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Drowned out by mixed reviews from people expecting gold and can't appreciate really good silver.
ryan-fotheringham26 February 2015
If you stopped for an hour and dissected this film you WILL find problems, like how the audience is meant to root for borderline sociopathic criminals or how the structure isn't what they're used to... HOWEVER, if you go in just expecting to be entertained and if you have a particular fondness for hustle movies, this is one enjoyable movie. The charming but not over-the-top humour consistently keeps the story entertaining and by not following the usual structure of a movie this kind, and ultimately the one the trailer promised, it offers something new to the mix. I can see the multiple twists as a turn off for some expecting a deeper film but if you know what you're in for I think the multiple twists in the film's final act will one-after-another bring a smile to your face and even have you laughing. Will Smith harnesses his charm to success in this flick and Margot has effectively proved herself as not being a one-hit-wonder. This is not a bad film, though I do believe your enjoyment hinges on your expectations when going into it. Don't expect the next Ocean's 11, expect a charming, funny, well acted, smartly written, hustle movie that will undoubtedly be drowned out by mixed reviews from people expecting gold and can't appreciate really good silver.
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Well centered but unintelligent in approach
Corinthius Tyler14 March 2015
The title "Focus" had potential among the quantitatively declining Con- Artist genre. Although brilliantly centered and set up with a decent cast and setting - the execution of intelligent criminal activity was poor and often justifying or explaining trickery and illusion as "he's just so good at it." - failing to satisfy the audience with an insight into the brilliance that is a con-centered plan.

I love heist movies. I love intricate con movies. I love crime movies and I'm sad to say this doesn't really come close to fitting anywhere between those genres best and brightest. Instead you're left feeling slightly amused, slightly tired, slightly relieved that it's over but kind of happy you saw it anyway - I dread to think how badly this movie would have been were it not for will smith.
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A confused film, avoid it.
bjcole-322 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't quite figure out what kind of caper movie Focus is trying to be.

If it was a light comedy in the vein of Oceans, The Sting, or The Italian Job then the tone of the film is completely wrong. The cast try to be light, fluffy and likable. There is a smattering of sexual tension, which seems very forced. But the characters aren't funny and you can't empathise with them. They steal from ordinary people and relish that fact, referring to victims as 'suckers'.

OK then, this must be a serious caper movie in the vein of The Grifters? The kind of caper movie where you're supposed to hate the lead characters and everyone comes to a sticky end? Well, no. The film just isn't bleak enough. Largely absent are gratuitous lashings of realistic violence; overly profane language and there are no dark overtones.

When we finally come to the consequence of the lead characters actions it's a weak conclusion. What did our character learn from his journey? Spiritual enlightenment? That crime doesn't pay? No, only that he should never lose 'focus'. Seriously, that's it!?

Don't ever get me started on the plot.

The whole movie is a gigantic mess. Avoid it at all costs.
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Never drop the con.
Iacovos Pantekhis12 March 2015
Focus is a con movie and it's at its best when it's trying to con you into believing you know what is going to happen. The plot unfolds at a steady pace and you are left guessing what is going to follow. There are many twists and it's hard to keep up, as you would expect.

The regular cons work best in the first half, when the movie is trying to be fun and entertaining. During the second half of the movie the plot deepens and works around character development. That's when Will Smith and Margot Robbie come to life, they are at their best when they are given more to work with and they keep the movie interesting. However the movie gets caught juggling too many cons which by the end of the movie may feel just a bit flat; but still make for an unexpected and enjoyable finale.

Definitely worth watching. PS. The directors did a good job showing the importance of FOCUS in keeping the camera Focused at the right place.
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Smith redemption movie works but lacks refinement
paul_3-960-89677411 March 2015
The Will Smith redemption movie, Focus, was a bit of a step up from After Earth. He could honestly only go up following After Earth.

Focus is a better movie than I anticipated, actually that's a lie. Despite the cast my expectations were low, so I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't much of a stinker. The movie is entertaining, the story is somewhat interesting, but - of course there is a but - it could have been much better.

My main problem with Focus is that I wasn't engaged in the story, it wasn't because it's poorly written, it's not. I walked into the movie theater knowing that it was about con-artists - the marketing never hid it, if you've seen the trailer you know this. Anyway, knowing that it was about con artists and the tag-line is "Never loose Focus" I never really let my guard down and I didn't let myself believe what I was seeing. I was busy trying to figure out what the con was before it happened and that's where the movie kind of disappoint.

They did not play on the fact that the audience may be looking for clues as to what is going on. There are no real clues for the audience to find, there are very little things for you to think back on and say "That's right I saw that." They either show how it or explain it once it already happened. So if you're like me, looking for bread crumbs for you to figure out the con Focus hardly leaves any. I only got sucked into one scene and totally believed what they fed me for a little while. But much later when the big twist came I wasn't shock or surprised.

I probably would have had a better experience of the film if there were hidden clues leading up to the cons or if there was one character, who wasn't a con artist, that I could have trusted allowing me to let my guard down and get conned.

The leads, Will Smith and Margot Robbie, work well on screen. Will Smith is not his usual happy, upbeat, self in this movie but it suits the character. As for Margot Robbie, she plays the sex symbol cliché well without letting herself get trapped by it. She's more than a dumb, interchangeable pin up, she showed it in The Wolf Of Wall Street and also in interviews you quickly get that she knows how and when to wield the power than she has. She's talented and it shows in the movie.

Focus is a decent movie, it lacks refinement but it's entertaining, Smith is slowly getting back on top after the stinker that After Earth was.
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The Only People Getting Conned Are the Audience
rjsf966 April 2015
No one had heard of Margot Robbie until 'The Wolf of Wall Street' came about. Now, it seems that every Director wants her in their film. How could they not; when she enthralled audiences everywhere with an exceedingly rare female role in a film. A character that is determined and strong willed. Don't get me wrong Robbie is entitled to further roles, I just cannot shake off the feeling that the Directors pulled off a con involving her, so that she could become the female lead in 'Focus'. It should be noted that never has a title had less relevance for a feature film. Because if anything the majority of this film is out of focus and you can include the script in that statement as well.

It's not all bad though. The first thirty minutes is entertaining. However, I mean this in a, if you leave your brain at home way. Don't think too much and you may have a blast, but that's only if you never use your brain during a film. If you do, then there's the door, I suggest you walk through it.

Nicky is a con artist played blandly yet again by Will Smith, who has only ever been well cast in a film once – 'Men in Black'. He takes up Jess played by Margot Robbie mustering her acting talent and trying as hard as she did in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' to impress. She becomes his protégé, con artist and lover. They try to become romantically involved and it does not work out. Nicky eventually tracks her down to win back her affection and talent as a con artist.

Unfortunately, cracks in the film appear frequently, too large to brush aside and ignore. Consider the opening scene where Nicky tries to bed Jess. It works to his advantage and all of it happens according to his plan. But, we as an audience do not buy it. He barely knows the girl and not five minutes of chit chat has taken place, when they decide to get down to business. I know he is Will Smith and all. I'm sure he has women falling at his feet. But this seems rather far-fetched. Especially when this love turns out to be more than a one night stand and they are fully fledged romantically. The decisions that they partake seem rash, perhaps it was this lack of character development that led me to become distanced from the film in the process.

The script thinks it's very clever and is far too cock sure. This brings to mind another film about deception, trickery and cons. That made no sense at all in the slightest and was all too lacking when it came to character motivation and plausibility. 'Now You See Me'. Both of these films are firmly rooted in the nineties, with old jokes and plot twists so dumb it would have a toddler second guessing the events of the film. Another comparison to be made is that they both possess visual gleam. Take that away and they are just cheap parlour tricks to conceal their true identity.

If I am putting my points across to you again and again, then I'm sorry. But at least it parallels the repetitiveness of the film itself. What starts out as clever movements of characters who steal wallets and other personal belongings from random citizens grows tiresome quickly. Seen one con and you have seen them all. Don't get me going again about the romance that has been stamped on so that couples will flock to the cinema. Do we ever feel involved in their emotions? Do we feel for the characters? Do we in fact buy their romance at all for a second? The answer to all of them above is a definite no! The con clearly is on with 'Focus', not on the oblivious characters, but by and large on the audience themselves. How long can you watch the same old, same old trickery on screen that never changes? It drags and drags and drags. Gets old quickly see? Want a dull Will Smith? A flavourless story? Dumb plot twists that make no sense for a climax? You can have it all. Just do not expect witty dialogue, engaging scenes or interesting characters for that matter. Now excuse me while I burn all copies of the film.
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Brilliant con artist movie blended with flawed romantic comedy
Gino Cox27 February 2015
"Focus" blends two different movies in roughly equal measure. One is a movie about con men, scam artists and hustlers, in the tradition of "The Sting," "Ocean's Eleven," "House of Games" and "Shade." The second movie is a romantic comedy between two people who are strongly attracted to one another, but who cannot and do not trust each other.

The movie about con men is brilliant. The hustles and scams are clever and cleverly executed with excellent skill and tradecraft. Dramatically, the double-blinds and double- crosses are well executed. The players con their marks, one another and the audience with finesse and aplomb. The cinematography, choreography and editing are crisp. The reveals are plausible within the film's cosmos of reality.

The romantic comedy is not bad. One can understand and believe the attraction between the two characters. Will Smith's character is hunky, clever, confident, successful and wealthy. Margot Robbie's character is gorgeous, sexy, vulnerable, clever and charming. But the major plot points in this boy finds girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back subplot seem contrived, while the intriguing aspect of their relationship (How can two con artists with a history of deceiving one another learn to trust one another?) isn't explored in a satisfactory manner. Instead we get a breakup for reasons that are never explained, a repeated gag involving a wallet, and a massive coincidence that leads the audience to believe one of them has a hidden agenda involving the other. The relationship between them works best when they are conning one another, but it needs resolution.

Technically, the film is beautifully done. Cinematography, locations, wardrobe, make-up, editing, audio -- everything is polished. It's a movie that merits a second or third viewing, not only to see the cons played out, but also to appreciate some of the subtle foreshadowing.
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"Never lose Focus"
Vikesh Mirchandani23 May 2015
You know a movie is bad when it doesn't even follow it's tagline.

Unfortunately, this is the case in Focus, a disjointed, needlessly convoluted misfire from directors Glenn Ficarra and John Request and a talented cast that includes Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

Focus starts relatively well, displaying many cool scenes of pickpocketing as Smith tries to lure Robbie into the business. However, soon all of this turns out to be a distraction of the real plot, that is the big time con, which is an absolute letdown.

There is plenty of filler in the middle, particularly a clever but ultimately pointless 20 minute scene at an American football match. While it is impressive to watch, it doesn't contribute anything to the plot.

Soon, they move on to the next big con which is completely unrelated to the last (that shows how useless the start was) full of ever more filler, more deception, more forced humour and more lame twists.

The third act is a disaster with the plot double or should I say, triple crossing itself like a spider's web on a spider's web on a spider's web. Nothing is clear and the explanations are given vaguely and lamely. There is more humour that doesn't work again in the end.

Will Smith is lazy as the main lead and Margot Robbie is functional as his love interest / sidekick. The side characters are all equally functional and forgettable.

Overall, Focus is a terrible con movie which cons the audience with it's good trailer and impressive cast, which can't save this convoluted mess from it's filler filled plot.
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The Sting This Ain't
margaret-mcglynn20 June 2015
Let this movie serve as a cautionary tale for dummies who want to make a con artist movie—Don't. You are out of your depth.

This movie made no sense. The romance in it made no emotional sense and was not set up properly. The twist was obvious, and made no sense. See instead: The Grifters, The Sting, House of Games, Oceans Eleven, The Spanish Prisoner, Film Flam Man, Match Stick Men.

Whoever in New Orleans agreed to have this shot there did not read the script. It portrays New Orleans as the leading American city in which to get your valuables jacked.

If you believe someone could pull your wedding ring off your finger without you noticing it, you will maybe like this film.

If you still insist on seeing this, check your logic at the door or be prepared to be angry. Don't say you weren't warned.
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Badly executed
zivkovic-zorana27 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the first 40min and was already bored, what was supposed to be a fun introduction was sadly uneventful. The most exciting scenes weren't all that exciting. Plot was to say the least confusing. He rejects her and gives her the money, she is devastated. Next he sees her during a job, she rejects him, he is chasing her, without any explanation, suddenly Nicky is madly in love with her and there was no indication of that whatsoever.Also Nickey completely forgets about a big job he is supposed to do. And that only makes sense because he is not good at 'expressing his feelings'. In the end, they are together and in love and have forgiven each other everything. Really confusing. I found myself forwarding trough some scenes after that first 40min. I usually watch every minute of every film i start , even bad ones but not this one. I love Will Smith but this was disappointing. It needs more thrill, action and a plot that makes sense. Not recommending this at all.
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A clever film with a few twists
Joshua Webster17 March 2015
Not really sure how this film has got some poor reviews. It was clever, funny and overall kept my focus (Pardon the pun).

Will Smith is fantastic in this film, not being an over-exuberant character, which I feel some people were expecting in this film. His on screen relationship with Margot Robbie was very good, and I feel she has not got as much credit for this film as she deserves.

Some fantastic camera shots, and great locations add a little bit extra to this film.

I would advise not listening to reviews and going to see it for yourself and making the decision on your own. Enjoy!
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Unsatisfying movie with Unclever Forced Twists.
Dr_Sagan10 October 2017
Just watched "Focus", a movie which made some buzz 2-3 years ago mainly because the rumored romance between the two main actors, Will Smith and Margot Robbie. I don't know what they actually did off-screen, but on-screen they have no chemistry at all.

Focus is a movie about con-artists. It doesn't try to follow the steps of "The Sting" or "Ocean's eleven", but it has the same goal, to confuse the audience on who is playing who... and here is where the problems are starting to arise...

The plot is paper thin and every con seems unnecessary and overcomplicated. There aren't that too many cons to begin with, but every one of them seems forced. A futile effort from the writers, to "amaze" the audience.

You see, to make the audience to expect a twist is basically a bad thing. Even the average viewer had, possibly, better twists in mind than those in "Focus". More plausible and more fun to watch. Here the tricks are too over-the-top in their execution to swallow, and overall unimpressive, leaving a bad aftertaste...

The movie looks colorful, but the acting is pale. Will Smith seems bored possibly because of an early realization that this movie won't work.

Overall: Not a satisfying movie, including the lukewarm ending. The twists you expecting from a con-artist's movie are there, but they are unclever and forced. Maybe its time to dust that DVD of "The Sting" from the selves...

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Focus looks great but ends up being ultimately forgettable
trublu21525 February 2015
I was lucky enough to catch an early preview of Focus last night. I must say, the film surpassed many of my already low expectations of the film. Despite this plus, the film never really has that WOW factor to it. Written and Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Reque, the same duo behind Crazy, Stupid Love, Focus feels more like a love letter to Steven Soderbergh than a film that can stand on its own two feet. Much like its inspirations, Focus aspires to be a great film and almost succeeds but the difference between Focus and films such as Ocean's Eleven and The Grifters is that this ends up feeling like it is trying too hard to wear its inspirations on it sleeve rather than be its own beast. Following Nicky, a brilliant con man and Jess, his sultry apprentice, as they fall in love all while trying achieve the perfect con, the story is decent enough to warrant a feature film but executed really poorly. Lets be honest here, there are no shortage of films very similar to this but what sets Focus apart from the rest is its sleek look. The look of this film is intoxicating, every shot is crisp and clear but also has a constant cloud over it all, as if the murkiness of these characters are affecting their environment. I'm sure there is a sub text to it all, its a shame the film isn't as cool as it looks because if it were, this really could have been something. The performances here are merely OK. Will Smith feels like a miscast here. The role of Nicky feels more like an Idris Elba type, a bit more suave and skinnier. Will Smith feels one step behind the entire cast when he really should at least try and act as if he is ahead of the curve. Margot Robbie is good but she is merely rehashing her sultry goddess performance from The Wolf of Wall Street minus the Brooklyn accent, adding very little substance to Jess and making her merely something nice to look at which is really troublesome considering Jess is probably the best character in the film. It made me wish Ficarra and Reque wrote the film around her rather than Nicky. But in the end, after their worlds collide, there's very little to take away from it all and the story plays out with a slight twist and a turn but nothing really surprising or original. Overall, Focus benefits from its sleek and sexy look but fails to deliver a good con man film, instead it delivers a lackluster romance film surrounded by crime elements that just don't really click
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Leave it in his Will
ameivas1 February 2017
Smith is DOA and the writers don't even know Flip in this under-cooked caper that belongs in a jar with other seldom seen condiments. Every attempt to extract any chemistry from the leads (Smith and Robbie) puts out all the heat you might expect from a post grad party at a rural casino. She may yet eek out a career, but his is shot. The mixture is just foolish. Reviews require ten lines of text. Here come four more:....... ....... ...... ...... ....... ......... ........ ........ .... ...... ......... .......... ............ ............... .......... ....... .......... ......... ........ .......... ......... .......etc.
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Not worth the Journey
rowellboy9 March 2015
I just thought that this attempted to be like "Oceans" but was no where near clever enough, I honestly got bored thought the plot was thin, and whilst the leads were both beautiful they had nothing to work with in terms of plot or script. The twist isn't really a twist more of a 'tw..' as it is so painfully obvious...... yea the clothing and locations are good but this film needed to deliver a bit more. I think that the supporting actors were amusing (ish) but there were very few actual lol's... I think most people stood up at the end of the movie and were like is that it???

Like both actors, but wouldn't bother with this one.
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Loss of time
marton-alexandre26 May 2015
Complete loss of time. Good actors won't save such a bad story. No wonder the movie could barely paid production costs, by the way too expensive for what was presented.

Nothing at all to remember but the scenes with Margot in bikinis.

Really impressed how movie distributors can go along trying to push some movie like that into the market.

Will Smith only resembles himself on this movie and Margot does what she can , be a bimbo girl.

This is a bad film and I do believe your enjoyment hinges even more on your expectations when going into it

Good actors, not acting that well here and that is all.
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real stinker, avoid this movie
caraudioman197817 March 2015
Poorly written, same cliché con movies as others. Poor acting, they needed a better supporting actress, Margot Robbie is eye candy only. This movie is slow, don't waste your time. I wished Will Smith would have passed on this one. Horrible, horrible music set to this movie. If you want a good snooze then this is your movie, so slow it would put an insomniac to sleep. I got in for free and still couldn't sit through it and walked out. Wow just when you thought Will Smith couldn't do a worse movie than, The pursuit of Happiness, he does this movie. This movie sucks, crap, the writer should be shot. Everything about this movie was poor and I cant reiterate enough on how you should stay away from this one.
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A Nicely Manicured Bad Movie
Roger3 March 2015
Focus is a very well put together movie. The acting is good. The cinematography is excellent. The costumes, sound, production etc. are all top class. The lead actors are beautiful, and we see enough of both of them to satisfy any gender preference.

The problem is the script. It is just plain ... bad. It's predictable and relies on the same clichés throughout. The result is, it's disappointing and the end is, frankly, ridiculous. I'm all about suspending belief while watching a movie, but this is a 'con' movie, not a fantasy movie.

Overall, I would say that it's reasonable escapism and worth 105mins of your time. But, wait until you can either see it at a 'cheap' cinema or the DVD has been reduced - which probably won't take long.
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A total dumb movie
anuradhaneo3 June 2015
I would give the rating zero or even minus if I could, This is a total unrealistic dumb movie I have seen. Everything I have seen in this movie is made for people with very primitive mindset, of course but this could be a superb movie ever made for some folks but it depends on the mindset of the viewer. I am not going to point out case by case where these pathetic unrealistic scenes are because otherwise my review will be flagged as a spoiler, anyway lost the faith and the respect I had for Will Smith, he was a true star back in those days, but not anymore. Just ignore this movie, its a total time waste, this is just an unsuccessful creation.
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Waste of time
Andres Salama8 March 2015
I went to this movie knowing nothing about it, we have planned to see other movie with my date, but when we arrived at the multiplex, that movie has sold out, so we choose this one. Basically we have here Will Smith (one of the most unbearable actors working today, he's impossibly smug in this) as a kind of criminal mastermind, a sort of CEO of an underworld company, always ahead of what others are thinking. He takes as an intern the blonde bombshell Jess (Margot Robbie, from the Wolf of Wall Street, playing again a groupie of a criminal). The movie's running joke is that the Smith character always ends up fooling her.

In general, I don't like very much movies about criminals, since I don't find criminality to be very amusing. This movie, however, is too silly, too stupid, the absurd plot twists too ridiculous to offend. But it is really a waste of time to spend two hours of your life seeing this. And the movie is infused in a lot of what I find about US young urban contemporary culture to be abhorrent.

The last part of the movie was filmed in my hometown, Buenos Aires (gratuitously so, since it involves a con operation involving a Formula 1 race, which hasn't been set here for many years), but even that part I didn't find to be terribly interesting, as it's all shown with a tourist lens.

The only good scene in the movie here has Smith playing a game of escalating bets with a Chinese businessman (BD Wong).
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remember when Will Smith was a star?
hydebee-227 February 2015
Remember when Will Smith was a star? oh yeah he was never a superstar-just a wannabe,i actually thought he got robbed at the Oscars,concussion was a very good movie, eexcept for the chase scene which never happened ) but back to this crappy movie,focus.well it appears that time has passed.this is one of the worst pile of crap I have seen actually put me to sleep , it is a copy of so many other films in this genre.take a almost leading man add a buxom blond and con someone. well there you have it. this movie is a total waste of time , rent one of the ocean movies or some movie along this line.will smith was a star ,he had a good following then the last few years took place,his choice of roles was more about the again if you knew here taste in movies you would understand just how bad this movie is ,it amazes me how people on this site give some really terrible movies good marks,are we settling for this?i watch over 200 movies a year and well very few are great I have learn to enjoy a lot of bad movies in some ways ,but this is not good -don't waste your money!!! ,I personally thought it was crap.the plot stunk -the acting is dismal, the directing and writing are 3rd gradish.1 star
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Don't understand how reviews from here give this so much hate- giving a 10 to drown out these atrocious scores.
srfzr-x8027 February 2015
Don't let these narcissistic people influence your decision to go watch this movie. This was a great, thrilling movie that keeps you interested and entailed till the very end. These "experts" try to divulge into this movie so bad trying to nitpick at every crack, that they simply forgot the ability to actually "get into" a movie. To be with the movie with every scene occurring- occurs within you. This is not a sensation like one from interstellar, (which is definitely in my top movies) but the feeling I get from this is more similar to my feeling with "Rush." Completely different movies- yes, but this movie has the same feeling of ecstasy and will *figuratively* be sending you through twists and turns. It was a very pleasant watch, and if it wasn't for all these idiotic reviews my honest review would probably be a very strong 7- mediocre 8. See this one for yourself and you'll be walking out of the theater satisfied shaking your head and balking at how someone could possibly give this movie a 2- a 5- a 3. Just a disservice.
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A fun way to kill time.
Anurag-Shetty14 March 2015
Focus tells the story of Nicky(Will Smith), who is a conman. Nicky takes a woman named Jess(Margot Robbie), under his wing. He teaches her all about conning people. Eventually, they go their separate ways. A few years later, when Nicky is trying to pull off his latest conning scheme, Jess shows up. This makes Nicky's plans go haywire.

Focus is an entertaining movie. All the set pieces in the film where Nicky & his team, con people in various ways are an absolute delight to watch. The scene at the football match is one of the most unpredictable sequences in the movie. I liked the fact that the makers of the film showed us the downsides of conning & not just the upsides of it. The highlight of the film is the electrifying chemistry between Will Smith & Margot Robbie. Smith & Robbie look very natural as an on screen couple & they seem to enjoy each other's company. They must have had a blast making this movie. Will Smith is brilliant as Nicky. Smith exudes charm & panache as the title character. Margot Robbie is great as Jess. Robbie looks gorgeous & delivers another good performance after her role in The Wolf of Wall Street. Adrian Martinez is hilarious as Farhad. Gerald McRaney is spectacular as Owens. Rodrigo Santoro is good as Garriga. BD Wong is impressive as Liyuan. The supporting characters are effective too. Focus is not a must watch in theaters. However, watch it if you are free & want to watch an awesome movie with firecracker chemistry between Will Smith & Margot Robbie.
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Requiem for Mr. Smith
Die Cycle15 March 2015
The plot of Focus is predictable, the characters shallow, stereotyped and banal, but the unpardonable sin; Focus is not interesting.

I like Will Smith and have enjoyed many of his movies, but there are limitations. The most evident limitation is that he needs at least an average co-star as his counterpart. In other words, even his broad shoulders cannot carry the entire weight of a movie successfully. Mr. Smith, like most mortals, needs a modicum of assistance for success.

Mr. Smith is not entirely innocent is the disappointment that is Focus, but while lackluster, his performance is satisfactory and based on previous performances, his talent for clever and lusty scenes is unquestioned. The responsibility, for this cinematic failure, lies at the feet of sloppy writing and boring casting.

Margot Robbie's performance was uninspired. Her one dimensional, mean sorority girl persona, lacked passion. The bedroom scenes between Ms. Robbie and Mr. Smith were common, at best. It must be assumed that her inability to reach any depth of character was overlooked, because of standardized, unoriginal beauty.

Focus is not worth watching, save your money and your time.
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Snore-Fest I felt like we were watching a remake of an average movie
JFitzStudios1 March 2015
The cinematography was beautiful. The locations, the sets, the wardrobes,

the sound, the lighting (very Good), the supporting cast...all was very

good. The story (which should be thee MOST important thing) was very

average. The Chemistry between the leads was non-existent. It was obvious

that they were trying to create an obvious lack of heat. That killed the

film. Two usually very good actors, were forced to create an unusually

strained and uncomfortable relationship, that didn't ring true for a

second, on the big screen.
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