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A Season filled of Adventure
maine_3109 May 2012
I found myself anticipating each episode. Eager every time Tuesday came around hoping to have Unforgettable on my television schedule. A lot of my friends have debates on each sequence. I have grown to like Al and Carrie together as colleagues and partners. This series however goes beyond that. It touches on the roots of doubt and unguided decisions. It pulls you into a world of a past that one tries to overcome. I am certain most can relate with that tag-line.

I could not believe how hooked I became until it was a Monday morning I was getting ready for work and I was excited for Unforgettable the next day. For any series to do that means that it has made an impact and not many I can say do that for me. This episode delivered on answers and Jo has come pretty close to all of our hearts. This episode went back to the past and encouraged Carrie to face her fears. Yet the writing was impeccable, along with the acting.

I now think about is what could be holding the network back from keeping this series head on. What this network needs is a strong female character that stands out. Viewers can relate with it, so they do not have far to go. Its marketing potential can be used for everyone's benefit. The finale still left me wanting more, which is what a second season should provide.
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Inconsistencies ***
edwagreen9 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Of course, the season ended in limbo where Carrie still hasn't caught Rachel's killer from so many years before.

It appears that Carrie and Al are at it again;especially in the hotel where Al knows exactly what to do.

Our prime suspect in this week's episode is not only innocent, but suddenly he helps the dynamic duo in their constant escapades.

In going back to Syracuse to investigate a recent similar murder, Carrie and Al come upon the killer of the current victim only to be surprised after his death as well as the death of the guy who helped them.

Katrina's mother did a good job of lying. She was really afraid what her husband, Katrina's stepfather, would do. The episode ends where we're at square 1 again. If this show doesn't return, we will never know who killed Rachel. Even in The Fugitive, the one-armed slayer was caught.
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