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Sex & Nudity

  • At the start of the song Gandi Baat, Sonakshi Sinha is shown exiting a pool in a wet saree, the title of the song translates to Dirty Talk and contains suggestive lyrics

Violence & Gore

  • There are frequent scenes of moderate action violence when conflict occurs between the hero, his gangster employer and the rival drugs lord which feature shoot outs, hand to hand fighting and some use of bladed weapons
  • These scenes are stylised with exaggerated sound effects. The recipients of the blows are seen spinning around and flying in the air in very slow motion each time they are hit with prop weapons, and many of the blows do not make contact.
  • The film contains a small number of gory moments including an implied but unseen stabbing followed by sight of a knife sticking out of the victim with some blood around it, and a villain with a large wooden shard embedded in his open mouth and exiting through the back of head with a hint of red on hair. There is no sight of bloody process or focus on injury.
  • There is a scene which implies that a woman is being raped, but this is indicated only by the sight of a man's arm holding down a woman's arm and her crying.


  • The film also contains Hindi and English uses of mild bad language (eg 'bastard' and 'bullshit') and passing references to opium and to marijuana.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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