Coco (2017) Poster

(I) (2017)

Gabriel Iglesias: Clerk


  • [from trailer] 

    Clerk : [sneezes]  I am terribly allergic.

    Miguel : But Dante doesn't have any hair.

    Clerk : And I don't have a nose, and yet, here we are.

  • Mamá Imelda : [the Rivera family spots Mamá Imelda at the desk of a Family Reunion agent]  I demand to speak to the person in charge.

    Departures Agent : Sorry, señora it says here no one put up your photo.

    Mamá Imelda : My family always, ALWAYS puts my photo on the ofrenda

    [pulls off her shoe and begins beating the computer] 

    Mamá Imelda : That devil box tells you nothing but lies.

    Papá Julio : [Approaches with fear]  Mamá Imelda?

    Mamá Imelda : Oh, mi familia! They wouldn't let me cross the bridge.

    [Puts her shoe back on] 

    Mamá Imelda : Tell this woman and her devil box that my photo is on the ofrenda.

    Papá Julio : Well, we-we never made it made it to the ofrenda.

    Mamá Imelda : What?

    Papá Julio : We ran into a, a...

    [the family parts to reveal Miguel] 

    Mamá Imelda : [Gasp]  Miguel?

    Miguel : [Gives a hesitant wave]  Mamá Imelda.

    Mamá Imelda : What is going on?

    Clerk : [Office door opens]  You the Rivera family?

    [States matter-of-factly] 

    Clerk : Well, you're cursed.

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