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It's all in the speech
lhalan25 November 2012
This movie dispels all the mystery and magic around this star-spun couple, here portrayed as rich drunks in a whirlwind of self-absorbed emotion. However, the diction of Grant Bowler is remarkably Burtonesque while Lindsay Lohan cannot rise above the California valley. Taylor spoke with distinction--slowly, somewhat deliberately, and with a stylishly youthful twist in her young to middle years. Lohan mumbles and sprints through her lines with her now nasal-bound voice. I mostly blame the director for missing this most important feature of the legendary Taylor. This movie is a hot mess that grows worse with every scene. It is surely destined for Saturday Night Live.
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It would be better with her voice filtered out
Joanie25 November 2012
As has been noted, Bowler evokes Burton with his voice. He has studied him, has it down. Lohan does not sound like Taylor at all, does not bring anything that remotely captures the essence of the woman to this film pairing. She just careens through her lines as if a superficial physical resemblance was all that mattered. And her inability to evoke Elizabeth is a constant irritant. There is nothing in this performance that gives a clue as to why they were attracted to one another...or if they really were. I kept listening for a resemblance in the voice, in the just was not there. I found myself thinking at one point that Michael Jackson could have done a better job, as he sure had studied the woman. Painful.
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You are terrible, Lohan.
Matthew McNaughton13 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just as comparison, Amanda Bynes is the same age as you, and she hasn't effed up her life like you have. This was pretty much your last chance to start over and show that you can still act. But I'll be very very surprised if you're able to get a solid role after this. But of course, most of the blame goes on the director for not being able to control his cast. Oh, but don't get me started on the movie itself. Half of this movie is either faux-meaningful interviews or lazy scene changes. They go through a costume every five minutes, and everybody is wearing a wig at all times. The guys at How Did This Get Made do a much better job "critiquing" this than I have, but it's no surprise that they chose this movie. Even as a made-for-TV 88 minute slopfest, it's bad.
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The Wrong Liz
mnavarre24 February 2015
One of Hollywood's most publicized and scandalous relationships is that of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. When I saw previews for the 2012 film Liz and Dick, I was excited about it; despite my feelings against Lindsay Lohan for the part of Taylor, I was going to be open-minded and see the movie anyway. However, once I saw the Lifetime movie, Lindsay Lohan did nothing but solidify my initial feelings against her as Elizabeth Taylor. The makeup artists, film editors, and costume designers might have been able to create brief instances where Lindsay resembles Taylor physically, but the moment Lindsay starts to speak or even move, she completely tarnishes the character and any essence of Taylor she managed to harness. I've seen better acting in a high school theater production. Lohan was simply, and very clearly, the wrong casting choice to play the great Hollywood diva, Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor is one of Hollywood's most prominent and influential actresses of all time, and the honor of playing her in a movie is one that should have been given with much more scrutiny and contemplation. It seemed to me that Lohan lazily approached her responsibilities to the part. First off, her accent and diction as Elizabeth was way off, making it hard to pay attention to anything that was actually being said. It was as if Lohan made no effort at all to capture Elizabeth Taylor's persona, voice, and demeanor. Second, Lohan owes Grant Bowler an apology for putting the burden on him to carry them through every scene. Grant Bowler did an exceptional job at becoming Burton, unfortunately, his efforts were lost whenever Lohan had the next line.

As atrocious as Lindsay's performance as Taylor was, Lohan was not the only reason Liz and Dick failed to be a successful Hollywood biopic. The screen writing and storyline were extremely lacking in substance and failed to represent the better aspects of Taylor and Burton's love story. The film depicted Taylor and Burton as raging alcoholics; there didn't seem to be a scene absent of some sort of alcohol or narcotic. The entire storyline consists of love making, drinking, and fighting, all of which happens between only two characters. None of the other characters in the film are deeply developed or even included in the storyline at all. As a viewer, it's hard to engage in a film without any real substance or emotional ties to characters. Overall, this was not a good movie and I undoubtedly give it a 2 out of 10 star rating. Lohan failed to give the great Hollywood starlit the justice she deserves, and it's a good thing Taylor isn't around to see the abomination. The movie had great potential and it was something that I looked forward to seeing. A glimpse and dramatization of the great Liz and Dick love story could have been a romantic and successful movie. Capturing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's life and love on film is no easy feat, and it shouldn't have been handled the way it was; if they were going to do it, they should have done it right or at least without Lohan.

Here are a few of my favorite Tweets about the film: @campsucks This is the weirdest episode of Mad Men. #LizandDick @NicDressel An actress who will never win an Oscar playing an Oscar winning actress in a movie that will never win any award. #inception #lizanddick @fuggirls The chemistry between LiLo and Grant Bowler is the equivalent to trying to light a cigarette with an ice cube. – H #LizAndDicK @BenWiddicombe .@lifetimetv Can we have Hilary Duff as Grace Kelly please? Maybe Snooki as Audrey Hepburn? Jazz Ponce #LizandDick I believe we've been way too hard on stars of previous Lifetime movies. For one We really owe Tori Spelling an apology… @JasonAlexander If the dead could sue, the producers of "Liz and Dick" would be in court this morning.

@pattonoswalt Dear @lindsaylohan: I give you permission to Tweet me to smithereens when I do Lifetime's CHAZ BONO: THE CRUELEST CUT in March. #lizanddick Check out My Blog:
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A filthy DISGRACE to the memory of Richard Burton!!
steeltown198429 August 2014
As someone who (as a HUGE fan of Burton's life, career, and legacy) has researched the actor for 25 years, I have to say this movie is an utter DISGRACE to him as well as Taylor! Everything that both Burton and Taylor had going for them and what made them captivating to the public back in the 60's, 70's,....and even today is completely overlooked (if not lost) in this awful movie. If you're starved for a DECENT film about Burton and Taylor check out the BBC's "Burton and Taylor". Hell, even NBC's 'Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story" was better than this rubbish! Not to mention Angus Macfadyen's portrayal as Burton was MUCH better! There's also a very good (yet somewhat controversial) Welsh film called "Burton; The Secret", about Richard Burton's relationship with his older brother Ifor and the theory (one of many) that Burton may have had something to do with the accident which left his brother paralyzed for the rest of his life. Based on my research of Richard Burton I have a hard time believing what the movie claims, but it's a well made film nonetheless.
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Missed opportunity
evening126 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This TV film makes a mess of some great material.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were outrageously self-centered alcoholics and their on- and off-again romance offers great dramatic potential.

While the filmmakers reference Elizabeth's mental problems -- including an impulsive suicide attempt and a later-life tendency toward psychosomatic illness -- and Richard's passive aggression, we get little more than a hint about these tendencies.

We see the pair smooching, brawling, chain-smoking, and boozing but we never quite believe that they really love or loathe each other.

Lindsay Lohan is made to look very similar to Liz, but the significantly older Grant Bowler looks nothing like Burton and I never quite bought in to his passion for her.

The drama is framed by a peculiar interview format in which Liz and Dick have returned from the grave to kibbitz about their life together. I found it tedious and repetitious.

I kept watching this over-hyped trifle out of morbid curiosity, not because it was good.
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Even for Lifetime standards, this film is bad
laserdiscforlife21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
My this film bad. Even for the Lifetime channel, which is a cesspool of bad films, this is bad. I would honestly rather watch Troll 2, because at least there is entertainment value contained within. However, with Liz and Dick, it is just a chore to watch. With every passing moment, my interest level drops to a level never experienced when watching exceptionally boring/bad films. Let me indulge: The story is about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship, from when they met on the set of Cleopatra to Burton's death. I am not a terribly big fan of either actor, but with an interesting story, anything can be good, right? Not in this case.

Most of the film is pretty much showing how much of a selfish woman Taylor was, and all the extravagant gifts that Burton gave to her. Nothing is really revealed about the characters, and they have as much development and emotion as a cardboard cutout. Taylor is selfish, Burton gives in, his brother yells a lot, Taylor's mom is also selfish...everyone just has one emotion, and there are no redeeming qualities of any person. Just a lot of yelling, throwing stuff, making up and getting back together. Nothing more, nothing less.

The story is lackluster, really exposes how shallow both people were and cements my opinion on how celebrity worship isn't enough to support a film. It would be like making a film about Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole Smith's life, and selling the film based on their popularity, not on their actual lives. Of course, their actual lives are as unfullfilling and bland as Elizabeth Taylor's, but that's not my point. Nobody want's to watch tripe like that. And this film is the epitome of just that.

Hate is a strong word, but it describes this film perfectly. It basically exposes what I think is wrong with our society...viewing celebrities as gods instead of normal, flawed people. At least with films based on other people, like Ed Wood or the newly released Lincoln, it is an intense character study and exposes the flaws of even heroes. This film does nobody justice, and fails on every level.
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Liz & Dick, the comic disaster
Xan Kali28 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If this was to be Lindsey Lohan's big come back, think again. Lohan was the WORST choice to play Elizabeth Taylor. The producers, casting and director must have all been drinking and getting high with Lohan when they decided casting Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor was a good idea. Lohan fails to come even close to portraying the great Elizabeth Taylor. Instead, Lohan mumbles in a monotone voice throughout the whole movie that you find yourself watching the clock, only to see that 5 minutes has gone by.

This production only proved to me and others that Lohan has indeed become an appalling actress. Lohan's earlier work was moderately performed, as well as the fact that you can give some forgiveness due to her age and the category of movies she has been in. But she has failed to cultivate any true talent as an actress and portraying Elizabeth Taylor was way out of her league.

Then there are her lips. I don't know about others, but Lohan's lips were such a distraction that all I wanted to do was prick them so they would deflate. Who the heck told Lohan that she looks good with her lips looking like the end of Donald duck's bill, in a frozen fake pout that would probably work great for the sound effect of a motor boat?

SNL is going to have a great time with this production of Lohan, again. In fact, SNL only has to show snippets of the actual Liz & Dick for people to laugh.

And what was up with the part of Liz in the 80's? Lohan looked so phony and gave such a dreadful faint scene that you just want to hit play, then rewind, then play over and over just to laugh because laughing was the only redeeming quality of this Lifetime show.


Lindsey, people aren't hiring you because of your lifestyle, constantly being in trouble with the law and the fact that you are such a train wreck. YOU AREN'T BEING HIRED BECAUSE YOU CAN'T ACT.

The only redeeming part of the travesty is Grant Bowler. Grant should receive an award for having to perform opposite of Lohan. Grant tried his best to salvage the production despite the fact that this was a total mockery of such a great actor and actress and a poorly written script.

What an overall disappointment.
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Amateurish with a Capital "A"
sandy-34025 November 2012
Not for one minute was Lohan believable in the role as Taylor. This role should have been given to a seasoned actress at least in her 30s. Lohan mostly looked like a little kid playing dress-up with her mother's makeup. And what was with her puffy-looking lips? And her double chin? And the AWFUL hair/wigs? And the fake eyelashes that always looked like they were about to fall off? Whomever wrote the script obviously has no talent. It was worse than shallow. There were so many mistakes and the characters were never fleshed out; they only scratched the surface of who these two really were. Elizabeth Taylor was a complex woman. Lohan is arguably just a one-hit wonder whose acting ability is extremely limited, if it exists at all. Her raspy deep-throated voice is in stark contrast to Taylor's elegant way of speaking. Not to mention the obvious: Taylor was one of the most beautiful women of all time. Lohan is a 20-something child with mediocre looks. And the freckles made her look even more like a cartoon character. It's a shame she was cast in this role - they used her for publicity knowing the movie would end up being nothing more than a silly parody.
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If EL James Wrote Liz Taylor Fanfic, This Is It
eightbitgirl25 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Literally one of the worst things I've ever seen, and I've seen Manos: The Hands of Fate without the assistance of MST3K.

Look, I went into it with zero expectations. None whatsoever. It's a Lifetime movie, the kind I invite my girlfriends over to watch with some wine and popcorn and it's usually just a hilariously over the top, fun time. Not so much with this.

To be honest, it felt like this was someone's coke-fueled fan fiction. There was no time to give a crap about anyone, because of the crazy editing and scenes that lasted an average of ~20 seconds. Someone died! Who was it, because nobody made an effort to develop any characters.

Here's what the titular characters do: Drink, smoke, have sex, and fight. Repeat ad nauseam. At some point they're supposed to get divorced a second time but according to this film, he dies first! I don't even know. It was terrible.

Grant Bowler tried, he really did, but man - and I feel AWFUL saying this - Lindsay Lohan is done. She cannot act to save her life, and I was too focused on her atrocious accent and curious cheek fillers to even pay attention to her when she attempted to act.
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Do they give awards for lousy casting?
irishm9 April 2014
I had no expectations; I had an evening to kill and was morbidly curious, so I can't say I was disappointed.

Lindsay Lohan was absolutely awful. I'm not a fan of either hers or Taylor's, so it wasn't even a question of her doing a bad job portraying an actress I admire... she was just terrible, period. Totally unconvincing, with none of Taylor's presence and class. The guy who played Burton was quite good, I thought, but Lohan sank the whole ship with the both of them on it.

Didn't really like the inter-cuts either, with "Liz" and "Dick" sitting in director's chairs chatting about their past to the camera, breaking the fourth wall. Awkward and odd structure that didn't really work.

As I said, I wasn't disappointed because I had no expectations of seeing a good biopic, but anybody looking for a convincing portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor definitely will be. Avoid unless you like train wrecks. Hope young "Dick" gets out of this one with his career intact; he's got potential.
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Ghastly movie
kathyh32617 August 2013
This movie Liz and Dick is one of the most boring and trying films I have ever attempted to watch. Lindsay Lohan is terrible in this role and I don't even care to know who tried to play Richard Burton. I left the movie running for a few minutes to see if it would get any better and then I told my husband to please just turn it off it was making me ill. I would NEVER recommend this movie to anyone and I am sorry that I wasted any money on renting this horrible flick. Nothing about it had any interest to me and it is a shame to see something so terrible that it would make even Elizabeth Taylor look bad. I hope to God in real life that LIFE was better for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton because this movie shows something disgusting and tasteless.
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Liz and Dick more entertainment than real
jfarms19568 April 2013
This movie is for those 13 and up. I had high hopes for this film, Liz and Dick. I was a bit disappointed. I don't think that Lindsay Lohan was a good Elizabeth Taylor, but for those who have never seen Elizabeth Taylor, it did work superficially. I do think that Grant Bowler did a better job playing Richard Burton than Lindsay did playing Liz. But it would be difficult to play two of Hollywood's royalty, let alone royalty couples. One cannot expect to see Liz Taylor and Richard Burton to play themselves. One would find great fault with anyone playing such icons of Hollywood splendor. I think enough attempt was made to get the 'essence' of personality on screen to warrant an evening of entertainment. Three thumbs up.
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More Like Lazy & Disappointing Than Like Liz & Dick
filmchaser16 January 2013
I don't want to use this forum to beat up on Lindsay Lohan because she is an easy target, but really y'all? Did somebody actually look at the dailies while this film was being made and say to themselves, "oh yeah, Lindsay nailed it"...Lindsay Lohan was good in the Parent Trap when she was a small child, but it's almost as if she stopped trying after that. This film required acting chops that Ms. Lohan either does not possess, or could not tap into. Either that, or Ms. Lohan simply didn't find the role important enough to bother preparing for it. Even somebody who isn't familiar with the porcelain skinned, exquisitely beautiful Elizabeth Taylor with her precise, breathy, slightly British way of talking, and her expressive eyes could watch her films and at least TRY to embody her smoldering sensuality and physicality. Instead, I found myself looking at Ms. Lohan and thinking, her lips are too puffy, her skin is too rough, too thick, and the makeup just made it worse. The close ups were hideous, showing the thick makeup to cover Lohan's freckles, and her eyelashes are too obviously fake, with wigs that aren't even pretending not to be wigs. But that's all just costume and make up, so I still have hope. Then Lohan speaks, and that's when I know: It was just cruel to cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and expect her to pull it off because she has this hoarse voice that sounds like it has spent too much time in smoke-filled bars, or screaming at people; a voice with a flat affect, rushing her lines as if she just wants to wrap the scene so she can go to the mall. Lohan's voice has NO inflection, and her face shows no expression. In fact, Lohan is NOT the exceptionally delicate, quietly fierce, risk taker that Elizabeth Taylor was; nor is she captivating on the screen like Elizabeth Taylor was. I'm sorry to make this statement, but it is what it is: Lindsay Lohan can not act. She can not play anyone other than herself. And she looks terrible. Grant Bowler did a great job of embodying the late Richard Burton, but his wig was terrible and distracted from his performance. Burton never had that much hair. And who did Bowler's make up? because they should have been fired. Richard Burton's screen presence had nothing to do with being handsome, because he wasn't. He was magnetic, and his voice was his best feature, but Grant Bowler is far too handsome to play Richard Burton, and his voice didn't have the richness or the depth of Burton's. There are so many talented actors in Hollywood who could have made this film worth watching, and had somebody gone to the effort to cast a better actress to play Taylor, I feel like Grant Bowler's Burton would have been more believable. Additionally, this film was simply a series of costume changing scenes filled with the couples' childish bickering. I realize the real life couple had a stormy relationship, but this film made them appear ridiculous. To make matters worse, there was ZERO CHEMISTRY between Lohan and Bowler, and I had the feeling Bowler was disgusted with having to carry this film by himself. This film lacks the effort necessary to make a film credible or even entertaining. Lohan should have never been cast as Taylor, and should have been replaced the first day of shooting. Not a kind tribute to Taylor and Burton. I think Burton would call this film bloody awful.
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Waste of time
erinsm11 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film mostly out of curiosity, and I regret it. There are times, for very brief moments, when Lindsay captures Ms. Taylor accurately. However, those moments aren't even big enough to define the film. Poor acting isn't so much the problem as the mediocre script. Then again, anyone who expected more from a made for TV film is foolish, although the trailers were not nearly as bad as the film itself. If you are a Taylor or Burton fan, skip this film. The alcohol usage, though probably true to life, is excessive, and Lohan doesn't have the grace or age to fully accurately do justice to a legend such as Taylor. Both Taylor and Burton are out of character for most of the film. The storyline is chopped and seems haphazardly thrown together. This film would have been better left undone. Liz and Dick would be rolling over in their graves at this travesty of a film. Then again, I knew not to expect much from a made for television movie. Please, please, skip it. Don't waste your time.
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lliizz30 November 2012
As a lifelong fan who saw these events play out as they happened, I waited with eager anticipation to see the romance of the century portrayed in film. I have seen some of Lyndsay Lohan's early movies but have only seen her drug and alcohol fueled antics splayed across the gossip rags in recent years. I wasn't sure what to expect with her cast as La Liz. What the hell were they thinking?! She was awful!! Worst casting and acting I've seen......ever! Whiney, skinny 20-something "actress" was totally miss-cast and out of her league. Dick was at least believable to some extent but the rest......kinda painful to watch. Wish they could do it over. DVR'd it because I was busy the night it aired......delete!
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I would like to say something good about this movie
jsaus6330426 November 2012
but I really can't When I saw the trailers, I thought it had promise. I saw scenes where it actually looked like Liz and Dick, but those were about the only resemblances I saw. The script was pretty thin and the acting was pretty pitiful. The script did cover their turbulent lives, but did not provide us with any information that we did not already know. Of course, if you are a bit younger than I am, you may have missed their trials and tribulation. If fact, you may not even know who they were and probably do not care. This movie will in no way inspire you to look further into their lives.

For me, the high point of the whole thing was when Burton died because I knew that the movie was about to be over. Skip this one.
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Uncomfortably Awkward Performance
marciaoh26 November 2012
Lohan was not remotely believable as Liz Taylor. For one, Taylor had a remarkably unique voice with a bit of an English accent since she was born in the UK. Taylor's voice was soft, airy, almost girlish and full of drama. Lohan made no attempt to sound even remotely like Taylor. Lohan's voice is husky like she's smoked too many cigarettes. Lohan sounded like a hardened truck driver without any of the femininity that made Liz Taylor so attractive. In this film, Lohan talked way too fast--she giggled in the wrong places and frowned oddly at the wrong moments. Lohan didn't project any authenticity at all.

Lohan's mannerisms, gestures and facial expressions didn't match the emotional moments she was suppose to be portraying throughout this film. It was like she was rushing through each scene so she could go somewhere more important rather than stick around and try to perform in this dumb movie.

Taylor's body was very curvy--most of her adult life she struggled with overweight, yet, she always projected a raw sexuality that jumped off the screen. Also, Taylor had huge breasts. That's one thing Burton used to say he loved about Taylor. Yet, Lohan appeared scrawny and flat chested in many scenes, as she moved clumsily around trying desperately to be sexy.

Overall, Lohan's performance was almost laughable--sort of a cartoon version of the remarkable Liz Taylor.

The guy who played Richard Burton was much better than Lohan. He is gorgeous. But, this actor had a lousy script to deal with and Lohan to interact with, so he struggled to be believable.

The script was superficial and flimsy.

My grade for the film is a C- verging into D.
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Lacks the usual cheesiness and charm that can be found in Lifetime movies
sayaterian26 November 2012
We watch a lot of Lifetime movies. My family swears by them. However, even by Lifetime movie standards, this movie is an absolute put-on production. I expected some level of awkwardness and wince inducing dialogue, but usually there was redeem-ability in the storyline or "charm factor". This movie had all the potential to be something great, but in the end it was too unbelievable and scarce in good qualities to be redeemable.

It can't be blamed on just one person's performance, but I would put a vast majority of the blame on Lindsay Lohan, the script and the production.

Grant Bowler showed a lot of potential and often it either seemed like he was either the only one actually acting in a scene (with Lohan) or he was trying to illicit some kind of emotional reaction in her performances that her responses to this was almost always met with a flat note. You could completely feel and see the disconnect between them and their own personal expectations. I felt like he put in his all and that he was trying his best to stay in character, but her personality was far more visible and opague than her acting on any level that the believability was just not there. I found myself feeling pity for him and the rest of the cast, but often the bad dialogue just amplified these problems ten-fold.

The sense of time/space was very vague too. Scenes would change often but you had no idea how time had progressed. There was no real feel of what time period you were in or the energy of the era you were living in. Many of the scenes looked the same or the vibe was always the same. You had to rely on the text that would appear that would tell you the shift in time, but I looked away at one point and found myself totally lost time-wise in the film. This made the film feel like it was crawling to finish and made it feel like they hadn't finished editing. Almost like they didn't get enough good scenes, they just decided to put in what made the most sense time-wise, but it was just snapshot moment after snapshot... it felt more like you were going through a change-of-set at a high school play than a cinematic transition like really any movie.

Looking back, had they cast someone more reliable than Lindsay Lohan in terms of acting and personality, they would've stood a better chance of finding someone whose chemistry would've matched Grant Bowler's acting. This film probably would not have struggled so much to make the dialogue work. However, her acting felt 'rushed' as there was no real energy there and she was sleep walking through the scenes.

On the plus side, my interest in Elizabeth Taylor grew so much after this film because I felt like it did her so little justice... Lindsay especially made Taylor seem more estranged to the viewer after her performances. For anyone who wants to know more about Elizabeth Taylor, they would do better to read a biography and watch a few of her movies than to watch this film... this film does her little justice.
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nothing to summarize
eaglerock-538-86937325 November 2012
Simply put, there have got to be 2 better actors in the world, even unknowns - that could have done better than these 2. Lindsey Lohan was absolutely atrocious. She has no business calling herself an actress.

The Richard Burton wasn't as bad yet his lines were awful. I am sure there are better writers out there somewhere. They just simply did not want to write for this movie.

The movie simply took two iconic movie stars and failed to create a movie around them. Then, placing Lindsey Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor was a total failure. It would have been better to select a totally unknown actress that had some fire and passion as well as acting ability rather than Lohan.

It would have been nice to see this movie with the least bit of talent and presence on the screen. And, with a talented writer as well.

Oh well, I guess that is why it was only shown on one else wanted it. Now we all know why.

Don't waste your time watching it.
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Sorry Liz, you don't deserve this
Bkw15016326 November 2012
I am in shock that this movie ever aired.

How can anyone think Lindsay Lohan could play Liz Taylor. She can't hold a candle to her. I was born in 1963 and something draw me to Liz and Dick. It was one of those love stories you couldn't pass on.

I was so excited when they remarried.

This movie is not even worth me talking about it and I am so glad that neither Liz nor Richard have to see it.

Liz, we will not remember you by this movie, but by the person you were.

Beautiful, an icon, unforgettable movies, and a real bad perfume ;-)
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It stars Lohan. That's all you really need to know.
LawnBoy-414 October 2013
Lindsay Lohan is, unquestionably, the most talentless excuse for an "actress" of the last 20 years. She essentially boasts two forms of facial expression in her arsenal: smirk and confusion. Aside from the fact that she is so dimly lit upstairs that she cannot manage to stay out of trouble, she really provides us with no reason whatsoever to pay attention to her. Now that the similarly trashy, talentless and doltish Miley Montana has cranked up her idiot juices, allowing her to hog the trainwreck limelight in the process, we really have no reason to afford this tramp any more of our time.

For the purpose of this excremental "film", Lohan pretty much mails it in, which is to be expected, given her inability to do much otherwise. The production team should be brought up on charges for foisting this assault on the senses of even the least discriminating of viewers and the network which gave any of these clowns the arena with which to air this trash should be relegated to the nether regions of the most obscure cable package imaginable.

Yes, it is THAT bad.

The Lohan experiment really needs to end. Let her be on her way to becoming the only thing she was ever destined to be: a long lost footnote in the annals of talentless buffoons who once captured the public eye for no other reason than the sheer fact that they could not stop being stupid.
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Not much to watch
Amanda Johnson4 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie with my roommate hoping for a good night filled with good movies, boy was I ever wrong. We began watching the movie and quickly contemplated turning it off. Going into the movie I did not know much about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. After watching the movie, I still know very little about them. I feel that costumes were the best feature of the movie, the clothing fit the era presented very nicely. As for actors and actresses, I feel that Bowler played a believable role at Richard Burton, but Lohan she had played to many other roles that I am familiar with to successfully fill this role. I feel someone else would have been a better chosen and she may have been chosen only to sell the movie. That is one of the main reasons that we watched it. This hour and a half movie felt like it could have been playing for three plus hours. Then to top it all off the movie ended so suddenly. The whole movie moved at a steady pace then all of a sudden the second divorce happens, then Burton is dead. Not the way I would have paced the ending of the movie.
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"I'm bored, I'M SO BORED!"
MissSimonetta11 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm exhausted from watching this trash so here's my honest opinion: 1) Lindsay Lohan does not work as Liz Taylor. Her gravelly voice is nothing like Taylor's, her delivery is lifeless, and she sleepwalks clumsily through the role. She comes across as a teenage girl playing dress up rather than an actress inhibiting a role.

2)I'll give Grant Bowler points for putting forth effort and actually acting.

3) The script is an episodic mess, with Lohan and Bowler drinking, arguing, and having sex ad nauseum. The writers paint Taylor and Burton as overgrown brats, obsessed with themselves so much that it's hard to believe they love each other at all. The relationship here seems based on lust more than any spiritual or emotional connection. Even if that was intended by the writers (which I doubt considering the sentimental epilogue), it's still done badly.

4) Taylor and Burton's romance deserves better. This is a pathetic soap opera. Skip.
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My Hopes Were Dashed ...
eristhoughts28 July 2013
The script was well written, but as countless reviews have said before - Lohan in no way captured Elizabeth. I grew up watching Elizabeth Taylor, and was hopeful that this movie might have been at least watchable.

Honestly I found myself stalking the scene ends, and wondering how they had managed to allow this to happen. Truly it makes me wonder if Lohan has even seen an Elizabeth Taylor movie?

There is a lack of effortlessness that, to me at least, Elizabeth (even in the face of her worst turmoils) conveyed in all of her movies.

It's almost as if Lohan focused on the wrong angles of what made Elizabeth one in a million. Yes she had her problems, but she said herself: "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."

I think Lohan forgot the pulling yourself together part.
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