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(I) (2015)

Ben Whishaw: Q



  • James Bond : [Q hands Bond a watch]  What does it do?

    Q : It tells the time. Might help with your punctuality issues.

    James Bond : M's idea?

    Q : Precisely. Oh, one word of warning, the alarm is rather loud... if you know what I mean.

    James Bond : I think I do.

  • [Bond notices the shell of the DB5] 

    Q : Oh, yes. That old thing is taking quite a bit of time. Mind you, there wasn't much left to work, only a steering wheel. I believe I said, "Bring it back in one piece," not, "Bring back one piece."

    [Q laughs at his own joke] 

  • James Bond : Could you do one more thing for me?

    Q : And that would be?

    James Bond : Make me disappear.

  • [last lines] 

    Q : I thought you were done.

    James Bond : I am. I just need one more thing.

  • Q : May I remind you that I answer directly to M. I also have a mortgage and two cats to feed.

    James Bond : Well, then I suggest you trust me, for the sake of the cats.

  • Q : Well it's lovely to see you, 007. Lovely. Um, now I meant to tell you, the Smart Blood program is obviously still in its developmental phase. So we may experience the odd drop in coverage during the first 24 hours...

    [Bond glares at him] 

    Q : 48 hours after administration, but after that it should work perfectly.

    [Bond smiles] 

    James Bond : I'll send you a postcard.

    Q : Please don't.

  • Q : [notices the drink Bond left because he took the car]  Ooohh... Shit!

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