the part it is Malek who steals the movie and if the film itself isn't quite the best of the series it's certainly up there. If this doesn't bring the punters in, nothing will.
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21st century Bond
dromasca4 October 2021
One of my guilty pleasures as a moviegoer is watching James Bond movies and I have no intention of apologising for that. Thus, I watched as soon as I had the opportunity 'No Time to Die' directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, the latest film in the series, whose release has already been postponed several times and which finally meets the screens and its viewers this cinematic fall of the year 2021. The James Bond film series is approaching the age of 60. All Bond movies start from the same premises and have the same hero, but the way he looks and behaves and the structuring of the story have evolved over time. This says a lot about how cinematic entertainment was and is perceived and accepted in the movies of the big studios.

A lot has happened during these years. The hero evolved from the nonchalant and humorous commander in Fleming's books and played by Sean Connery to the complex and gloomy character in the last series, played by Daniel Craig. The original 007 had gone through the experience of World War II and was active during the Cold War. He was excused for his womanising as many things are excused to war heroes, and there was no room for moral doubt concerning his actions because he lived in an age when it was clear who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. Thee 21st century James Bond lives and acts in the turbulent era after the fall of communism and after the novels of John Le Carre were written. Today's enemies are not ideological, and screenwriters of such films (not just those in the Bond series) often prefer not to identify them politically, ethnically, or religiously. On the other hand, the romantic implications of the character are no longer devoid of substance. James no longer conquers but falls in love. From Bond the Don Juan we now (almost) get Bond the family man. One of the qualities of the script in 'No Time to Die' is that it manages to describe at this stage of the character's evolution a story that is acceptable by today's standards of the big studios and is somewhat credible in terms of character psychology. Craig's James Bond has been throughout this series and is in this film also a real character, not just a two-dimensional comics book figure.

What I liked about 'No Time to Die'? Daniel Craig. Action scenes, car chases and stunts that show ingenuity in a few moments (just when we thought we saw everything in this area) and use the landscapes spectacularly, especially in Italian villages. Humour and self-humour. The presence of Ralph Fiennes, an actor who can do anything on screen and I will like it. Ana de Armas, a classic Bond-girl who I hope will survive until the next series. What I liked less? Rami Malek, an actor who constantly disappoints me and who plays a mediocre bad guy here. Lea Seydoux is OK, but her relationship with Bond lacks chemistry. The dose of melodrama introduced in the script towards the end. The scientific pretext, which is thin and I could not understand what they were brewing in those pools (not that it would be important).

'No Time to Die' honorably concludes the Daniel Craig chapter of the Bond epic. It's not the best Bond I've ever seen, but it's above average. I look forward to the next reincarnation.
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All the Time in the World
richardchatten7 October 2021
Ironically thrice postponed because of coronavirus, since one of many plot elements is a weaponised virus, 'No Time to Die' is being declared the best Bond movie ever; although I still feel that accolade belongs to 'From Russia with Love' (with 'Goldfinger' easily the most fun).

A nightmare rather than the usual 007 daydream, to Daniel Craig's James Bond what 'The Iron Mask' was to Douglas Fairbanks' D'Artagnan, with Craig's Bond looking much older than before and continuing to bear the scars from the pre-credits sequence throughout the film that follows.

There are three eye-popping action scenes (and the film is thankfully free of the unrelenting use of steadicam that is such a trial in modern films), but Anna de Armas is grievously underused as the nearest thing it has to a traditional Bond girl and much more of the massive 163 minute running time is devoted to hushed talk in which little of Phoebe Waller-Bridges' much-vaunted wit is in evidence; while the villains' lair owed more to the German silent cinema than the swinging sixties, housing poisonous plants straight out of the final scenes of 'You Only Live Twice' (the book not the film; likewise the chilling confrontation with a returning Christoph Waltz as Blofeld briefly wheeled on like Haghi in 'Spione').
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I still feel like Spectre would have been a fitting farewell for Daniel Craig
cricketbat13 October 2021
For the most part, I liked No Time to Die. However, I feel like it tried to do too much. They could have shaved 30 minutes off and its aim would have been more precise. I absolutely loved Ana de Armas as Paloma, though, and wish we could have seen more of her character. Without getting into spoilers, there's a finality to this film that feels somewhat out of place in the Bond franchise, but I understand why the filmmakers did it. I still feel like Spectre would have been a fitting farewell for Daniel Craig.
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Well I really enjoyed it especially in IMAX
UniqueParticle15 October 2021
I'm not sure why others bashed No Time to Die it definitely was made by someone that knew what they were doing and has amazing writing chops! I absolutely loved the acting and tense violence. This movie is really well filmed, had the right amount of action, cinematography is gorgeous, some goofy lines, and emotional scenes; not sure what others expected or would've preferred but this is exactly what a Bond movie should be. I must say I don't really see James Bond films in the theater I did love Spectre though Christoph Waltz was a great villain and so was Rami Malek in this one.

Damn this review is getting a lot of hate that's unfortunate just cause I praised this movie.
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Triumphant Bond film with exciting action, direction, and Daniel Craig nails it with a high note.
cruise0110 October 2021
(5 out of 5 Stars).

No Time to Die is an awesome 25th Bond film and one of the best in the series which I would say is triumphant. It is Daniel Craigs fifth and final bond film and the story does give a proper emotional conclusion to his character story arc. I have loved every one of Daniel Craigs Bond movies. Spectre was a slight weaker. No Time to Die is awesome from story, action sequences, casting, and sharp moving direction that takes the series in a different direction which has yet to travel before.

The story is awesome and epic. It follows a more retired 007 Bond (Daniel Craig). When the world is at stake again when Safin (Rami Malek) and his paramilitary group are stealing a bioweapon and weaponizing it for their evil plan. Bond is recruited by his old friend Felix (Jeffrey Wright) and having to team up with a new 007 Nomi (Lashana Lynch) to help save the world yet again.

It is best to avoid spoilers to where the story goes. And the surprises is best seen on screen than reading it. James Bond does go on a more emotional journey. With past secrets from the people he loves coming out.

The film does have a lot of fantastic action sequences that are exciting and breathtaking. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga did a great job in handling the action scenes. Car chases, shoot outs, and fight scenes are well done. The opening sequence takes a different direction from any other Bond movies. It is one of the longest sequence that shows a dark eerie tone of a characters past and introduction to the villain. And than flashing towards the present with Bond and Madeleine (Lea Seydoux) on a getaway in Italy. Only moments later, the past catches up to them. Putting them in a thrilling car chase.

There is a lot of exciting action and chases. Bond coming across Paloma (Ana de Armas) was a fun fight sequence with her. And Lashana Lynch is a fun new addition as 007. Rami Malek is a great menacing and tormenting villain with an evil agenda plan towards the world.

The cast ensemble is great. Daniel Craig will forever be the best bond ever. It was a fitting end with this movie that does take for an emotional journey and a well deserved ending. Lea Seydoux was great playing his love interest. Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, and Ralph Fiennes all did great.

The direction is different for a bond film but great in an exciting new chapter. It is dark and emotional. And action packed throughout. For a run time that is almost three hours, the film felt short and fast paced. Billie Eilish bond theme song in the credit sequence was great and dark and eerie. It worked with the tone of the film. A great new addition is the music score by Hans Zimmer that amped up the Bonds music score. Even has a tiny reference to Majesty Secret Service film.

No Time To Die is one of the best films of the year. And best bond films that takes the franchise in a different and dark direction. While ending a characters story arc.
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The Best Since Casino Royale--But Still Not Saying Much
zkonedog13 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It is clear right from the beginning that "No Time to Die" has a plan. That alone makes it better than half the Bond films ever made. Unfortunately, despite being fairly entertaining overall, Daniel Craig's swan song in the role is filled with lofty ideals undercut by horrible execution.

For a very basic overview, "No Time to Die" sees Bond (Craig) seemingly enjoying a post-007 life with Madeline Swan (Lea Seydoux). Of course, as so often happens, things go awry and the lovers are pulled back into the espionage game, largely courteous of the enigmatic Lyutsifer Safin (Remi Malek) and a viral terrorism scheme.

I'll begin with what this movie does well, as it does possess some redeeming qualities for sure:

-Craig remains a great Bond. That hasn't changed since we first saw him in 2006.

-Ana de Armas is one of the best "Bond girls" (to use that phrase loosely) in the history of the franchise. Her character is a shot in the arm midway through the film.

-Because this was Craig's confirmed last don of the tuxedo, director Cary Joji Fukunaga was able to arc the plot lines to a resolute climax. Absolutely no indecision on that front.

-In typical franchise fashion, it provides enough thrills and spectacle to be watchable. You won't be nodding off or anything like that. Truth be told, while walking out of the theater this was more of a 7-star effort.

After some further cogitation, however, it is fairly obvious that "No Time To Die" suffers from some pretty serious faults, all centered upon this premise: great ideas, horrible execution of them.

Some examples:

-The opening villain scene? Tremendous--one of the best Bond opens ever. The villain is then hardly referenced at all for close to an hour (if not longer).

-Having James Bond fall in love with a woman instead of objectifying/using one is interesting--but not enough time is spent on that topic and I'm not sure if Seydoux (or her character writing) is up to that dramatic task.

-Teasing a black, female 00 agent? Again, could have been something really meaningful but instead used only as a wink-and-nod to the camera.

-Bond--the most famous big screen womanizer of all-time--as a girl Dad? Very intriguing--so of course utterly ruined by the filmmakers initially telling viewers point-blank "she isn't Bond's daughter", and then at the end saying "oh yeah--she actually was Bond's daughter all along". Embarrassingly plotted in that sense.

-As previously mentioned, de Armas was the best part of this film (at least for me). The epitome of incredible beauty but also precipitating the best action sequence in all of "No Time to Die". Predictably, following the pattern here, she appears for maybe 15-20 minutes and is never seen again. Head-scratching.

For a film that clocks in at a bloated two hours and 40 minutes, it is a little hard to believe that all the above great concepts were still given short shrift. But that is exactly what happens in "No Time to Die". It spends all its time introducing these little nuggets, but none actually following through on them in a compelling way.

So, while it was certainly nice to have a big movie spectacle back in theaters as the world claws out of a pandemic, those are the circumstances for which I'll likely remember "No Time to Die". It certainly won't be for its tight plots or well-developed characters.
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Thanos_Alfie8 October 2021
"No Time to Die" is an Action - Thriller movie in which we watch James Bond living as a pensioner but this will change very soon. Bond has to face a new mysterious villain along with many surprises that he would never even think.

I enjoyed this movie very much because it had an interesting plot that connected very well the previous James Bond movies and presented equally good both the old characters and the new ones. Its long duration did not bother me at all since there was plenty of action along with many good interpretations by the cast. The direction which was made Cary Joji Fukunaga was simply amazing and he did an excellent job. Regarding the interpretation of Daniel Craig who played as James Bond, for one more time he was simply outstanding. Some other interpretations that have to be mentioned were Léa Seydoux's who played as Madeleine, Rami Malek's who played as Lyutsifer Safin and Ralph Fiennes' who played as M. In conclusion, I have to say that "No Time to Die" is an amazing movie that if you are a fan of James Bond movies I am sure you will love it.
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Who's the audience for this movie?
pmtelefon16 October 2021
Producers will blame the poor box office of "No Time to Die" on COVID but that's not why it's bombing. The movie is failing because there is no audience for it. It certainly wasn't made for fans of the Bond films (like me). The movie looks great with terrific location photography, the title is cool and Bond girls Lea Seydoux and Ana de Armas are wildly dreamy. Other than that, this movie has little to offer. The story isn't that interesting and the villain is weak. If there wasn't a lady in the theater (AMC Westbury, NY) laughing once in a while, I wouldn't have even noticed the jokes. It's also about twenty minutes too long. "No Time to Die" bites the hand that feeds it. It is, hands down, the worst movie of Daniel Craig's not-so-hot tenure as James Bond.
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