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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, some disturbing images, brief strong language and some suggestive material.

Sex & Nudity

  • A single prolonged implied sex scene where a man and woman kiss passionately in a hotel room. They press against a wall while kissing and the man removes his shirt and we then see the woman on top of the man in bed and covered with sheets.
  • A topless woman lies face down with her bare back shown (bottom covered by sheet).
  • There is some sexual innuendo.
  • Characters wear skimpy outfits.
  • A woman wears a revealing dress, but there is no actual nudity, male or female.

Violence & Gore

  • Characters are repeatedly shot, punched, kicked and exploded. The violence is very intense.
  • A very graphic scene where a fake eye pops out of a character's socket with a spray of blood
  • Disturbing/scary images of characters' flesh becoming bloody and deformed after being hit with a biochemical substance.
  • A man is dropped into chemicals and is heard screaming and is melting.
  • Characters are blown up.
  • Moderate blood detail within injury,
  • A man shoots a grenade at a driving car. The car flips over and a man falls out of the car with bloody cuts on his face. The car falls on top of him and crushes him to death.
  • A woman's grave explodes right in front of a man causing him to loose his hearing temporarily. An intense car chase erupts with lots of shooting and some hand to hand combat.
  • A group of armed operatives break into a laboratory to steal a chemical weapon. Multiple innocent scientists are gunned down offscreen.
  • A mans bionic eye explodes due to Bond using a watch with an electro magnetic pulse system. Blood sprays onto bonds face and the mans eye socket is on fire.
  • Bond breaks Safins arm causing him to scream in pain.


  • A single use of "fuck" (Oh, for fuck's sake) and "shit" as well as 10 religious exclamations.
  • 2 uses of "f**k" (1 is muttered under Madeline's breath, the other is said by M)
  • Light uses of "bloody hell"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink alcohol.
  • Characters take medication for depression.
  • A man and a woman are injected in the neck with a hypodermic needle (containing trackers).
  • Characters drink on several occasions.
  • Major theme is poisoning.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A child is held hostage.
  • Characters die from a deadly chemical.
  • Long tormenting minutes in which children have to watch violence and are afraid for their own life.
  • A few jump scares scattered throughout the film
  • Easily the darkest film in the 007 franchise so far.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The opening scene features a man wearing an incredibly creepy mask breaking into a house and murdering a woman by shooting her multiple times. He then attempts to kill the child but the child shoots him multiple times. He does not die.
  • A virus is spread amongst people during a gala. Some of the deaths are quite shocking. Faces of people dissolving. For a few seconds you see dirty inflamed wounds.
  • Safin is shot twice in the head.
  • Bond gets shot multiple times during the final battle on Safins island. Blood is shown seeping through his shirt. He also gets a few cuts on his face.
  • There are two instances, in which 2 different men are thrown into dissolving water. The first time is hard to notice because he is wearing black clothes but the second time is more detailed and we hear screaming.
  • Felix is shot in the stomach. He looses a lot of blood and his shirt becomes quite bloody. He eventually dies.


  • The word "house" is intentionally pronounced like the word "arse".

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • James Bond dies during the missile strike on Safin's island. This scene is very emotional as he is talking to Madeline telling her that he loves her and that their kid is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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