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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, some disturbing images, sensuality and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman slowly begin kissing in a house, talking as they do, and the man unzips the back of her dress. Nothing is seen below her shoulders, but the dress falls away and the two continue to kiss. They are later seen in the bedroom with the man leaving, and the woman is in the bed wearing a black nightgown - sex clearly implied.
  • A man and woman briefly kiss in a hotel room in the beginning, and she lays down on the bed, but he leaves.
  • This is the least sexual bond movie so far
  • A man and woman start making out and begin to take off their clothes in a train car, but nothing else is shown.
  • The opening in this film sequence has silhouettes of women in leotards (not nude) touching and kissing James Bond while he has a bare chest.

Violence & Gore

  • A man shoots himself in the head, but the camera cuts away as the trigger is pulled. No blood is visible, although his head flops back onto the top of the chair.
  • Bond punches a man in the face and throws him over a balcony where he lands hard on a table below. Bond then smashes through a window and runs away while other men shoot guns at him.
  • There's an intense shootout in the desert outside a building. Bond opens a door and knocks a man over, and storms on his head. He takes the man's gun and shoots several other attackers, while dodging gunfire. He shoots a gas main, causing a large explosion, and then shoots two more men, one at a great distance. As he and a woman leave, the building near them is destroyed in a massive explosion.
  • Bond chases a group of bad guys driving cars by piloting a plane, and they shoot at each other. The plane crashes through a cabin, and into several of the cars, causing explosions and destruction. One man is thrown through a windshield, and Bond gets out and shoots one of the drivers.
  • Bond shoots two assassins dead in the background in one scene.
  • There's a lengthy car chase in Rome in which Hinx chases Bond. The two crash into several things but continue moving, and Bond runs into the back of another car and propels them forward. The eventually drive next to a small pool, and Bond spews fore out of the back of his car at Hinx. He then ejects out of it, and the car crashes into the pool, causing Hinx to crash into a wall.
  • A large building collapses after an explosive is activated inside.
  • A man holds another man at gunpoint, but he grabs the man's gun and the two struggle, shooting several glass panes around them. One of them stumbles backward into a window that was shot out, and he falls to the ground below and dies.
  • A car t-bones another car, and the drivers get out and take one of the men inside the victim car hostage. Another car drives up and the kidnappers shoot at it.
  • Two bad guys pull Bond out of a truck, but he shoots both with a concealed gun.
  • A man is seen with a large scar on his face and a missing eye after having been caught in an explosion off-screen.
  • During an explicit torture scene, a man operating a machine via computer lowers a robot arm equipped with a drill bit to Bond, who is tied down on a table. The scene is about 2 minutes long, and we see Bond scream in agony as the drill bit enters his temple for 30 seconds, drilling in with a buzzing sound. Blood drips down as it is pulled out, and we see the bloody hole. This is repeated with his neck. A woman nearby throws a small bomb near the torturer, and it blows up and throws the man backward.
  • A man bangs someone's head on a table before gouging his eyes out with his thumbs until we see blood on his thumbs and the eyeless man slumps over. We briefly see his bloody sockets.
  • A woman pricks a man with a syringe in the back of a car.
  • There is a brutal fight aboard a train between two men. One attacks the other by kicking the table he's at, smashing a woman in the face. The two punch and kick each other brutally, and crash through the train cars. One catches on fire but snuffs it out, and they continue to fight. One is about to beat the other but the woman fires a gun a few times, and one of the men wraps a rope around the other's neck, and he's pulled out of the train when something the rope's attached to is thrown out.
  • Bond strangles someone.
  • Bond knocks one man over and punches another man hard in the stomach. He walks out of the building they were in and shoots another attacker in the leg.
  • Bond fires at a helicopter, and the helicopter crashes into a bridge and hits several cars, killing/injuring some of the people involved.
  • In the opening scene an explosion and gunfire from Bond kills several people, and during a fight aboard a helicopter Bond kills two men by kicking them out at high altitude.


  • 3 uses of 'shit', 3 uses of 'hell', 1 use of 'asshole' (in subtitles), 1 use of 'bastard', 1 use of 'prick', 1 use of 'bloody', 1 use of 'Jesus', and 1 use of 'Christ'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are several scenes where Bond is seen drinking.
  • Bond asks for a Vodka Martini at a bar in a health clinic, but is told alcohol is not served.
  • Madeleine is also drunk during a scene.
  • Alcohol is a common theme, as with all Bond movies.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The drill torture scene may be intense and disturbing for some.
  • The final bomb sequence and chase scene is pretty intense.
  • The opening scene and subsequent helicopter fight scene is fairly intense.
  • The train fight scene is very brutal and intense.

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