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‘Uncle Drew’ Review: Lil Rel Howery, NBA Legends, and Oscar-Worthy Makeup Help Make This Streetball Comedy an Easy Slam Dunk

‘Uncle Drew’ Review: Lil Rel Howery, NBA Legends, and Oscar-Worthy Makeup Help Make This Streetball Comedy an Easy Slam Dunk
The best film ever adapted from a series of soft drink commercials, Charles Stone III’s “Uncle Drew” is such a well-acted, warm-hearted basketball comedy that you’re liable to forget about its corporate origins. To be honest, it’s hard to think about such things when you’re struggling to make sense out of Reggie Miller — the ex-Pacer whose three-point daggers taught a generation of young Knicks fans what it means to hate another human being — being an immensely likable actor. And a good one.

Of course, you’re also liable to forget that Reggie Miller is even onscreen in the first place. Like most of the NBA legends who star in this movie, Miller is playing an old-timer several decades his senior, and the Hall of Famer is rendered virtually unrecognizable by layers and layers of Oscar-worthy makeup. To clarify: All of the NBA stars in “Uncle Drew
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Critics Call Out the Shows With the Most Preposterous Premises Ever — IndieWire Survey

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday.

This week’s question: Which show that actually made it to air has the most preposterous premise you’d ever encountered?

Kaitlin Thomas (@thekaitling),

I don’t really know if “Sleepy Hollow” truly had the most preposterous premise I’ve ever encountered, but it was the first show that came to mind this week, because it never should have worked. The show was built around the idea that Ichabod Crane was a hunky history professor-turned-soldier who woke up in present day when someone raised the Headless Horseman, who was revealed to be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That sounds like a lot on its own, but there was so much more: America had a magical history! There was a magic bible belonging to George Washington that explained all this stuff!
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Aardman ‘Early Man’ Animators Used 273 Puppets (and 3,000 Mouths) to Bring Their Caveman Soccer Tale to Life

  • Indiewire
Aardman ‘Early Man’ Animators Used 273 Puppets (and 3,000 Mouths) to Bring Their Caveman Soccer Tale to Life
For Nick Park, it always begins with a drawing. On “Chicken Run” (2000), it was a chicken digging its way out of a coop with a shovel, which became a riff on “The Great Escape,” and on his latest, “Early Man,” it was cavemen kicking what would eventually become a soccer ball.

Thus began Aardman’s first prehistoric underdog sports movie in stop-motion, and Park’s first feature since the Oscar-winning “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” (2005). Only this time, he decided to direct solo without partner Peter Lord or animator Steve Box.

Cavemen are well covered now with ‘The Croods’ [which began at Aardman before DreamWorks took it over] and ‘The Flintstones,’ but I was looking for a quirky Aardman angle, and soccer became the hook,” said Park, who pitched “Early Man” as “Gladiator” meets “Dodgeball.”

“This could have legs: a group of idiotic, lovable cavemen who only know how to fight and use weapons,
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Interview with Casual Encounters star Ceri Bethan

Scott Davis chats with Casual Encounters star Ceri Bethan

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me for Flickering Myth and congratulations on your latest film role in ‘Casual Encounters’.

Scott J. Davis: How have your family reacted to your career choice and your move from England to the Us? How has the transition been for them?

Ceri Bethan: They have been amazing and I truly couldn’t do this without them. They are so supportive and knowing that they have my back and are championing me every step of the way is what helps me keep going. Moving away is never easy, but they have always known this was my dream and they are only a FaceTime away! I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Sjd: Was it always your dream to be an actress and move to Hollywood? Have you had
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Lightning seals Cannes deals

  • ScreenDaily
The Santa Monica-based company has reported a flurry of market and post-market activity on its Croisette slate.

John V Soto’s The Reckoning starring Luke Hemsworth, Viva Bianca and Jonathan Lapaglia has gone to Anchor Bay/Starz for North America.

Lightning evp and general manager Ken DuBow announced deals on the crime thriller have closed in the Middle East (Eagle Films), Portugal (Media Page), Scandinavia (Atlantic Film), South Africa (Ster Kinekor), South Korea (Zecon Plus Corp), Thailand (Ipa), Turkey (Moviebox), Mexico (Renaissance) and Israel (Yes/Dbs).

Herschel Faber’s comedy Cavemen starring Chad Michael Murray and Camilla Belle and Alexis Knapp has been licensed to Benelux (Koch Media), China (Melting Culture), South Africa (Ster Kinekor), South Korea (Zecon Plus Corp), Turkey (D Productions), Germany (Lighthouse Home Entertainment) and UK (Bskyb).

Comedy Gods Behaving Badly starring Christopher Walken, Sharon Stone, John Turturro and Edie Falco has gone to China (Melting Culture), Germany (Pandastorm), Portugal (Films4You), South Korea (Joy
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Skylar Astin Reprising His Role for ‘Pitch Perfect 2'

Skylar Astin Reprising His Role for ‘Pitch Perfect 2'
What would “Pitch Perfect 2” look like without Skylar Astin? Thankfully, fans will never have to find out. Ben Platt, who portrayed Benji in the first film, uploaded a picture to Twitter on Wednesday that confirmed Astin's involvement in the sequel to the hit musical comedy. Also read: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Skylar Astin's Rom-Com ‘Cavemen’ Acquired by Well Go USA “What better way to spend my first day on set for #PitchPerfect2 than by doing a scene with my roomie @SkylarAstin,” wrote Platt, adding a photo of the two actors smiling together. Much of the plot remains unknown for “Pitch Perfect 2,
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Wamg Giveaway – Win the Blu-ray of Cavemen

The new comedy Cavemen follows La playboy Dean (Skylar Astin) who is fed up with one-night-stands and empty relationships and realizes that he wants something more out of life than just a party. With a little inspiration from his nine-year-old nephew and his best friend Tess (Camilla Belle), Dean decides to try his hand at finding true love for the first time – which proves to be much more difficult than he thought in modern-day Los Angeles.

When Sam Moffitt reviewed the Cavemen Blu-ray Here at We Are Movie Geeks he wrote:

Cavemen does have its fun moments…… Well Go USA’s Blu-ray looks terrific”

Now three lucky winners can have a copy of the Cavemen Blu-ray.

For A Chance To Win, All You Have To Do Is Answer This Question: What is your favorite movie that starts with the letter “C”?

Carrie?…Carlito’S Way?……The Car?

Mine would be
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Cavemen – The Blu Review

Review by Sam Moffitt

Charlie Kaufman has a lot to answer for. His multi level style of screen writing now has multiple imitators. Witness if you will a little film called Cavemen. In the style of Charlie Kaufman’s screen play for Adaptation and other films, we see a young, urban professional named Dean struggle to write a screen play, bounce ideas off some unnamed friends, present his screen play to a way too convincing Hollywood producer (very well played by Jason Patric) and struggle to live through the incidents that will come to make up the screen play we see him write, and that we also see being performed in front of our eyes.

Not quite as engaging as Kaufman’s style Cavemen does have its fun moments, but, well…

Dean and three of his friends have figured out how to keep the frat boy life style going well
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Dayo Okeniyi Is Miles Dyson's Son in 'Terminator: Genesis'

Dayo Okeniyi Is Miles Dyson's Son in 'Terminator: Genesis'
The Hunger Games star Dayo Okeniyi has landed the final lead role in Terminator: Genesis, portraying the son of Miles Dyson, Danny.

Earlier this week, we reported that John Boyega (Attack the Block) was vying for that role, just weeks after he was mentioned as a contender to play a Jedi apprentice in Star Wars: Episode VII. As it turns out, Deadline reports that Dayo Okeniyi also tested for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII before taking the Terminator: Genesis role.

(Does this mean Star Wars 7 is casting Boyega? We don't know yet.)

Danny is said to be a Steve Jobs-type genius, who figures heavily into the conclusion of the story. Since Terminator: Genesis is said to be the first in a stand-alone trilogy, which incorporates elements from the previous movies, it's possible that Danny could play a bigger role in subsequent sequels.

Danny's father Miles Dyson, portrayed
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Wamg Talks To Skylar Astin, Camilla Belle, Chad Michael Murray And Herschel Faber About Cavemen

Cavemen is a romantic comedy about how – with a little help from our friends – true love isn’t as evasive as it seems. During a recent press day for the film, I spoke with stars Skylar Astin, Camilla Belle, Chad Michael Murray and director Herschel Faber about filming a love story in La… and just who has the sweetest dance moves out of the bunch. Check it out below.

Cavemen follows La playboy Dean (Skylar Astin) who is fed up with one-night-stands and empty relationships and realizes that he wants something more out of life than just a party. With a little inspiration from his nine-year-old nephew and his best friend Tess (Camilla Belle), Dean decides to try his hand at finding true love for the first time – which proves to be much more difficult than he thought in modern-day Los Angeles.

Cavemen is written and directed by Herschel Faber,
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Too Drab: What the Heck Are They Wearing?!?

  • TooFab
A tank top with a tail, a ruched floral gown and bird feather shoes -- stars were rocking all the wrong trends this week! Camilla Belle caught everyone's attention on the red carpet at the "Cavemen" premiere in Los Angeles -- and not in a good way.The actress donned a black top with a flower in front and a long sweeping cape in back, paired with loose-fitted black pants that completely swallowed her petite frame.Olivia Munn walked the red carpet at the Stockholm premiere of "Robocop," wearing a grass green Michael Kors halter dress with a white flower print. The ruched detailing down the front and the backless silhouette looked cheap -- not chic.And, Tilda Swinton is no stranger to making a statement with fashion, but the sandals she wore at "The Grand Budapest Hotel" premiere in Berlin were a little scary. The actress looked like she
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Chad Michael Murray Lost 25 Pounds to Play a "Homeless Heroin Addict" in New Film

Chad Michael Murray Lost 25 Pounds to Play a
Pulling a Matthew McConaughey? Chad Michael Murray recently went on an extreme diet to lose weight for an upcoming role. At a roundtable interview for his current film Cavemen on Wednesday, Feb. 5, the 32-year-old actor told Us Weekly about his dramatic weight loss. "I played a homeless heroin addict for a film called Other People's Children," Murray said of his role in the Liz Hinlein-directed drama. "I lost 25 pounds for it, and I was really in a dark place for about a month. It was [...]
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Film Review: ‘Cavemen’

Film Review: ‘Cavemen’
An utterly unevolved romantic comedy, “Cavemen” tries to split the difference between raunchy and sweet and fails miserably on all counts. The presence of “Pitch Perfect” leading man Skylar Astin as a struggling Los Angeles screenwriter won’t help this low-budget and even lower-impact pic’s prospects for success. Auds in the Paleolithic Era might have been more receptive, if only because they weren’t yet inundated by the tiresome cliches writer-director Herschel Faber indulges in here.

Dean (Astin) and his three male roommates live in a trendy downtown loft they’ve dubbed “the cave.” All aspiring artists in some way, they’re like the crew from “Swingers” as reimagined by the creators of an “American Pie” direct-to-dvd sequel. The only one who really matters besides Dean is fellow bartender Jay (Chad Michael Murray), a cloyingly narcissistic ladies man who brags endlessly about his numerous conquests.

Dean, meanwhile, is determined
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Weekend Movies: 'The Lego Movie,' 'The Monuments Men,' 'Vampire Academy,' & More

This weekend, an ordinary Lego is on a mission to stop a monstrous tyrant in "The Lego Movie," George Clooney and Matt Damon are on a mission to rescue priceless art from Nazi thieves, and high school gets a ghoulish makeover in the action-comedy "Vampire Academy."

In "The Lego Movie," a perfectly average Lego mini-figure named Emmett is mistakenly identified as the extraordinary Master Builder, leading him on a journey with a fellowship of strangers to stop an evil Lego tyrant from gluing the universe together. Written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller ("21 Jump Street"), the film features an all-star cast, with Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, and many more.

Based on a true story, "The Monuments Men" follows an unlikely World War II platoon tasked to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves. The film is directed by George Clooney, who also produced
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‘Cavemen’ Review: A Rom-Com That’s a Real Knuckle-Dragger

  • The Wrap
‘Cavemen’ Review: A Rom-Com That’s a Real Knuckle-Dragger
As though timed precisely to make “That Awkward Moment” look better, along comes “Cavemen,” a vapid and empty-headed rom-com about dudes in the big city that makes the Zac Efron/Miles Teller/Michael B. Jordan comedy seem like David Mamet by comparison. Apparently answering the unasked question, “What would happen if you told a 12-year-old at screenwriting camp to combine ‘Swingers’ and ‘(500) Days of Summer’?” writer-director Herschel Faber compiles an assemblage of trite observations about relationships and movie clichés you forgot even existed into a rancid stew of ennui and cynicism. What kind of clichés, you ask? There are two separate scenes.
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Cavemen | Review

Puddle of Mud: Faber’s Debut an Antiquated Exercise of Quest for Love

Romantically inclined comedies from the dude’s perspective may seem rare, but often suffer just as acutely from narrative cliché as their feminine inclined counterparts, and screenwriter/director Herschel Faber’s debut, Cavemen, is not an exception to the rule. Modern hetero courtship gets a superficial overview in this examination of four males who may or may not be looking for the mysterious object known as “the one,” but Faber’s tame observations seem more like a lost opportunity to say something fresh about dating (not to mention a highly criticized Los Angeles social scene).

Dean (Skylar Astin), lives and works with several of his buddies in Los Angeles, including the rather woman hungry Jay (Chad Michael Murray). Beyond struggling to be a screenwriter, Dean seriously would like to experience love, which would also help his new script,
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The Tiresome Cavemen Knows Nothing But Other Rom-Com Plots

The Tiresome Cavemen Knows Nothing But Other Rom-Com Plots
A screenwriter tries to fall in love in order to lend authenticity to his script about a man falling in love in Cavemen, a tiresome film that itself knows nothing but other rom-com plots.

Ignoring the belief held by his friend Jay (Chad Michael Murray) — a lothario in the Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother mold — that guys are driven by a primal urge to hook up, struggling movie scribe Dean (Skylar Astin) desperately searches for "the one," clueless to the fact that she's his beautiful best friend, Tess (Camilla Belle).

In the lead-up to the obvious realization that Dean and Tess are meant for each other, writer-director Herschel Faber indulges in the usual, worn-out genre conventions: guys talking dirty about sex, suffering through cau...
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Cavemen Movie Review

  • ShockYa
Cavemen Movie Review
Title: Cavemen Director: Herschel Faber Starring: Skylar Astin, Camilla Belle, Chad Michael Murray, Alexis Knapp, Kenny Wormald Seems like the new trend in movies is that men want to settle down; so say good-bye to Don Juans and welcome in the male-types who are desperately hunting for love. The flick ‘Cavemen’ proves this point by following L.A. playboy Dean (Skylar Astin), who is fed up with one-night-stands and empty relationships and realises he wants something more out of life than just a party. His best friend Tess (Camilla Belle) will predictably prove to be the chosen one. The comedic film, with a slight edge of drama – revolving around the [ Read More ]

The post Cavemen Movie Review appeared first on
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Will Chad Michael Murray and Skylar Astin Save the Rom-Com in Exclusive ‘Cavemen’ Poster?

It seems as if Herschel Faber‘s Cavemen just might have all the ingredients for the kind of traditional romantic comedy that the box office has been missing for quite some time now – after all, there’s a playboy (Skylar Astin) with a plan to finally go after true love in sunny Los Angeles (his playground, apparently), a cute nephew to inspire him, a gorgeous best pal (Camilla Belle) to help him, and also Chad Michael Murray, just around for some reason that doesn’t appear to involve the kind of basketball-playing and general mooning he exceled at on television’s One Tree Hill. While we’re fairly certain we know where this is going - cough cough, gorgeous best friend, cough - we’re also not opposed to seeing the star of Pitch Perfect stumble his way into true love, especially if that means kicking his caveman habits. The trailer for Cavemen will pop up some
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Isa of the Day: Lightning Entertainment

Visit SydneysBuzz Reports for the complete Fall 2013 Rights Roundup Report.

With an entire new line-up of films Lighting Entertainment is present at Afm this week. The Santa Monica-based company dedicated to the worldwide distribution and licensing of independent content with a focus on quality theatrical films, has 10 new features in the market. Among them there are comedies, several thrillers, and heartfelt dramas.

Here is Lighting Entertainment's Afm line-up

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Director: Zeke Hawkins, Simon Hawkins

Cast: Jeremy Allen White, Logan Huffman, Mackenzie Davis

With his best pal Bobby and his girlfriend Sue getting ready to leave town for college, troublemaker B.J. steals money from his boss, Giff, so he can treat his friends to a wild weekend of partying. Unfortunately, the stolen money belonged to a dangerous gangster known as Big Red. The three teens are forced to rob a local money-laundering front to settle their debt and buy their freedom. They are driven into a world of organized crime to fight for their lives. Deception and insecurities among the three friends increase the tension leading to the heist, making it uncertain who will come out on top — or even alive.


Director: Mikael Salomon

Cast: Dylan McDermott, Peter Facinelli, Yuliya Snigir

Robert (Dylan McDermott), an average guy with an average life, is tested beyond human endurance when he awakens to find himself locked in an industrial freezer by Russian thugs. The gangsters threaten his life unless he returns the $8 million dollars he stole from them. The only problem is, Robert has no idea what they are talking about. Searching his surroundings, he discovers Sam (Peter Facinelli) under a pile of boxes in the corner, beaten and battered.

As both men fight for their lives before freezing to death, the truth about their situation slowly reveals itself…

The Reckoning

Director: John V. Soto

Cast: Luke Hemsworth, Jonathan Lapaglia, Viva Bianca

A detective discovers a mysterious video while investigating the roadside execution-style murder of his partner. The footage, shot by two teenagers, reveals murky details behind the death of their sibling in an unsolved hit and run case. The teens have since gone missing, and as the detective retraces their journey to find them, he quickly uncovers a bloody trail of murder...that leads all the way back to him!


Director: Craig Monahan

Cast: Hugo Weaving, Don Hany, Xavier Samuel, Robert Taylor, Anthony Hayes, Jane Menelaus

After 16 years in prison, Viktor Khadem (Don Hany) is a man who has almost given up on life.

For his final 18 months, he is sentenced to Won Wron, a low-security, rural prison where Senior Officer Matt Perry (Hugo Weaving) has established a unique program to rehabilitate broken men by giving them the responsibility for the rehabilitation of injured raptors – beautiful, proud eagles, falcons and owls. Against all odds, Matt takes on Viktor as his number one test case, introducing him to Yasmine, the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle with a 2 metre wingspan. If these two can tame each other, anything is possible. Healing is a powerful, moving story of redemption, the discovery of hope and the healing of the spirit – in the most unlikely place, for the most unique men, through the most unusual catalyst.

Inspired by a true story, Healing is a new Australian feature film written and directed by Craig Monahan, the multi-award winning director of The Interview (selected for Montreal, Seattle, Flanders and 30 other international Festivals); and Winner of Best Film - Australian Film Institute Awards

The Wonders

Director: Avi Nesher

Cast: Adir Miller, Yuval Scharf, Yehuda Levi, introducing Ori Hizkiah

This story focuses on Arnav, a graffiti artist and bartender living in Jerusalem. Always wearing a mask, he paints at night, and yearns for the day that his beloved ex-girlfriend Vax will return to him. But when Arnav sees a mysterious stranger forced into an abandoned apartment one night by three bearded men, he becomes involved with a hard-boiled investigator, a gorgeous mystery woman, and the conflicted mysterious captive himself. The captive, Shmaya Knafo, leads a cult of fanatically devoted followers who believe he can see into the future. Knafo may possess supernatural powers, or he might be just a clever con man. As dark, incriminating secrets come to light, Arnav is drawn into a world where lines blur between fact and fiction, and reality and imagination. When loyalties shift, Arnav finds his life turning stranger than his art. His attraction to Knafo’s mystery might be the artist’s way of reaching nirvana...or prove to be a fatal attraction.


Director: Jessie McCormack

Cast: Michelle Monaghan, Radha Mitchell, Jon Dore, Michael Weston, Mimi Kennedy

Lizzie (Radha Mitchell) longs to start a family with her husband Peter but is unable to conceive. Her best friend Andie (Michelle Monaghan), single and adrift, gets pregnant from a one-night stand and offers to give Lizzie the baby. Reluctantly, Peter agrees to be the child's father, and before he knows it Andie has moved into the guest room for the duration of her pregnancy. When Peter also invites his ne'er-do-well brother to the house, chaos ensues, testing the limits of friendship, family and a marriage. "Gus" depicts the deeply human struggles of these four people, taking a funny and poignant look at the ways we try to plan ahead when life has something else in mind.


Director: Herschel Faber

Cast: Skylar Astin, Camilla Belle, Chad Michael Murray, Dayo Okeniyi, Alexis Knapp, Kenny Wormald

Fed up with one-night-stands and empty relationships, La playboy Dean realizes that he wants something more out of life than just a party. With a little inspiration from his nine-year-old nephew and his best friend Tess, Dean decides to try his hand at finding true love for the first time - which proves to be much more difficult than he thought in modern-day Los Angeles! After a few hilariously bad first dates and some awful advice from his over-sexed guy friends, Dean begins to realize that the true love he has been seeking may be much closer to home. But when he is forced to make a decision between the girl he knows is perfect for him and the seductive party-girl of his fantasies, will Dean finally grow up…or will he just continue the party?

Storm Rider

Director: Craig Clyde

Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, C Thomas Howell, Danielle Chuchran

After her father loses his fortune and family home, a privileged teenage equestrian is forced to give up her beloved championship horse and is sent to live in the country with her reclusive uncle. She struggles to adjust to life on the secluded ranch without any friends, her horse, or her Dad, who has been sent off to prison. But after she meets the nice boy from the neighboring ranch, and is gifted a young horse , Stormy, she soon settles into her new life and realizes that this is perhaps where she was meant to be all along. A heartfelt family drama about second chances, finding happiness, and making the impossible possible.

Dead Drop

Director: R. Ellis Frazier

Cast: Luke Goss, Cole Hauser, Nestor Carbonell

After being shot by his best friend, pushed out of a plane, and miraculously surviving a dead-drop from 5,000 feet, Michael awakens to a living nightmare. His memory is limited, and psychotic tendencies have begun to creep in. Defying the orders of his CIA handlers, Michael re-inserts himself into the dangerous Mexican smuggling ring where he was operating deep under cover. He snakes his way through the underbelly of Northern Mexico, hunting for Santiago, the cartel boss who Michael believes threw him out of the plane and who is also holding his girlfriend hostage.

American Idiots

Director: Robert Taleghany

Cast: Jeffrey T. Schoettlin, Sean Muramatsu, Caroline D’Amore, Madeline Merritt

After losing the girl of his dreams to another man, Wyatt and his posse pack their suitcases and head out on the craziest, screwball road trip to Las Vegas to win her back. With less than twenty-seven hours to break up her wedding, they must make it before it is too late without falling apart at the seams and living up to their names... American Idiots!
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