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Absolutely amazing, 10/10
Jay Jani15 June 2012
It all the started with a huge buzz on social media. Trailer of The 1st urban Gujarati film rocked the viewers with posh production, shooting and camera work. But many had doubts regarding the content of the movie.

After watching the 1st day 1st show of Kevi Rite Jaish, I must say it has set a benchmark for not only Gujarati films but for the whole Indian film industry. Its the movie of the year 2012.

Splendid performances from all prominent actors particularly Divyang, Veronica, Kenneth & Anang Desai, Rakesh Bedi & Abhinay Banker. KRJ is a perfect blend of humour, emotions, satire & drama. From tip to toe its direction is marvelous. Best part of KRJ is its very close to reality and makes you relate to the characters.

Shooting at locations of Ahmedabad is magnificent. Another most brilliant part of the movie is its stunning soundtrack. Each and every song is sheer beauty. No wonder whole audience in the theatre was chanting Pankhida after the end of the movie.

Veronica Gautum is stunningly impressive and has the potential to go miles far. Deeply impressed with Abhinay Banker as well.

Based on many true stories, Kevi Rite Jaish is an eye-opener for many desperate blind US aspirants. I will put it in the category of Swades class of Indian movies. A must must must watch for all the gujaratis !!! Hope with the subtitles it soon spreads all over India and enthralls wider audience. Hope this paves way for plethora of Gujarati movies and the Gujarati film industry gets back on roll.

Kudos to the whole crew of Kevi Rite Jaish. Hats off to Abhishek Jain. Waiting for more such marvels !
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Gujarati Cinema Gets A Complete Makeover!!
Rajeesh Nair19 June 2012
Being living in Gujarat since I was born, I was never fond of Gujarati Movies and often hated if someone watched Gujarati Movies. None of the Gujarati Movies appealed me much and never kept a watch on what is happening in the Gujju Film Industry..

But the first time I saw the trailer of "Kevi Rite Jaish" on Facebook, frankly speaking I was completely impressed by the trailer itself and song in the trailer "Pankhida Re Udi Jaje" was really a attention seeker.

And when I watched the Movie finally today, I am really proud of watching it. Every Gujarati in the world or everyone living in Gujarat should watch it.

Being a Malayali by origin, I loved the movie and would watch it once more. So I believe everyone would enjoy it.. So Go for it.
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Spectacular Movie - A Must Watch !!!
Shalin Shukla20 June 2012
After social media buzz, time came to watch the long awaited movie from Gujju cinema and had created some expectation after watching the trailer.

After watching this I can say, This is a must watch movie and has been a breakthrough for Gujarati Cinema and I am sure this has broken the ice and now we can expect more. This surely is one of the best movie I have seen in 2012. As one of the review said, this should be subtitled and distributed to more places.

Movie represents a very touchy subject but gives you enough humor to keep it cool, this movie makes sure it brings all your emotions out from time to time, from sequence to sequence. Above all it will give you sense of completion, it won't leave you confused, and that's where the director has done an incredible job. To give a meaningful end is not everybody's cup of tea. Acting is excellent. You will surely miss if someone goes off-screen and will wait till they appear again.

I do not want to write much as I want you all who are reading this to go and watch the movie...Njoy...
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Just go for it, don't think Kevi Rite Jaish!
Nishit Jariwala29 June 2012
One day, your friend give you a couple ticket of a gujarati movie and insist you to attend whole movie. At that time, a question comes on your mind is Kevi Rite Jaish! But at the same time, one movie releases in well known multiplexes when everyone is busy on working days! And even after five days of release, you found board of House-full on box office! Again a question on your mind- Have kevi rite jaish! The awkward feeling when a gujju movie releases in welknown multiplexes and going house-full as well.

Abhishek Jain, the man with such a unique idea and different concept has got success in his aim of erasing bad impression of Gujju Movies with Urban Gujarati movie- KRJ. Now, if we want to list out good qualities of the movie, there will be commas after every sentences and you won't find any fullstop long away!

The film is all about a common boy, who plays cricket in the streets of Ahmedabad and want to go and setup motel business in America to fullfil dream of his family. The story is about Harish Bachubhai Patel, whose visa get rejected due to the being Gujju factor!

The story goes around the attempts made by Harish and his father who has applied all tricks to send his son to abroad. The problems, he and his father had to face during the process is beautifully curved in the movie. Harish, his father and Ayushi are centered in the whole movie. Music, cinematography, screen play of the movie is very impressive unlike another Gujarati movies. All well-known places of Ahmedabad city are covered in the film. Attempt of the youth connected with this film is remarkable. Kevi Rite Jaish is not just a story of Harish, it's a story about all street boys who has a dream of going abroad. All visa consultants and visa agents should also watch this movie.
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new birth of Gujarati cinema
nandishchauhan28 June 2012
its a must watch movie for every GUJARATI.........

What I liked in the movie ? 1. Awesome music and Background score.

2. Awesome acting by each and everyone.

Kenneth desai, Divyang thakkar and Jay Upadhyay just rocks !!! 3. Cinematography. Love the way they shoot my city AHMEDABAD.

Now i think this film has set the benchmark for other Gujarati movies..

And believe me its very high..

so if you are a Gujarati then you must watch it in theaters and contribute your share..

All the best to this movie...
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Excellent movie
shethviral115 July 2012
This is an excellent movie overall. This is easily going to be one of the top 5 Indian movies of 2012. First half is light humor. The second half is a bit of serious story. Great cinematography. If more movies like this are shot, Gujarati movie industry will become more popular. All the songs are amazing. My favorite song is "aa Safar". Divyang and Veronica both look really cute. I had to try hard to convince my cousins to come watch this movie because they had a prejudice for Gujarati movies. But when they finally watched this movie, they loved every bit of it. I am giving it an 8/10 star because it is a relative rating and I am comparing it with not only Gujarati movies but also all the Indian movies I have seen.
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An amateur attempt.
Jaimin Rajani16 July 2012
A fiasco, of course not in terms of box-office collections, but as a film. The "wannabe Bollywood film" is an arsenal of over acting, amateur direction, bad casting, extremely melodramatic dialogues and over emphasis on the quintessential Gujarati accent as an attempt that ended up slogging hard to promote comedy, by a bunch of dabblers.

In a substantial part of the film, dialogues are unnecessarily and literally shouted out and not spoken. Leaving all this aside, I appreciate the attempt of creating the first "so called" urban Gujarati movie, even though it sounds oxymoron. The music was probably the only component that did not disappoint me as much. But I'm sure the film's massive financial success (thanks to the stereotypes) will provoke many more urban Gujarati films to follow, including those that may hopefully do well in all aspects.
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An Excellent Gujju Movie
harshadgynaec14 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After long long time, an excellent gujju movies has been released. The movie shows the many true stories with massage for crazy guys for US, those are doing anything for the US without understanding the ground reality. And ultimately, they become illegal aliens. Performance of the all the actors is very good and they speak natural Gujarati language pronunciations, not dramatic. It creates good humor. I would like to thanks producer who dares to produce Gujarati movies, when the majority of the Urban Gujarati are not interested to watch Gujarati movie. Think, If they flopped, they may be out. Luckily, they are really winner. I expect repeat.
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