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Season 2

3 Jan. 2016
The murder of a well-known journalist with Norway's biggest newspaper is brutally murdered - and fuels the flames of an already volatile conflict between the country's Prime Minister and his Minister of Finance.
4 Jan. 2016
Peter believes his brother was pushed to commit suicide. Peter and his sister-in-law, Eva, circle in on a top financier who knew his brother's secret. But the closer he gets to the truth, the more he believes he must keep the truth hidden.
10 Jan. 2016
Peter's friendship with Mathiesen is tested. Technology journalist Georg helps Peter find a log of conversations between the murdered Hammern and someone calling himself 'No Reason'.
17 Jan. 2016
The shooting of another victim and Mathiesen's dangerous meeting with the terrorist are linked to the Prime Minister's grand education reform. What links Hammem to the PM's project?
24 Jan. 2016
Tension mounts between hostages Peter, Ellen and Mathiesen who are held by the person Hammern tried to squeeze for information. Cabinet ministers squabble about who is to lead the hunt for the political killers.
31 Jan. 2016
Peter is convinced that Ellen is in danger, but his journalist colleagues think he is conjuring up conspiracies. There is nothing solid for him to work on, until he discovers that Ellen's house is under surveillance,
7 Feb. 2016
Fritzmann informs the Ministers of Education and Justice and Ulrichsen that they are suspected of high treason. Amelia discovers that it is Aslak who has been harassing her with messages about the rape she endured.
14 Feb. 2016
Peter succeeds in freeing himself and kills Mel, before taking his USB key containing a copy of the photos of Hammern. He returns alone to Oslo with the help of Fritzmann whom he contacted from Istanbul.

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