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  • Oliver's next target is Scott Morgan, a power executive who jacks up prices for electricity when people most need it. John Diggle suggests they go after the gang of bank robbers that recently wounded a police officer during a daytime heist. Oliver is not so keen but John isn't the kind of guy who gives up very easily. Oliver quickly identifies one of them as a high school acquaintance, Derek Reston - and learns that Reston may have turned to crime because of something Oliver's father did. Tommy meanwhile isn't having much luck with his hoped for romance with Laurel. He seeks Thea's advice. Flashbacks show Oliver's doubts about his survival on the island.

  • It's Sterling City's turn to be victim of several fast-following bank robberies by a well-prepared, masked gang of four, who now shoot an off-duty cop. Oliver reluctantly takes the case, suggested off his father's wicked businessmen list by Diggle, as one wears his former high school's ring and the others are his family. It turns out they went into crime after the father was fired needlessly by Oliver's. Tommy meanwhile tries to romance Laurel by hosting a benefit gala for her legal charity, unaware that Thea is the one in infatuated with him. Moira worries where Walter went and fails to get her offspring to warmly welcome Carter Bowen, whom Oliver is sick of being told to resemble her.


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  • Open with three men robbing a bank wearing masks. During the robbery they shoot a man who turns out to be an off-duty cop. They escape through a tunnel and outside two of the men argue over the ramifications of what happened.

    We see Queen teaching Diggle some martial arts. Queen tells him about a man named Scott Morgan, who inflates utility prices and shuts off service to people in times of need. Diggle wants them to get involved with the men who robbed the bank and put the cop in a comma, but Queen tells him fighting street crime isn't what he's all about. Diggle thinks he could be doing more.

    Queen flashes back to the island and seeing his dead father alive.

    Laurel and Joanna are dealing with the fact the legal clinic has lost its largest donor. Tommy shows up and wants to take her on an extravagant trip. She says she's too busy.

    Thea is concerned about Walter having left town so suddenly. Moira is planning a brunch for a friend of hers and the friend's son, Carter, a person she's apparently always fawned over as the perfect son. Diggle calls Queen with word that Morgan attempted suicide and is in the hospital. Tommy tells Thea he's having love life problems and she gives him some advice.

    It turns out Diggle was lying to Queen. When he arrives at the hospital Diggle introduces him to Janet, the wife of Stan, the officer who was shot in the robbery.

    Queen and Diggle look at video from the robbery. They spot a ring on one of the fingers of the robbers. Quinn sneaks into the police station as Arrow and downloads information off of one of their computers.

    Tommy tells Laurel he wants to sponsor a benefit for the legal clinic. She doesn't want to accept, but Johanna talks her into it.

    Using a police image of a person who was punched by the ring, Queen finds a person named Kyle Reston who attended the high school and whose family dropped off the grid before graduation. He thinks the entire Reston family is behind the robberies.

    It turns out that Carter, who is a surgeon, is being looked at to be the next TV doctor celebrity. His agent mentioned the possibility of a bidding war for Oliver's story. Oliver tells Carter about opening a nightclub. Diggle calls him away with word that another bank was hit two minutes ago. Moira isn't thrilled when he leaves.

    Arrow goes to the bank and gets into a battle with the robbers. He uses special arrows that ensure they aren't able to escape with their money.

    Given the shot cop and vigilante interference, the Restons argue over whether they should stop robbing. Kyle refuses, saying the deal was they would continue until they were "set for life." The father agrees to one more.

    Queen and Diggle have Felicity look into the Restons. It turns out the father, Derrick, worked for Queen's father and was laid-off when the company out-sourced to China. The company even found a loophole to keep from having to pay severance.

    Back to the flashback. Queen's father reminds him he begged him to survive. He hands him a gun in case he wants to give up. Queen doesn't think he's strong enough to survive. He tries to shoot himself in the head.

    Queen wants to pay Derrick a visit and give him a chance to do the right thing.

    While Tommy and Laurel work on the fundraiser she asks him "why now?" He tells her the story about going home with a girl and realizing that he's tired of one night stands.

    Queen pays Derrick a visit. The discuss Queen's father and making bad choices. Queen apologizes and offers him a job. Derrick says he doesn't need charity from the son of the man who ruined his life. Queen leaves his card.

    Queen listens to Derrick and his wife using a bug he planted. Clearly they want to get out, but are worried Kyle will go it alone if they do. They're going to do one more and Queen wants to take them down.

    It's the night of the fundraiser. Tommy tells Thea that the advise she gave was in reference to Laurel. Carter is at the fundraiser and strikes up a conversation with Laurel about a free clinic he wants to start. Tommy looks jealous. Moira tells Queen how much it bothers her that she's growing apart from her son. At this exact moment Diggle tells him a bank is being hit. Queen leaves and Moira is furious.

    During the Restons next job they hear a noise. Kyle goes to check it out and finds Arrow. While Arrow fights with Kyle and Derrick the security guard wakes up. He ends up shooting Derrick in the chest with a shotgun. While he lays dying Derrick says he turned Kyle into what he's become.

    Queen once again flashes back to the meeting with his father, which he's now realized is a hallucination. His father apologizes for never telling him the truth about him.

    Arrow leaves the bank just as the police arrive. Derrick is dead.

    A drunken Thea starts hitting on Tommy. She tells him Laurel doesn't even like him. Tommy takes her outside to throw up. Laurel comes outside and Tommy tells her he's got it under control. She says she doesn't like Carter and was being nice to him because he was writing a huge check. Laurel gives Tommy a kiss before he leaves to drive Thea home.

    Diggle tells a despondent Queen that what happened to Derrick isn't his fault. He thinks his father would be proud of how he acted. He tells him the police officer is out of his coma and will be okay.

    Queen flashes to discovering his father's journal on the island. It had been written in disappearing ink.

    Moira apologizes to Queen and says with Walter gone she's lonely. They go out for burgers and milkshakes.

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