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The end?
Tweekums23 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As the series draws to a conclusion Sam is in the most danger she has been in yet; Jack Turner and his associate Bingham know that she is a spy and have started poisoning her; not enough to kill her just yet but enough to make her confused and slightly unwell. With Sam unconscious in her room Jack meets with the Pakistani minister; Rahim Soomro and gives him the evidence that proves Polyhedrus had in fact caused the death of six hundred people. He is in for quite a shock when the sample is analysed and found to be a fake. With his grand scheme collapsing he seals his house before heading upstairs to finish Sam permanently! While this is going on there more revelations; some to mysteries we didn't even know existed.

When this series started I was a little worried that the good start would be let down by a weak ending. I don't think it was for two reasons; firstly the story involving the Turners was nicely wrapped up and secondly I'm sure this won't be the end. The last ten minutes of the episode were effectively setting things up for a second series… enough questions were left unanswered to make me think only the possibility of lower than expected ratings* could prevent there being more. I certainly hope we get more as I want to know who the man with the missing finger was, why the creepy character had been acting as Sam's guardian angel and whether or not Polyhedrus will ultimately be exposed.

*I have read that the BBC has pulled out of a further season which is a pity if true.
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