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Sex & Nudity

  • Frogs briefly shown mating in an outdoor scene, a young boy refers to it as "making love" to his friends and says they will go on for hours.
  • A young boy and girl come close to kissing, but are interrupted.

Violence & Gore

  • Armed soldiers and Nazi symbols frequently shown. Children use a realistic looking toy handgun for soldier games. Children discuss the Hitler Youth and practice marching. Hitler Youth is later shown marching through the streets, chanting and drumming.
  • Two teenage boys bully two younger boys, one of whom has a club foot. In defense of his friend, one of the younger boys shoots one of the older boys in the back of the head with a pebble via his slingshot. The younger boys escape without further incident.
  • Nazis forcibly remove a family from their home, at night. A man attempts to run away, however is caught. Armed soldiers, tense scene. Later, a family is arrested by Nazis during the day. A child fights back, but is put in a vehicle and driven away.
  • War violence from a distance: During an overnight air raid, several families evacuate to an underground bunker. Adults are upset and frightened, however children seem curious and giggle at hearing some of the louder explosions. Later, a family hides under a table in their home during an air raid. Brief scene, quiet sobs.
  • Families shown fleeing their village, their homes torn apart during a night raid by Nazi soldiers.
  • At least two scuffles between boys of the same age, ended by a third party intervening. Some minor scrapes and bruises shown. At one point, a young boy draws a firearm on another boy of the same age -- the incident defuses with communication.
  • A detained man is shown with blood on his face, insinuating a violent interrogation by Nazi captors has taken place.


  • English caption: one use of "bastard"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A pastor is arrested and taken away by Nazis.
  • A young boy witnesses a person drop a stuffed toy on the tracks from inside a freight train.
  • Main characters frequently in peril, with regional occupation by a fascist regime. Emotional film.

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