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The Asylum Is Ruining The Inmates
dirtylemons16 November 2012
I've been watching 'American Horror Story' since it premiered last year, and while I definitely enjoy it enough to keep watching, a lot of the episodes are mixed bags for me. But an episode like this is what makes it all worth it. I won't spoil anything, or even go into plot details, but I'll simply state that I think this is one of the most stunning episodes of television I have EVER seen. Easily the best of the series, and what I've long suspected it capable of delivering. I'll keep watching regardless (there really isn't anything else like this on television, not of this quality, anyway), but I can only hope that we get more episodes like this, chock full of wonderful sequences and not a scene wasted.
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The BEST episode of 'em all
DarkDefender_8117 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Being able of directing an episode like this must be every director's wet dream. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon your are a true master. This episode is just perfect... But let's start from the beginning.

Sister Jude meets with a Jewish Nazi hunter (played by Mark Margolis; I'm sure 'Breaking Bad' fans will remember him). The truly remarkable about this scene is the way Gomez-Rejon captures it. It's all done in one shot with constant camera movement and just beautifully captured mirror shots. That scene alone should earn him nominations for best director at the Emmys and the Director's Guild Award Ceremony.

If it's not that scene, it's definitely the scene between Grace and Kit in lock up. I mean how he is able to create such an intimacy between the two of them, although they are actually in two separate rooms... It's just so beautiful and sad at the same time. WOW!

Then there's a series of seemingly insignificant shots of a tape recorder, but if you take a closer look of how this object is introduced and visually presented, there's just so much more to it. It's the nail in Kit's coffin, because as we'll find out later, the tape recorder is not used to save Kit from the electric chair, but to bring him closer to it than he wants.

The Nazi Hunter story line is then picked up again when Frana Potente's character (who is not Anne Frank after all and therefore Dr. Arden is probably no Nazi after all) is brought back to the asylum by her husband. The camera spins around and moves up the stairs to do a push in on Dr. Arden's face, which is followed by a shot of his shadow on the wall of her prison cell when he stands in the doorway. It's such a cool and creepy shot, like from a good, old German silent film from the late 20's or early 30's. WOW again!

Although Franka Potente's character was not Anne Frank, Dr. Arden (brillantly played by James Cromwell) WAS indeed a Nazi SS doctor at a concentration camp after all which is shown with the very last shot of this episode, a beautiful and slow push in on a picture that shows him in his SS uniform surrounded by Nazis.

But before the episode ends with this revelation there's another even more shockingly one. And again it starts with another seemingly insignificant shot. The shot of a lamp which turns out to be a very strong hint to something very dark and very sick, because there's a new kind of leather-face in town boys and girls, a truly demonic one to be exact in the figure of Zachary Quinto's character who is now showing his true colors.

Has he been hiding in plain sight so far with his face for everyone to see (which is his real mask), his true evil is about to be fully revealed which I am really looking forward to. I hope he shows us the monster in some sick and violent way (maybe dismembering the body of Lana's girlfriend right in front of her).

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon you are a future Oscar director contender. A perfect 10 out of 10. Chapeau!
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"High-water mark" of American Horror Story
I_Love_Netflix29 January 2015
If there is a single episode in this series that personifies what this show is about, this is it.

Sister Jude corners in on Arden by visiting a Nazi hunter determined to reveal his identity and bring him down. Meanwhile, Sister Mary Eunice and Arden team up even further to bring Briarcliff under their control, thus further pushing Jude's power into a slight downward spiral.

With the help of Thredson, Lana plots her escape from Briarcliff, and Kit and Grace's bond together grows even stronger.

All of these events lead to the ultimate culmination of mystery, suspense, adrenaline, and horror being unleashed in the final 10 minutes of this episode: The reveal of Bloodyface.
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I Am Anne Frank - Part 2
Vishwas Verma20 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
5th episode into the 2nd season, American Horror Story is impressively following up on the legacy of the 1st season, and remarkably holding on its own.

The fifth episode – I am Anne Frank – Part 2, shows that Sister Jude getting suspicious of Dr. Arden after getting somewhat convinced that Anne Frank was telling the truth. Dr. Thredson keeps on helping Kit and Lana. And finally, the identity of Bloody Face is revealed.

Though I saw it coming who was Bloody Face, but the creators revealed his identity too soon as compared to last season, when it was pretty late in the season when they revealed the identity of Rubber Man. They better make sure that other twists in the story, the alien arc and the creatures / monsters sub-plots live up to this one. Similarly, I would have liked to see the character of Shelley a bit more. Too bad that they made her a monster so soon.

It will also be very interesting what route the character of Sister Eunice takes. Also, I am sure that Monsignor has many secrets hidden under his sleeve, which hopefully we will witness next week. Regarding the characters of Kit and Grace, I am not too excited by their story, but very interested in alien angle nevertheless.

In terms of performance, Jessica Lange was so brilliant, particularly in the scene when she talks about her childhood, that I would not be surprised if she wins Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress this year as well (or will it be Best Actress this time around?). Other actors who are a treat to watch are James Cromwell, Lily Rabe and Zachary Quinto. I personally can't wait to see the team of Dr. Arden and Sister Eunice wrecking havoc in the asylum.

The thing which I absolutely loved was the wicked sense of humor in Anne Frank's story when her husband comes looking for her. Looking for more such innovations in the future episodes, and till now I am not disappointed!

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American Horror Story: Asylum I Am Anne Frank: Part 2
dalydj-918-25517515 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sister Jude takes the advice of her head nun and goes to seek out to help to find out about Dr. Arden, The man she meets with was a Jew during the war. Back in the home Anne places Arden on the ground with a gun to his head when a strange officer comes in with a gun. Anne wakes up restrained and Jude in the room asking her about what she say. Jude tells her the look in his lab but did not find what Shelley was turned into. The women named Anne then is revealed to be Charlotte Brown a mother and wife to the man who comes to see Jude. The man tells Jude it was all an act because she was a tired women. Some videos that look like home videos reveal more into Shelley emotional state. Dr. Thredson says the women should not go home but the husband wants her there. As soon as Charlette looks at a photo of her baby she becomes more sane. Grace and Kit are still separated by a wall continuing to tell of there past. Sister Eunice release Kit but Grace is still to get the operation. A strange light comes through the door. Dr. Thredson tells Lana she is leaving after dinner with him. Dr. Thredson does his last session with Kit to record him talking about what happened to the three women. Jude has to call to say what her theories of Arden where wrong. Dr. Arden comes into the room to talk to her. Dr. Arden says he will press charges against her because of her running of the home. Jude may loose her job because of what he will say. While Arden checks his wound Mary comes in to help him. Mary was the one got rid of Shelley and the two will run the home. At a school a little girl sees Shelley in the state she is in. Charlette is then brought back with Dr. Arden watching over head. The husband quickly turns on his wife putting her in the home. Another home video shows her trying to kill the baby. Just as Dr. Thredson leave a guard comes looking for him. With Charlette getting tested her husband watches as Arden performs the operation. The people of the home cannot find Lana and Jude explains her life as a young little girl. Sister Jude gets back into her normal clothes while Arden performs the operation. When Lana gets to Oliver's apartment the atmosphere seems strange as every little thing kind of sets Lana off. She has to leave the room because of how awkward it is. It turns out that Oliver was the killer and Lana is his knew victim. Back at the home Kit is taken away and Lana wakes up on the ground of his lair. Right beside her is another women. Dr. Thredson turns out to be bloody face and Jude wakes up in the man's apartment leaving him in his sleep. Charlette seems completely different after the operation. Jessica Lange once again knocked it out of the park and so did James Cromewell. The reveal of Bloody Face was creepy and unexpected. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

EPISODE GRADE: B (MVP: Jessica Lange)
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