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The things we already knew about justice in Mexico , partially exposed
ajbarm12 December 2022
It could be improved in some areas, but i'm giving it a 10 to try and bring more visibility to the subject. The information presented is outrageous and i am more than shocked, appalled, disgusted, revolted and repulsed about the information displayed within, this type of documentary makes me feel an urge of becoming an activist of some sort because i can't believe how terrible things are and how nothing seems close at all to changing from decades upon decades of terrible government and the scum of the earth being able to do whatever they want and being able to keep their freedom/immunity and their power to keep doing what they do. It doesn't really matter if "there's more good people" if the bad people are the ones with the power to hold all humanity hostage and keep destroying lives upon lives, either directly or indirectly. Justice is going to have to wait til humanity is done for, apparently. One can only hope that bringing visibility to this type of case will help push justice towards broad daylight.
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this is no way to tell the story
anadobroes13 December 2022
Just saw it and still have no idea what happened that alleged day... we de the reactions, the stories afterwards but what the hell happened that day...the direction on this documentary is annoying. Should be telling the facts first and then the possible theories and stories. I've seen a lot of crime documentaries's a NO for me, and these people deserved more. It's a very tragic story but at the middle of the documentary it's just gets on my nerves how it's still not clear at all what happened. Really didn't liked it but it's all on the creative choices of who made this. And it's a social mather on mexico.
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Kinda' artsy but it's an important documentary.
swcolt-5823516 December 2022
Though I was impressed with the different types of re-enactments, including the use of miniature recreated crime scenes, and the use of actors wearing color-coded costumes in life-size recreations, I was also frustrated by the pacing and non-linear presentation. But the important thing is this documentary lays bare who is responsible for this heinous crime. How the impossibly corrupt government bigshots in Mexico can present such stupid explanations in their attempts to cover their blatant criminal acts and those of their cohorts is beyond incredible. Either certain Mexican authorities are unbelievably stupid, or they think the general public is even stupider, or they are so incredibly arrogant they plainly present ludicrous explanations and the fabricated results of investigations while winking at the public, as if to say, "That's our story and we're sticking with it. Try to prove otherwise."
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