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Jennifer Arnold’s “Fat Camp” Snagged by Bet

Fat Camp

Jennifer Arnold’s “Fat Camp” has found a home just days before its world premiere at the La Film Festival (Laff). A press release announced that the comedy has been acquired by Bet with plans for the network to air the feature in July.

The plot centers on Hutch (Chris Redd, “Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping”), a superficial twenty-something who “fronts like a baller and is too spoiled to get a job,” the film’s official synopsis details. “But when his mom kicks him out of the house, and he’s forced to work at his uncle’s fat camp, he finds himself supervising an offbeat group of husky boys, who ultimately help him grow up.”

Vivica A. Fox (“Empire”), Anabelle Acosta (“Quantico”), and Mel Rodriguez (“Getting On”) co-star.

The film will premiere at Laff on June 21.

When we asked Arnold what she wants people to think about after they watch “Fat Camp,” she said, “There’s some real stuff in this movie — body issue stuff, gender stuff, self-hatred and self-love stuff, and sexuality stuff. We tried to break stereotypes and expectations with this project. I hope people think about all that at some point.”

“But when people are leaving the theater I just want them to have a smile on their faces,” she explained in a soon-to-be published interview. “I want people to have laughed.”

“As the premier destination for lovers of African American culture, Bet Networks is committed to supporting independent filmmakers and engaging our viewers worldwide,” commented Maureen Guthman, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy, Bet Networks. “We are thrilled to give this film a home.”

Fat Camp” marks Emmy nominee Arnold’s fiction feature directorial debut. Her previous credits include doc “A Small Act” and episodes of “Biz Kid$” and “TableTop.”

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The Annual Global Celebration of Tabletop Gaming Takes Place This Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ittd Unites Hundreds of Thousands of Gamers Worldwide Through Local Retail and Online EventsExciting Exclusive Products for Some of the World’s Most Popular Games Available at Participating Retailers

Warm up those dice and dust off your meeples! International Tabletop Day (Ittd), the worldwide celebration of the tabletop gaming and community, will take place this Saturday, April 29, 2017. Ittd is the first and only board gaming holiday – a global celebration unites hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world, both in person and through the Geek & Sundry digital network. Presented by Geek & Sundry, this year’s event will feature a 18-hour live stream, a website featuring over 1,700 global events, countless special guests, and a charity stream for Extra Life, which has raised over $30 million for sick children in local hospitals since its inception in 2008.

"I have been very lucky to be a part of some great projects that show just how
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Legendary Shares Programming Slate For Alpha Subscription Service, Launching November 3rd

Legendary has its own subscription-video service called Alpha in the works, and based on how the programming slate is shaping up, it will be a nerd’s paradise. The shows subscribers will be able to watch once Alpha launches to the public on November 3rd will include a number of new and returning programs produced by Legendary’s two most prominent digital subsidiaries, Nerdist and Geek & Sundry.

The most recognizable show on the Alpha launch slate is TableTop, in which host Wil Wheaton and an ever-changing cast of guest stars play board and card games against one another. After a successful run on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, TableTop will head to Alpha for its fourth season. The other returning series moving to Legendary’s new service is Nerdist’s Critical Role, a Dungeons & Dragons series.

Those returnees will be joined by several brand new programs, and Legendary has come
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First Episode Of PlayStation’s Wil Wheaton-Hosted Web Series Arrives

Wil Wheaton has parlayed his acting career into a number of hosting gigs, none more significant than his gig as the ringleader of Geek & Sundry’s TableTop (and its recent spinoff, Titansgrave). In his latest role, Wheaton is back in the host’s chair, and he is joined by accomplished video game developers. Wheaton is the central figure in the PlayStation web series Conversations With Creators, which has now launched its first episode.

In each episode of Conversations With Creators, Wheaton sits down with the team behind a popular video game. The maiden episode spotlights the developers at Bungie, who after turning Halo into an Xbox staple have moved on to create another hit, Destiny, for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The tone of the interview is a bit dry, but there’s plenty of interesting commentary within it, and Wheaton proves to be a knowledgeable host. Think of Conversations
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Wil Wheaton Hosts ‘Conversations With Creators’ On PlayStation Store

Wil Wheaton will soon be hosting a new show for the PlayStation Store. The geeky host and internet icon will talk everything video games in the web series Conversations with Creators, which premieres on July 7, 2015.

Conversations with Creators is exactly what it sounds like: each week, Wheaton sits down with game developers and discusses the video game industry in roundtable fashion. Topics Wheaton and his guests will cover include how games and movies are both similar and different, why The Last of Us was so terrifying, and where the idea for Bungie’s hit game Destiny came from.

Wheaton’s involvement in a video game-based show for PlayStation makes sense considering the host’s previous experience leading similar series on Geek & Sundry. The ex-Star Trek actor hosts the fan-favorite TableTop series, all about tabletop gaming and creators. Wheaton also just debuted his new role-playing game series called Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana.
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Wil Wheaton’s ‘TableTop’ Shows The $1.4+ Million Power Of Niche Communities And Programming

TableTop is an original online entertainment property with an on-paper premise unpalatable to traditional media. Yes, the program does have some innate cross-platform star appeal. The bi-weekly-or-so series is distributed by way of online video poster child’s Felicia Day’s (and more recently Legendary’s) YouTube destination Geek & Sundry and hosted by Star Trek: The Next Generation alum and overall object of internet obsession Wil Wheaton. But TableTop's subject matter isn’t something individuals with an appetite to watch or produce mainstream entertainment usually seek out (the show’s all about classic, modern, and not computerized gaming) and the very long format is one that bucks the general online video trend (each episode consists of upwards of 50 minutes of content composed of Wheaton introducing a board game or two and then playing one of those board games with friends).

Lucky for TableTop and the powers that be at Geek & Sundry,
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Geek & Sundry Brings Back TableTop Day, Offers Games To Charity

For the third year in a row, Geek & Sundry will share its love of board, card, and pen-and-paper games with International TableTop Day, which will go down on April 11th, 2015. While a celebration of tabletop games is the main goal, there will be more than just victory points at stake. In addition, Geek & Sundry has teamed with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles organization, to which it will donate thousands of board games.

In 2015, TableTop Day will take over the Legendary Digital Network Soundstages, where Geek & Sundry founder Felicia Day and TableTop host Wil Wheaton will host a gathering of more than 800 gamers. Those festivities, which will run between 11 Am and 6 Pm Pst on April 11th, will be live streamed on Geek & Sundry's recently launched Twitch channel.

Wheaton provided an introduction to TableTop Day when he introduced the third annual event in a video released in March.
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Wil Wheaton’s RPG Show Gets A Title, June 2nd Release Date

In April 2014, Wil Wheaton and Geek & Sundry took to Indiegogo in hopes of raising the $500,000 they needed to fund a third season of their board game-centered web series, TableTop. The campaign ended up beating its goal nearly three times over by raising more than $1.4 million. With so much bonus cash in their pockets, Wheaton and Geek & Sundry decided to give their fans an extra treat: An entirely new web series based around tabletop role-playing games (RPGs).

Now, Geek & Sundry has revealed some important information about that show. It will be titled Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana, it will debut on June 2nd, and it follow a group of well-known guests as they role-play through a fantastical adventure.

The title refers to the type of RPG that will be played on the show. "The game will be played using Fantasy Age, the latest iteration of the Adventure Game Engine by Green Ronin Publishing,
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Rooster Teeth Raised Over $2.4 Million For Its First Feature Film. Here’s Burnie Burns On How They Did It.

Rooster Teeth turns 12-years-young on April 1, 2015. The Austin, Texas-based production company, online video and machinima pioneer, and prolific creator of high-quality online video programming has a lot of things to celebrate, including more than 16 million subscribers across its half-dozen-or-so established and burgeoning YouTube channels, a thriving destination site with an ardent, active, and happily paying community that’s two-million-unique-visitors-a-month strong, a recent presumably multi-million dollar sale to the YouTube multi-channel network Fullscreen, a growing convention for tens of thousands of fans of gaming and internet culture, and an upcoming feature that’s one of the top most-crowdfunded film campaigns of all time.

It’s that last achievement the individuals at Rooster Teeth should celebrate most as the entity enters the last of its preteen years.

Rooster Teeth CEO Matt Hullum, Creative Director Burnie Burns, and the rest of the crew started the Indiegogo campaign for their movie Lazer Team on
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Tudyk & Fillion's 'Con Man' breaks crowdfunding record

  • ScreenDaily
Tudyk & Fillion's 'Con Man' breaks crowdfunding record
Indiegogo campaign for web series is now the highest crowdfunded web series of all time.

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s Con Man Indiegogo campaign has broken two crowdfunding records.

The sci-fi web series has achieved the most funds raised by a web series within its first 24 hours and the record for all-time highest crowdfunded web series in history. Both records are across all crowdfunding platforms.

Within a short time from its launch, Con Man broke through its initial $425,000 goal and went past the $1m mark before midnight Eastern on its first day.

It has currently raised over $1.6m, breaking the previous records set by Tabletop Season 3’s Indiegogo campaign which raised $1.4m within 35 days.

With 29 days left in the campaign, Con Man needs to reach its stretch goal of $1.75m to be able to make a full 12 episode first season and to create a “lost episode” of Spectrum, Con Man’s show within the show.

Con Man
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Indiegogo Shares Its “Best Year Ever” With Year In Review Video

Indiegogo had a big year in 2014, and the crowdfunding platform isn't too humble to brag about it. It has released a video titled "Indiegogo 2014 Year In Review" that recaps a few of the most prominent projects to grace the site during the previous 12 months.

The video runs through various tech campaigns, including Jibo the robot and the Solar Roadways project, both of which brought in upwards of $2.2 million for their creators. A few film-related campaigns are also noted, including the ones for Life Itself and Dear White People.

Not mentioned in the video are the many online video creators who found success on Indiegogo in 2014. Notable projects include Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team film, which raised more than $2.4 million, and Wil Wheaton's TableTop campaign, which topped out at more than $1.2 million

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Wil Wheaton Stars As Superhero Matchmaker In Nerdist’s New Short

Wil Wheaton has had the privilege of playing a Starship crew member and a host of a sci-fi-pop-comedy-talk show on television, a board game aficionado on the web, and an imbiber of Newcastle’s new beers in a Twitter video. Now he can add “matchmaker” to his resume. The actor known for playing Wesley Crusher and his Geek & Sundry gaming web series TableTop stars in a new promotional spoof video from Nerdist Industries for the fake smartphone app Duo.

The video starts off with “relationship expert” Dr. Hank Tannen (Wheaton) explaining how easy his Duo app has made it for superheroes to find their ideal sidekicks, no matter how busy their crime-fighting days may be. The short then brings in “spokespeople” in the form of Captain America and Bucky Barnes, Green Arrow and Flash, and Batman and Robin (both versions of him, as well as the Nightwing interpretation). But as it turns out,
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Wil & “Bil” Wheaton Promote Newcastle Scotch Ale In Twitter Video

Wil Wheaton loves beer so much that he helped out Newcastle with their new ad campaign. The geeky actor, writer, and home-brewing advocate appeared with his “twin brother” in a Twitter video for Newcastle’s recently-introduced Scotch Ale. In the two-minute video, Wheaton appears with his long-lost twin Bil Wheaton (played by Wil using the split-screen format). Bil operates the boom mic and “translates” Wil’s beer jargon into everyday English so the non-beer fanatics will understand what he’s saying. The ad finishes with Wil taking a sip of the Scotch Ale as Bil recalls how good his brother was in Stand By Me and questions “what happened to him.” Wheaton also worked with Newcastle on a second ad for the Scotch Ale debut called “Unbeknownst.” The actor’s breakout role was as the teen heartthrob Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, Wheaton is more prominently
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From Star Trek to board games: meet Wil Wheaton, king of the nerds

The actor and TableTop host on geek culture, not being a dick on the internet, and why gaming needs to stop treating women as an anomaly

Like any fourteen-year-old Star Trek fan, Wil Wheaton dreamed of boldly going where no one had gone before. But unlike others Wheaton got the chance to live out his fantasy when he was cast as Wesley Crusher, the precocious son of the chief medical officer on the starship Enterprise.

“It was a profound experience for me”, Wheaton said. “When I first got to look at the bridge and the engine room and the transporters I wasn’t looking at a set, I was looking at the spaceship I had imagined since I was a child.”

Continue reading...
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Syfy Cancels ‘The Wil Wheaton Project’

Celebrated nerd and actor Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation) has transformed his passion for all things geek into a successful career as a writer and performer. He hosts the gaming series TableTop on the Geek & Sundry network and regularly performs with musical comedy act Paul and Storm and MythbustersAdam Savage at w00tstock.

Wheaton has continued acting as well, having had a recurring role on the Syfy series Eureka and frequently guest-starring on The Big Bang Theory. This summer, Wheaton began hosting his own spin on clip shows like The Soup and Tosh.0 for Syfy, where every week he’d humorously dissect the latest happenings in geek culture.

But after only 18 ...

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Legendary Acquires Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry Network

The production company behind films like The Dark Knight, Pacific Rim, and Godzilla just made a significant addition to its digital portfolio. Legendary has acquired Geek & Sundry, the online video network run by Felicia Day. Since 2012, Geek & Sundry--which originally launched as part of the YouTube Original Channels Initiative--has served as a home for nerd-friendly web series like Wil Wheaton's TableTop, Bryan Singer's Spooked, and, for its final season, Day's The Guild. The network has also created a small community of vloggers who present their thoughts on various geeky subjects. All of these endeavors have allowed Geek & Sundry to build up a significant audience. During the same week that the Geek & Sundry channel passed a million subscribers (a development we'll discuss in greater detail in a few days), Day announced the new deal with Legendary in a video update. Geek & Sundry will become an integral part of Legendary's digital division,
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Rooster Teeth Raises Record-Setting $2,480,421 On Indiegogo

A month after its launch, Rooster Teeth's first ever Indiegogo campaign has closed, and it has brought home a record-breaking amount. The project, which raised money to fund a feature film called Lazer Team, ended up hauling in $2,480,421, making it the most funded film campaign in Indiegogo history. The Lazer Team campaign began on June 6th and roared out of the gate. It met its initial $650,000 goal in just ten hours, but that did not slow it down. The campaign passed $1,000,000 a few days later and trumped Wil Wheaton's TableTop campaign (which had previously served as the most-backed Indiegogo campaign related to web video) soon after that. The final days of the Lazer Team campaign coincided with Rooster Teeth's annual Rtx convention, where co-founder Burnie Burns and Gus Sorola (pictured above) were able to rally their troops for one final push. Ultimately, the $2.4 million total broke the record for
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8 Glorious TV Homages to the Geekery of Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons has defied the odds and turned forty this year. A niche game that might take a decade to complete, its mixture of imagination, dice, paper and pencils seemed no match for the rise of the Digital Age and quick satisfaction. But tabletop gaming (and RPGs) bit their thumbs at the odds and became kinda cool. Celebs like Wil Wheaton, Sam Witwer, and Chris Hardwick have met up for a round of Dragon Age on TableTop, and the popular web series is now cooking up a spin-off RPG show after their super-successful crowdfunding campaign. But the RPG has not only infiltrated the back-room geek realms of the Internet. Though it never made much progress on film, save for the rare appearance in films like Et, D&D has become a television pre-requisite. Forget about musical episodes; if geeks are present in any noticeable way, there will be an episode or scene devoted to a D&D
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Wil Wheaton on His New SyFy Show, the Politics of Geekdom, and What It Means to Be a Nerd

  • Vulture
Wil Wheaton on His New SyFy Show, the Politics of Geekdom, and What It Means to Be a Nerd
When Wil Wheaton files his taxes, he identifies himself as a writer and an actor. Presumably, that's because he's too modest to write "polymath geek icon." Wheaton's career trajectory is as remarkable as it is difficult to describe: He starred in the seminal 1986 coming-of-age drama Stand by Me, portrayed the divisive character of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, then fell into obscurity for most of the late '90s and early '00s. But within the past decade, he's become a touchstone of the amorphous entity known as geek culture. His biggest canvas is Twitter, where he currently has 2.6 million followers and where he tweets about everything from net neutrality to board games. Speaking of board games, he also hosts a video web-series about them called TableTop, and this month, Wheaton raised a record-setting $1.4 million from fans to keep the show going. He's a regular on
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Wil Wheaton's ‘Tabletop’ Sets Crowdfunding Record With $1.4 Million Haul

Wil Wheaton's ‘Tabletop’ Sets Crowdfunding Record With $1.4 Million Haul
Tabletop,” Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day's popular web series, raised $1.4 million for its third season on Indiegogo, setting a new record for a crowdfunded web series, the principals said Monday. The show broke the market set by Freddie Wong, who raised $898,144 for the third season for his hit show “Game High School.” Wheaton hosts the show, in which he and a series of guests play a new board game each week. The show airs on Day's Geek & Sundry channel. Wheaton set a goal of $500,000, and he will use the additional funds to film additional episodes for the...
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