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Saoirse Ronan: Eilis



  • [last lines] 

    Eilis : [instructing new immigrant]  You have to think like an American. You'll feel so homesick that you'll want to die, and there's nothing you can do about it apart from endure it. But you will, and it won't kill you. And one day the sun will come out - you might not even notice straight away, it'll be that faint. And then you'll catch yourself thinking about something or someone who has no connection with the past. Someone who's only yours. And you'll realize... that this is where your life is.

  • Eilis : You remember that after I had dinner at your house, you told me that you loved me?

    [Tony nods, sombre and nervous] 

    Eilis : Well, I didn't really know what to say. But I know what to say now. I have thought about you and I like you, and I like seeing you, and maybe I feel the same way. So the next time you tell me you love me, if there is a next time, I'll, I'll say I love you too.

    Tony : Are you serious?

    Eilis : Yes.

    Tony : Holy shit! Excuse my language, but I thought we were going to have a different kind of talk. You mean it?

    Eilis : I mean it.

  • Eilis : I wish that I could stop feeling that I want to be an Irish girl in Ireland.

    Father Flood : Homesickness is like most sicknesses. It will pass.

  • Eilis : I'd forgotten what this town is like. What were you planning to do, Miss Kelly? Keep me away from Jim? Stop me from going back to America? Perhaps you didn't even know. Perhaps it was enough for you to know that you could ruin me. My name is Eilis Fiorello.

  • Tony : OK, so while you're being amenable. Can we go see a movie this week? When you're not at night classes?

    Eilis : I'll sign up for two movies.

    Tony : Really?

    Eilis : Yes. Even if the first date is a disaster, I'll give it another chance.

  • Miss Fortini : Ellis, you look like a different person. How did you do it? Maybe I can pass some advice onto the next poor girl who feels that way.

    Eilis : I met somebody. An Italian fella.

    Miss Fortini : Oh, I'm not passing that on. I'd rather have them homesick than heartbroken. Does he talk about baseball all the time? Or, his mother?

    Eilis : No.

    Miss Fortini : Then keep him. There isn't another Italian man like him in New York.

  • Georgina : [about their ship cabin]  This is hell. Never again.

    Eilis : Never again to America?

    Georgina : The mistake was coming home.

  • Patty : There. That's better. Now you don't look like you've just come in from milking the cows.

    Eilis : Is that what I looked like?

    Patty : Just a bit. Nice clean cows. Let's go.

  • Diana : Have you told Tony yet, Ellis?

    Eilis : Of course.

    Sheila : Is he taking you out to celebrate?

    Eilis : We're going to Coney Island at the weekend.

    Patty : Oh, boy.

    Eilis : What does that mean?

    Patty : Well, do you have a bathing costume?

    Eilis : No, I was going to...

    Diana : Do you have sunglasses?

    Eilis : No.

    Sheila : You need sunglasses. I read that if you don't have them on the beach this year, people will talk about you.

    Mrs. Keogh : And what will they say, exactly, Sheila?

    Dolores : That's the thing, Mrs Kehoe. You'd never know, because they'd never say it to your face.

  • Mrs. Keogh : Ellis, from the look of you, you have greasy skin, is that right? What do you do about that?

    Eilis : Just... Well, I wash it, Mrs. Keogh, with soap.

    Miss McAdam : There is nothing wrong with soap. Soap was good enough for our Lord. I expect.

    Mrs. Keogh : Well, which brand did he use, Miss McAdam? Does the Bible tell you that?

    Diana : Our Lord is a man anyway. He didn't care about greasy skin.

    Mrs. Keogh : Ladies, no more talk about our Lord's complexion at dinner, please.

  • Tony : Do you like Italian food?

    Eilis : Don't know. I've never eaten it.

    Tony : It's the best food in the world.

    Eilis : Well, why would I not like it?

  • Laurenzio : You'll have to go to Ebbets Field if you want to see him in the Summer.

    Eilis : They're that important to you?

    Tony : Put it this way, if our kids end up supporting the Yankees or the Giants, it would break my heart.

  • Nancy : And what about the skyscrapers?

    Eilis : Ah, but that's Manhattan. I live in Brooklyn and I work in Brooklyn and if I go out, I go out in Brooklyn. All the skyscrapers are across the river.

    Nancy : You don't make it sound very glamorous.

    Eilis : It's not, really.

  • Maurizio : So, has Tony offered to take you to Ebbets Field when the season starts?

    Eilis : [to Tony]  You like baseball?

    Maurizio : He never mentioned the Dodgers? Not even once? What's the matter with you?

  • [first lines] 

    Eilis : Miss Kelly wants to talk to you later.

    Mary Lacey : Not if what you're going to say will cause trouble for me in some way or another.

    Eilis : [sighs] 

  • Mrs. Keogh : Have they told you what day for the nylons sale, Ellis? Never had a Bartocci's girl in here. Might get some inside information.

    Eilis : I haven't been told anything.

    Diana : I bet you wouldn't let on if you had.

    Patty : She's that sort. More aligned to her bosses than to her friends.

    Diana : Like a red spy.

    Sheila : Oh, dear God.

    Mrs. Keogh : I'll thank you to keep His name out of a conversation about nylons. He might be everywhere, but He's not in Bartocci's on sale day.

  • Eilis : You're the prettiest girl in County Wexford. You should be able to choose any man you want. And we're hoping that George Sheridan from the rugby club looks your way.

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