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One Moon in our Solar System?
GrayedMan31 December 2022
She actually winds up a bit about how stupid she is with a punchline beginning with: "There is one moon in the whole solar system". So not only did she not know the sun and the moon aren't the same thing, she also doesn't know what a solar system is, and doesn't even realize it. There is an estimated 200 moons in our solar system. There are 79 moons on Jupiter alone. Little children can tell you that. Is she really too stupid to tell a joke about how stupid she is? I'm not giving any spoilers away, it's the end of the bit netflix lets you hear from the thumbnail clip. This is worse than her asking Noel Fielding if he'd ever heard of Nicaragua. I don't know how she can be that challenged and have the nerve to call certain politicians stupid. I got as far as the jokes about abandoning her dog, which is true. It isn't funny, obviously.
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Can't believe I watched the whole thing
Groovykat1029 December 2022
I kept thinking maybe it would get better and I watched the entire show. I have watched all of her others plus seen her live 3 times and enjoyed all of them. Thoroughly enjoyed. I don't know what the heck this was, I barely cracked a smile and never once laughed. What happened Chelsea? You had to have known this sucked before you put it out. Uganda be Kididng Me was the best! If you want to watch something actually funny watch that. Hilarious! Her books are all good too, she is usually funny so I don't know what happened here. Maybe she was in a hurry to get this out? I had really hoped to like this but total waste.
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No longer funny
phojar21 January 2023
I used to love Chelsea on her talk shows. Then she turned too political and everything went downhill. Her idea of a joke is telling her girlfriends to get abortions or trashing straight white men. She literally opened a segment of her show saying let's talk about straight white men. It's never ok to trash someone because of their sexuality or race. Can you imagine if someone said let's trash gay black men?!?! Her stand up shows are not funny, she was more suited for talk shows. Her story lines are not funny. I'm done with her, I give up. I guess I've grown a lot on what I consider funny and she's still acting like a 12 year old.
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This is a trashy, hate filled TED talk
bcprabhu1 January 2023
For people with limited understanding of the world. I can only recommend that you keep away from this mind-numbing garbage! Only watch it if you want to vomit and there are no other methods available. The show is absolute trash.

Her preachy self-entitlement is so annoying. These people are so detached from reality... and the whole quarantine situation just amplified it. These opinions should not be celebrated at all. Unfortunately I cannot go into details because that is forbidden here but her ideas about males exactly what should be designated as hate-speech. What she describes isn't a man it is a slave or a dog. Although poor dogs...
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legzdinsjackie31 December 2022
Chelsea's specials are always entertaining. This special is so relevant at this time in the world. It provided lots of laughs. It answers the questions numerous people have had for years and There are many questions posed to women in all facets of life and this special gives perspective on them all. Why have children if you don't really care one way or the other about supporting them? Smart men and women will never be able to understand that expectation of support from strangers (government assistance) because women chose to go through with having a baby. Single men and women will never care what happens to these parents who haven't planned their lives at all. Such a shame.
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Has the humour of a 50 year old woman.
ashleyglenwade26 January 2023
Embarrassing. Just stop.

This is just filled with low hanging fruit. She really struggles to hit any complex, intelligent bits.

All of this low brow, bad humour is what is making a horrible name for female comics.

Maybe a conglomerate of unfunny females may find this somehow amusing? If you enjoy the kind of humour that your irresponsible aunty might spew out at a brunch she wasn't invited to or something? It's seriously bad. Like to the point that you will most likely just zone out from being hit in your cringe bone frequently. Save yourself.

Honestly save yourself the time, go watch some of the greats and forget this even exists.
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Funny stuff.
TroublingDetails24 January 2023
To anyone reading these reviews in order to determine whether or not they might enjoy watching this: Remember that the first rule of comedy consumption is DON'T TAKE THE COMEDIAN SERIOUSLY. If you don't heed this rule, you'll not only risk hindering your enjoyment of the show, you also might incur a world of butthurt for yourself. Ms. Handler does not hate men, not even straight white ones. It doesn't mean she shouldn't make fun of them. And when she *acts* like she's angry at them and hates them, it makes the bits even funnier. The only thing that I, as a straight white man, found offensive was when she said something like "I know you're not all like that." I already knew you knew, Chelsea. You didn't have to dumb it down for me. (And the ones who need it probably aren't going to heed it anyway.)
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I'm a middle-aged man and I enjoyed it, so there you go...
deloudelouvain20 March 2023
Well I'm just done reading all the reviews for this stand-up comedy and my conclusion is that there are a lot of never satisfied people, with a questionable sense of humor, just people that like to complain about everything. Okay Chelsea Handler is probably not the best friend of white males, but really I'm a middle-aged white man and I can laugh with her jokes. I just wished peope would not be offended all the time. It's like you can not say anything anymore nowadays, you will always offend somebody. I just don't care about things like that, you can't offend me with words nor jokes. I thought her show was funny, for sure the part about kids, a point that I can only agree with her, being childless is just the best thing in the world. In short, people should try not to take everything so seriously, certainly not with stand-up comedies. Humour is the last thing where you can say anything you want and get away with it, well almost...
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Misclassified as a Comedy/Stand-up
TBG4618 March 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Let me summarize this garbage for you so you don't waste an hour of your life like I did:
  • She just learned that the sun and moon are not the same thing
  • She is a bad dog-mom
  • She likes to do drugs
  • She is horny
  • Men are bad and have been raping women for hundreds of years
  • Straight white men are even worse
An earlier reviewer beat me to it - this is not a stand-up, it's a TED Talk about how bad men are (especially if they are straight and white). This video can be used if all the hosts of The View call in sick and the network needs a last-minute replacement that will regurgitate the same nonsense that their audience is used to hearing.

I'll give her credit for one thing though, she didn't resort to any Trump "jokes".
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Chelsea is funny again
deltamikegolf7 February 2023
I used to think Chelsea was great. I watched her show every week and she was edgy and hilarious. Then come November 2016 and it was like someone flicked a switch and turned off the funny.

Everything I've seen since then was cringe, something was broken, her last special i lasted 15 mins before i turned it off. But now, it seems like she has found it again!

The first 40 minutes of this special is great! If she had ended it there, it would be an 8/10. At about 55 minutes it got boring enough for me to venture to imdb to see what kind of response it had. The 5.9 convinced me to bail on it, that score made it seem like it wasnt going to get any better. If you're going to put out a 76min special you better have a track record of excellence and a performance that entraps the audience for the first 60 mins at least.

I watched Sam Morril's special right before this so maybe my expectations were a little too high, but i'm bailing at 55mins and maybe i'll watch the rest sometime, maybe i wont.
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