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Season 4

29 Jan. 2017
Flint and Silver lead the fight to reclaim Nassau; Jack and Blackbeard seek vengeance; Eleanor attempts to reconcile herself to her new role.
5 Feb. 2017
Flint submits himself to Billy's authority; Eleanor tries to find a way to save Rogers; Silver is forced to become the leader of the war to reclaim Nassau.
12 Feb. 2017
Max runs afoul of the law. Rogers reckons with his past. Flint and Madi reach an understanding. Long John Silver makes his return.
19 Feb. 2017
The streets of Nassau become embroiled in violent strife; Silver demands answers from Billy; Eleanor tries to help Max; Bonny and Rackham suffer a traumatic experience.
26 Feb. 2017
Silver places Flint's survival in his own hands; Billy sows further dissonance; Eleanor jeopardizes everyone and everything to ensure her victory; Rogers orchestrates a seemingly effective appeal.
5 Mar. 2017
Spain invades Nassau without much resistance; Silver tries to fix relations between the pirates and the former slaves; Flint and Eleanor work together to survive the Spanish invasion.
11 Mar. 2017
Flint urges Silver to exercise more caution; Max shows Jack and Anne how to get upriver; Billy meets a survivor; Rogers discovers the truth.
19 Mar. 2017
Flint and Silver's relationship threatens to collapse during a rescue mission; Max discovers the true cost of freedom; Rackham pursues his target.
26 Mar. 2017
Silver and his crew travel to Skeleton Island in pursuit of Flint; Madi is presented with a proposition; Rogers struggles to hear Eleanor; Billy commits himself to the group.
2 Apr. 2017
Flint launches a final, desperate attack to destroy England's hold on Nassau; Silver makes an irreversible decision; Rackham confronts Rogers; Nassau is forever changed.

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