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Right in the Feels
FanFictionEngineer18 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This has been one of the better season finales for the Big Bang Theory. It's beautiful how this group of quirky and different characters are able to come together to support the "least intelligent" genius of the bunch.

The side stories for each character is still there, but the focus is on the Howard and Bernadette wedding. Even with his rugged exterior and devil may care attitude, Howard consistently shows us that Bernadette is the woman that captured his heart. I'm wondering if all the hints throughout the season, and especially in this episode, will lead us to Bernadette fully transforming to Howard's mother (if she hasn't already?) Being the first wedding in the TV series, I'd imagine that there would be a lot of imagination since it would've been a wedding planned by geniuses, and golly, they delivered! Of course Rajesh would be the one to come up with such a brilliant premise for a wedding.

Lastly, I come to the last scene of the episode, the real reason that I chose to write a review. All I could say is that I love how everyone's characters show the truthfulness and the purity in their relationships with one another. The Rajesh/Bernadette common love with Howard (I believe these two can be best friends), the Leonard/Penny on-and-off again love affair that you couldn't separate even with chlorine triflouride, and the ShAmy (sheldon/amy) can't really hide it even if you tried Sheldon romance (oh yes, Sheldon does have a heart).

To be brief . . . umm, too late now. This was a finale that didn't leave cliffhangers or any unnecessary junk just to increase ratings. This was simply an episode that provided good story fluidity and movement while developing each character arcs in a beautiful way.
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"The Countdown Reflection" was a fine mixture of laughs and tears for "The Big Bang Theory"
tavm25 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In last season's finale of "The Big Bang Theory": Howard is in a rocket with his two astronaut-mates shooting the breeze awaiting takeoff. During that, Howard thinks back a few days ago to what happened then: After giving Bernadette a star necklace he then takes back so she'd then wear a "star that actually went to space", Bern then tells Howie she wants the wedding before he leaves. So they all go to City Hall but they're too late so then Raj suggests the Sunday before the launch since some satellite camera would be flying above them during it. And Penny then suggests anyone could be ordained online so that's settled...This was both a funny and touching ep of "The Big Bang Theory" and overall, a fine way to end this season of it. Now, it's on to the first of the following one I'll go to next...
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