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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody horror violence, sexuality, language and drug content

Sex & Nudity

  • A deceased woman is hung upside down topless. We see her bare breast for several minutes as her body is prepared to be eaten by the mutants.
  • in the starting of the movie man and women sex in the tent breast is visible
  • A man and wan are shown having sex in a motel room. No actual nudity is seen as they are covered by a sheet. The man is shown thrusting on top of the woman as they both moan.
  • Linda proceeds to engage in vigorous sex with a man to get into a music festival.
  • Contains strong sexual activity & nudity. Full frontal female nudity of dead body can be seen. A strong sexual intercourse between a prostitute & the cop. breasts are visible. Both girl & boy just kissed once. No nudity shown. Both are fully clothed.
  • A young man and woman are seen having sex in a tent. We see the mans bare butt as he thrusts on top of the girl. Her bare breast are visible throughout the scene.
  • A man threatens a woman saying him and his inbred hillbilly mutants are going to each rape her.

Violence & Gore

  • A lot of breathtaking, gore.
  • A man gets two arrows shot in his legs. He then gets his ears cut off and he gets stabbed in the head.
  • A man gets electrocuted to death by electric wires.
  • A woman gets stabbed in the gut. The killer pulls her guts out and puts them in her mouth.
  • A man gets his legs broken with sledgehammers. He is later run over with a truck. Very brutal.
  • A man gets his head chopped off with a snow blower and another man gets completely grinded up by it. Really Gory.
  • A man is put into a metal barrel and fire is set underneath it. He burns to death.
  • A woman gets her eyes stabbed out. This is offscreen but, you see her bleeding from her eyes afterwards.
  • A woman sees a man in the driver seat of a truck. A blade (which is tied to the car door) is hooked into his gut. She opens the door and the blade slices up his gut, causing his insides to fall out.
  • A woman is hung by her arms in a jail cell. There is a shotgun taped to her mouth and the trigger has string tied around it, which is also attached to her foot. She is standing on her tip-toes. One of the killers explains to her that she can either die by shooting herself in the head or by burning to death. The killers pour gas around her and set her on fire. She eventually puts her heels down to the floor, which fires the shotgun off, blowing a large amount of blood and brains out, which splatter on the wall.


  • The film contains utterances of religious profanity.
  • Many "F-Words" S-Words" and another wild swearing, cursing..etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A large bag of drugs is shown several times throughout the film which is said to contain shrooms, ecstasy, among other things.
  • Several characters are shown smoking marijuana joints throughout the film.
  • One character is an extreme drunk and is shown very intoxicated.
  • The main group of teenagers have a large amount of several drugs and also seen smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Any scenes are disturbing to any younger audiences.

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