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Season 1

11 Jul. 2013
I Wasn't Ready
Piper Chapman is sent to jail as a result of her relationship with a drug smuggler.
11 Jul. 2013
Tit Punch
After accidentally insulting the prison's chef, the kitchen staff refuses to feed Piper.
11 Jul. 2013
Lesbian Request Denied
Piper must deal with romantic advances from a fellow inmate known as Crazy Eyes.
11 Jul. 2013
Imaginary Enemies
Piper gets to know her stern new roommate. The inmates prepare for a farewell party.
11 Jul. 2013
The Chickening
While on the lawn one morning, Piper sees a chicken roosting nearby on the grass. When she tells other inmates about the odd sighting, Piper discovers that the chicken is actually a prison legend that several inmates have tried to catch for years. The complicated history between Aleida Diaz and her daughter Dayanara Diaz comes to light.
11 Jul. 2013
WAC Pack
The inmates must campaign amongst their races for a coveted spot as a prisoners' representative. Piper steers clear of the bizarre political process but might not have a choice but to get involved. Larry's editor wants him to write an article about Piper's incarceration.
11 Jul. 2013
Blood Donut
Former high school track star Janae Watson returns from solitary confinement. Piper wants to reopen the outdoor track but Healy forces her to fulfill several potentially dangerous tasks before he will consider it. Alex's teasing of a religious fanatic named Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett sparks a rivalry.
11 Jul. 2013
Moscow Mule
Officer Mendez begins harassing Red when she refuses to help him continue smuggling drugs into the prison. Larry publishes his article about Piper in the New York Times, which turns her into a person of interest for inmates and corrections officers alike. Piper's best friend Polly has her baby at the same time that a baby is born to an inmate in Piper's cell block.
11 Jul. 2013
Piper is in high spirits when she makes peace with Alex and awaits a visit from Larry on Thanksgiving. However, Healy's true colors come out when he throws Piper in solitary confinement for dancing with Alex. The frightening experience of solitary forces Piper to take a serious look at her life and come to several conclusions about the future.
11 Jul. 2013
Bora Bora Bora
Pennsatucky flaunts her new healing hands that Jesus has supposedly given her. The prison brings in a group of teenage troublemakers so that the inmates can scare them straight. Tricia returns from detox to find she has lost her position on the kitchen staff and must still deal with Mendez breathing down her neck for her drug debts.
11 Jul. 2013
Tall Men with Feelings
Grief looms over the prison as the inmates mourn a recent death. Dayanara, Nicky, and Red plot to end Mendez's career by tricking him into revealing his indiscretions. Larry gives a radio interview about Piper's experience in prison and his comments cause conflict with some of Piper's closest allies.
11 Jul. 2013
Fool Me Once
After discovering a series of sad truths, friendships change. Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett is offended by Piper Chapman, and that lead to the dangerous roads. Larry finally meets Piper after the radio show to discuss their future.
11 Jul. 2013
Can't Fix Crazy
Alex makes a final decision about Piper and Larry finally decides what will happen to Piper after meeting Alex for the first time. Red's plan to retrieve her kitchen goes awry. Piper is forced to stand up to another inmate.

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