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Let down by poor script, confused tone
tjwb849 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
By the third time a helicopter flew into view, I was exhausted, and dreaded the prospect of yet another interminable and unconvincingly rendered crash scene.

The plot was an unappealing mess of recycled ideas. This film brings us yet another revenge story about someone who shares history with Bond but has since turned evil. That was precisely the plot of the last movie - and rather like the last three Star Trek films, most Batman films, the Superman reboot, this year's Avengers, etc.

Like last time, the stakes are raised by nebulous and non- frightening, yet world threatening (so we are told, but never shown) computer network technology.

The film once again focuses on the question: "are spies still relevant?" I don't find that to be an interesting premise for a Bond film. Why not just assume that the answer is 'yes' and make a fun and smart action movie with a heart? Casino Royale nailed this. If you really must cover the question of whether your main character is relevant, then at least deal with it once and accept the answer! In Skyfall we learned that you still want a man in the field. In this movie, we learn that you still want a man in the field (and, in case anyone was still not getting it, poor Ralph Fiennes in his role as a flaccid M spells it out literally).

While I liked both actors involved, I didn't care for the romance - the movie desperately wants to build it up to be something more than an just another Bond girl. That is an admirable idea, but since the result pales in comparison to the stellar romance in Casino Royale, it seems totally unconvincing when Bond sacrifices his entire career for her at the end. Holy moly - Bond settles down? For THIS girl? What an ending to Craig's character arc that started with Vesper's death (so much more meaningful than anything in any of the other Craig Bond films). Bam, all his emotional problems are solved, because he met a hot blonde. "I've got something better to do than all this!" (throws gun away, gets into car with whatshername). Gee, great ending.

All the interesting plot developments from Casino Royale and (and even Quantum of Solace to some extent), such as Bond's emotional state after losing Vesper and the Quantum organization, are chucked out the window. Skyfall discarded Quantum in favor of a good idea (Bond/M son/mother relationship) and a bad one ("is MI6 still relevant?"). Now, Quantum is back... Kinda. This time, it forms no threat at all - you see, it turns out this OTHER organization that THIS movie is about is even moar powerfuller. And it was really this other, super duper evil organization all along. Muahaha!

That is a tiresome plot twist if ever I've seen one. It completely missed the mark for me; it's weak to try and make your own plot look better by retroactively stating that all villains of the previous movies were really just pawns in this guy's game of chess.

And that's not the only aspect of Bond history that is severely diminished by this film. In Skyfall, we learned about Bond's youth, spent with an old Scottish dude named McAngus. I think. And, of course, his relationship with M.

This time, however, it turns out that Bond actually grew up in the Bavarian Alps with a couple of yodeling Germans named Oberhausen. Errr? Am I the only one confused here? (Possibly.)

Bond turns out to have a sort of surrogate brother, who is very blond, very German, and very jealous. Oh and he also happens to be a supervillain, with an enormous army, who somehow managed to stay absolutely hidden for all these years. There is a powerful and compelling reason for his having all these skills and resources: it's convenient for the plot.

And so, all previous Bond movies are reduced to one large scam operation, a plan by an Alpine superhero that makes absolutely no sense, in a failed attempt to give this movie a great villain. Christoph Waltz is a joy to watch, but he is never allowed to be a real threat. The man gets little to work with, as did Javier Bardem in the last one - criminally underused, awesome actors.

The film's tone was confusing. There is one gruesomely violent scene involving eyeballs - I don't enjoy seeing such aggressive violence, although here I seem to be in a vanishingly small minority. Call me old fashioned, but I was always happy that Bond films used polite violence: gentle fist fights until one guy faints, or perhaps someone shoots a gun and somewhere else, far away, someone falls to the floor.

Putting my personal feelings aside, it was jarring to have this scene be followed up by a cartoonish fist fight on a train, after which the eye-ripping guy is yanked out of a train by a rope, but not before realizing his predicament like Wile E. Coyote hanging over the ravine and saying "shit!". Is this a corny spy movie with train fights a la Bond vs Jaws? Where Bond leisurely glides a crashing airplane around for a few minutes and then humorously lands precisely on top of the bad guy's car? Or is it a somber drama about an aging man's career in a time when nobody knows whether spies are still relevant? Or does it want to be a raw, violent gangster film like Goodfellas, reveling in the sight of bad guys proving their credentials by maiming others?

Finally, I found the camera work jarring in many action scenes - shaky cam, etc. This may have been (partly) due to my sitting in the fourth row, though.
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Mediocre and overbudgeted !
Dr_Sagan25 December 2015
Despite an initial action scene full of CGI that you can also experience in the trailer, this movie hasn't got too much to offer.

The main problem is the bad script and dialogs and the pretentious style which tries to keep the tradition of older Bond films incorporating some not-so-witty and cliché humor and ludicrous action sequences with nothing new to offer. Planes, helicopters, cars...Well we've seen it all before and in much better executions.

Also Blofeld (or should I say BLOWfeld), despite the fact he is the King of all previous villains, seems quite harmless.

Casino Royale (2006) is far more entertaining (I've watched it again recently) and engaging. Spectre is "Meh!" in almost every department including (unfortunately) the ladies.

Thomas Newman who serves as the composer of the film, is proved to be a bad decision too. At the beginning he tries to revive the good-old 007 theme in almost every scene and the outcome is sub-par to say the least. Later he replaces the music with the same note again and again (da-da-da-da-da-da-da). David Arnold did a great job in C.R. and should have been the composer in this too (although I doubt that he could save this movie).

And what's the deal with this lame song? Unsuitable for a Bond movie or any movie out there. Same goes for the same-o same-o intro sequence. The combination of these 2 makes it look like it was made by Liberace.

Overall: The whole movie is pale like the Pale King it mentions.
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Ronald Bond
kalle_ankare4 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is somewhat watchable if you manage to convince yourself that the hero is Ronald Bond, brother of the more famous and successful James Bond. Ronald of course, unlike his brother, is not the suave charmer and rascal type, but has more of a polish wrestler look and demeanor. This makes for some light comedy when Ronald is shown to be one of the few men that can't look smart and elegant wearing a suit, which incidentally only make him look more silly and distinctly out of place. Ronald also has to rely on fools luck more than skill and intelligence to save his ill conceived ways of handling things. At the start of the movie for instance, he manages to raze two entire blocks of houses whilst trying to perform the simple task of taking out a bad guy with a snipers rifle. Not only that, but he also manages to miss the intended target.

He then proceeds to chase said villain into a helicopter that takes off and flies around over a huge crowd of people. Unlike his brother James, who would simply have disposed of the bad guy and then asked the pilot to land at some convenient location, Ronald finds it a good idea to also try and take out the pilot at the same time although should he succeed, the heli would undoubtedly crash into the crowd. Fools luck saves him this time though.

We get another show of his ineptness later on when he escapes out of a window. Since the bad guys chasing him would have no option but to follow him the same route, his brother would undoubtedly just turned around, wait for them to exit and them pick them off one by one with his Beretta. Ronald here of course just continues running and tries to speed off in his car resulting in a car chase. Fortunately someone must have called in a bomb threat because the city, Rome, is almost completely devoid of people. I know this, because I have been in Rome, and there's people and cars everywhere.

Later on when a woman he has, like only an idiot can, fallen in love with at first site gets kidnapped by bad guys he proceeds to go after them in an aeroplane. His brother would of course just kept his distance, landed close to where the kidnappers cars stopped, and then snuck over to take care of business. Not so Ronald, he proceeds to attack them with the plane itself, seemingly without a plan. After failing miserably, as predicted, the plane crashes through a wood. Sheer luck however, not skill, eventually makes it so that he ends up at the same place as the baddies, most of them disposing of themselves in a crash, and thus lets him save the girl.

Ronalds plan for the end game has to be seen to be believed. After finding out somehow where the bad guy has his bad guy compound, Ronalds plan is simple; even though the villain knows his name, what he looks like and who he is, he will just go there, waltz right in, hope to be taken to the villain, tell him that he has come to kill him, and then do so. That's it, that's the whole plan. For some reason bringing a girl along also seems like a good idea.

The villain first does the obvious to thwart this "plan": send someone to dispose of this idiot en route. When this fails (on a train, incidentally also most likely bomb threatened, because like Rome before it, it's empty) this villain changes his mind for some reason, and instead of shooting the fool right in the face on sight when he arrives, proceeds to house him, give him a guided tour of his lair and then hit him over the head and torture him for a while whilst revealing some back story so ridiculous it must have had the writers rolling on the floor with laughter. One can't help wonder what Ronalds contingency plan was throughout all this.

The plot on it's whole is incomprehensible and stupid, apparently all the intelligence agencies in the world are about to pool into one giant data base that NONE of all the experts that thus must have been involved, with all their vast resources, have managed to find out is controlled by the bad guy. Incidentally, on the plus side, the bad guy also turns out to be an idiot who makes it only through luck. (watch how he miraculously survives not only the explosion of a hand grenade type watch (don't ask) thrown at him, but also the explosion of his whole bad guy hideout. (no explanation is of course given as to how he managed this) There's a fun sequence near the end that can only work if we assume that said bad guy spent some time printing out Ronald Bonds passport photo, as well as those of various friends and colleagues of his, and spent what must have been a considerable amount of time walking around a building taping these up presumable to unnerve Ronald when he arrives there. He also apparently went out to buy a spray can so the could spray "Bond" and an arrow on the wall. The latter implies that his plan actually hinged on the certainty that Bond would escape from the henchmen that captured him earlier on. There is however nothing that shows that the henchmen were intended to let him go so that he could reach this target, so why anyone would bother with the printing, spraying and taping when the odds of Ronald Bond actually getting there are extremely slim, is any ones guess.

All great fun though but watching James Bonds brother clown and clumsy his way through an adventure like this makes one long for an actual James Bond movie, it has been too long!
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A truly unexciting 'action' movie
harril-586-2674522 November 2015
This is the worst Bond movie ever, filled with emotionless characters that I couldn't care less about. The pace of this film after a predictably exciting start is slow and boring. Unlike his fellow actors, Ben Whishaw as Q manages to portray the only believable human in this whole fake production. Why couldn't JB have been given a touch of Q's wit, humour or vulnerability? No wonder Daniel Craig wants out of this franchise - it's beneath his talent. Such a cacophony of totally forgettable dialogue, people and silly stunts is hard to imagine in a single movie and yet here it is. During one of the 'action' fights when James was being hammered by the evil assassin I noticed the person next to me had fallen asleep and was snoring. That person was an exceedingly eloquent critic.
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Save your money this is a rental (if you must see it)
Gurubu13 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Before I unload my barrage of critique against this film I would like to first state something. Whenever I watch a movie, and I have so many issues with it, I will take a step back and ask myself for what it is, is it at least a good action movie? The answer is no, it is not.

Good things about the movie:

High production quality and some good visuals / The intro sequence before the helicopter


Problems with the movie:

1) You kill a bad guy, bad guys organization wants to kill the wife cause she's a loose end, Bond prevents the assassins, she finds out Bond killed her husband, then... she sleeps with him immediately. What? Sure she didn't love her husband but with all the stuff going down and after a powerful organization sends 2 assassins they have time to take a break and get busy? (possibly Assassins come in pairs and more arrive only after 30 minutes enough time to shag)


2a) Christoph Waltz. Such a great actor, with a horrible script. At the beginning they make him out to be a bada$$ in the shadows requiring to whisper things to underlings who then announce it to the rest of the group at a meeting. But then he randomly talks on his own because he can, and even has time to say hello to Mr. Bond in the crowd just as Bond realizes he's been caught, and manages to escape bumbling security guards. They attempted to make Waltz' character this mastermind who I was never afraid of, and he wasn't that menacing. For the leader of one of the most powerful organizations his master plans came off weak and his ruthlessness tame.

2b) Dave Bautista. They used him pretty good with his introduction and a fight scene in the movie, but the car chase scene was horrible. Bond was essentially talking to moneypenny on the phone about bad guys rap sheets while Bautista's character was chasing him down in a car (but he was more following Bond then attempting to shoot him or run him off the road). At one point during the chase scene Bautista pulls up next to bond and is looking at Bond and their eyes meet up... and nothing happens Bond pulls ahead. Is this a love story between two men or is this a bada$$ car chase scene where the bad guy is trying run him off the road/pound him into the ground?

3) This film has max level cheese that at times I could have sworn this movie was written by Bollywood writers. I don't mind a decent amount of cheese, but if you're piling it on and the expiry date shows 10 years ago there's a problem. 3a) Helicopter intro Scene 3b) save the girl or building blows up scene 3c) Bonds helicopter chasing vehicle convoy

4) Boring car chase and fight scenes (with camera tricks to make it look more epic which i'm not a fan of and its as bad as lens flares)

5) Bond falls in love with a woman he hardly knows (it didn't feel believable) but that's OK because he's ready to leave his life as a spy

6) The story felt all over the place, and at times Bond is purposely made to look weak and suddenly drinks a RedBull and tears it up 007 style. I didn't really connect with a lot of the characters either.

7) The instant you saw Bond towering over the enemy at the end you already knew he wasn't going to do anything they gave you obvious clues earlier on through M thats how it was going to play out.

I couldn't even disconnect myself from the flaws just to enjoy it as an action movie since it was overall boring. If you can't connect with the story, 2.5 hours is way too long for a few flashy scene's.
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One Shot Opening Scene.
tyelder28 June 2018
James Bond will forever be in our movie memories as one of the greatest action series of films ever made. This film adds to this greatness. -TE (11.21.15)
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B for boring, very very boring.
jjoffe8 November 2015
Wonder what the refund policy is at Premier Theaters. Of course they are not responsible for this fiasco. It just went on and on and on......plot meandering went nowhere...actors mumbling...no suspense, just one predictable scene after another. Some of the scenes looked like they were shot on my grandpa 8mm Kodak movie camera. And to boot, the "reality" of the fight scenes would meet a standard of a 5 year old. We all know this is not a documentary, but when Bond / Craig get pummeled by the bad guy on the train and his tie stays in place and he suffers not a scratch or a black eye where is the realism...The Islander aircraft flying with its wings clipped outboard of the engines?????.Come on Broccoli team - is this the best you can do? Sean Connery is rolling his eyes and chuckling at the new low in Bond movies. Wasted evening, could have snoozed on a couch instead of a movie theater. Now, let us face it..10 lines of comments on this almost two and a half hours of boredom is a task that even Sam Mendez could not master.
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Tedious and overblown.
1bilbo22 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Skyfall was superb so this had a lot to live up to and it doesn't.

There are so many loopholes; Q was afraid of heights so how can he go in ski lift, London is very busy day and night so how can a helicopter crash into a bridge next to the houses of parliament when it is deserted, how does a car drive up a snow covered steep mountain side without skidding, why do the walls of railway carriages brake up like pieces of flimsy cardboard during a fight ? Etc.

Then there is the quite gratuitous violence ( i.e. gouging a man's eyes out.) Plus the ridiculous shoot outs where Bond fells 50 other gunmen who all seem to be very poor shots.

Which brings me to the plot - what plot ? This was so convoluted that it seems to have been made up as they went along. I had enough after the first hour but wanted to see how it ended - poorly.

This film compares very poorly to either Hit-man or Bourne; Sam Mendies seems now to be the director to avoid.

I am sure this film will make a fortune but as the saying goes "If million people like a stupid thing - it is still a stupid thing."
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A thrilling spectacle that ties together the Bond of old with the new.
lnvicta9 November 2015
Whether you like Daniel Craig as Bond or not, you can't deny he has been an integral part of the series' highest points. Casino Royale is one of the greatest action thrillers ever, let alone Bond movie, and Skyfall is right up there with Goldeneye as a quintessential Bond adventure. Following the magnificent Skyfall, Spectre had some huge shoes to fill, and for the most part, it delivers exactly what you'd expect. An attention-grabbing, tense opening fight scene, a lovely title sequence (whether the song is good is debatable), and an elaborate sinister plot surrounding James Bond that puts him up against his inner demons more than ever. Does it surpass Casino Royale or Skyfall? Definitely not, but as far as reintroducing the villainous organization SPECTRE into Bond canon after 40+ years, the film does more than a serviceable job, giving us a stylish action-adventure to boot.

SPECTRE is revealed to have been affiliated with some of Bond's biggest threats - Mr. White, Le Chiffre, Raoul Silva - all under the control of one puppeteer, the head of SPECTRE and James' archnemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. It isn't much of a spoiler, as speculation was rampant ever since the first trailer (and hell, when the name of the movie was released). What's important is its execution, and Spectre leaves breadcrumbs for you to follow all the way through the belly of the beast. Not only is Bond under SPECTRE's crosshairs, but MI6 itself is experiencing a merger led by Max Denbeigh (Andrew Scott) who wants to eliminate the 00 division and focus solely on global intelligence. It's apparent early on that Blofeld has eyes everywhere, and while he works primarily in the shadows (Christoph Waltz only having 20 or so minutes of screen time), he poses a looming threat to Bond because of his sheer cunning and a past secret that unravels itself when the two finally meet.

Many parts of the film feel like a throwback to classic Bond. The icy environments, the car chase and gadgetry, the use of a massive threatening henchman, a train fight that is heavily reminiscent of From Russia With Love, and of course the modern birthing of Bond's greatest adversary. The acting all around is fantastic, with Craig continuing to impress as the suave womanizing secret agent. Thomas Newman turns in another wonderful musical score. But perhaps the most impressive feature is Sam Mendes' directing. The shots in this movie are absolutely gorgeous - the action scenes are incredible to watch and easy to follow, the landscapes are fresh and vibrant, and even the simplest of scenes - Bond and Blofeld walking up to each other for the first time - are quietly introspective yet palpably tense. Tension lingers throughout every moment of Spectre even when not much is happening, and the suspense is high enough to hold your interest for the full 2-and-a-half hours.

Spectre is not perfect. Much of what happens narratively is predictable, a few lines don't go over too well in context, and you eventually find something out about Blofeld that is pretty ridiculous taking previous Bond canon into account. Also, given Waltz's reputation for knocking villainous roles out of the park, he's noticeably underused here. But these flaws don't tarnish the pure entertainment value to be had. What you want in a James Bond movie is over-the-top action surrounding the world's greatest spy who's up against unbeatable odds yet still comes out on top thanks to his charisma and general badassery, and this is precisely what Spectre delivers. Daniel Craig may or may not return as Bond, and if he doesn't, this movie serves as a perfect send-off. But as the series constantly reminds us, "James Bond will return...," and Spectre is just another welcome chapter in the immense story of everybody's favorite super spy.
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Not a masterpiece - but an entertaining love letter to the classic Bond films peppered with a healthy dose of irony
Fan-of-Rare-Movies5 November 2015
First off, let me get something out of the way here: I like to be entertained. Entertainment, as we all know, comes in different shapes and sizes; it can be smart, profound, intellectually stimulating and so forth – or it can just be escapist fun. Now what kind of entertainment you expect from a James Bond film is up to you; as for me, I go with fun. Regrettably, the last three 007 instalments fell a bit short in that department (at least for my taste), and since I expected this new film to be more of the same, I didn't exactly get my hopes up.

Well, I can only say I was pleasantly surprised (although judging from most reviews here, I seem to be in the minority). Instead of further exploring the somewhat dark, dramatic route the previous three films took - which, I must admit, worked very well in Casino Royale - Spectre unexpectedly goes in the exact opposite direction. Sam Mendes and John Logan apparently came to the conclusion that it was time to bring back one of the most crucial ingredients for Bond's success with audiences over the years: the fun.

Don't get me wrong; it's not suddenly ALL fun and games for Her Majesty's finest spy (and Craig still portrays him as a character driven by inner rage) - but the new film is a virtual celebration of the whole James Bond universe, from past to present, including the less grounded and over-the-top elements from the older films. In fact, after a stand-out intro sequence in classic fashion, the spy with a license to kill takes us on a ride which - tonally - feels like travelling back in time to the glory days of such classics as You Only Live Twice, Goldfinger or From Russia With Love (and it's a ride back in time in more senses than one).

This is supposed to be a spoiler-free review, so I won't go into any of the story details, but what unfolds after the introduction plays like a combination of the more grounded, serious Bond we've come to associate with Daniel Craig's films, and the more self-aware spy-romps of the Roger Moore era. It's a mix that doesn't always work and tone and pacing can be a bit uneven at times (especially during the third act), but Spectre largely succeeds in paying homage to many of the classic Bond films while still delivering the gritty action people come to expect from the newer instalments and staying true to the character Craig has so successfully made his own. And despite all the references and callbacks to classic 007 adventures, Spectre still manages to continue the storyline of the three previous films. So while his second entry in the world's longest living franchise is far from a perfect film, I believe Sam Mendes achieves exactly what he wants: he intentionally embraces the old Bond formula, but he also plays with it, twists it and introduces new story elements.

So my verdict: Spectre is a love letter to the classic Bond films, and while it might not be the masterpiece many people seem to have expected, there is a lot to enjoy here. It's a solid, almost classic Bond film with insane action, great set-pieces and a fantastic cast; upon first viewing, I'd rate it 7 stars out of 10.

Rare Film Gems For Cinephiles: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls070242495/
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An Action Spectacle Showing The Vulnerability Of 007
CalRhys26 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If there was anything we learnt from 'Skyfall' it's that Sam Mendes can make a damn good Bond film, veering away from the over-the-top, explosive nature of the franchise, and focusing more on Bond's personal life and his vulnerability. Well what can be said? He did it again.

'Spectre' will definitely appeal more to those who were fans of the early films in the franchise, most notably 'You Only Live Twice' whose inspiration brings back one of the finest villains to ever face Bond. Mendes has since seemed to take a new direction on Craig's series of films and led away from the gritty, thriller aspect that 'Casino Royale' and 'Skyfall' had and instead propelled the film as an action spectacle, full of beautifully orchestrated stunts, stunning cinematography and non-stop explosive action. The locations are stunning, the score is exhilarating and the cinematography from Hoyte Van Hoytema is dazzling.

Christoph Waltz and Dave Bautista, whoever the casting director was on this film, you deserve a huge pat on the back, this film stars two of the most perfect actors to plays villains ever. The much-loved Austrian Waltz whose Colonel Hans Landa has earned him recognition as a fantastic and plausible villain, and ex-wrestler Bautista proving that he is one person not to screw with.

'Spectre' manages to reflect back upon its predecessors in the franchise with references to prior villains, allies and lovers, further drawing upon a story that was in need of a conclusion, a conclusion all fans just couldn't wait for. But... will 'Spectre' be the conclusion we expected? Or will there be more to follow from Daniel Craig and 007?

Obviously you don't have to take my word for it, I'm just a mega- Bond fan, but allow me to shed some light upon it if you are having a hard time deciding whether to see it or not? I went and saw this in IMAX - I was blown away. This is the ultimate British action film and one of the finest instalments!
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Specter brought back the roots of James Bond
emergevisuals16 November 2015
As a die hard fan of James Bond, I found this film to be simply nothing more than a classic. For any original James Bond fan, you will simply enjoy how the producers and Sam Mendes re-emerged the roots of James Bond. The roots of Spectre, Blofield and just the pure elements of James Bond that we all miss even from the gun barrel introduction. This film deserves higher ratings in my view. I don't want to spoil the film , but I am finally glad the writers brought back the roots of James Bond. A true fan nothing more nothing less. I don't know what else to expect from a James bond film and Spectre does just what I originally expected in a James Bond film. It opens a whole new extension to have many more films to come. The cast does a superb in their roles and many salutes to Christopher Waltz in his enemy role.
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I understand why Daniel Craig doesn't want to do another Bond.
austinicity13 February 2016
This is one of the worst Bond films. There was some good cinematography and an all star cast, but just God awful plot and story telling. I don't recommend seeing it.

I like all of Craig's Bond films, except this one. Actually, Craig is my favorite Bond actor. In the previous Craig films, they did a good job of using ancillary characters like M, Q and Moneypenny to augment his character so that that his missions seemed logically paced and not solely center on his prowess alone. They deviated from the traditional Bond by allowing him to have Blonde hair, who had a an experience worn face and body that did break down from wear and tear, who was detail oriented and mission driven.

While this film still tried to keep to it's current trend, it reverted back to just stupid unrealistic scenes, like Bond shooting SMG's with one hand from 200 yards out and saying clever one liners like "You're bluffing," I lost track of how many helicopters were used in this film. How many times was bond apprehended and somehow able to break his 'bonds' from his captors and escape the villain's carefully planned exotic methods of execution? And it was 2.5 hours long; plus the editing made no sense of how they got from point A to point B. They could've at least had the villains die in extreme and weird ways, but no, a total let down even on that point.

This is a first time I've written a review and encouraged the audience members not to see this film. It reminds me the Die Another Day film with Pierce Bronson which was terrible, but they squeezed it in because he only had one film left on his contract. Forgivable, Yes, but I hope the producers have something better for the next Bond film seeing as they are pacing these releases 2.5 years apart, which a tight deadline.
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Bond with and IQ of 2
Eddie_weinbauer16 November 2015
I went into this movie blank.I had never seen any trailer, or read any of the reviews about it. But I was bored throughout the entire movie.I felt i was watching one of those 60-70's bond with the dated lines and the tiresome old clichés.And they are endless. As someone else in her put it,you feel like you're watching Austin powers instead. ************warning spoilers************spoilers*****************spoilers I mean you understand from the very beginning that his new boss is working for the enemy. And when the bad guys always find him wherever he goes,you sort'a know right away it's the tracker MI6 put in his body,that helps the bad guys. I felt I was watching a kid movie,with a plot written by a dilatant. Go watch true lies instead,much better movie,with better action. After watching this I get why Craig is tired of bond,cause this script is really bad
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A Treat for Veteran Fans
williamcsteven12 November 2015
Spectre may be receiving mixed reviews within the community, but I believe that this is simply credited to the fact that Spectre differs from the other Craig Bond films like Casino Royale and Skyfall. This latest installment, in my own opinion, tips the hat to the old Bond-style of action that we loved in most of the earlier films. Granted it is not as brash as say Goldfinger, with character names such as Pussy Galore. But it doesn't exactly fit into the box of Daniel Craig's films either. This movie tells a story. It isn't just nice suits, and cars with beautiful woman surrounded by flying bullets in front of the canvas of a massive explosion (even if this film does boast the record for the largest stunt explosion in movie history). No, this movie gives us some nice character development. With a nod to the many years of Bond that has preceded Craig. It was a nice feeling to think that as a Bond fan across the the entire Franchise, that I was privy to some knowledge and little Easter eggs that maybe some of the newly converted fans (those that have joined the agency only since Craig assumed the 00-status) may not have caught on too. The only downside I could see anyone pointing out with this film is maybe the length of the film. This film could be reviewed as a rather long one, especially to those who might lose interest trying to involve themselves in a story that started back in the days of Connery. But if you are a fan of the entire franchise spanning across all 24 films, maybe even some of Flemming's original novel, then Spectre is a must see.
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A Return to Classic Fun Bond
bowieno9 November 2015
Finally we get to have some fun in the Daniel Craig era. Skyfall was good but underwhelming. This brings back the punches of classic Bond and has outstanding performances from Craig, Seydoux, and Waltz. Not to mention Harris (who is becoming crucial and wonderful in her character development), Fiennes, Winshaw, and Kinnear. Also Bellucci and Bautista serve their roles very well. Waltz was the funnest to watch and I always pegged him for this role of Bond villain since I first saw Inglorious Basterds and boy, he did not disappoint. He eats up his scenes and eschews the sadistic egomaniac with charm, style, and class. The scenery and shooting were breathtaking especially the shots in the Austrian Alps and the Train sequence was a great nod to the ghosts of Bonds past (From Russia with Love and The Spy Who Loved Me). Let's hope for many more.
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Craig's Best Bond Movie
jigsaw-9126 October 2015
Just came out of the theater and I'm literally blowing away! As a moviegoer and movie lover looking for a good entertaining is simply irresistible not to like this movie even just a little. But if your genre is the action or you are a Bond fan-boy (but a real fan-boy, the one who knows that Bond is a dark killer with a great sense f humor as well a troubled human being and not just a fantasy and silly spy in silly missions with a handful of gadgets) then SPECTRE will be a total feast for you.

Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig give us another triumph after the polemic "Skyfall" and this time both have managed to get a perfect balance between that intimate psychology from the previous outing and the nostalgia from a classic Bond movie (with quality, not just passable) that hadn't had hit the theater in a very while. By that way we found ourselves in a very Bond centric movie (perhaps the only one in the whole franchise in which Craig is the absolute protagonist without being overshadowed even by the handsome villain) that explores and expands the character beyond the limits from the last third of Skyfall and a truly genuine adventure full of suspense and crazy twists to maintain the attention.

Across many places (Rome, Tangiers, Austria and coming back to London for a classic suspenseful climax) we found Bond getting started in a personal mission out from the MI6 (although later he will enlist some of his confidence partners with him) that drives him from a enigmatic widow (Monica Bellucci steals the scene alongside Craig) to a beautiful and looking innocent Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) until coming face to face to Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz doing himself stills being fitted for the role and gives chills in his scenes with Craig).

The story is bigger than Skyfall, Quantum and Casino Royale all together. And that's funny because this movie is really connected to all of them (another thing that makes me love Daniel Craig's Bond era). And marrying the credible word (political games, drones included) with the preposterous touch of any of the classic movies of Bond (Oberhauser, his hidden base, his plan) as well giving the Bond past a lot more of light and an effective closure by the end makes SPECTRE to succeed over any negative expectation and to give the audience the most entertaining outing coming from Craig and probably his best Bond yet (anyone knows if he's returning for another one even at another studio?). It's clearly a movie for those of you who are truly fans of Craig's unique run, but for all the haters too (because that lack of Bondish elements are there and most notably than ever).

The humor is back (a drunken conversation with a rat makes the funniest and most hilarious moment) even at times that you couldn't imagine (the torture scene is intense, much better than the classic one in Casino Royale, but handed with dark laughs at some parts). The action is crazy and shot with class (the one shot that opens the movie is the most beautifully complex the franchise has given us so far) and the script goes along the way without going down at any moment or being lazy. It tries hard to touch a lot of plots into a big one to the final part of the film and that implies to focus on some parts more than others. But all the movie wants to be seen and experienced is explored and is a hell of a ride.

SPECTRE is the most enjoyable Daniel Craig Bond film (and probably his farewell-with-a-bang), and the best Bond movie in recent memory. I did not exactly know what to expect for this installment after being put to sleep after the breathtaking Skyfall (so all the hype surrounding it) but not such a bold movie like this. If he (Craig) really leaves after this one, he will achieve something that Connery, Moore & Brosnan failed to do: say goodbye to the character on a stunning high. My personal ranking of Daniel Craig as James Bond: SPECTRE (1º) / Skyfall - Casino Royale (2º, both deserve it) / Quantum of Solace (3º).
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"The dead are alive": Spectre is a gift for Bond fans and a great action thriller with a surprising amount of complex and contrived heart.
erojas-4796825 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This review will be mostly spoiler free because despite all the problems that the production and the writing suffered this movie is a self conscious sleight of hands between all the things you think you know about the plot mixed with dark and funny surprises that pave their way through around the final half. And that's an incredible triumph over all the odds that must be experienced in bare bones. It's a terrific Bond film (more Bondish than Skyfall in a gloriously preposterous way)that has the equals in production values, score (Thomas Newman mixing Skyfall cues with new ones fits well), direction, performances and the brave narrative decisions taken in its script. But let me say this in advice: it may not exactly reach the same smart and complex, deeper and meaningful way achieved in the very personal Skyfall.

The priceless opening sequence: Masterful. Eye popping. Five minutes (or so) in one tracking shot. Never seen before in the franchise. Maybe the best prologue EVER. This is how you start a movie in a truly rip- roaring fashion.

Opening credits: It's a special affair to take part. Sam Smith tune has a little to compare with the epic scoop from Adele, but as a slow burning ballad is terrific for the movie (and very gorgeously designed for it, culminating in a very special opening titles). Is about a man who is an assassin but at the same a time a human being with his flaws (more or less in a way like Dench's M wants for Bond at their first face to face in Casino Royale) and his uncertain demise to find someone pure and up to him…

The rest of the movie (If I'd reveal anything, I would deserve a ban from all the users of this site): it takes a little of time at some parts and it probably would affect in direct comparison to its predecessor. But this movie is able to live up the plot of Skyfall by deeper extravaganza and funnier build up even if it tries to rehash elements rather than add other news (wait a while in order really meet the villain, spy games in MI6 office, Bond has to operate in the shadows again…). Taking its basis as a somewhat follow up (it starts as an extended epilogue indeed with a special message from someone of the past brought back from dead "for a few moments") it develops its own big story with style, patching the whole Craig's era so far and even paying homage to certain iconic moments of his run (there's a cracking torture scene this time too that may push the rating a bit too far) and the franchise overall (the fight in the train, a cat, iconic action sequence in the snow). Just when you think that the script is falling in a familiar territory, the film suddenly subverts your expectations using human drama (very effective for Bond and Oberhauser) instead the action or the fatigue. And the reveals make these characters even more likable and interesting. This smells like the truly 50th anniversary but 3 years later due to finding itself very encouraged to include references of the whole 007 story than the personal previous outing: It 's a thrilling and tragic Bond film, with best of Connery/Moore (and Lazenby) roots (gadgets included) but without becoming too campy or an absurd parody of itself. The performances (Fiennes, Whishaw, Harris, the twisted Andrew Scott, Monica Bellucci in her little amount of screen time "without mercy" and obviously the Bond "new" main interest: Léa Seydoux) are top notch as we could expect from Sam Mendes (even better in the direction). But Christoph Waltz (as insanely brilliant as we were looking for even if falls short to be as resonant as Silva and being closer to a more billed Le Chiffre), Dave Bautista (perfect, brutal, ruthless and iconic) and Daniel Craig (he nails it: operatic complex, dark, emotional and riveting-best Bond EVER) are the three best things that could ever happen to the movie in performances terms.

From its orgasmic start in Mexico City to his hard hitting conclusion in London, Spectre is a gift for newcomers and classics Bond fans and a great action thriller with a heart. I don't know if it's the best Craig's Bond movie (Casino Royale is still a modern classic and Skyfall maybe fell in a better context and expectations in comparison with this one), but is a perfect entertaining and that was the same exciting affair happened to the two ones mentioned. While its deep psychological punch may not being so surprising nor original this time and the effectively reliable political urgency that made Skyfall so unique is left a little underweight with the M vs. C plot, Sam Mendes and the whole team can breathe relaxed. They have wrapped up their story in a new whole level and in a spectacular victory fashion by succeeding presenting a riveting story in terms of pure emotion and action. And if this is the real farewell to Daniel Craig's run he couldn't really ask for any better final outing, as well to thank to the producers and writers to have gifted him the greatest Bond era of all. He really leaves the tux (and the broken soul inside it) on a beautiful high. I'm even afraid if he agrees to come back (with almost the same team or another) even being my favorite Bond… Because to surpass this is going to be a hell of a difficulty.
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Worst Bond Movie ever... how do they fill 2.5 hours with Nothing!
lumpycamel13 November 2015
This is truly truly awful... now at the outset I have to say Im a HUGE BOND FAN... I cannot believe how dull this movie was... both Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes both must have 007 Fatigue as they both 'phone this in' I know when writing reviews you have to be careful not to add spoilers.. but guess what, there aren't any.. as nothing happens for 2.5 hours... just lots of overly long scenes of people talking or walking down hallways or driving in the desert... God only knows what they spent the $250 million on.. maybe a really good catering truck... Id like to go into depth of how dull this is, but Im too sleepy... . Where do I line up to get those 2.5 hours of my life back... the only thing I can say is that this movie makes Quantum of Solace look REALLY good....
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Spectre is Nothing Short of Spectacular!!!
griffolyon128 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If Skyfall was the deconstruction of James Bond, Spectre is the reconstruction. Daniel Craig has returned once more as 007, with Spectre marking his fourth (and potentially final) outing as the character. In Spectre, Bond follows a cryptic message from his past, which leads him to the evil criminal organization known as SPECTRE. After three films, this is the first of the Daniel Craig Bond films that feels more like the Sean Connery/Roger Moore-era Bond adventures, and that is a good thing.

Longtime Bond fans should know all about SPECTRE, who were the very same criminal organization that terrorized Bond for almost all of the Sean Connery films (save for Goldfinger). Due to some issues involving legal rights, the filmmakers have not been able to use SPECTRE since the early-to-mid Seventies. Ultimately, the rights were returned just a couple of years ago and now we have SPECTRE's triumphant return in a film that hits all of the beats one expects of a classic Bond adventure: exotic locales, an imposing henchman, some sultry Bond girls with troubled pasts, cool gadgets, and a maniacal villain in the form of Christoph Waltz's Franz Oberhauser. On top of all that, Spectre is chock full of great Bond moments. From an opening action sequence that features one of the finest Bond fight scenes ever, to a Swiss Alps duel between Bond in a plane and the bad guys in SUVs, Spectre finally turns Daniel Craig's Bond into the superhero the character once was, and the 12-year- old inside of me loves it. Of course, the single greatest element of Spectre is not necessarily it's throwback feel or the fact that it's the first Daniel Craig Bond that fully embraces the Bond mythos, but it's how this film effectively ties together all of Craig's Bond movies.

Featuring nods to the events of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall, Spectre kind of feels like the end to the whole enchilada. In some ways, that's good. It has been rumored that this might be Daniel Craig's last Bond film, and if it is, then it is an amazing end to his tenure. No other actor who has ever played Bond has had a run of films as strong as Craig's, and a large part of that is that all of these films have been direct sequels to the others. None of the other Bond films ever really acknowledged any character growth or story progressions from one film to the next, but the Daniel Craig movies all have. The Bond in Casino Royale was brash and impulsive. The Bond in Quantum of Solace was moody and violent in response to Vesper Lynd's death. As for Skyfall, Bond was tired and worn down, a relic searching for a purpose. And Spectre finds Bond struggling with the repercussions of his past while finding his heart and soul once again. By the time the credits roll on Spectre, you really feel as if a myth has been born and Bond is back in tip top shape, better than ever.

I give Spectre a 9 out of 10!
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abouhelier-r12 November 2015
A cryptic message from Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

"The Dead are Alive" are the very first words printed on screen in Spectre, the 24th and far-from-last James Bond adventure. The success of Skyfall three years ago - yielding not just $1 billion worldwide but breathless reviews, two Oscars and even a BAFTA for Best British film - places this new opus in a tricky returning position. I am a huge James Bond fan, I've loved James Bond my entire life, so I was excited to see what Sam Mendes had done with this one. I've always saw them like superhero movies, starring an indestructible character who simply wore a tuxedo instead of tights and a cape. This film goes to epic lengths to deliver all you could conceivably want from this invincible franchise. From the gun to the other gadgets in Q's workshop, everything is back where it belongs. The "t" in Fleming's Spectre stood for terrorism - the SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge andExertion - and perhaps one of the first uses of the word in pop culture. Indeed, this is a thoroughly British movie franchise. Made of pure action mixed with a real sense of style.

Bond's adventure this time is a genuine personal journey, learning more about himself and others as well. Still, the death of Dame Judi Dench's M at the climax of Skyfall raised the personal stakes for the usual impermeable Bond in a fashion that can't be automatically repeated an instalment later. When Casino Royale have taken those elements away in order to do a more compelling story, here a more traditional Bond character is bring up. Daniel Craig is probably my favourite James Bond ever - equal to Connery. He has grown into the role of the British spy with flair and a welcome lightness of touch, a mix of inconscience and playful self-awareness, just right for a character still trying to find his place in the modern age. Plus, in Spectre Craig offers his most relaxed and witty performance to date as 007. If this is his farewell to the tux, he's going out in a pretty stylish way. Another person who has grown into his part is Ben Whishaw, as the perennially stressed quartermaster and tech supreme: Q. Given much more to do this time around he has developed him as a very enjoyable comic character.

Léa Seydoux and Daniel Craig have an excellent chemistry and you feel like something tangible is there in regards to a possible romance but the film doesn't explore that relationship as well as they could have. Indeed, Sorbonne-learnt psychologist Madeleine Swann skills with a gun doesn't offset the annoying damsel-in-distress role she's been assigned in the action; which at one point is so depressingly retrograde, it's a wonder Mendes didn't just tie her up to some railway tracks.

David Bautista shows up every once in a while, does something incredibly bad ass and that's it: very minimal but functional character. Nonetheless his brutish physical threat leads to one of the greatest fight scene ever seen in a Bond movie. Later, we also get a horrible hi-tech torture scene, a new version of the sadism that was on display when Mads Mikkelsen was roughing 007 up in Casino Royale. Most importantly the shadowy introduction to Oberhauser was masterfully done, suspenseful and marvellously well shot, it gave us a promise for an intense character. Christoph Waltz has an almost papal presence while bringing his familiar streak of fruity menace to the role. He introduces us to the new big bad , Franz Oberhauser - aka Ernst Stavro Blofeld; please don't act surprised, neither of us were born yesterday! This new (old, really) villain makes Bardem's Silva look like a junior at best. Every scene he's in is amazing. You know those James Bond movies are not usually short so giving three scenes to Christoph Waltz. Three scenes! This was disappointing. You just want to see the villain and then comes this great scene and nothing for a long again. These movies need a good villain, a great villain, we got one but we need him to - like Silva in Skyfall - get things done. However Christoph Waltz just talk about how he hurt James Bond in the past and how good he HAS BEEN.

Check out my blog to read the end!
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A dull pointless movie.
Shopaholic352 January 2016
I was finding it incredibly hard to stay awake through this movie. Even the action scenes were quite lacklustre. I think it had nothing to do with the big budget special effects but more to do with the emotionless performance of Daniel Craig's James Bond. Whenever anything exciting happened he acted like he didn't even care. He may do this every day but I can't believe it would ever get old or boring. In between the action scenes there were intense periods of nothingness. It's not surprising really as there was no real plot. I just cannot watch a mindless film about fighting, explosions and getting laid when there's no passion.

Speaking of passion the "bond girls" were a big disappointment and had no connection with Bond. It was not believable and super awkward. I know when I've just faced a life or death situation that's exactly the point when I can't resist hooking up with some random. It's such an old concept and it might be time for the Bond series to be put to bed.
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Entertaining and Amusing
claudio_carvalho23 July 2017
When the viewer watches any 007 franchise, he or she knows what is going to see: an entertaining full of action adventure, with beautiful women, car chase, conspiracy, great villains, predictable story and a brainless screenplay. "Spectre" is no exception and provides an additional amusing situation, with the weirdo Daniel Craig seducing the gorgeous Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci without any chemistry. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "007 Contra Spectre" ("007 against Spectre")
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Amazing Film - 10/10
pisgahfarm9 November 2015
Spectre is an amazing film.Daniel Craig once more is a fantastic 007 in his fourth appearance.Sam Mendes has directed a thrilling film and deserves a huge amount of credit because his target was to better Skyfall and he has succeeded without doubt.Dr Madeleine Swann is a magnificent Bond girl as she is highly intelligent and very attractive.Dave Bautista is an extremely physical henchman and the train fight is brutal,bringing back memories of the train fight in From Russia With Love(1963).Franz Oberhauser who is portrayed by Christoph Waltz is unbelievable in the film and is no doubt my favorite Bond villain.It's very clever how Sam Mendes has tied together the previous three films in to the film.Also the films ties together memories from the earlier films which is brilliant.The beginning of the film is extremely entertaining and is also throughout.The countries that are used in the film are very exotic and fantastic.M,Q,Tanner & Moneypenny also deserve credit for their appearances.The theme song makes sense once you've seen the film.The beginning of the film in Mexico is very entertaining.The ending is also fantastic.I can't wait for the 25th Bond to come out in the future.In my opinion this is the best Bond film in history.I hope Daniel Craig will once more portray 007 and that Sam Mendes will direct it.A truly excellent film - 10/10.
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On the story goes
nykbonds8 November 2015
The allure is definitely still there, and the movies continue to be fantastic entertainment. Isn't that what a movie is supposed to be? The reality is that Bond movies have been bringing people to the theaters for many decades now and probably will continue to do so. I don't put much credence in negative reviews or the suggestions that they should have done this or that, or this director is poor because and so on. The movie is very exciting, the locales are new and fantastic with neat tie ins to the other Daniel Craig movies in the series. If you like Bond movies, go see this, you will have great fun and that is what matters. I will get up tomorrow morning to go to my job at 3:00 in the morning, and hope that it isn't raining "ha!", and do my work, that is real life, this is a movie, and it was fantastic! Go, have a great time, if you can't or don't then you shouldn't have went in the first place, and above all, decide for yourself what you think, I suggest if you're going to complain, do it just before you leave for work, it might help you put things in perspective!!! Great movie, anxiously awaiting the next one!
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