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  • Krista takes Bobby as her date to a wedding in the high Arctic. They have a great time until they head back to Krista's room and are confronted by Blake - Krista's original date to the wedding. Mel has sent Blake to bring them back to Yellowknife immediately. But bad weather forces a rough landing at an abandoned Dew Line Station and Bobby suffers a head injury. Now the three members of this awkward love triangle are stuck together until the storm passes. The situation only gets worse when the three pilots realize there are three other people, seemingly also stranded at the Dew Line. But their stories just don't add up and Bobby, Blake and Krista realize that the three strangers have their own deadly conflicts that might mean no one leaves the Dew Line Station alive. In Yellowknife, Kirby attempts to salvage what's left of his shaky marriage and Dev and Astrid go house hunting for Dev. Dev and Astrid's different ideas about their relationship complicate the house search and confuse their realtor. When Cece reveals that the only house in Dev's budget has a sordid past, both Dev and Astrid may be happy to stay in Krista's house a little longer.

  • Bobby, Krista and Blake are trapped in an abandoned Dew Line station - only to find out they're not alone.


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  • In Episode 4 of Season 2, things are heating up between Bobby and Krista as they attend a wedding in Ikaluktuiak, NWT. Their time is cut short when Krista's ex-fiancee, Blake is sent by Krista's father, Mel to pick them up, because he's short on pilots. They run into bad weather and are diverted to an abandoned air strip, a DEW Line site, used during the cold war. While at the air strip, they run into an unusual trio: a geologist, Max, his wife, Susie and her lover, Jesse, who is wanted for armed robbery. Meanwhile, Dev starts looking to buy a house and his roommate, fellow pilot and lady interest, Astrid tags along. Mel is set up with the landlady of his new mechanic and Kirby is having difficulty with his marriage.

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