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A pretty good movie, after all.
sldaley25 June 2015
The review that caught my eye, before I rented "The Forger", was "Travolta's best performance in ten years...". But then, just before watching it, I searched for more reviews and saw that some critics panned it. Well, I happy to say they are wrong—it's a pretty good movie, after all.

I mean, come on, critics! I usually agree with you—but saying this is too "slow paced" and that it has "two, conflicting, story lines"? I LOVED the pace, and the acting, and, especially the story line(s).

OK, so it does have two story lines going on—the forgery and heist, and the human interest about the forger's family (his dad, his son, his ex-wife who had not seen the son in years, the female detective...). So what? It's believable (as much as any heist story or human interest story can be) to the point that plot vs. sub-plot is just not a problem.

I thought Travolta DID give a heck of a performance. His pace fit the overall pace of the film, as did that of the other actors. And Travolta, who has had his share of sorrow in real life, looked to me like a man who has been there, done that. He looks the part and is very convincing.

Everyone actually looked pretty good (or properly bad-ass) thanks to some solid lighting and overall nice cinematography. (This is not some kind of "art" film, but nevertheless consistent in it's camera work.) The sound quality was good (a pet peeve of mine in some films) including the music which seemed to fit the film nicely.

As for the VERY best performance in the film, besides Plummer, who is always fun to watch for me... it has to be young Tye Sheridan. Nicely understated, smart, believable. I'm looking forward to his next film, whatever it turns out to be.

Finally, the director certainly knows a thing or two about film making, as, even with the somewhat slow pace, everything builds mostly evenly towards a satisfying ending. Of course the screenplay had to work too, for that to happen.

Bottom line, I'm glad I rented "The Forger". I enjoyed pretty much all of it, and even replayed a few parts to study how the film was put together. Probably no Academy Awards coming for this, but all cast and crew can still stand tall.
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Not bad to watch.
subxerogravity27 April 2015
So, deep in the heart of this picture, it's about a man trying to spend more time with his son. It's very touching.

John Travolta overall is good in this movie. He plays an incarcerated art forger who was release from prison early thanks to an old criminal contact who needs him to forge something for him while all the forger wants to do is make up for lost time with his son.

I really like the parts where Travolta's character is preparing for the heist to steel the painting and replace it with his forgery which is where this movie differs from other heist movies as it goes into what it's like to be an art forger.

Reminds me of the Art of steel starring Kurt Russell who like Travolta, I have not seen star in a movie in ages.

Not a bad movie to catch.
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Travolta bio? / hidden messages?
DodsworthMcgillicutty21 June 2015
Was Travolta "Going Clear" himself, in code, "Forging" a film, outing himself, and Scientology? This was curiously and quietly released on the heels of the HBO Scientology doc "Going Clear".

This is not so much a review but an observation. For those who saw this, I found it interesting that his character is trying to save his teen son, like in real life. He has an estranged wife on pills who curiously looks like Kelly Preston. Was Travolta's prison sentence represent the "prison" of Scientology? In this film Travolta's slick handlers beat him despite that he delivered the goods (a lifelike Scientology rumor). There is also a hint at Travolta's alleged homosexual lifestyle - scene where Travolta leaves a men's bathroom, the son asks "you followed that guy in the bathroom, why" (the choice of words is curious, Travolta, the actor could have easily revised this, but didn't, the words plant a seed). Also when he is setting up his handlers to fall, he states to a detective "I can't snitch, let this play out". Travolta himself stays honorable to his institution. Hmmmm? All I could see was a Travolta bio here hidden in plain sight. Movies are well known to wear disguises, that what makes them fun or re-watchable.

Despite the bad reviews this film is very engaging, and Travolta's best performance in some time. Perhaps it (intentionally) hit close to home. So did he "forge" a heist film, which was a drama, in an attempt to free himself? Just a thought.

Brief Review part - Plot wise this is ridiculous that Travolta has to repay is debt by not only creating an art forgery worth millions, BUT ALSO coordinate the elaborate heist with his family. That's a tall order even superheroes wouldn't task! But the film is not about the heist, rather family. Christopher Plummer is great as his father. Well directed and paced. Not sure why this got trashed.
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Touching father / son / grandson story
paxdriver18 May 2015
I really liked this movie despite the criticism against it. It's a story of men's love, more demonstrative than proclaimed. It's not often we get an honest look into the true bonds across generations. Feminists may disagree, but I see no wrong with celebrating either sex's strengths and shortcomings. It's an honest introspective with a bit of sensationalism for entertainment; I feel it was very tastefully done.

John Travolta's life made him perfect for this role. I won't dwell on it but he is phenomenal without ever being over the top. There wasn't a bad act in the bunch, from leads to support and there are a number of genuinely heartwarming and hilarious moments making this film a top class choice you won't regret seeing.
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Just give it a try ...
peterp-450-2987169 June 2015
"You ever going to Tahiti like Paul Gauguin? I don't know."

If there's something Travolta remained loyal to, then surely it's his distinctive, sad look. Ever since I saw him the first time appearing in "Saturday Night Fever" (ages ago), he uses that sad expression. It always looks as if he's going to burst out in tears. And the movie"The Forger" is substantively perfect for retrieving that typical facial expression at the right time. A film about a convicted forger who turned his back at his former profession. And at the same time he's a concerned father who would do anything to be with his son the short time that's left. And that's where this movie fails a bit. Does the emphasis lie on the father-son relationship or was it the intention to make a crime story? The final result is a mix of these two, with the result that both aspects feel like semi-finished.

Raymond J. Cutter (John Travolta) is a notorious forger of art works and is about to be released earlier because of a deal with a thug called Keegan (Anson Mount). In this way he can spend some time with his son Will (Tye Sheridan), a petite teenager whose future doesn't look so rosy after they've discovered a brain tumor. To say the very least, the relationship between Will and his father isn't too good. Also between Raymond and his father (Christopher Plummer), who took care of Will during Raymond's absence, there are some disputes. The additional problem is that Keegan expects something in return from Raymond, namely forging a valuable, world famous painting from Monet.

Now, I'm not an art expert but I don't think you can forge a Monet painting in such a short time period. I'm sure you don't really need high-tech methods to determine from the outset if the painting hanging on the wall is authentic or recently painted. But my gut feeling says that this aspect of "The Forger" is irrelevant and that it's just used as an entertaining way to introduce the father-son relationship. Would Travolta be a professional dancer in this film, and he and his son had to participate in a renowned competition together (where Travolta could show his famous 70s dance moves once again) this would have yielded the same result. Commercially, the result would probably be disappointing. So we throw in a bit of mystery and crime (where Travolta can demonstrate his tough side again and beat up some bouncers with a baseball bat) to make it more attractive.

Although it looks a lot like a typical movie, at times the acting transcends the average. Especially the moments between father and son are beautifully played with vulnerability and regret getting the upper hand. That it eventually turns into a collaboration between father and son, is a bit far-fetched. Plummer also shines at times and shows he's perfectly suited for a character part. Even Travolta demonstrates that he has more to offer than just watching sad all the time. The loss of his son Jett most likely has something to do with his rendition looking so realistic. Maybe he decided to give this role a try as a therapeutic decision, in order to put a painful period in the past.

More reviews here :
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Script structure lets it down
jtindahouse25 June 2015
'The Forger' is a strange film in a way. It feels like it's trying to cover every genre at once from thriller to action to comedy to drama. They're all there but the film never takes the time to focus on one of them in particular and I think that holds it back. At times John Travolta's character is shown to be a tough man capable of fighting 6 men at once with ease. And yet this fact is only really useful to that scene and not in any other way to the story. There's a dramatic element holding the plot together which is Travolta's son having cancer, but even with this being the driving force behind everything it still feels half done. Then there's the art heist which you would imagine to be the crux of the entire thing, but this too feels like a tacked on plot piece simply there to give the film a title and a hint of excitement to an otherwise potentially dull story. Despite the balance being off though it's quite a watchable movie.

Travolta is looking old and worn down it has to be said. He looked very far from a man capable of taking on 6 large men in a fight. His performance, at least dramatically, was quite good however as you would expect with him of course having a close association with the lose of his son five years previously. He did struggle a bit with the Boston accent, with it appearing and disappearing from scene to scene. The rest of the cast held things together but were nothing memorable. I think a few touch ups of the script structure and this could have been quite a sleeper hit. Even as it it's not all that bad of a watch.
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Paint Job
teoalcantara22 April 2015
People expecting a more action oriented heist type of movie will probably be disappointed. "The Forger" leans towards family drama territory.

Now, if you can get past Travolta's look in this picture (I couldn't help getting distracted by his awkward wig and goatee) and don't expect much, you'll probably be mildly entertained.

Christopher Plummer is very likable in this, and his presence helps the movie a lot.

Overall, straight to video material.

5 out of 10
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nice film
koconnor-188-55853519 April 2015
slow start but the pace does pick up , there are some nice touches and the characters do stir emotion and feeling…travolta uses his skills well to say few words bt the long silences speak volumes if ur willing to listen!….i guess he is using his own experience of loosing a son to convey the mood that would accompany such a tragic process for a parent and child ….plummer also plays his part as the long suffering yet slightly irreverent father to travolta ….tye sheridan is also well capable in his role as Will ,conveying adolescence and a heavy burden. Jennifer Ehle plays her character brilliantly as a disconnected drug addict mother reluctant to resolve her past. The film is also sensitive to the beauty of art and at the same time i guess the suffering that has accompanied some real artists whom have left us with a moment in history…The recipe of differing themes is well portrayed and nicely and sensitively edited ….as long as expectations are kept reasonable, as no mind blowing car chases occur or fantasy special effects …then this film is worth your time imo and may even stimulate a tear or two and the ending although fairly predicable is a nice conclusion and not over cooked … im sure but could be wrong that this Monet was or is in the cardiff museum in wales ?
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Hmmm, it's like, alright.. OK?
Finfrosk861 May 2015
Saw a trailer for this movie here on IMDb through no fault of my own, and when I got the chance to see it, I did. I got the feeling that this wasn't the biggest movie in history, and it isn't either.

I paint, and I like me a good heist-movie from time to time, and John Travolta is a decent actor, so I gave it a whirl.

Now, this movie isn't super bad, nor is it super good. It's a little under mediocre. The acting is pretty uninspired in some parts, and lacks energy, but it's all over OK. Travolta does an OK job, his charm shines through a little, but not a lot.

The movie has some slight action sprinkled in, actually a teeny bit of violence, but nothing much. It's like, almost exciting, and the heist part is alright. All over it's OK.

I'm not one to talk about plot holes, but there is one here that bothered me a little. All in all the movie takes no chances and is just OK. I was mildly entertained for most of the time.
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Worthwhile drama won't be forged in memory
The Forger, yet pretty forgettable, is still quite an involving drama, with an excellent performance from Travolta. The Forger offers little surprises and sits between good and fair. Travolta an ex con, is released early from prison, to be with his cancer ridden son, who probably has nine months to live. There's a catch. He has to forge a painting for these bad scummy dudes. Travolta kicks arse in this too, like when he's onset by these thugs, as if to remind him to do his job, or he's back in the clink. Travolta separated from his drug addicted wife, takes hos son to see her. This scenario was very reminiscent of that one in The Fourth Wish, where the actress here was excellent, up there wit Travolta. So is Christopher Plummer as the grandad, creating a hell of a interesting old guy character character, putting his magic touch of acting to it, like Travolta does with that paintbrush. The son too, is awesome, bringing a manifold of emotions with such realism and naturalism. One surprise is near the start, when Travolta's in that club, and is made the skank woman for a cop, which I didn't. Though quite a worthwhile drama, it's one you throw away after seeing it. How Travolta screws the bad dudes with his plan was very predictable, and there are other moments too. The final scene borders on tear jerking territory, so have those tissues ready.
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Not as good as I hoped. The Best Offer was a way better movie.
cosmo_tiger18 May 2015
"If you had one wish, what would you wish for?" Raymond (Travolta) is tired of being in prison and will do anything to get out. He finally finds a way, by making a deal with a criminal. If they let him out he must pull of an impossible heist in return. Backed into a corner Raymond, his father (Plummer) and his son must do the impossible or face dire consequences. This is a movie I was looking forward to. It sounded interesting and I love heist movies. I am not a huge fan of Travolta but I was still excited about this. I was disappointed. This was really just a paint by numbers movie with nothing all that new or original. You can see the end coming a mile away and that takes all the fun out of the movie. Some people may like this but I was pretty disappointed. Overall, not as good as I hoped. The Best Offer was a way better movie. I give this a C+.
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Yawn, Yawn. Wait. Damn, another yawn.
chrismackey19721 April 2015
Wow, that was sooooo slow and boring. I caught myself watching the clock a few times. I used to Travolta in action movies. This is the exact opposite. It's not that the movie was badly made. It was -- as I said -- slow.

I didn't care for the storyline or the characters. Even though the kid is sick, I didn't form any attachment for him at all. The only one I liked was the female cop, and that's most likely because she's pretty.

If you like being bored to tears by a very slow movie with characters you couldn't care less about, this is the film for you. However, I do not recommend.

I gave this a 4-star rating because of the boredom and slowness involved. There is a definite difference between subtle and boring. This was BORING!
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The heist isn't all that grand and the connection between characters barely makes it a decent crime drama.
quincytheodore23 April 2015
The Forger, despite its suggestive title or poster, is not an action oriented movie. It certainly has a heist element, but it is sparingly used as a set for the more prioritized human drama. Majority of the movie is centered on the relationships between the estranged father and son. While it is pretty heartwarming and the acting seems presentable, the slow pace and lack of suspense might deter some audiences.

Ray Cutter (John Travolta) returns early after his imprisonment to find his father and son are not so welcoming. He tries to fix his relationship with his son as a mafia forces him to forge a painting to settle his debt. To its credit, the parental vibe feels honest. John Travolta himself carries a certain weight, he still produces a hardened grit on-screen persona.

Tye Sheridan as Will, the son, is good as well. His character suffers from a disease and deteriorates throughout the movie. He maintains a distant relationship without being too obnoxious or exaggerated, the audiences will most likely sympathize with this father-son bond. However, the script is flawed, severely hampering the pace and action aspect.

The main concern here is the film moves too slow, almost two third of it is invested on the drama, at some points it drags longer than needed. It can be tedious sometimes even though the actors' attempt is admirable. What little else it focuses on crime is not convincing. John Travolta's appearance with the hair (or wig) and goatee is rather inorganic and it's implausible for him to dispatch a group of thugs. Action choreography and the heist factor are executed with the most basic technique.

Visual is just decent, aside from a few vista shots here and there, the movie isn't particularly breathtaking. The Forger is far from spectacular and while the drama isn't terribly bad, the film is still confined on mediocrity.
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Has some very likable moments
cekadah19 April 2015
First - John Travolta and Christopher Plummer really look old in this movie! I just needed to say that.

Director Phillip Martin handled the opening of this story very nicely! Raymond Cutter (Travolta) comes home from jail - early. His father (Plummer) and son are not pleased to see him!! Something up and thus starts a two layered story.

I thought the dual plot was handled smartly and the action scenes very cleverly given as if seen through a surveillance camera. Travolta is a bit wooden in his role but not altogether bad. Plummer looks too old to be just a grandfather.

The son, being sick, certainly had a lot of energy. And you knew Travolta as the father was going to be overly protective even though he had been in jail for quite some time. The search for the mother was another plot that helps this story.

I didn't dislike this movie but at the same time I didn't like this movie! Why? It's rather entertaining.
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Good movie to watch once
deloudelouvain15 June 2015
Not a bad movie at all. Maybe not the greatest either but certainly worth a watch. A story about the relationship between a convicted father (John Travolta) and his son with cancer (Tye Sheridan) and the grandfather (Christopher Plummer). They all did a good job with their roles. Since Travolta is a scientologist I have difficulties to like him but other then that he isn't a bad actor. The father tries to fulfill a couple of wishes of his dying son with the help of the grandfather as well. The story itself is easy to follow. You won't have to think too much, just relax and enjoy the ride. I saw better movies for sure but I certainly did see a lot of worse movies.
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chris_solem5 June 2019
One of the best performances by Travolta in many years.
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Real life is not about the heist
wardtmar21 April 2018
It is about motives. About loyalty, and how that fades away given the right amount of wrongdoing. It is about seizing opportunity against the odds. Looking for that spark of hope to hold on to. Yes, it all ends well, it ís Hollywood after all. But this movie manages to hold on to that gloom of despair for a long time, and shows that it is not all sunshine after the clouds have gone. It shows in the end that human existence is short of one main ingredient only; the time spent with loved ones. There is a heist in here, there is a cop, some villains and a forgery. It's entertainment, and not the main subject of this movie. Well shot, well lit, with ample telling silences. I liked it a lot. I liked the characters a lot, I liked Travolta acting, especially when he acts alongside his "son"
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Paying the Price for Freedom
Uriah4321 January 2017
Although he only has 10 months left on his prison sentence, "Raymond J. Cutter" (John Travolta) makes a deal with a drug dealer named "Keegan" (Anson Mount) to bribe a judge in order to get an early release. Of course, Keegan doesn't do things for free and Raymond knows only too well that he will have to make it up to him in some fashion quite soon. Sure enough, the price Keegan demands is that Raymond not only must duplicate a famous painting by Claude Monet but he must also steal the original from the museum and replace it with the copy. Although this is an extremely difficult task Raymond has to accept it if he wants to remain free-and there is an extremely important reason he needs out of prison. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a decent film which managed to successfully encompass two different subplots-at least for the most part. Likewise, John Travolta performed in his usual professional manner as did Christopher Plummer (as "Joseph Cutter"). Slightly above average.
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ladybug25352 December 2016
This is a quiet film, a relationship drama with a low-key crime caper helping to propel the plot. It's a movie fundamentally reflecting on both family relationships and criminal relationships.

I won't bother to rehash the plot but will say that this movie is greatly under-rated; the acting and cinematography are excellent. The story is decent enough, dialogue is believable and the plot moves steadily onward, although as others have pointed out, there are no car chase scenes or the usual action fodder if that's what you are expecting. This is NOT an action film, though there are suspenseful moments--and it is understandable if that is what you thought you were getting. At it's heart the story is all about family ties, expectations, honor and survival, life changing choices...and impending family tragedy. Motives are logical and clearly understandable while the film manages to avoid maudlin sentiment or cheap thrills. while the plot moves steadily forward--even the twists work without being overly complicated. This one is not going to play tricks on you or over-work your brain, it's just good story-telling.

Overall a very good film, and one that is well-worth watching if you accept it as a heightened family drama and not an action/thriller or even (really) a suspense film. Travolta and most of the cast were at their best without being too subtle or over-wrought. The 3 main characters were the best and easily carried the film. Very much recommended.
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Father, Son and the ... Forger
kosmasp2 May 2016
If you like family values in your movies, you could do much worse than this. And while you might not agree with Travoltas politics or his firm believe in Scientology, this shouldn't matter watching a movie like this. He has fallen, but he can still act. Even if he projects more into some things than necessary.

Still this is a decent, if predictable effort into the Heist foray. We know where it is heading and while only in movies people behave certain ways, there is a bit of switch with the story of a son who has been neglected and has to be won over again. Maybe this will warm your heart (not being sarcastic) to a degree that you'll give this a higher rating
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Good performances
blanche-29 April 2016
"The Forger" from 2014 stars John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, Tye Sheridan, Jennifer Ehle, Abigail Spencer, and Anson Mount.

Travolta plays Raymond Cutter, an art forger in prison for five years. Ten months before he's due to be released, he insists that his attorney "call Keegan." Keegan is part of a crime syndicate, and bribes a judge with $50,000 to get an early release for him.

Cutter wants the early release because his teenage son (Tye Sheridan) has stage IV brain cancer, and Cutter wants as much time with him as he can get. But in order for Keegan to do that, Cutter had to agree to forge a Monet painting and switch it with the real one in a museum.

The terrific performances really make this movie. John Travolta is excellent as a man trying to forge a relationship with his son. Christopher Plummer steals the show as Travolta's retired crook dad, abrasive with a loving heart beneath all the gruff. Tye Sheridan (Will) does a beautiful job as a kid who has moments of fear, knows his fate, and at first resents his father, and then realizes his father's talent and love for him.

Very touching film, with some great Boston locations. It has a few problems - the forgery/heist story is a little sketchy, but as a family drama it really works. A great rental.
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Family first, heist second
Seth_Rogue_One10 December 2015
I almost feel like the filmmakers decided to forge what this movie was supposed to be, the plot summary and even poster makes it sound like a proper heist-flick with flashy pictures and talks of 'it's never too late for one last heist'.

But it's more a father/son relationship drama than it is a thrilling heist movie.

Nothing wrong with that but why not advertise it as such as most heist film fans are bound to be let down?

And when it is about the heist everything is super simplified and it's just not very realistic so it never gives you a 'whoa' factor either.

The acting is okay, and it's not horrible but nothing really stands out and it ends out and the lack of action for most part of the duration makes it a rather forgettable experience.
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Good movie, great ending
alan-987-15155520 May 2015
It was a good thriller, good drama, and the ending was very touching. In real life, things don't come together at the end, as it does in this film. But hey, what do we watch the movies for anyway? We all need escapism from time to time, to take our minds off the obstacles that we all face. You can get it from action movies, but from time to time, you can get it from a great ending like this one had. The great acting displayed displayed by Christopher Plummer, and Travolta show that age can improve the talent that both men have, having watched them both for so many years. It was the finest performance that I have ever seen from Travolta. I do not know if he wasn't nominated for the Oscar, or this will make this coming years nominations. If not, shame on the voters. The past 2 years have witnessed the loss of many such performers, that were touchstones of our youth. It should remind us all to appreciate the ones still with us, when they perform in there twilight, as Plummer and Travolta have done in this movie.
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It's Never Too Late For One Last Heist
briand64656 April 2015
Saw "The Forger" starring John Travolta, Abigail Spencer, and Christopher Plummer. Travolta plays "Raymond Cutter," an art forger who makes a deal with a crime organization leader "Keegan" played by Anson Mount in order to get out of prison early. To repay him, Cutter is put up to forge a rare painting, which visits a Boston, Massachusetts art gallery from National Gallery of Art, "Woman With A Parasol" by Claude Monet, steal the original from an art gallery and replace it with the replica.

When "Raymond Cutter" arrives home 10 months early, his father "Joseph Cutter" played by Plummer and "Will Cutter," his son played by Tye Sheridan wonder why and how he got out so early. "Will Cutter" has always felt betrayed by his criminal dad and asks for three wishes before he dies of brain cancer. His first wish is to meet his drug addicted mom "Kim" played by Jennifer Ehle which finally happens after "Raymond Cutter" convinces her to. "Will Cutter's" second wish was to have sex, so "Raymond" takes his son to a prostitute but the transaction never takes place because it was disrupted by "Agent Paisley" played by Spencer who is following their every move. His third and final wish was to help his father pull off the heist of a lifetime.

"Raymond Cutter" asks for help from his father "Joseph Cutter" and allows his son "Will Cutter" to tag along, who together plan a great masterpiece of art heist! This 92 minute "Rated R" Crime, Drama, Thriller is worth the watch if you like Travolta! My cinema score is 6/10! ‪#‎maverickradio‬™
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A Good Story
bob-rutzel-239-52543010 July 2015
Expert Art Forger Ray Cutter (John Travolta) gets out of prison early to spend more time with teenage son Will (Tye Sheridan), who has cancer. There is a price to pay for the early out. He must copy a Monet painting to replace the original at the museum and if not done on time, then bad guy Keegan (Anson Mount) will have Ray sent back to prison. We hope Ray finds his brushes in time.

Most of the movie has Ray trying to bond with Will and this is nicely done. To help with the bonding Ray gives Will 3-wishes and true to a 15-yr old's thinking he uses them and surprises Ray with one of them. Later Ray gets his father Joe (Christopher Plummer) and Will to help with the museum break-in. Nothing says bonding all around like a family crime caper. The movie works because of the good chemistry among the three of them. Everything is low key and sensitive as we would expect.

There are a few heartwarming moments and you may keep a box of Kleenex handy….just in case.

FBI Agent Paisley (Abigail Spencer) is trying to get Keegan, but when Ray enters the picture, she doesn't know how Ray is involved and what he is up to. We keep hoping she doesn't upset Ray's plans.

Yes, glad you asked, there is a twist near the end and it's kind of complicated, but you will get the gist of it. The details aren't important.

Over all a good story and, perhaps, one of John Travolta's best performances. Oscar worthy? Hmmm…...maybe. (7/10) Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.
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