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Sex & Nudity

  • buttocks are seen.
  • A criminal wants to rape a girl wearing tight clothes, he mentions how "he's always wanted to have sex with a beautiful woman". The criminal is then shown on top of the women but is then stopped after officers show up.
  • A woman is implied to have sex with another woman. We see the second one leave the room, then the first one starts putting clothes back one while a third woman notices she's still not fully dressed (no nudity)
  • In episodes 7-9, a murderer displays the dismembered bodies of young girls in public places as "artwork". They are naked, and buttocks are seen as well as side-views of breasts, but no nipples or genitalia.
  • A woman is shown painting portraits of naked women. In these paintings, the subject's breasts, nipples and pubic area are briefly visible. However, it is not pornographic and is more akin to something you'd see in an art museum. In the last episode, two women are shown naked in a bed together, implying they had sex. No graphic nudity is seen though.

Violence & Gore

  • The lethal dominator is a gun that when used, can either have mild or violent results, as it can fire a round that paralyzes someone (if the number is between 100-299) or a round that graphically inflates someone until they explode, leaving only a puddle of blood. (if the number is 300 and above)
  • There are many fights with guns, fists, and knives, and there are several explosions.
  • When people are shot with the Lethal Dominator, they expand and explode in a burst of blood and gore.
  • A murderer has her hand cut in half with scissors and her head is blown off with a shotgun (offscreen, but the head is shown flying backwards off the body and lands in a pool of water).
  • A criminal strangles his victims, then cuts apart their bodies and blends the limbs before draining the liquefied gore down shower drains (not shown, but the aftermath is discovered by police). The same criminal later on strangles a woman to death. Her face is shown close-up, gasping for air as she dies.
  • A man is stabbed to death by a masked assailant. The assailant then stabs a woman in the leg with a pen before killing her offscreen.
  • A woman is beaten to death with a hammer by a masked assailant. People nearby stand and stare at the spectacle before them while the woman slowly dies.
  • Several young girls are displayed nude as art projects, their heads are removed and used to cover their genitalia.
  • A criminal beats several other criminals to death with a metal baseball bat. He kills the last criminal by shoving the bat down his throat.
  • An old man is murdered offscreen. His bloody corpse is later shown, as police report that his hands have been removed and eyes gouged out.
  • A grenade goes off in a man's hand, leaving him bloody and fatally wounded. Another has his arm crushed by a shipping container, which he pulls out after struggling. The mangled arm is seen flopping about as he runs.


  • Quite a few uses of lesser profanity such as "damn", "sh*t" and "hell".
  • A few uses of insulting/offensive language such as "asshole/bastard" and "bitch/whore".
  • In the English Dub, the swearing is more or less the same.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A main character, Kogami, frequently smokes. A couple of other main characters frequently drink, and are shown drunk several times.
  • A man is briefly shown sitting in a cell and smoking from a bong.
  • An older man is seen smoking from a pipe.
  • A woman frequently smokes cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • MA15+ for Strong animated bloody violence.
  • The show has dark and cruel undertones, while touching upon topics like child abuse, creative murder, teenage criminals, insanity, revenge, rape, corruption, and greed. There are numerous ruthless killings (a girl is also lit on fire in a short, but unpleasant scene) and crazed people howling for revenge and making "art" out of their killings.
  • The main villain (Makishima) is deplorably cruel, casually killing innocents (a recurring character in one upsetting scene), and manipulating teenagers and civilians into becoming murderers. Some would find him disturbing.
  • A criminal murders online celebrities and assumes their identities. This can be disturbing for people with specific phobias.
  • An older man smokes from a pipe which he said was crafted from the bones of a girl he murdered.
  • Many intense fight scenes, scene of explosions and gunfire, people manically laughing and slipping into hysteria/dementia, and all-round hectic and violent scenes.
  • Rated: TV-MA V/SV (Violence, Sexual/Sexually Suggestive Acts)


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Makishima slits the throat of an innocent girl with a straight razor (it cuts away as he does so, but the sound is still heard).
  • Kogami executes Makishima by shooting him in the back of the head with a pistol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending may be intense, as Kogami breaks his promise to Akane by murdering Makishima when he was supposed to be captured alive. As a result, Kogami must spend the rest of his life on the run as a wanted criminal.

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